California School Dashboard – Let the Conversations Begin

[music] Welcome to the California School Dashboard. Let the conversations begin. How many students graduated on time at my
son’s high school? Are students learning what they need to in
English and math? What’s our district doing to get more parents
and families engaged in real ways? The California School Dashboard is the place
you can get more information about each of these questions — and more. The Dashboard helps us all – parents, families,
students, teachers – see how well our schools and students are doing and where improvement
is needed. I heard fewer students got suspended last
year – is that true? What’s my district doing to make sure students
and teachers feel safe? Think of the Dashboard as the ultimate conversation
starter. The information helps us talk to each other
and with teachers and school leaders about what’s actually going on in our schools. It helps us think about what additional questions
we want to ask and where to find those answers. Like what programs are working well in our
district? Or what’s being done to help students who
are falling behind? Or which schools need more attention? Right. The Dashboard provides information that helps
us have more informed conversations that lead to better planning and better results for
kids. Plus, it’s an important way to hold our
schools accountable, to see if they’re making progress over time. That seems like a lot to ask. It is. But the future success of all of our kids
– and our state – depends on how well our schools are doing. It all starts with looking up your schools
and learning more. So start looking…And let the conversations
begin. You can find more information about the California
School Dashboard at This video was produced for the California
Department of Education by Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation.

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