Building Futures: Center for Science Education and Outreach

– [Sharon] Nobody in my neighborhood talks about becoming a surgeon. – [Emmanuel] When I was growing up, I knew I didn’t want to be a statistic. – [Sharon] Sometimes it’s
hard to have a vision for my future. – Every student has some sort of struggle. But a lot of students need
is someone to let them know, they can be more than those streets. – [Sharon] And I knew it was
time to try something new, something different. – Now I’m in a position to give back and do something meaningful. When I was in seventh grade,
my teacher was the first person to ever tell me I was smart. She made me feel noticed,
and she recommended me to the Early Academic
Outreach Program or EAOP. – The way I found out about Pitch is through my physics teacher, and he thought it was a great
way for me to get motivated. – [Emmanuel] Pitch is a three week program that helps expose students to that career in the health field that
they’re interested in. The teacher wrote me an email and said we have to get
Sharon in this program. She needs to be exposed to something else. – It feels nice to know
that Emmanuel has my back. He understands how I feel because we went through
a similar situation. I told him how I wanted
to do better in school, and he thought that Pitch program was a great way for me to start. – [Emmanuel] This year we had 23 students who spent three weeks at UCSF. – [Sharon] We got to meet college students who were currently working on their degree in the medical field. They taught us things
that they were learning in their classes. – They saw themselves as either a doctor, a physical therapist,
a nurse, or a surgeon. – Me being involved in the Pitch program has helped me a lot. It was a big transition
from me not having hope to being able to see that
I can do bigger things. Being in the Pitch program has
helped me gain my confidence. – [Emmanuel] I saw Sharon make friends, participate in icebreakers, raise her hand in class
with her head up high. – [Sharon] If I wanna learn more things about the medical field, I
can talk to someone about it and not be shy to ask. – [Emmanuel] Our goal is
to help guide students to be the first in their families to go to and through college. – [Sharon] When I become a surgeon, I know my family will be speechless. – My hope for UCSF’s Center
for Science, Education and Outreach is that we remain present. Present in providing students
the access that they need to be a story like myself,
to be a story like Sharon. A story that is yet to be written, so that they themselves
see success in their lives and in their friends’ lives. – One day people will call me Dr. Padilla.

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