36 thoughts on “Buddhist School Education”

  1. I would like to know what do the most popular religions think about death including the adventist church?

  2. The Thai system is very inadequate. This ideology you are talking about is profoundly ideal and not pragmatic. Culture is a product of the education system and thus the Thais are immensly heteronomous in Kant's sense.

  3. Your videos are so good, that I only watch a couple and try not to consume too much so I still have plenty of videos left hahahaha

  4. As a Christian I found this video interesting. I'm certain there's more technicalities to buddhism, and I know there are different sects within buddhism. However this video was a good simple video for anybody wanting to understand where they're coming from.

    Also I thought it strange that you used the yin-yang symbol used in Taoism, but I read your explanation in an earlier comment.

  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think the symbol used for the fourth Noble Truth is correct. The yin and yang symbol is more closely associated with Taoism and not Buddhism. Especially since the Eightfold Path was mentioned, perhaps a symbol like the Dharmachakra could've been used instead.

  6. This video shows us the most important ideals , thougts and goals in education !Thank you sprouts!

  7. Wonderful job done by you guys. I hope you guys can make more wonderful videos and help shape a positive perception towards things.

  8. Very good video, Sprouts. The education here in Brazil is bad but could be better, and with examples like these, we should take a closer look into new education systems.

  9. Awesome ! I've just started going to Buddhists "meetings", such an amazing culture and way of living.

  10. As I Buddhist, I am very happy and thankful for what you do to convey correct and meaningful information about Buddhism. Thank you! I will keep following your new videos.

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