Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs

biggest challenges game developers face is building
engaging game worlds. We want to provide a
realistic environment that isn’t handcrafted, a
world that’s familiar, yet is fun for players,
regardless of where they are. The Google Maps APIs gaming
offering solves this problem. This platform for
building real world games is built on Google
Maps and backed by Google infrastructure. Hi. I’m Ankur Kotwal, a
developer advocate. With the Google Maps
APIs gaming offering, developers can create dynamic
experiences at global scale. Google Maps APIs
provide hundreds of millions of 3D buildings,
points of interest, roads, landmarks,
cafes, parks, and more to help you form
your game world. This is the same model of
the world as Google Maps, but you don’t have to
be a mapping specialist to build real world games. The SDK interprets
the geo data for you. Additionally, you can completely
customize your game world. You can change colors,
apply alternate textures, and even swap out
prefabs altogether. The gaming offering
also enables you to design rich and engaging
games in the real world. You can ensure that players
have an engaging experience, regardless of whether
they’re in a busy urban city or in a rural town. Finally, you can also
deliver game experiences at global scale. Relying on Google’s
infrastructure means faster response
times, on-demand scaling, and peace of mind. Let’s look at the
three components that make up the gaming offering. The first is access
to Google Maps data. This is a rich, accurate, and
living model of the real world. Since it’s powered by the same
infrastructure as Google Maps, it scales to billions
of daily requests and is constantly
updated to reflect our ever-changing world. The second component
is an SDK for Unity. The Maps Unity SDK
creates every Maps feature as standard Unity game objects. Since they’re just standard
Unity game objects, you can also add colliders
for physics and ray casting. Each of these real
world features comes with semantic metadata,
so you can correlate them with your game. You can fill parks with
trees, style your game world in a fantasy land, or
use a specific 3D model for each hospital in the city. We include lots
of other features to help you build your game such
as nine slicing for applying textures to arbitrarily
sized buildings, decorators for adding
parapets and other geometry to the tops of
buildings, or borders to simulate ambient
occlusion contact shadows. We provide access to the
names of roads and buildings and integrate with Unity’s
lighting and skybox systems for a beautiful day
and night cycle. We also support Unity’s
level of detail system, automatically fading
out distant geometry to maximize mobile performance. The Maps Unity
SDK has been built to be performant
on mobile devices, yet it can scale up to the
most powerful gaming platforms. The third and critical component
is the playable locations API, which helps you design
interactions around real world locations at global scale. The playable locations API
provides more than just points in space. It provides
appropriate locations that deliver an
engaging experience, regardless of where
your players are. The playable
locations API enables you to tailor your gameplay
to natural environments, like parks or rivers. For example, you could
put treasure chests at real world ATMs or
supplies at supermarkets. You could also put more
valuable game rewards at rarely visited locations. To learn more, visit this
link and complete the form to get in touch with us. With the Google Maps
APIs gaming offering you can make the real
world your playground. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. The Future Of OASIS is here and if Google make Google Maps API for games available to VR, that will be awesome

  2. Ándroid Developers offers a lot new features to Android SDK and forgot to fix the some bugs, like Aapt2 error in Android Studio 3.1

  3. Can someone solve this???

  4. I have app using google maps and panorama. It lets you play/ride panorama. In the summer 2016 google changed Panorama engine making my app really crap because of worsen Panorama performance.
    So basically investing time and relying on their infrastructure is risky business.

  5. I wish there would be a drone footage capture feature… Indi film makers could get drone shots without buying costly drones.

  6. I hope Apple or Facebook develop a platform something like this for free ! google money hungry ! Sdk closed!

  7. Not a new thing, they are copying "wrld map" i have even implemented "wrld map" in which i made an air craft fighting game on run time 3D world map.

  8. This is great, but is there an asset package for Unity that will allow me to dynamically stream google maps data and buildings as objects into my game at run-time? Kind of like the VR version of Google Earth does?

  9. WHERE IS IT THOUGH? The only unity map sdk I see is for mapbox and the website just says to contact sales, but the contact button doesn't work once you fill out the form.

  10. I don't get it… in this video it appears like we can extract from google API the buildings… but I can't find anywhere in the platform that option (or this data).. help ?

  11. How do you get started with Unity 3D? I keep on seeing some video of Unity 3D examples but I do not see any documentation on the actual implementation.

  12. I started my free trial on GCP to use Maps sdk with unity for my game development but I can't get find this sdk and how to use it.. kindly support!!

  13. How it will be possible for me to use Google Map API for building a real working there no tutorials available on YouTube like in depth tutorial it's so tireding for searching for same thing

  14. Omg, I once had an idea for a game that would be real world based, I saw this and I knew straight away. MY IDEAS ARE NOW POSSIBLE WITHOUT SPENDING 29 AND OVER YEARS CODING THE WORLD!

  15. Help how do you change the style of map. I tried googling it but it just gave me the docmuentation about the project then a link to the js costomizable doc

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