Caleborate – Higher Learning

hello oh excuse me it's just someone I like to speak yeah we're gonna financial aid and for previews yeah okay no I could wait a minute just let me know when you're finished no go ahead and finish in the meantime I'll sit here and calm my nerves I never been here before so y'all deserves my undivided attention when you talk out listen hopefully is something good cuz right now i'm trippin i gotta come up with money i never seen before compared to people living here man my famous Brooke and I ain't got no Hill my credit score is low hell I don't even know I never had one before you see I just graduated high school so you can see that I'm a little uh prepared for this huh and then my mind this is pretty unfair you know that I'm broke you know where I stand you're going trying to earn this better life for my family do at the same time that I'm becoming oh man should I just need financial guidance someone to help you see I'm just a kid and I can't do this by myself you got a plan for some way that I could get some money I got opportunities and you ain't finna take her from me you got a plan or with it I can get some money I got opportunities and you ain't finna take Rumsey mr. Parker just let me speak okay now we just want to help you okay now you have thirteen thousand dollars that we've given to you that leaves you with twenty five thousand dollars that you need to come up with on your own now we can help you as much as we can and we already have so I'm not sure um but well I've adjusted on my resource and disappointment you help out and find some more resources wait no fuck back that is your fucking job don't tell me you can't help me and I need a fucking job I told you I applied as a full-time student Richard then because I'm black you could treat me like I'm stupid whoa hell yeah I made this shit about race all the way free walk around with her smiles on a fixer I'm not saying it's your fault that I can't get it fucking on understand I can't pay for college all up on my own and no I don't have no one at coast time with my dad's credit score is lower than a fucking sighs wait here's an idea we can save take your money out your pocket that'll help me write out Oh No see you only really wanna do that guy I bid you spend your money on the kid that could use it I bet you wish you had you niggas charge too high financial fucking aid that aid is alive I'm sitting here broken and I ever been I play a game but I never win nobody's been mr. Parker nobody man we just want to help you okay now we're looking to do everything that we can to get you into this university right now we've spoken to you we've we've actually applied as far as taking the money out of my pocket I don't I don't understand what I mean howhow can I possibly help you get into college I mean yeah yes yes I'm a financial aid advisor that is what I get paid to do help students go to school but I just don't know what I can do for you I'm sorry I I can suggest maybe taking out a loan or I I don't know I mean you're rapping seems to be pretty good maybe you should take that up and use that as a career to get your money to get your money you

40 thoughts on “Caleborate – Higher Learning”

  1. Bruhh i remember a couple years ago id see youu spamming youtube videos and i found you and the other day i was scrollin through instagram and i saw you pop up in like an add. I instantly followed youu hahaa glad youre comin up noww

  2. Glad you spammed….. Great track man! On a small note, I love how you call your albums actual "albums" and not mixtapes. I don't see why people can't call rap albums these days just albums.

    might as well check my shit out I'm only 16 tryna get some opinions on my music

  4. I remember coming along this and hoping that you'd go places, coming back to your channel and waiting for new stuff. It was real music, could listen to it all day.

  5. You inspire me ☺. I wrote 15 songs in my phone thanks to you. Now I feel like I have a hobby/possible future. I just can't record D;

  6. Good thing I clicked your spam. I can relate to this right now….About to graduate high school in a few days and the university I want to go to is acting funny

  7. Please check me out on SoundCloud. I won't say I'm talented, but I'm working on some real songs for now enjoy my freestyle lists

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