Calabar athletes assaulted me, says teacher

Calabar physics teacher Sanjay Shah has now filed a police report on the alleged assault by two top athletes harver Shah says he will not press charges at a press conference on Friday attorney at law David Fitts Henley said it was a sad day for Calabar how low our standards have fallen how we have covered up alleged criminal acts for we mistreat our teachers who sacrifice themselves every day who put all their utmost to produce a high standards of personal behavior academic excellence in the students sir and mr. Shah said the incident unfolded on December 15 2018 after he approached a track coach to ask for some cuts from the track camp for his physics students who were also attending an overnight camp ahead of their exams he turned to me and said these beds were not sponsored – calipari responsive to the track team so I turned to him when I said but I never had any idea of that caliber and attractive to different entities I thought that Calabar was the the top and trucks was just a heart of the system of Calabar just as everything else his reply was where the big is Tom our teacher and pardon me for saying that when did they get this visa from your stupid and I turned to him and I said sir we're just asking for some bids to help the students because we still have spirits in the room that's wondering where we're will their students argue their wards sleeping yeah and his replies I that's not my problem only us would plan it come without bait so I turned to him and I said sir only on us wouldn't see the implications that this were have on the image of the school if the parents worked over the arm supposed in that room and see it see for the night that dear child would be left to sleep on the floor or on top of the desk on top of the tables are top of the chairs that they put together to mean come you keep babe it's it's not going to look good yeah no sir sir so I'm appealing because image is everything so I'm appealing to you to just help us all and he said no we don't have any beds can I help you and we're heard that you have some beds down here so bye come on check for them and he called two other coaches and told him to go and check if there was any other beds don't are physics rather belongs to the track team we have 63 students become at that time we only attend spongy's so we were sort of 53 he said the coaches removed four of the six cots and left according to mr. Shaw soon after while he was with his physics students in the lab a group of athletes descended I heard some banging on the windows are so popular the windows further the bharatas students outside roughly about sixty they came in today they tried to enter the room but I run to the door trying to close it because they were they were behaving under six so I had to bother to go and try and close it they kicked it down some push some kick fly the door open they came in and before they started from the windows got Itoh to start recording the thing because I'm saying you know this is getting dangerous some anistar Ricard such a started fighting from the heat of the windows and saw in the first view came to the door I was still recording the crowd came down they push in came into the lab and while I was recording when they came into the lab one of the athletes in question Oh at this point one of the artists which is dangerous slapped my hand and they take the phone out from Africa on the phone for film and while I was reaching for it he stepped over and stepped on the floor a piece of glass from the phone oh sorry I come on my elbow so I got caught two places I pick up the phone it wasn't working the students then proceeded Christopher Taylor and proceeded to drape me let me know that the struts manner on the score and I just stood and I allowed him to do everything that is going to do I load it because if I touch them at that point then I would be given up my own rights so I just allow them to do everything that they wanted to do and I just never retaliated I just left them to whatever they had to do the only thing I could say was turn around to the physics students who were quite traumatized at this point all 63 of them was shaking because they saw what was happening to a teacher right in front of your eyes and I could just turn back look at them and I said guys sit where you are don't say anything don't move from where you are just remain where you are because it's not going to be said that you fight a courier today so we'll deal with this professionally after mr. Shaw said he reported the matter to the police the same night and they turned up but the school administration did nothing on the 22nd I met the principal because you need no further documentation for that because we came to simple solution so I don't see why it is taking so much time for the latter to occur and this is on the 22nd of February and the incident occur from the 15 at the same bar he looked at me and said mr. Shaw look at this scenario these boys are ambassadors of the school and looking at where you're coming from to where you are no I know you're acting I am sure that you are not proud of where you are so I turned to him and I said so therefore sir if I came from chair Gardens or let's say norburg would would would would you be able to say that to me because at this point is still belittling me is still treating the less than a human being is still in his mind you know believe that mr. Shaw is just a little one side loaded issue so when I left on the 22nd I left with the intention that I'm going to give them a little bit more time I look a bit more time but all at a time when we give them navigator more to see if they will take disciplinary action skills the students because every day of our common our school Hmong deep sleep short eyes get locked in a coffin box am Arabic our dear Sangha was in when a pause unsteady with nematic a be a good Monday you know Nancy Lachman we're all different type of things MC interior one in 10 min ago you know why because the school leave that great area for them to up this way they leave the great area for them to up this way so the students were acting this way because the school was indecisive them never stand up and make them position clear eventually Christopher Taylor and the jaw Russell were suspended from March 12 to March 19 but Taylor was still allowed to Train and last week competed at the digital grand prix final Shaw says that is not acceptable and is demanding a proper suspension meanwhile School Board Chairman the Reverend dr. Carl Johnson has reserved comments saying he first wants to see the video recordings of the incident the controversy comes just days ahead of the boys and girls championships Calabar is fancied to win the boys section Damien Mitchell for The Gleaner online

39 thoughts on “Calabar athletes assaulted me, says teacher”

  1. I applaud the Teacher and utter shame and disgrace on the Athletes, The Leaders Of Athletics and the Principal who I hope was fired!

  2. Calabar track team has been full of cowards, megalomaniacs and crazy overly emotional thugs for years. I used to attend Calabar from 2010 to 2015. Only a few of them were chill on that track team. Notice is the sprinters who do most of the bullshit? I have never heard of the tae kwon do trainees or rugby players behaving so violent and stupid. When i was there none of those wanna be thugs had an ego big enough to fuck with either of those teams. They know the guys from either could and would cripple them. Now that i think about it not even the worst of them from my time or even now would fuck with the cadets or the cricket team. Tae Kwon Do and Rugby students were damn smart too.

  3. Christopher Taylor, even at his young age, is basically a super star in his own right. The school needs to issue a proper suspension, make him do community service, and counsel younger children on the importance of respect. Teach him accountability and good morals in Jamaica before he goes out into the world and the world teaches him much tougher lessons. Mr. Shaw is a saint. He's not pressing charges because he wants Taylor to have a fighting chance in life without ruining his future. Taylor's parents need to have some tough talks with their son.

  4. Mr Shaw you can get a job so many places in the world…. America, China etc…. it is not safe for you… take this as a warning…

  5. Same shit as the US…Promote football athletes above scholars, all the administrators know which side of the bread gets the butter.

  6. Anybody who makes an excuse for this type of behavior from the students needs a moral evaluation the teacher acted in a decent and commendable manner sadly nothing was done by the school administration that behavior like this will not be tolerated and is setting a bad example I am very disappointed and even more so of Christopher Taylor involvement that's not who I want to represent Jamaica as an ambassador athlete. Usain bolt was likable, Taylor seems to be cocky and arrogant.

  7. I think he should continue his teaching in Jamaica , because Jamaica need him more, as i said the Principal and the coach should be fired and the students who are involved in the assault and threatening of the teacher should be suspended or expelled.

  8. This Principal is nothing but a fool , for him to allowed the students to abuse the teacher and then responded with they are the ambassadors for the school so he can't do any type of discipline to them is hogwash, and the Principal and the coach should be fired and the students who assaulted the teacher should be suspended, no student should be putting their hands on any teacher or any other student, period.

  9. For a school recognized under the body of the Jamaica Baptist Union it is ashame to see what has become of it. I feel like as a church we need to evaluate our whole system so as to effect change in our youths and young people rather than "back any form of slack" behavior. I feel that the churches under JBU should come out strong on this matter, until some action is been taken.

  10. Worst school ever! Bay wealthy indiscipline parents them have too so dnt expect better… bag a shit them.. We respect n love all our teachers back in my day… if a one idiot disrespected a teacher. Him on him own cause majority know better.

  11. Children are children this is the height of disrespectfulness to a teacher he should apologize to this teacher if our children can't handle fame then get out of the kitchen

  12. Mr shaw I listened to you my heart go out to you the principal need to Discipline
    All a dis is Discrimination the boys them need to Discipline

  13. The coach is a culprit the teacher spoke to him about the mattress so the children can use it and he have attitude on the teacher he should get Discipline as well Mr shaw we love you keep up the good work God bless these people are Discrimate you because you are intelligent young man God bless

  14. The system needs more teachers like this who are vigilant in delivering high academic results. More so where are the parents of those students?

  15. These things can't happen in schools like Charlemont and St Hilda's. Jamaica really gone to the dogs. Smh

  16. I believed the current head coach of Calabar is Mr. Clark, former head coach of JC, and St Jago. This is an embarrassment to the Jamaican culture. Majority of those athletes will leave school without passing a single subject.

  17. I believe that they should take that principal from that school.and i think they should fire that principal instant,he is not a good example for a principal,I'm so vex

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