37 thoughts on “Buena Vista Social Club – Full album”

  1. Uno se topa en la vida con esta divinidad de musica… y el pensamiento vuela y se traslada a ese espacio que es CUBA…y uno sueña…que ricooooooo…..!

  2. Is 2000 euros enough to survive in Poland?

    Answear by Dominik Wosiński, lives in Warsaw, Poland (2016-present)

    Answered Nov 30, 2017

    This isn’t very specific question is it? This greatly depends on what do You mean by surviving and what period of time you need to “survive”. I will assume that we are talking about 1 month in Warsaw, which is probably the most expensive city in Poland. If you need to rent a flat in Warsaw this will cost you depending on the size and exact location between 400 and 800 euros. The rest will be your living budget, it is still bigger than the typical enumeration in Poland, so You should have no problem with living for 1200 euros a month.

  3. Love this album and the documentary about the making of it , I am in Australia and adore this sound…

  4. un jinete, que surge del fondo de la noche,… su nombre, lo firma en la punta de la espada… de un z, que quiere decir Djon Doe… Djon Doe…

  5. Just fantastic music… Timeless… If one doesnt feel like being in warm weather, shirt open, straw hat, his/her favorite drink/smoke/whatever and best friends around him/her when listening to this… Well, some people will never know how good life can be! ^^

  6. All the old folks have gone, but the music will never. I have got to get my butt to Cuba before I kick off! Bucket list must do!

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