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hi I'm Sharla but with childcare landcom today I want to share with you a file folder game it's a sight word pic and cover file folder game with a butterfly theme you can find the patterns on my website childcare and calm underneath the video section and I will also have that linked up for you here on youtube if this is where you are watching the video the parents themselves complain so you can write your own words in so we have 12 butterfly 6 different colors and I also include the cover-up markers on there and then we're doing these on jumbo craft sticks and I've included the blank pieces for that that you could write the sight words on for the ones that are going to be on your butterflies on here so it'll be 12 craft sticks 12 butterflies and 12 cover-ups of course you could make this as many sight words as you would like to do depending upon you know what sight words you are working on this is great for of course sight word recognition and review and develop developing literacy skills so we'd have the set out and cut like this on a in our center here or the child would come and sit down and pick our to a site where it's up to you if you want to have it facing them or turned around or you could just even even need to have it in a cup that I find that that works out great for us is having them in a cup for the children she's from and they're take our day stick pick a stack and this one says that so they would try to find the same word on the file folder on here and then they recover that up so I do the straight color match they have to find the same color and the same word on there but you don't have to if you choose not to do it that way and so they would just cover up those sight words on there and they would continue until they have done covered up all of the words this is run and then just cover it up like so very simple idea to just you know very hands-on great for sight word recognition on here and for especially those beginner readers who are not really sure what the words are you know just to get them started matching them and maybe trying to read what's on the stick or on the butterfly is an excellent way to do this on here if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel so you can be notified when new videos are released and also please sign up for my free weekly newsletter at childcare landcom or childcare land vlog calm and if you like the material ideas I present in these videos please like comment and share as always your support is truly appreciated for a butterfly sight word picket cover game I'm Shelly lavet with child care Linda calm and thanks for watching

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  1. Do you have to watch them do this or do you trust that they will do this on their own, and what if they just match the colors and haven't read the word. wondering because I teach a combined classroom, 3's 4's and 5's so I don't trust my 3 year olds to do this properly yet.

  2. I like this your ideas and thanks again for your great work!! 👍👍👍👍👍

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