Build & Play: 3D FIRE TRUCK Puzzles Demo App: Kid’s Educational iPhone (xe tải lớn/รถบรรทุกขนาดใหญ่

7 thoughts on “Build & Play: 3D FIRE TRUCK Puzzles Demo App: Kid’s Educational iPhone (xe tải lớn/รถบรรทุกขนาดใหญ่”

    Look, here are some new puzzles to build and play. I'd like to play with this fire truck!
    Do you see all these parts! Let's start to construct it with this yellow chassis.
    Now we'll mount 2 wheels on one side and 2 wheels on the other side. Great!
    Now some red body parts. The body …and there's the cabin.
    Here's a mount for a ladder. Oops.. …doesn't fit yet! Why?
    Because we need to install this cable rig first! Now we can add our ladder! Great!
    How about the windscreen glass? Yes! And two front lights and a small ladder to climb onto the truck.
    And here's an extension for the ladder so brave fireman can reach a fire in a high building.
    Here comes the red emergency light. What do you think? It looks like the truck is ready. Let's look at if from all its sides.
    So, let's go out to work on the street! Lets have one more check: The ladder moves up and down. The cable works. The light flashes and the siren sounds. Ok. Let's go on our 1st mission!
    Look, here is a cat trapped on a roof. Let's help it by extending the ladder and lowering Kitty to safety! Great. Let's move off again.
    Oh look! here's another cat! Let's help it too!
    Wow! Our expensive fire engine has saved two cats!  Great jaaab!
    Shall we play another game? Or you can play yourself!
    Build & Play applications are available in Appstore and Google Play.

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