California Online Education Initiative and Canvas: Streamlining the World’s Largest Education System

Pat James: The community colleges are an interesting
group. We’re the biggest educational system in the world. We have 112 colleges and across
the 112 colleges, there are about eight different course management systems being used. When
we chose Canvas, we started with the idea of what’s best for students and what’s
best for the system as a whole. We had students with us and they were overwhelmingly in favor
of Canvas. Kelsie Hale: I love Canvas. It’s super easy
to use. I think my top favorite thing is the Canvas app. I have an iPhone and an iPad so
I use the Canvas app on both and it is amazing. I hardly ever use my computer. I go on there
for quizzes. I go on there for everything you can imagine. Everything you need to do
online for a class. Irving Morales: Being alone in a place sometimes
you’re like I need something that’s very organized. You go to Canvas and everything’s
like right there for you. Pat James: What we found when we visited here
at Pasadena and at Sierra College to talk to them about their experience using Canvas,
they said they were able to change their focus away from training on the tool to training
people how to teach better online, which is really what we’re after. Suzanne Davenport: The excitement and the
energy that Canvas has brought to the campus has just exploded throughout the faculty.
As they get excited about it, they want to bring it into their not only their on ground
classroom, but then they want to go ahead and move into that online environment. Chris Weisbart: One of the huge benefits of
Canvas is that it’s very easy to use. Our training time has really been reduced since
we switched into Canvas. For instructors or students who don’t have a lot of familiarity
with learning management systems Canvas is very quick for them to pick up. Tiffany Ingle: Before we started using Canvas,
I noticed that a lot of students just didn’t want to be in the LMS. When we switched over
it was almost an immediate change where they wanted to use it. It was a really fun switch
for me. I found that all of the programs that I used before were easier to use in Canvas
and I was able to use them with more control and with a lot more creativity. Lynn Medeiros: Canvas has helped me be a better
teacher because it allows me to focus on what I do and what I do is teach history classes.
That’s what Canvas allows me to focus my attention on teaching and not on the system
itself. Steve Klein: We are thrilled that Canvas is
part of this effort and part of our initiative because we know through the quality of the
service that Canvas provides, it’s going to help us be successful with our two million
students in our state of California.

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