Buying Everything the Hacker Touches for 24 Hours! (Game Master Device Found) Matt and Rebecca

if the hacker touches the Tesla we are buying a Tesla so different this up stop your I can man job not to get the Tesla today welcome back to the Mack Rebecca channel and as you saw from the title today we are going to be buying everything the hacker touches for 24 hours you guys saw the Battle Royale on the roof where we got back one of the pieces for the super computer that the Red Hood is using for VidCon Dana was able to put trackers on two of the hackers and something that they touched today will be the exchange for the device and we need to intercept it so we decided to split up and Daniel is following one of the hackers and we are following the other one it's not where are they looks like they're at a toy store so we need to get going but before we do we have a challenge of for you guys make sure you are subscribed you have notifications on any thumbs up the video and if you do all that I want you to comment below stop the Red Hood it's gonna store okay alright we're at the first location this looks like it's a toy store the rules are that we are gonna buy whatever the hacker touches but we're not gonna unbox it until the very end because we have to keep track of them this whole time for this whole 24 hour challenge also stick around because later in this video we're giving the shout outs to people in the gamemaster Network that scored 100% on the quiz and people that tagged us on Instagram wearing the Sam Pham merch I'm not in it today because we're in disguise I'm gonna go around this you go okay looks like the tracking device is still going what would you get it looks like I got slime some type of like tent like an outdoor survival tip and then it was like a decoy SpaghettiOs thing so I think you can hide something in it so it might be in the SpaghettiOs I'm not really sure for the safe why would they be in a toy store though it's so random I don't know but they're not finished yet where are they now okay we pause you check on Daniel it looks like they're moving again I've tracked down one quadrant member from our battle royale on the route to a Rite Aid of all places this may be the next drop it looks like they touched something down on the bottom shelf I think something for the pool or maybe the beach let's go see oh the candy aisle I love candy Wow look at all this kid guys comment below what your favorite candy is Oh No where'd they go no no they didn't want any snack foods as seen on TV I gotta hurry whoa they left I'm gonna buy these items and I'm gonna keep falling look I got the items were right eight that I need to be following the quad remember oh my gosh they win say Starbuck you guys know that the quadrant has secret meetings inside the Starbuck maybe I'm about to find out the secret meeting maybe the exchange is happening right now let Matt Rebecca know that I'm heading inside of a Starbucks and I may be witnessing a secret meeting quadrant just totally disappeared I wouldn't say that Starbucks they weren't even there to set its Best Buy Tesla you're ready Maya Tesla right now they're going they're going in okay this is that persistent okay I can get you the Minecraft game do you think they put something inside it has me see if you I think it was this walkie comment if you think this is the right fortnight llama I think it is so it's really annoying I'll buy it keep following that weird okay it's an EXO patient and to keep a close eye on I haven't gone over the gun Oh room but there we go we out here till Rebecca comes and then we're gonna go find exactly where they're going next there's Rebecca there's Rebecca yeah I got everything where'd they go around the corner here comment below what you think has the device in it where they exchanged it I think it might be the for tonight llama move it ready look this up stop you're like a ninja okay they went around this corner easier good running where'd they go I don't know can you check the tracking device you guys see where they went like a car dealership might be a Tesla go back to the car come on there it is Tesla look it's a Starbucks right next door eight next door is that a red Tesla it's like the red hoods and that GPS said the quadrants inside there yeah they're inside there right now so that does that mean if they touch the test that we have to buy it now if they're doing the exchange in the Tesla we have to you'd like a Tesla though I would like a Tesla we might be getting a Tesla today okay so we just parked in the quadrant hackers inside the Tesla building right now still in there right now okay I think I should head over there by myself and you should protect all the stuff that we already got okay yeah because what if exchange happen in one of these pieces we might already have a piece so let me know if you think we found the piece already or if you think it might be in the tech club you're gonna bet back I'll be inside I might be giving it back the Tesla dealership on the back entrance is right in here I think oh one going the back side and see if I can sneak in without them noticing that I'm here comment down below if you think that we should get a tough lift I want one so bad you guys that would be crazy if we had to buy a Tesla today but that is the challenge so if the hacker touches the Tesla we are buying a Tesla this is where we need to go I missed the whole Tesla thing if they touch the physical I'm gonna starve us I need all of you guys to go comment that the Red Hood wants to be the most powerful and it's trying to hack VidCon so they just went into starbuck I think they took this out of the test the dealership you took this in a Starbucks for the exchange this might be the piece you'll find Rebecca right now it's not a Tesla no it's not a Tesla okay I they might have but they came out of the Tesla dealership with this and they took it in the Starbucks and left it in there Starbucks do you think that's the device this might be I don't really understand it is it's like a new packaging okay well we need to get back we need to unbox everything that we have and if not we need to come back for the Tesla well let me see okay are there any more locations I can't see him on here at all it's like they disappeared okay let's get home and I'll box everything yeah the first thing they touched was this you can quadrant let's go to the beach there wasn't make dark clothing and stuff so I don't know about that I don't see anything in here just looks like stuff that you would do if you want to dig in the sand okay the other item Barbie both gummy bears okay final item that they touched was this really cool is it as seen on TV item nitesite I bet you instead of just driving maybe this just helps you see better at night what if we have to see something at night like it's Mia okay it's cherry open let me try them on okay here they are you can see there's just like yellow tint to them well this is pretty cool I'm gonna have to test these out when we're not in here maybe we can use this on another mission at some point hopefully the quad remember that Matt Rebecca we're tracking brings into something better maybe they have better luck than I did I don't have computer parts for the supercomputer and we really need to collect all those parts because we can't let the Red Hood complete your supercomputer we don't know what she's gonna do but we know that it's gonna take place at VidCon all right we are back at the house right now it's time to unbox exactly what you got there's this backyard tent you guys think this might be something where they could put a piece of a computer inside absolutely it's the biggest thing I think we got what did we find it in the first box beep okay yeah that make it really easy it's like instructions but maybe we can use this if we do like another 24-hour challenge overnight we should bring it up to Big Bear okay Oh glow-in-the-dark I'm happy about that just cool mmm now see any computer pieces in there oh it's kind of opened what maybe they did put something in there blackjack do you think something's in there no there's nothing in it but there could have been we could use this man yep maybe we put a different label on that we can use it no we could totally use it they would probably forget this looks like a normal can this is so cool so that's all the devices that they touch at the toy store spool was neck not bad by that's bad okay Potter Harry Potter wand I don't know if they could put a device in here but I don't know they're ninjas so you're a big fan of Harry Potter – yeah I am I wonder if the quadrant likes Harry Potter whoo anything else no nothing making there I want to keep this case I might want to use them I mean we bought it come on there's just no way I just don't think it's worth unboxing you guys no wait I have a giveaway coming up maybe I can use this for you guys in the Sam fan would one of you guys want this giant hatch roll oh this could be a giveaway prize oh okay this is the first thing I think we saw at Best Buy I was it in that Oh yes too bad yeah I got two bags oh my gosh a toolkit the toolkit it's a PC joke computer and they kept going like this so we don't actually know what the quadrant was doing could be in anything new there's a bunch of tools rules maybe they were looking at this to actually use for the computer the super new year Rebecca just fill out out of here what it's definitely long in here it says here with weird line hold on Matt I think this is the hypnotist Sam p.m. look look at this mass this is from when Daniel and I weren't the escape room Matt you were hypnotized the hypnotist I wasn't hypnotized yeah they the hypnotist works with the quadrant you guys go back find this video where Daniel and I saw the hypnotist on the screen and we found a Matt in the circus room we hold on is that the old game master mask this is the old game master masse by what they say here I think it's a computer feeds back let's just keep on I know but I think this might be something you guys do you think that this piece of paper is something comment I think we need this I think it's something that Rebecca we need to keep on unboxing anything what else do we have okay uh the fortnight lava what is that one look it's a box you guys remember the llama at bum box it could easily this is just cardboard it's definitely an is there anything it's so cool so what a fortnight that's like a fortnight mystery box why man there's just confetti oh it's a pinata oh really small if it's a computer piece well they're little gadgets like spy gadget I don't think this is for a computer whose only quickly alright what did you find at the Tesla dealership oh you know what I can put that in my backpack got it I got it Matt look what you just this is akin what yeah the hard drive we bought everything the hacker touched found it we found the piece you guys let Daniel know I don't know if he found anything from the other hacker maybe he found another piece of the device for the supercomputer but we need to stop the Red Hood VidCon is coming up and we're one step closer to stopping her right shout-out to you guys right here you scored 100% on the last game Esther quiz if you want a chance to get a shout out in the next video go take a quiz at the gamemaster yeah you guys we have a whole new site you guys can check it out you know the Red Hood hacked it but now it's up its new so make sure to check it out also shout out to these people that have reward our merch and gotten it and tagged us on instagram link is in the description check out the video right here will read the different backflips then trained for a battle royale in VO light and your eyes i think we need to go here okay this might mean something let me know where you saw the hypnotist one video at one and then think we need to contact daniel and let him

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