Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre

The Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education
Centre – your pathway to adventure and discovery The Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre is an award-winning not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor and Environmental Learning. We provide innovative curriculum-linked programming for children of all ages from kindergarten to university students. Nestled on the shores of beautiful Clear Lake in the heart of the Kawarthas, our center is located just north of Lakefield Ontario. With over a 185 acres of woodlands, wetlands and meadows, the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre is a natural for outdoor learning. At the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Center we want to reconnect kids to their environment to experience the incredible web of life that sustains us all we accomplish this through our creative outdoor programs which incorporate drama, music, adventure, and hands-on exploration delivered by professional educators, most of whom are teacher trained these programs help kids to recognize the beauty value and diversity of their natural surroundings. All of our programs are anchored to the Ontario Curriculum, with expectations clearly outlined. For example younger students can participate in our dramatized year in life the life of a squirrel hiding from danger, finding food and balancing on logs or in our flight program students learn
about the unique adaptations of bird wings how insects hover and what creates and sustains lift we have over 50 curriculum-linked programs on offer Learn all about renewable energy and sustainable living in our alternative energy program. Or discover the amazing underwater world
in wetland wonders Explore the mysteries of tracking and
follow the subtle signs animals leave behind as they travel in search of food. These programs are designed to promote stewardship and enhance a child’s awareness of our local environment Our adventure program encourages
students to learn about the importance of trust, commitment and perseverance The climbing wall is a marvelous way for
students to set personal goals to honor the goals of others and to
encourage and support the efforts of each team member we have designed the wall to enable
students of all ages to participate in this experience Our two new high ropes courses extend
this learning helping students to understand the nature of challenge and to respect what success means for each individual student During our initiative tasks, students solve problems deal with conflict and discover the
roles various team members play in accomplishing progressively more challenging tasks A new and exciting area of program development for us is in historical programming where students dress in voyageur costumes paddle in replicas of North canoes and set up a typical Voyager encampment. In our fur trade program students
become partners in the North West Company and trade goods for furs. By participating in a fur trade reenactment students learn about the economic benefits and the social and environmental costs of the fur trade more than two hundred years ago Also on our site we have recreated a Wikiup, a traditional thaxed shelter that was used in this area over a thousand years ago and have a 30-foot teepee which can accommodate over 50 students for campfires and storytelling students can also try their hand at a
whole series of traditional skills from bow drill fire making, using a
traditional spear thrower, to making natural cordage and shelter building. Inspired by the work of Andy
Goldworthy in the program nature sculpting, students
create beautiful designs out of found natural material. And of course we offer variety recreational programs from orienteering, cross-country skiing and
snowshoeing, to canoeing and kayaking You can select from a two and a half day visit, to a full-week stay We provide meals, accommodation, snacks and programming mealtimes take place in our spacious dining hall where students are provided delicious kid-friendly and nutritious meals. Our kitchen staff work hard to create balanced meals from local foods often they will use fresh herbs produced
in our straw bale greenhouse and organic garden. Special dietary needs are accommodated and most importantly there’s always enough even for seconds snacks are served in between meals to
keep students energized and motivated for outdoor learning and fun. Students learn the value of community by joining in on the cleanup of meals before and after each meal students can
be found setting tables, sweeping up the hall or even doing the dishes. Parents and teachers delight in seeing their children enjoy doing chores. believe it or not some kids ask to do
the dishes again and again who would have guessed! In the evenings, our talented staff provide rich programming using storytelling,
music and hands-on experiential learning Whether it is the traditional campfire or the Wonder of a hike under the night sky, students are kept busy, engaged and focused. The campfire is an exciting mix of games, a sing-along , and perhaps even a demonstration of traditional fire twirling or poi. Our night hike takes place on the trails of our beautiful range area At the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre we believe in keeping children active. During free time a variety of options are available including exploring the Jack Frost nature area snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, soccer, field hockey, or games and activities in the Rotary Hall. On your last day we wrap up your visit with the always exhilarating and educational survival game. Students take on the role of an animal in the food chain and must hide from danger, find food and
water and survive the duration of the game students come away with a new understanding and appreciation of the challenges animals face while trying to survive. For the past 25 years we have provided
more than 50,000 children with magical outdoor experiences. For some urban students a visit to our center becomes the most
intimate and memorable encounter with the natural world. Earning seven awards in just three years
the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre has become a recognized leader in environmental education. With straw bale buildings, a solar greenhouse, examples of wind and solar energy, visiting students bear witness to
sustainable living in action. At the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Center we not only build green buildings we build hope for a greener future So what is the Camp Kawartha difference educational, carefully crafted programs, grounded in the curriculum. A focus on Environmental Learning and stewardship dedicated professional educators, many teacher trained who understand what makes for meaningful outdoor learning they work hard to deliver creative, fun and engaging programs Staff who will work with you to design a program suited to your students interest and area of study. Pre and post visit activity suggestions. One staff to 10 student ratio. The Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre hopes to be part of your school’s plans in the near future. We look forward to providing you with a quality educational experience and magical moments that will endure for
years to come. “Yay Camp Kawartha”

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