40 thoughts on “Builds A Water-Powered Hammer With Primitive Skills, "Monjolo" Used For Pound Rice | Full Video”

  1. could do a lot with that movement. turn a wheel with gears or belts to turn lath, or other things, more weight increase speed

  2. Толкушка крутая получилась. И рыбу нормально натаскал корзиной.

  3. those guys at primitive builder that be making those underground shelters be jacking off while tilting their head to the sky and be having their eyes closed when they be stroking……

  4. I just watched your video of how you forged your iron axe. It was fascinating to watch. Looks like your putting it to good use.

  5. primitive? are we trying to go backwards now? everybody's so stunned. everybody could do all those things if that is all your doing all day. no rent, house payment, energy payment, etc. just steam the rice. he needs thing's to do. oh my, call everybody over here. he can make a fire, catch fish, steam with water, how amazing. what an amazing man.

  6. That's enough of that! Now I'm getting in my 4WD 3500 6.6 L turbo diesel to go get pizza because the video made me hungry.

  7. I been watching a lot of these videos that show how to build things " primitive living , primitive skill building etc.. " and I am pleased totally with this one as you do more then build some thing pretty to look at and swim in , you are really living and walking the walk you talk about in your title of your video . This is refreshing to see that some one can build some thing with his / or her own hand and not need a zillion tools to do it with. Great job and video.

  8. Чувак какты без солиэто все ешь, а в бамбеке запеклась каша, или хлеб такой.

  9. Best way to prepare a carp is to clean all the scales off of it, then put it on a cedar board. Cook it on an open fire until the cedar board starts to smoke, then throw the carp in the trash and eat the cedar board.

  10. i love watching how easily and efficiently he's able to dress timbers with what is effectively a raw bloom, pounded into a useful shape

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