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  1. thanks homeboy, gonna use ur vid in my presentation in ap gov tomorrow. shoutout to the real ones making these vids, inspiring generations and shit.

  2. Posting for AW one of my students: I am a student at a middle school in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would like to use your video for a project I am working on for my class. The project will require me to download and possibly edit out portions of your video. This project will be on a password restricted site so my work will only be published for my fellow classmates to see. Please respond to my reply to accept or deny my request.

  3. Isn't the idea that segregated black schools can't be equal essentially an admission of White supremacy?

  4. 1:41 Except schools are weren't segregated on the basis on skin color. Richie Cunningham with his ginger freckles went to the same school as The Fonz. They were segregated on the basis or race.

  5. I strongly disagree with the "there were no differences between the quality of the two schools" Mr. Marshall was correct to say there was definitely inequalities between the two schools. Can you guess which school was inadequate??

  6. Thank you really much!
    I'm a student from germany and have to do a presentation about this. Your video really helped

  7. BS. There is more segregation now than before Brown v. Board of Education. The disparities are insane and the gaps keep getting bigger.

  8. You do a disservice by making it seem as if cities just started ending segregation voluntarily after the Supreme Court's ruling. Most municipalities ignored the ruling until the government started withholding federal funds. Only then would cities follow the law. In many states in the Southeast, cities didn't stop segregating schools until the 1970's.

  9. You might be interested on this video, #homeworkhelp if you need help with your homeworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBTLP62Z1jQ

    The Bill of Rights Institute is not on the level, it gives a biased, politically conservative view of rights based on the interests and preferences of the KOCH BROTHERS who bankroll its activities.

  11. These videos are so helpful! I am working on a summer assignment for my AP Government class & even though I’ve gone over all of the most famous court cases in my AP U.S. History class, I still couldn’t fully understand the cases until now. These quick and straight forward videos are saving me a lot of time & stress. Very fun and easy way to learn them, thank you so much!

  12. I'm really confused can someone help me? I don't understand how to answer the question of how did it happen? How did the Brown Vs the Board Of Education

  13. Hi! At 0:59 you mention several different cases lead to the action of Brown vs. Board. What are the names of these cases? Researching for a project and I'm not positive but does this include the Briggs v. Elliot, Davis v. Board of Education of Prince Edward County (VA.), Boiling v. Sharpe, or the Gebhart v. Ethel cases?

  14. I have a final exam tomorrow in my History Lecture Hall and I missed the day my professor covered this topic. Thanks so much!

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