48 thoughts on “Building Master Chief | Part 2 – Finishing The Helmet”

  1. Not trying to be rude or mean but why did it take this long to finish the helmet? It's been how long I forget but it's been a while and your still working on the helmet?

    My opinion is that your hiding something big or this takes more time than I can imagine

  2. In the future his not gonna us it anymore and decided to make the infinite master chief suit

  3. Watching this video just made my jealously increase and my need for the 3D model worse….

    And my love for your channel grow 😉

  4. You did all the surface prep to get the 3D print smooth but didn’t wet sand all that orange peeled paint? It made the end result look fake up close.

    Nice helmet. The paint job needs more work. Need to up your weathering game too.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen we have enough jective in our hands we need Master Chief back fast as possible so we must unleash the like button mini guns we must unleash the rocket launcher subscribe buttons we must do all that we can to bring chief back even though this comment is really insignificant OOF

  6. Why did you cut the visor out and then put it back on. Why didn't you just put painters tape over it while spray painting the body?

  7. Lord Hood: Impact Props? You might telling me what you are doing in this vid?
    Impact Props: Sir. Finishing the Chief's helmet.

  8. Hi ! My name is Adrien I am a young french who have been following you for some years now and I would like to challenge you to redo a unit of the Metropolitan Force of the famous games and mythical Half-Life 2 I hope you will see this message ! Wishing you a pleasant day / evening (PS: I love what you make continue as your work and just beautiful!) https://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/13/12091/metrocop_scr017.jpg

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