1. We call some of our teachers there first name if there our whaia teacher. Not mrs or mr. Whaia.

  2. Nobody:

    “Me calls the principal by her name”

    enters door as soon as i get home

    “Looks at mom”
    “As soon as i look away”

    belt hits spine

    I bEen dIsResPecTfuL toDay wTF😣🙁

    Dont try this to a black teacher or if any of ur peers are black🙄

  3. I have done it, but they're just all like 'naw, I'm insert teacher's name here to you' and give off a now now one of attitude.

  4. Yo Lia, I bet you missed Dennis’ Disability, the poor man is in a wheelchair. I don’t think you made that comment to be rude but girl gotta pay attention before we roast folks every once in a while so that folks out there don’t get a bad impression of what you do. We just trying to keep it cool here so that doesn’t come back to bite you in the behind as some folks are too sensitive about roasting certain folks.

  5. I had a supply who basically told us his whole life story. He told us about Halloween and jumping out of windows! He then started talking about how easy it was to kidnap kids on Halloween 🤣🙈😂

  6. Dude my teacher was taking my homework and he accidentally grabbed my finger from under I don’t think I can recover from this

  7. One time I answered a question by saying si instead of yes hehe worst day ever. Like if this happened to you.

  8. I once called a teacher by their first name….stopped right next to a class just to give me a whole speech about it 😂😂😂

  9. I remembered one day this kid was called out to talk with the teacher and i heard her say that if he thinks that he could make friends and that he could never make friends.

    Poor kid

  10. My kindergarten teacher’s first name was Sarah… she said it to the entire class one day, we called her that for the rest of the year and she was fine with it.

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