By the way, Can You Survive a KIDNAPPING? (Ft. TheOdd1sOut)

[S] Whoo finally got Hosuh! Hey wait Hosuh, is there something wrong with you? You’re looking a little more bald….. and round Daniel I think we got the wrong guy. [D] So today we’re gonna be playing can you escape a kidnapping? [S] Whoooo!!! [H] So excited XD [J] Yeah, I’m excited. [D] You know, if you don’t go outside it’ll be fine. but if you’re anyone famous like-like us You would need to you know be aware, so today so we’re gonna play that quiz. Number One: You’re walking down the street. Someone jumps you and tries to put you into their van. What do you do? A) Don’t restrain; because you might get hurt even more B) Kick, fight, punch, stab in the eye, scream as loud as you can Or C) try to have a conversation with them [J] B final answer cuz I’m not-I’m not gonna go without a fight. [S] Yeah, I mean like what other answer is there other than B? “Oh, hey nice young chap I would appreciate it if you sure didn’t take me in this van” Like what the heck? [H ] I was gonna say C, but then like You convinced me [D]All right, B is the right answer [S] Wow! Who would had thought?! OMG [D] You know some people don’t resist because they don’t want to be awkward, ya know, cause a scene or anything Yeah, some people do pick A you know they don’t try to fight it as much because they don’t want to get hurt but the potential of escape outweighs the danger of resistance but let’s say you fail to resist and now you’re in their vehicle. What do you do first? A) Do you keep on talking to see what they sound like? B) Do you stay quiet at B observer and figure out why you’re kidnapped or C) try to jump out of the truck? [S] So we’re blindfolded though, right and are we tied up? [D] You’re tied up. [S] Well, then don’t jump out of the car. You’ll get like three feet before they stop so it’s probably the best just to sit down and enjoy the ride. [J] I-I mean the answer like talked to them right, and like hear their voice or whatever that’s better than nothing, right? [H] I would say try to jump out cause you never know what’s gonna happen once you reach the destination. [J] Maybe when they’re- when you could tell they’re like at a red light, then you jump out. [S] But then wouldn’t it make it easier for you to get caught again? Cause if they’re moving then they would have to stop, go backwards, get out and get you cause then at least you have some time with that but stop light. It’s like oh crap. He got out. Let’s all get out of the car and get him. [H] But as long as you can start a commotion. [J] That’s true. [H] Yeah, You have a higher chance of being saved because people will see that. [D] Well if you have the opportunity to jump out of the vehicle, you should. [S] WHAT! Literally impossible. You’ll just fall on your face. [D] ‘Cause after a certain while of you being kidnapped the percentage of kids dying anyway gets higher and higher. But you couldn’t jump out cuz the doors were locked, let’s say. Now you’re at their hideout. They haven’t killed you yet So they want you alive. The kidnapper is in front of you with the mask on, what do you do? [S] Punch ’em [J]I’m tied down to a chair in my head. [(S]Oh) So I spit at them. [D] What the fuck? [J] Is there multiple choice? cause I wanna- [D] You could give them the silent treatment, You could try to build rapport with them, befriend them, or you could just make their lives miserable. [J] You just start screaming [S] Yeah, just like be annoying. Why-why wouldn’t you want to be annoying? Wow, [H] So they don’t shoot you in the head “Oh my god, this kid is so annoying” [J] Dude, this is some sort of off-topic but have you guys ever heard of that phenomenon where people fall in love with her kidnapper? [S & D] Stockholm Syndrome? [J] Yeah. I don’t want that to happen, so I’m definitely not gonna have a conversation with them like I’m just like talking and like “oh what’s your favorite movie” and he’s like “Inception” and I’m like “HUH I love Inception!” So, I’m just going to give him a silent treatment. [H] I want to talk to them. Like why am I here? I need to know [S] Well, obviously they want you alive for a ransom We’re all not families with political politicians I guess [J] Is there- is there some other reason that they could be keeping you. Some other reason that I don’t want to mention because it’s YouTube [D] Oh my [H] it is possible [D] All three options have been chosen and the answer is to build rapport [S] Shut up Daniel you’re wrong. [D] Of course you should keep your dignity But you should talk to them, befriend them, so that whatever they’re doing to you psychologically It’s harder for that person to kill, rape, or harm a person who is now a human being to you. So you tried to build rapport with them, whatever. They haven’t killed you yet You’ve been locked up here for a while. What do you do on your spare time? [J] Um, think of comic ideas or video ideas? [H] Oh wow that’s exactly what I would do too [J] Write a novel? No, no, no, I’d think of like what I’d mentioned in the video that I’m definitely gonna make about getting kidnapped [H] that would make a good YouTube video though, gotta say. [D] I’ve been kidnapped *not clickbait* [H] Right, literarily not clickbait! Ya know how when someone’s kidnapped or caught were locked up in their room they spend their time training [J] Oh yeah [H] in movies and then there’s like training sequence and then after they’re like- [J] they’re like doing push-ups and whatever [H] Uh-huh. [D] All right. Yeah workout is perfect You need to have a routine, which always makes the time go faster If you have the right mentality to survive and you’re more likely to survive. Oh, you hear cops coming breaking into the house [J] Heck yeah, [D] they found you. How do you react? A) Sit tight, don’t do anything. B) Scream for help C) Run out if you can run out. What do you do? [S] I’d murder these cops! [J] What?! No! *laughter* [D] What? I don’t understand? [J] He got to you, you’re on his side now [D] Stockholm syndrome got the best of him [J] I would like definitely like have my hands in the air first thing I do hands in the air cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do when police are present and Then I would- I would wait five minutes and then if they haven’t found me then I would like walk out with my hands out [S] seems like a good idea [J] because like what if we’re like in a basement that’s underneath a rug, you know, and so the cops like aren’t gonna find us [H] What if the ransomers get reminded “Oh, right. We had a prisoner” “Okay, uh we need to kill these guys before we leave so they come back and they kill us and then they leave [D] So the answer can be either A) Not say anything in lay on the ground or B) shout for help but stay on the spot One thing you should never do, is run out and screaming running out because the cops are in like very high tense situation when they’re breaking into a house where there’s potential people with guns, a kidnap situation. They don’t know what you’re gonna look like- like after a month Remain where you are, lay on the ground if they come in to say your your name and say [J] I’m a good guy [D] or something Congratulations, you’ve escaped, whooo! [S] All Stephen! [D] And if you guys want more information about what to do When your kidnap please go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We’ll leave the li-uh, link down in the descriptions It’s always good to have a nice read about these types of things. It’s good to (thinks about what he is saying) um, what, no- [J] stay safe… ? [D] Yeah, It’s good to stay safe guys. So go go check it out. Anything to add James? [J] Ummmmmm Wear seatbelt, haha. It’s too easy [H] When you’re blindfolded and being transported “Can I wear a seatbelt, please? I at least want to be safe!” “Oh you guys should wear seatbelts too!” [D] Hello everybody and thank you so much for watching to the end of the video I sometimes don’t know if you guys actually watch until the end. Yeah, you know you don’t you never know Thanks James for recording with us. You’re always the best. You’re super nice, man. I really appreciate you Oh and oh there that’s me walking wearing a sexy merch at Man, look at that sexy butt Mm-hmm Also this music that you’re hearing right now is from our favorite singer Jenny. She also sang our last ultra merch music, man She’s way too talented. You guys should check her out as well Okay. Okay. I got a I got a focus on what I need to talk about the merch that you guys seen right now I ordered a bunch of them and film Stephen wearing it. So you guys can take a look I know we’re teasing the Stephen’s face revealed. It’s never gonna happen there’s There’s still seven -maybe in 1 million subs- there’s still seven days left of these merch being donated to Direct Relief There’s been hurricane Florence. It’s been happening in to the United States You guys should be donating to your local charities to help people out that’s affected by this or directly donate to Direct Relief Otherwise if you are going to buy our merch anyway just know that all the proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief to support the people that are affected by Hurricane Florence or whatother cause that may be happening around the world Okay There’s only seven days left go check it out. No surprisingly. A lot of you guys are buying the hoodie. I Really thought the crewneck would sell the most since we promoted the crewneck like crazy So this time I’m just gonna be walking around with the hoodie. I I really need to learn how to walk like a decent human being I thought that walk was really cool but now that I see in this slow motion, it looks really really stupid. All right, I’m done talking. You just enjoy Jenny singing Bye!!! ^^ ♫ *Awesome music until the 10 minute mark* ♫ Excuse me, sir. Are you trying to- are you trying to expose yourself from all those children over there? I’m kidding Daniel. Don’t worry

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  1. I legit think of being kidnapped each time I’m on the street? Even if I’m with people. I suppose it’s been drummed into me about how to protect myself since I was really young, particularly since I’m a girl.

  2. I would choose be except for it needs to be on the list is murder them with my nails because my nails aren't even that long but they literally cut through one layer of skin every time I press down hard enough and move my fingers back

  3. Daniel: What if you are just walking on the street and someone attacks you in tries to put you in the van? me: kick them in the balls

  4. You’ll remember that I served you well.. oceans rise, empires fall! We have seen each other through it all.


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    Bro you’ve got 1.85 million, nearly 2 million, I’m still waiting for them although stephen and hosuh can do it when they’re comfortable although although please don’t make us wait until 3 billion although although although if it takes that long until they’re comfortable i’ll wait that long

  6. Dan: There won't be a Stephen face reveal. Maybe at one million subs, I don't know.

    Me: (looks at 1.85 million subs) I'M WAITING!

  7. Once my mom whas robed in her car but she was about to pass out and the guy's that where robing her were very nice actually my mom almost invited them over to her house😑

  8. Me: calls friend OMG friends name in school there is a kidnapping
    Friend: OMG are you alright?!!?!
    Me: oh ok it's fine he just woke up!
    Friend:( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° ) how could this happen to me 😢😢

  9. Steven is my favorite in all the videos I’ve seen, all his choices in all the vids are what I would pick

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  11. I would go to sleep and stay asleep until the cops arrest the kidnappers and walk out and go to my house and act like nothing happened…

  12. 5:40 imagine your just driveling and you see a cop car and you still have your foot on the gas and puts your hands up cause a police officer is present and you get in a car crash w

  13. By the way, don’t just scream “they’re trying to kill me!” Because, as much as it sucks, people are probably gonna stay out of it or it’ll take a while for them to call the police and tell them what’s happening, scream something like ‘There’s a fire!’ Because that’s much more likely to get people moving and running around which will stop the kidnappers due to witnesses.

  14. Don’t judge me if I was the last person on earth I would poop in everybody’s yard if they were mean to me at one point

  15. i would befriend the kidnapper and when i gain his trust then i could run an errand for him then at the grocery store or whatever i’ll call for help

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  17. Dan: what would you do?


    I'm annoying as heck

  18. At the end where Jenny was singing to me why did it sound like it was at the tune of the MHA/BNHA Peace Sign opening? or that's just me being the weeb I am

  19. If a guy puts you in their car, and you're sitting behind them, you come then with their seatbelt. I'm gonna see if Stephen agrees, brb.

  20. 1. A, because I want to know why they are kidnaping me.
    2. A, again so I can tell them to subscribe to Danplan
    3. B, hell if they’re gonna keep me alive they may as well befriend me while they’re at it.
    4. Plot to swap roles with the kidnapper and slowly torture them until they apologise.
    5. B, because if the police are there and I run out panicking they may think I am a criminal.

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