Business Presentation Tips – The Top 8 Business Presentation Skills

I sent an email to Nicole and I said Nicole I want to know the top things that they want to know at this conference when I come to deliver this presentation this is what you told me I'm going to teach you the top eight ways in your book to more effectively deliver a business presentation so that you can get your audience to do what you want so you can motivate them show credibility and even make more money and I'm going to start with how to make boring topics interesting you should know I'm going to model everything I suggest you do it used to drive me crazy when I'd go to these conferences and people would tell me to do stuff but they either wouldn't tell me exactly how to do it or they wouldn't show me how to do it themselves everything I'm going to suggest you do including what I just did which is called the circle of knowledge by the way and I'll give you the steps to it later I'm going to model for you and I'm going to start with these fish right here this is called a hook and as you know in fishing if you don't make the hook appealing they don't want it you've got to do the same thing with your presentations and the number one way that adults find hooks appealing is if you tell them why you're going to give it to them most people start with what exactly they start with the what you're going to get it doesn't work you remember the first thing I said to you hi I'm Jason Teaneck I gave you my credentials but then I said I'm going to show you how to gain a competitive advantage by delivering an irresistible presentation that gets your audience to do what you want you didn't know how I was going to do it yet you didn't know what it was going to look like yet but you knew why you wanted it I was in line to buy an iPad a few years ago for my wife and a man and I were stuck talking in this line kits about 100 people long this is when they first came out and I looked at him and I said I see her in line to buy an iPad and he says yep I said what does it do because I don't know I've never seen one you've never seen one he goes nope I said well then how do you know you wanted because it's going to change my life he says to me this how he says it it's going to change my life really why is it going to change your life he goes because Steve Jobs I watched him present on this and he explained to me that it's going to save me time I'm going to get things done finally and I'm going to be able to have some fun to it because I get really bored during the day he's telling me all these things like wow everything he's telling me is which one why he'd wanted here's the practical I want you to for your next presentation to take all the topics you're going to teach and next to each one I want you to write down whether you think it'll make your audience more successful more happy or have more freedom in their life just write an HS or F next to each topic then write down why and then look at all those summaries of those topics and then summarize all that in one sentence like I'm going to show you how to gain the competitive advantage by delivering a presentation that get your audience to do what you want doesn't that make business professionals more successful when they get their audience to do what they want and won't it make them happier when they have that competitive advantage and when I said that you could hear a pin drop in here did you notice that because everyone wants it if you know you did this right by the way if you say it and the people say oh I've been looking for someone like you that's a hook that's the first way to make your presentations amazing and irresistible hi I'm Jason Teague from rule the room and you're about to learn how to deliver money making presentations using tools and techniques that most business professionals will never know if you're looking to advance your career boost your income level persuade your clients or customers or motivate and inspire your co-workers then this is the course for you even if you are comfortable speaking in front of an audience in meetings keynotes and other public speaking venues you're about to gain a competitive advantage by learning dozens of powerful techniques you've never seen before to sell your ideas add value to your small talk overcome your nerves and make an incredible impression and if you're concerned that your fear of public speaking is holding you back from advancing in your career we'll give you concrete steps you can take to stand in front of an audience and to live your message comfortably this is one of our most popular workshops for professionals that's probably because we surveyed hundreds of business leaders entrepreneurs and independent consultants to determine the top eight things they needed to give effective business presentations this program addresses all eight let me just tell you how this course is organized so you can get a feel for what's in store in the first section you'll learn how to turn any topic no matter how boring into one that fascinates and holds the attention of your audience and you'll learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking and feel less nervous when you're in front of an audience so that your audience feels safe with you in section two you'll learn how to make comfortable small talk to help you land more clients and build rapport with your coworkers this is one of the top things that business clients want to know how do I talk to people one-on-one next you'll learn how to keep your audience listening even after 45 minutes why 45 minutes studies show that people's minds start to wander about every 10 minutes it's called the drifting theory but even more importantly after 45 minutes the drifting interval starts to quickly speed up and you really risk losing your audience you're going to learn the tools you can use to keep them on the edge of their seat no matter how long your presentation and finally in section 2 you'll get the answer to one of the most common questions business leaders ask how do I tailor my message for the specific people in the room you're going to learn how to do it even on the fly in section 3 you'll find out how to handle challenging people in your audience the gripes complainers enters experts talk hogs quiet types and know-it-alls these people can quickly derail a presentation so you need to know how to handle them and stay on track you'll learn the top 10 most common presentation mistakes and how to fix them or avoid them to start with and finally you'll learn how to use the top 5 best practices in public speaking to deliver a convincing persuasive message to your audience thank you for taking this course we're looking forward to learning with you let's get started we wish you the best in your career you

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