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Hi kids! How are you doing today ? Let’s all get ready, because today we’re going to play! With colorful shapes and have lots of fun Let all shapes introduce themselves one by one! Square is my name, My four sides are just the same, Turn me around , I don’t care , I’m always the same, I’m a square! Circle is my name, Watch me turn round and round, And you will soon learn , My outside edges never end. I’m a circle! I’m a circle! Rectangle is my name , My four sides are not the same , Two are short and two are long , Count my sides, and come along, 1 2 3 4 Triangle is my name, Up the hill and to the top , Down the hill and then you stop , Straight across , tell me what you’ve got, A triangle! Yes I’m a triangle! Ok kids now let’s go, Play with shapes and build something more.. Yess Now let’s show our wonderful skills. A beautiful house of shapes we will build! My four sides are the same. What’s my name ? Square! Yes! Let’s put it there! Now look aloof. And tell me the shape of a roof! Triangle! Yes! Let’s place it at a perfect angle! We’re going strong! Now name me a shape with 4 sides, 2 short 2 long? Rectangle! Yes! A rectangle it is . And such a beautiful house we have built! Yay!! Well that was fun. Now let’s make another one! We might want to go someplace far. So let’s all build a car! Yes! Which shape goes round and round with no end, Can you tell? Circle Yes a circle it is. Let’s place it like this. A shape with 2 long sides and 2 short sides, We need for our ride. Rectangle! Yes! It’s a rectangle , and let’s place it so! Which shape with four equal sides Shall we place on the top? Square Yes it’s a square, in place let it drop ! Using all the shapes, a wonderful car we have made! Yaaay! For resting let’s make a tree. Why kids, don’t you agree? Yes! Let’s start with a rectangle this time. Now doesn’t that look fine! Which other shape should we use? Circle? Rectangle? Oh please tell us Ok, Some triangles we shall choose! Wow that looks like a beautiful tree Kids, don’t you agree? Yaaaaay Kids now let’s build something more. How about a pretty little seesaw ? Yes, on a seesaw we can play! All day all day! Ok which shape should we start with now? A triangle will be perfect for our seesaw! Now we need a shape with 2 sides short and 2 sides long . Yes, Let’s bring a Rectangle along! Now let’s gently place it down. Look, we have made a seesaw on our own! I’m having so much fun today! Yes Bob hurray hurray! We need to sit and eat somewhere. Let’s build a table and some chairs. We’ll use 4 rectangles for the legs. Let’s place them all at this angle. That looks great, Thank you rectangle! Now let’s take a shape that’s round. Kids can you tell me where that can be found? A Circle! Yes it’s a circle, let’s place it on the top! There’s our lovely table, even prettier than from a shop! Now let’s call squares and rectangles to build our chairs. That looks wonderful, now we can all sit somewhere! Thank you shapes, I had so much fun today. See you next time for more fun and play!

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  1. Shape Train 😊 Dickes Like! 😊 Ein tollen Donnerstag wΓΌnschen wir Euch 😊 Liebe Grüße von Spielen Macht Spass – Der Feuerwehrmann Sam Kanal πŸš‘ πŸš’ 🚨

  2. Hello Toddlers Watch Bob The Train Shapes Train And Have A Wonderful Learning Time! #Kidstvrhymes

  3. My baby love to watching bob the train every day 5 to 6 time and have never get sleep before watching the video song of Bob the train and I'm looking now for Bob the train toys and DVD player but I don't know where can I find it


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