Cameron McCarthy, Faculty Member, College of Education at Illinois

competencies in globalization the skill of being a world citizen is highly valued. there is a practical a dimension to this
in the sense that you there is accreditation increments a that to are possible with true professionalization process
that goes on but there is also the fact that you enter this community in which you can
engage in reflexivity about the world people want to know more
about each other people want to entertain the
possibility to their world citizens and this is a vital element to the way that we think
through go globalization connecting to the everyday
experience that people have all but just the flow of
humanity in their own communities with the electronic to technologies in the process is
electronic mediations feeling connected to the world we try
to absorb that and direct that in the preparation up of our students in Global Studies in
Education. The idea really is to have a growing sense of knowledge community a
growing sense up dialogue and communication with each other and the
infrastructural elements are really ones that the student entering the program
really that doesn’t have to care about that profoundly or get or feel intimidated by at all because it is made so so easy for folks to
participate the world takes really takes us back to
the old days of AM radio where in fact if you could hook up
your own set you could communicate around the
world act of incredible curiosity that develop at the very beginning so electronic mediation is something that is sustained and
amplified in our online vision at the moment the response of the people who are students who
participated in the study abroad is Wow we have been in communication with each other over the course of the year sometimes an intense communication
because of the extraordinary capacities of online to develop intimate meaningful exchanges and so
forth but we have never met finally you get to
meet and my experiences that students really enjoy just the idea of communion and fellowship with each other as a
first point the second point about that is then you get to know a
part of the world in terms of its own actors ordinary everyday people I experts in a variety of areas the
economy on the issues that and challenges
facing you on the way cities are planned and
organized are are on the media on the history and
culture of a place you get to visit to incredible places throughout the world it is as intense and as wonderful an experience as you
can imagine

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