BTS RM, SUGA, J-HOPE – DDAENG (땡) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han+Español)

skrt skrt hru omg rap line come THRU ily NGLTHISMYFAV ya ya ya AAAAAAA 1-8, 1-3, 3-8, ddaeng u wrong, me right, take a good look, ddaeng brrr brr dDaEng!! laid ease, we’re going to world domination Buy the album on ITUNES
Let’s aim for #1 in 100+ countries Buy the physical album on official online stores that count on charts with reasonable pricing or go to local retailers Share the MV, song link, album link on your social media accounts to spread BTS’s new release(s) Of course Don’t forget to: Enjoy the music Appreciate the work that was put into the album Don’t be discouraged if the goals haven’t been reached Stream positively Be kind to others BTS comeback should be a positivity zone only ILOVETHIS You can stream available MVs and songs if you like We can reach goals at our own pace BITCHTHISISMYSHIT And have a wholesome fandom experience while we’re at it Bottom line is:m hungry Please enjoy DDAENG And have a wonderful day Big (W)OOF Only OT7 ARMY lives matter #OT7 Kill Kill Kill!

100 thoughts on “BTS RM, SUGA, J-HOPE – DDAENG (땡) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han+Español)”

  1. I love how a lot of ARMYs thinks this is for haters but when you actually analyze it thoroughly it's for the kpop industry. I mean kinda its for haters (not really haters but-)

  2. How to play the flute by Jhope’s nose sO WERE NOT BORED OF WAITING FOR THIS SONG TO GET ON SPOTIFIY CAUSE LEARNING HOW TO PLAY THE FLUTE BY JHOPE’S NOSE IS MUCH BETTER THEN WAITING 76812376826684376841986689276847968247687689489763268973244320679274690173926010976409763249761348279189237&2&1870932&87903&[email protected]@[email protected] YEARS FOR THIS MASTERPIECE TO GET ON SPOTIFIY LIKE HURRY UPPPPP!!!! 🙂

  3. for people who want ddaeng on their spotify playlist. there is this podcast called ‘unseen’ which is full of songs by bts which aren’t on spotify. songs like promise, DDAENG and fools (jk and rm) are all under a podcast and u can just download them and pop them on ur playlist :)))

  4. 1° time listen to ddaeng: cool
    2° time: I like it
    3° time: I love it
    4° time: ddaeng!!!

  5. I can’t explain it, but every time yoongi’s part comes up, when he starts rapping fast after the billboard was thanks to you thing, it gives me CHILLS bro.

  6. "이번 생은 글렀어 넌 땡!" 이 가사를 왜 넣었을까요?… 너라는 당사자에게도 고귀한 인격이 있을 텐데요

  7. I recommended this to a classmate and she said what does ddaeng even mean? And now.i realised evenni dont know the answer so.who does lol

  8. I'm new to this song and new to BTS… I'm having a bit of a struggle understanding what the entirety of this song means. Is it like "in ya face, we are a huge big deal now?"

  9. usually namjoon goes hard on his verses in their songs and its hype af but the fact that he was soft on this one made it 100000x cooler and added to the tension. it also made it kinda sexy and also a little scary tbh like you don’t wanna cross this guy

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