40 thoughts on “Brown v. Board of Education in PBS' The Supreme Court”

  1. Too me, it's unfortunate that many of our young black men and women don't understand or respect what our older generation did and went through to give us the opportunities we have today. Not sure when or where it happened but it seems like they don't care. Being black was so different 50, 60 years ago. You tried to be better, had respect, tried to make things better for our own, maybe because racism was so bad I guess, but we definitely weren't killing our own like we are today. Education was extremely important and trying to stay out of trouble was a must. But you still stood up for your rights and tried to do things the right way. Idk, it just saddens me.

  2. In the 1960s, the south discriminated and segregated people with black skin. The south should have not separated black students from the white ones at any of its schools. I have always hated George Wallace, the governor of Alabama until the day he died. He did not care about anyone but himself. I hope discrimination and segregation do not ever occur again.

  3. The Irony now is that blacks are demanding their own colleges, college events, and an overall separation from white people. So in 1951 they wanted inclusion. In 2018 they want segregation. The Progressives are Regressive.. Brown v. Board of Education is now a raging dumpster fire.

  4. Please note that many public school districts in the United States are still in violation of Brown v. Board of Education, with racially segregated schools. Just look at the racial demographics numbers which correlate surprisingly well with socioeconomics and environmental justice related to pesticide over-drift, air pollution, and safety issues such as proximity to airports or air fields.

  5. Young black men and women yes like everyone else they aren't getting a lot but believe it or not despite the tough times of today have it a whole lot better today than they did back in these sad troubling times I applaud the black men and women of this era who not grew up in this time but endured and fought for equality of everyone they were down but they kept moving on and never lost hope they are inspirational to us all

  6. And this is still going on and being covered up with vouchers for private schools. It is why I am so against it. Segregation in now used towards low income families, it no longer wears a color. Yet, so many are still and will continue to be blind by society. So funny how society covers everything up with money. Education has never been EQUAL…And for as long as families continue to accept the lies behind these vouchers, the more our children who attend public schools will suffer. ~PLEASE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO SHARE~

  7. I am a student at a middle school in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would like to use your video for a project I am working on for my class. The project will require me to download and possibly edit out portions of your video. This project will be on a password restricted site so my work will only be published for my fellow classmates to see. Please respond to my reply to accept or deny my request.

  8. I just love how most people are kids that are doing a project research for school and I am too but I'm just sitting here like what now

  9. Honestly though. The SCOTUS is more effective in advancing civil rights in America compared to both the Congress or the POTUS.

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  11. In my history 110 class I read that after the Cold War, President Truman said that if the U.S. were to offer the "people's of the world"  a choice of freedom or enslavement than it would correct the remaining imperfections in our practice of democracy. Soon after in the beginning of the 1950's states began establishing fair employment commission and banning discrimination. Then, in 1954 the case of Brown vs Board of Education took place. 

  12. My family was one of the families in this lawsuit… pretty incredible that my great aunt was involved in this and her daughter became a teacher.

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