CAA Midweek Service (Brother Phansi) | 26/06/2019

hallelujah hallelujah amen and amen we are going to go to the will of God we are going to go to the Book of Luke and that is chapter 5 hallelujah oh it's a season of multiplication holiday season of multiplication hallelujah forty days hallelujah multiplication hallelujah or God is killed amen can I just remind somebody but when the Lord Jesus Christ had been fasting and praying for forty days and he got down the enemy tried to attack him but I say to you Noah you can't touch me up too full of the will of God he said it is written and he spoke the word unto the enemy I pray that in these forty days when a fool of the word of God will full of the power of the Living God no enemy can stand in front of us in the name of Jesus we want to read the word of God from the Book of Luke and from chapter 5 we will start from this one and we will go all the way to 11 hallelujah if I will say is that it came to pass that as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God is dude by the leg okay and saw two ships standing by the lake but the fishermen were and he to one of the ships which was Simons and prayed him that you would thrust out a little from the land and he said now when he had left speaking he said unto Simon launch out into the deep and let down Simon answering said unto Him master we have and have taken nothing hallelujah Jesus says launch ah he says and let's down next but someone says well because it's you I will do it but I would launch the meds I will not be met Jesus want us to learn to be man's you let down the nets for a draught I will talk about this in a few seconds but the first seven seas and they beckoned unto and what vesting services and when they had done this they enclosed a great multitude of fishes and the net break and they beckoned unto the apartments which way in the mothership that they should come and help them and filled both the ships so that good for a supernatural catch hallelujah when Simon when Simon Peter saw it he saying depart from me for I am a sinful man Oh Lord for he was astonished and all that were with him and so also James and John the sons of Zebedee which were partners with Simon and Jesus said from henceforth thou shalt catchment and when they had brought their ships to land we have lived you even as we began to delve into the web but it is you're saying is you're doing it is your weather was being and was peeking through you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ thank you very changing me and changes all in children but according ministers to all of us anyway but you have everybody takes a man hallelujah amen the Bible talks about two ships hallelu I would say is that there were ships that lay just there they had been left by the fishermen this ship had no one who was steering or sailing them or rowing them they were just fishermen had left this hallelujah now I just want to bring to somebody's attention that when they had left the ship they went to wash their hands hallelujah now as they were washing there was some disquiet in there if I wouldn't say it but I can in fear I cannot wake it out because they had gone out by purpose that purpose had not been achieved they had gone out to catch fish they had got the nets down but they could nothing I just wanted to know that when the Bible says they caught nothing it doesn't necessarily mean that there was absolutely nothing it means that the fish that they went after they didn't catch maybe they went to a place that was rich in someone but they didn't catch someone so they went out there specifically to get someone but no it didn't happen that way they could have got crabs after after something specific so these were fisherman by trade these were people who not only fish – you know – a mealy fish so that they could actually sell the produce and then do all the other things so it is this was like you going out to a shift all night taking the time sheet back to the agency and then they said you sorry we can't pay you because it's not signed so now you have to go back to the place but you're not booked for your shift there for the next three weeks you can say after three weeks there is no one that person was supposed to have signed that time has left that workplace so you don't get paid there is nothing how did it they had left with great promise then left with great hope you know the children were excited I say that's going you know when he comes back this is what is going to happen Harley nothing like that was happening the Bible says they were washing their hands and how do believe that their dream is with the heavy heart they were doing this because that was the only thing that they could do in looking forward to the following day and I want to believe a someone who's gone out to work today who has come back empty handed there's somebody who has gone out to work in the past and come back empty handed there's somebody who's gone out of an expectation but quote nothing you've been despondent you've been downcast you felt the negativity you've just felt the depression but I just want you to know that all is not lost when they don't catch something send it out pay that debt I'll pay my mortgage or pay the perfect nothing hallelu they use their expertise the professionalism being you how to fish they've gone to the prime spot sometimes you work hard in this season of multiplication I want to believe that there are some of us maybe in the past we have gone and spoken the good news of Jesus Christ to somebody we have had so much hope we know the Word of God we have read with all the scriptures with everything who I peeped we are so happy we go to someone we see that oh my goodness business fits our ground but the peasant girls I don't even understand what you're talking about I don't even want to come to you how did a but I just want to let somebody know that all hope is not lost hallelujah all hope is not lost in this season as we get into as we are already in this season of multiplication I want it to know that God is the God who can change things instantly in just a flash so we need to hang in there somebody wash your nets close to the boat because you may be going back on the boat somebody you need to wash it you know what we're gonna see this thing tomorrow and going home and they would have missed Jesus Christ washing I'm sure there's some people who had actually caught something and they were looking at them and those guys could nothing but you know what we are better we could something can I tell you you may be in a season of drought and somebody right next to you might be helping what they think is the best and you might be how about me but I want you to know that as long as you stay close to the boat as long as you wash your net as you get ready for that catch Jesus isn't the reason is the reason for you to keep on doing that hallelujah all they wash their nets I just wanna courage somebody you may not have caught them but keep on washing your nails keep on being close to the water because that is where the fish is you do not walk back to the land and expect to catch the fish stay in the vicinity of the fish we must always be ready for the next fishing expedition hallelujah we don't have to just wait for this day doesn't happen No today's prayer tomorrow days prayer the following day is we must be always ready to come back come back come back every day every day because Jesus will be very busy meet hallelujah and they good but I just want to draw your attention to vest 3 which says and he entered into one of the ships which was Simons and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land and he sat down and taught the people of the ship when you have worked so hard at the end of the day we only think about you know I want to go back home and then someone just turns up and once you have a meeting with you this guy's we're done do it disappointed three angry me wait you know and then Jesus comes it was your meeting but Jesus I am tired you know what I can't even imagine what was going on in his mind at that time remember Jesus they have seen Jesus before by the way they do Jesus but they'd not been discipled yet right so the boss comes along you know I am tired I'm exhausted I am alright I don't even know how I'm gonna explain to my wife that I spend all these hours away now and I'm coming back I have nothing how am I gonna explain to my kids they come to me they expect something how how am I going to work this out and you weren't admitting I beat now as this was happening it was unknown to Simon but Jesus was already training him Holloway you know the things that come and seem like they're coming to persecute you that's your training they won't execute you you all right it's a trial it's a tripolis whatever it is but it makes you stronger now Jesus knows that okay you know what I just want to go in distress you know what I want to go and have you know my hippo team I whatever I do I just want to get away from here as we witness to our relatives to our friends to those close to us we need to understand that the only way that we're going to win them is if were obedient to Jesus Christ if I'm not to Jesus Christ there's no way I'm going to just someone else to come in and actually worship God Simon okay I will do it I'm sure he had a few choice words that you wanted to say but he couldn't say them because he recognized that you know what I may have these feelings inside of me but what I'm dealing with here is authority Authority from on high hallelujah we need to recognize that we're dealing with an authority from on high someone is authority over you yes authority over those that are under you as well now Jesus authority over Simon yet authority over everyone else who could something to some and who was under sign hallelu so Simon didn't have much of a choice really when your boss comes and says let's have a meeting normally they say it's going to be a quick one turns out it's gonna be 40 minutes 45 minutes you know all that time right sometimes if you even clocked out you can't clock back in but still the meeting goes ahead there is one thing that I need you to notice if at this point Simon had caught some fish probably Jesus Harlen probably Jesus wouldn't have been in about the other ones we'd actually quote something Jesus didn't even go to the sports Jesus came to this one that had nothing I wanted to know that sometimes God makes it in such a way that you feel like you have nothing so that he can feel you and when he does then you become attractive to those that gee what a catch otherwise I'll be full of myself I think I've got it I've got it done I'm me but they had to in order for the light to come in and so that when they went out to get the fish they would go out with me light you see fish attracted to light hallelu a lot of you maybe read about seeing done and understood you know fishing when people go to fish at night they have a light that they put in the water what then happens is the fish get attracted to the light and then they swim towards the light even when they do what is called keyhole fishing you know in frozen lakes and stuff like that which is covered as know exactly brother children they drill a hole right and then when they drill a hole what then happens that light floods into the water if we come over to where the light is and they literally drop in alive right and so now the boat was empty the light would go into the boat I pray when I tell you somebody just like okay fine were just rowing and remember there is some suggestion that this was in a sailing boat they had to roll from where they were to use their rope everything so you're making me work I am tired I'm exhausted Ivan cooked anything I'm 11 eaten even know what I'm gonna eat anything at home I don't even know whether tomorrow have enough energy to come back but you want me to row away away from where you think you want to go and it takes you where you need to go and Jesus then speaks to everyone from this guy's ship now the guy has no choice but to sit there and listen to Jesus himself hence we need to understand but you know our resources will be used for the benefit of other people is that making sense Jesus I need a stage I need a pulpit I will use your boat as a pulpit you are tired you're exhausted you sleep at 3:00 a.m. but somebody needs to open the church any money you have keys somebody's gonna do it you come in you do it you're tired exhausted I could have been sleeping I could have been doing this but you do it for the glory of God hallelujah when Jesus left speaking he then turns around you see sometimes Jesus has got to deal with other things and get rid of them he dealt with the people were thronging him and then Blaney we're done he said they can go now I've got to deal with you there are times when we have to understand that Jesus is not just going to deal with us just like that because there is something great that he has in store for us hallelujah there's something great that he is good for you so the time that you spend waiting do not take it lightly that is the time that God is allowing you to create a space to receive the blessing that he has got in store for you he says no I'm done with the rest I'm now dealing with the best honey do it you've been waiting for something in your life you have seen Jesus best people from what you have done have you never had a testimony somebody come and say do you know what the five pounds that you gave me – you know it led to this to this to this to this to this and now I've got a house like oh my goodness I'm still renting now you put a house and I'm the one who started how did this work out that person but their blessings actually they count to you as well because you have given the Bible says give it'll come back to you a good measure pressed down shaken together and running over shall men add on to your bosom what has happened is you have given now giving I know sometimes a contentious issue but you give your time Saima gave his time he gave his resources he gave his ship for Jesus to use as a platform he gave his emotions you know when you control a emotions we are human we dude why is this happening why I'm so angry that you are about to take after this launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught anyway because if I had people say that to you that's it you know I was no coming to this but because it's you because if it doesn't work but you understand I am doing this and no man I wouldn't do this but it's because of you it's got nothing to do in the favor I think it works because I don't think it's going to wick what is being tested here is our relationship so you better make sure that this thing works I know money don't do this and sometimes it's followed by the statements like and we come from you know III yeah okay fine in those 23 years maybe of disappointing me twice oh okay let's not be that one because it's you waiting for you and me you see too many people who are washing their nets we have given up now because it was never I who said Jesus because it is you I will go to my brother because it is you I'll go to my sister because it is you I'll go and speak to this one there are people who have not seen the goodness of the kingdom of God because you and I have not gone out to them and not listen to what Jesus is saying when you said you know one just launched out a bit when it says do you know what the job that net I think we need to have that spirit to say God because it is you Satan I will take you and thy word somebody needs to take Jesus at his word hallelujah I might have grumblings I might have misgivings I do what he says and because he he will not do not repent from what he has promised it's going to come to fruition now it is launched out its I want answer he said you know what because it is you I have taken nothing nevertheless my word I will let down the net hallelu and when they had done this they enclosed a great multitude of fishes in their night if we follow what Jesus said we are going to I want you to know that fish are very fish are very very different there's some fish that eat other fish they some fish that are not edible poisonous there some fish that regarded as endangered species there are some fish that you know prevalent in some places but not in other places I just want to say in this season such fish are going to be caught Holloway we've got to be very clear the Bible says multitudes hallelujah and the world multitude has good qualities of negativity my job when they had just been at the Bible says and then put the fish into a ship many a time we have chosen who witnessed Jesus – on the basis of how comfortable we are with that person on the basis of what our judgment of the person is we have judged people so many times maybe not you but I know I have I'm not st. I've this one if he comes to church I think he's going to start at the door and it's gonna be shot no no I know when he's had a few to drink is there something else then to bring him to church if this one might even die try to fight the pasta I'm not taking which means all characteristics are gonna be caught in the net and they're gonna come into the house hallelu it is not my job to worry about how they're going to be tamed if they need to be tamed example many of us have judge people on the basis of what we have seen them doing many of us has judge people on the basis of what we have heard that they do many of us have judge people on the basis of nothing really we just look at them and say oh you know what he looks like he does this and those are the ones that I am supposed to be catching those and I've done that and now they are missing in the house of God but as we launch out we need to remember and we need to understand that when they have been brought into the house it is God who deals hallelujah the Bible maybe let's leave out the Bible's you know very few of us here would be comfortable maybe to actually come into church let's say with somebody whose primary what he calls primary occupation is prostitution if you knew it was very difficult for some of us to actually come in for a few reasons one I'm afraid I'm going to be judged myself you can imagine if I came in with them people so how did you meet exactly so so already face judgment there and it's so difficult and we're so conscious I took that example because I know it's the extreme side but but you understand all right fight you know if someone if I came in here with my uncle or my auntie or my brother my sister and you know I had to support them because they've just had a few downstairs and they are really really sort of like you know and you know they've had a lot to drink of it suddenly I think you know what they're not good enough for Jesus but those are the ones that Jesus wants hallelujah these are the ones that make the fishes a multitude these are the ones that will be enclosed in that net these are the ones who in these days you know when you're writing all those names on we've got the cast when we're writing all those names you and I should have been writing hallelu because Jesus is looking out for those in Jesus lineage there was one who's referred to as the prostitute sometimes we do not want to catch those we don't realize that the walls of Jericho are going to fall because of that person hallelujah enemies of the Lord went to time because the spies that was sent we're actually hidden by Ronnie so you know what we need to be thinking at this point there is someone that I need to be thinking about there is someone that I need to be bringing Jesus is ready for that person to be put but it's waiting for an instrument that is going to be set out why can't you be the instrument why can't I be the instrument if we started in your own families and people are converted to Christ you know on feminism maybe all of us here I've got some people you know a feminist who just think you know what no but I want you to realize something the fire of the Holy Ghost and everything we went to those people maybe they knocked us back you see and then what did we do we went and we watched our nature we put them away to somebody now is the time to go back to our place of seeming failure you see Jesus will take you back to where it looks like you failed before and it's going to change that situation you see if there's a place if there is a person that you have witnessed to and now you think oh goodness you know what I failed now is the time to go back in these 40 days I say do you know what this is the time Jesus up going back I'm running out into the deep with you hallelujah and your boats gonna be empty somebody saw that they it can be full of all these people our God is good amen and place of work he made him a data point that he actually approached them she was already knew that he was deciding them that was all laid out Jesus could have just snapped his fingers and they've come running to him and said master we are here but Jesus went to them in their place of comfort Jesus went to them in the place of expertise Jesus went to them in a place where they you you know the back rows the front row you know everything they knew everything and Jesus went another question for you and me how many people of God have not given their life to Jesus Christ today because you and I are too big to go out to them I'm a minister in the church if you really want to know anything you come to everyone might they know they know they know you know they know so they have to come to me but Jesus went out to them it is vital that you go to someone because first of all when you go to someone in their own element they understand your value they appreciate them sometimes what too good and too smart and too neat and to push for other people yeah that one is good a one room where one bedroom flats where am I going to see but Jesus is saying launch it back out you left them you see they didn't cast if it's not efficient are there fish were there and when you go back you go back with me life that is Jesus Christ and I can I show you that Jesus Christ was going to work on them it's not me I'm not eloquent enough to actually convict or convince someone I have nothing that I can offer this person except Jesus Christ you see it's not me enough to convince someone else but Jesus Christ is the one who is intelligent enough is the water is more than able to do it so I got there bearing Christ's hallelu somebody needs to go there as we go as we pray in these 40 days as we seek to bring more into the kingdom we need to understand that it is not my ability it is not my mind it is not my power it is not my eloquence it is not my intelligence it is not my shop suit it is not my good that they whip out his ship they came back they went back with Jesus they couldn't even make me away from there because they took one ship they had to call for more for support for help that look whoa you can't do this how do and as we round up amen the Bible tells us that vestiges and so was also James and John the son of Zebedee the sons of Zebedee which were partners with Simon and Jesus said unto them fear not from henceforth the house shall catch men if you read the same account in the book of Matthew it says that I will make you fishers of men hallelujah now just look at the way that these guys are they're called fishermen just come and say look you're fishermen I'm not going to change anything except what you catch I'll make you fishers of men so point whatever it is that God has given to you whatever it is that you do Haley Jesus is ready and willing to use you in that capacity to minister to people don't wait the old you know what when I become wherever you are whatever it is that you have Jesus wants you like that hallelujah so that you can draw many and to him hallelujah Jesus is faithful and do you know the people that sometimes we look at at econo not this one do you know that Paul when he was sold he was a metal wasn't he the times that we may know someone's you know I think you know what this one is bad but Kingdom sometimes need people who that kind of capacity to actually stand and fight to the death that is why yes so when he was in the kingdom nothing could shake him nothing could terrify him he had said it all holiday he went to prison put out went back into prison bitten by a snake she break all those things why because it already that he already had all the training they say when you look at the people that Jesus called disciples some of them were just downright bad people there were a lot of rabbis at the time and they the professors of religion those were their disciples you see that's the difference they would have come here and maybe they would've picked one or two of us here who maybe ology everyone else just cast your mind out now and ask yourself who is it in your life or in your circles the friendship your family that you see as an outcast that you see as not fit for Jesus that person is the one that Jesus is looking for he took the text collectors now if you look at the text collectors and no money mentioned in the same breath as prostitutes anybody at some point Jesus tells it for is that look do you know what he prostitute any tax collectors will go to heaven before you because they were and it was something that was new by the way that didn't come with came with the Romans because they sort of like way of doing everything they couldn't actually be with someone unless they married that person so they went around and they paid for the services and then they were allowed to do that because they they would say that we don't have a relationship that's how it works but the point is these people people are some of the became his disciples there's not even a single person who is not worthy to be cold there is not a single person who is not worthy to be cold by just there's not a single person who is not worthy to come to the kingdom there's not a single person who is not worthy who cannot change and as we all come as old rise to our feet I just want to just encourage us hallelujah that the Bible says hallelujah the Bible says launch out into the deep and let your nets for a draught hallelujah hallelujah simon says we have toiled all night and we have caught nothing nevertheless as i where i will let down the net i just want to encourage somebody maybe you've toiled all night maybe of what so hard and sin no reward maybe you've tried this you've tried that but no one has listened to what you have to say about this Jesus Jesus to say everyone deserves a second chance you need to come back to your place where you think you failed and here we'll make sure that you pass you will make sure that everything that you are working for will be seen Jesus needs somebody to like you today it is somebody like me today to go out into the deep it has to say to you know what we may have seemed like we failed first time but we are coming out we are going to let down the net because there is a great catch somebody to go somewhere you can be a professional in whatever they do and go and say I am here for you to use me we need to come before the Lord today and say Lord there is a great catch out there use be Oh Lord to bring many to the kingdom use me Oh Lord to bring your children that are lost you'll spill Oh Lord to go and bring those that you have come here this is the time that we need to be going before the Lord and say Lord make me an instrument let make me an instrument use me Lord make me the one that goes out to pick those that are to live them back on to you because Lord you are the one who is going to save them as they have been brought into the house is that being brought into the house you Lord alone is the one that is going to be clarified time when we need to say Lord I have just given up I was washing the net my porch is empty but coming Lord so that I may launch out into the deep with you need to light out into the dip with Jesus coming somebody we need to a preacher this Jesus right now free to praise him right now we need to wash it we need to help lift him right now because he's saying I'm coming into your boat you may have caught nothing but now that you have me we are going to catch something because I am the light like their life is they were taking you the right way way you can catch the fish oh he is this Lord he is God somebody let's go before him right now let's raise our voices unto the Lord let's uplift this Jesus let's exalt his name and say Lord this is a time this is a season where you are picking your people from all the tips of the water you are bringing your people from all the different parts of the world you are bringing your people onto this ship you're bringing your people onto the ship there's a multitude that is coming but because you're the Lord our God we know that we have nothing to fear we know that you're going to fill this ship we know that you're gonna bring your children to this house oh come on somebody you need to raise your voice right now you need to uplift your voice right now you exhaust the Lord our God right now you need to believe that God is positioning you when you life when he says go back to where you're going to he wants you to come back because there is a breakthrough even in the season when we're looking at the soul there's a back through in soul that Jesus is saying there's a great harvest a great harvest he says there's plenty of work but the laborers are few today make me a laborer Oh Lord that I may come into the house and bring many with me not because it is by doing but because it is your doing my god I thank you because moving away from the land is illogical when I'm tired but good work on logic you are the God that Western what you have set aside we won't let my god there's a sense that sometimes you need two things they don't make sense they don't make there's no logic but Jesus Christ is even if you've just come back inland just come back you need to go back into the sea you go back to the place of seeming failure which is the screen to take that and turn it into successor I need to go back to our place I need to go back to my brother I need to go back to my sister I need to go back to my uncle I need to go back to my colleague I need to go back to my friend I need to go back to my neighbor because this is the time that the Lord has set aside that we do what the Lord has sader people that Jesus wanted to address we are actually on the land so when they fools away the Bible shows me that they moved away they're good when it come for but Jesus Christ has come for Simon specifically Jesus Christ has come for you to reign Jesus Christ has come for you today this is a season and a time for you to launch out into the dip to bring many back unto Christ to bring many to the kingdom I want somebody to know Jesus Christ seemed like he was in no hurry he is spoken spoke and spoke sometimes he may take time but when the time is right Jesus Christ will fill your boat will fill your boat so my soul that the blessing you cannot contain so that this church cannot contain by Jesus with whom nothing is impossible can do all things Jesus is greater Jesus with him there is nothing impossible we need to go back to our places of your failings because we are serving a coordinate changes failure into success we need to go back because we call from the particular to the peculiar he is taking us there and when we come back we come back with the drafter we cannot carry we come back with a traveler we cannot even imagine he is the Lord our God who makes the rivers in the desert the Lord our God who makes pathways where there's no pathways here is the Lord our God who parted the Red Sea come on somebody is there something that is hindering you Jesus Christ is gonna stop that we need to bring those souls unto Christ when to bring those souls even unto the Lord come on somebody this is the time the time that the Lord has made he is the Lord our God we worship Him and we praise Him we are placed human result him come on somebody you need to believe and understand what you're serving an almighty one the Almighty God the Alpha and the Omega he is my eye for care and I will serve Him he is my advocate and I will continue the water and the perfect of my failure come on some that is the bread of life is my authority the beloved son of God is the chief Cornerstone we need to worship Him and uplift him in this place oh he's a good god he is faithful and is true he is a good shepherd you see when you bring the flock in ah yes the one who is going to shape up them it is not for me is now for you but it is for him to shape our everyone he is a good shape our interior load my girl with whom nothing is impossible he is the great and high praises the head of the church come on somebody this is the charge of the tribe of Judah because the mighty one somebody is the mighty God is the one who set us free he's my hope is my piece of the profit so I face anything that you're not getting the proper is in the house he is the Prince of Peace is the Redeemer is the Lord I said so if they you as you're washing your nests and they've given up here's the reason what is faithful to raise you up oh my god is the rook come on somebody here the sacrifice of my seas is my Savior yes the son of man come on somebody I need to wash him him in this place supreme creator over all he's a lot my good self resurrection in their life what something had died maybe my hope head tide maybe I didn't think that I could be able to do it anymore but he says come on launch back out into the dip I'm giving you fresh hope I'm giving you a new life I'm the resurrection itself he says I am detouring the way he is the word is the same yesterday today and forever in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and I give you glory Oh today he is the true find the truth and a victorious one I want somebody this is the Jesus of recording a poem today he is the wonderful counselor the mighty God the everlasting one he is the Prince of Peace come on somebody oh we just want to give him glory this evening somebody put your heads together for this Jesus basically you know as we put our hands together oh he is faithful he is faithful oh it's painful he is faithful Oh as we believe in him as we call upon him we know that as we launch out into the tip we are going to catch we are going to catch the fish because we're going out to the fish hallelujah in her name that is above all names who is a good god hallelujah he leads by demonstration he you that the fish were not going to come to him here to launch out you and I we need to launch out we need to launch out in assessing whether to go out we need to see that we go out after if we know where the fish are hallelu we know where the reef is we know the reef ice so we need to go there because the official are going to come up from the river come to you so how did we oh god is good hi somebody put your hands together for this guy if a Nazi welcome zumba hallelujah Oh hallelujah let's just give God the glory just one more time let's give Him praise for he's a faithful God hallelujah he's able to do whatever he says you will do hallelujah even as he says launch out into that deep he knows there is a half is waiting for you hallelujah he knows there is multiplication taking place in the room of the Spirit and even in the physical hallelujah we thank you Jesus for this precious Word of God Father we thank you O God that will you give us boldness oka to go further and launch out into the deep further we say by your words O God for the even way we had doubts where we had fears O God we say take it away your God that will be able to launch outer for in those places are for the way we have left in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we thank you Father for the harvester for the abundance of fish for the dirty of setup even before your people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray hallelujah thank you Jesus Thank You Minster pansy for such an awesome hallelujah let's just give God the glory for this special word hallelujah that you know we are not we are not everything that were doing is in faith by God special time and the time is now okay that is going to give us a harvest in this place in the name of Jesus hallelujah we thank God you know even for the anointing in this house you know I can just testify that every time we um you know there's such a great annoying tune so God God is just in our midst to confirm his word in this place and that even if we're to fears or doubts God just want to just want to reassure us hallelujah that whatever he speaks in this place will be in the name of Jesus but even in the same spirit I know we were keen to go home but even is mr. pansy say that the time when Jesus comes on your board hallelujah what a powerful word when everybody's looking for us to go home but uh even as we were about to live those who brought their offerings or that Heights one of the young children will bring a basket that we can give our offerings or tithe those who are able but I I just wanted you to continue and pray even for a pasta continue praying for the church continue praying for this multiplication you know we'll finish on the fortieth day so it's not over till it's over so let's continue persisting coming every morning and on tomorrow morning we're here again continue in prayer and believing God for harvest you know where where there is obedience to the Word of God hallelu a hero fulfilling so let's be obedient to this room to his word in this season in the name of Jesus so even as we greet one another and bless those who can who can you can bring your offerings and their ties and I just pray God will bless every offering every type of receipt that we're going to bring in this house for the high premultiplication even upon the work of our hands I play multiplication upon our investments upon our finances in the name of Jesus but I pray that each and every offering which we put in this house will unlock financial blessings of God who all look for the god of the goodness and the blessings of God in our life in the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen amen hallelujah let's give him glory let's bring further our offerings they are tied and let's bless one another as we go home in Jesus name Amen

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