Bring on the learning revolution! | Sir Ken Robinson

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  1. The short animation at the end represent the true nature of human, that we feel pleasure out of other human's suffer.

    Although i'm not sure what the grandpa part actually mean.

  2. I came 12 years from the future to tell you that no one fix the subtitle.

    Edit : I look up on Google how to add subtitle to Youtube videos. Is there anyway i can fix this sub?
    It would be a great deed to humanity if anyone know how to fix this sub.

  3. The clear educational-training-development system Christ gave to us is not the present system used in schools designed by the Jesuits, but the one in the Parable of the Talents and Pounds in Matthew 25 & Luke 19: Focus on your talent.

    The summary of the entire message of Christianity is in the 3 parables in Matthew 25, to wit:

    The parable of the 10 Virgins – message and lesson: "Wait for Christ's return by keeping your lamp ever-burning by having enough oil." Meaning: active waiting, or as Luke's version says, "Occupy til I come".

    In which thing shall we be active?

    Answer: Parable of the Talents: Focus your activity on your talent.


    Answer: so you will have abundance in everything. Talent is the key to prosperity, abundance and wealth. See what happened to Akiane Kramarik who was able to focus on hear painting talent as early as age 4. Before 10 years old, she was and is already a millionaire!

    For what? What the wealth is for? For indulgence in lust?

    Answer: Parable of the goat and sheep: To be cease being a DISABLED CHRISTIAN and become an ABLE CHRISTIAN: able to feed the hungry, able to quench the thirst of the thirsty, able to clothe the naked, able to shelter the homeless, able to treat the sick, able to help the prisoner/ enslaved.

    Christ's Commission of Charity.

    Employment or being an employee limits your capacity or in most cases, prevents you from fulfilling that commission. As a matter of fact, if we are DISABLED CHRISTIANS (because we are employed) and are like eagles whose wings and feathers are clipped, we cannot fly over and above poverty and weaknesses and in most cases, we are the ones who are the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, the sick, the imprisoned in debts, worries, fear, or in physical jail – the helpless instead of being the helper!

    Under the Christianity of the West (Catholic-Protestant version), WE ARE THE DISABLED CHRISTIANS! The Church is a detention center. We are detained to be up only to a certain level of education and understanding and lower capability so that we can be kept at the level where we keep on paying tithes to the Church and taxes to the government, instead of graduating from that level and become in-charge of our own tax money and tithe money and do it ourselves, instead of submitting our tithes to some supreme leaders who are caught to be using such tithes and offerings to sit on golden chair (throne) in the Vatican or to engage in secret immoralities, or funnel most of such money from the Vatican Bank to the World Bank, to the domestic/ national banks in every nation, to local banks and money lenders to be lent/loaned to the members (the ones who gave the tithes and offerings) and by chance or on purpose: to seize their lands and farms under the legalized land grabbing method called foreclosure! Tithing allows land grabbing!

  4. rh001YT

    4 hours ago

    @ Arnulfo Well, I guess the Secret Covenant of the Illuminati is not so secret. As I mentioned in another reply to you, life expectantcy is generally increasing and child and infant mortality is going down. Global food supply is still going up. I am aware that some meds cause other problems for which other meds are then taken and so on….many people have come to know that's not a good path to follow, many have not. Stupifaction of the masses in the West is caused by too much study of socialism and not enough of hard subjects…not sure how to change that, cuz it could be their IQs are a bit shoddy.

    Arnulfo Laniba

    Arnulfo Laniba

    1 second ago

    Who are you fooling with such statistics? Of course, those who are still under the complex stupidification process of the Illuminati. But not those who recognize the meaning of 11:11. For how can you justify your falsified official statistics of long life when children at very early ages have already cancers, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, etcetera, etcetera — how?

    If in our small town, already very far from the USA, already has most of its death to be under the age of 50, when chemicalization is still somewhat not as serious as in America, can you prove the statistic that Americans are aging longer?

    Of course, those medical liquids and hoses can do it! I've that a couple of times in our place: death being prevented by medical intervention… but the patient is like a living dead and a living alive!

    You are slowly losing all that "gives you long life" very fast so much so that all that will be left will be the decision to lie with statistics.

    After all, how can you justify your toxic system in the fact that our first ancestors Adam to Noah, as I had mentioned already, were enjoying over 900 years of age?

    What advantages can you brag with the American system in view of this fact alone?

    Ha, ha, all your advancements etc etc will not count if health and age are damaged in the consequences. Education Revolution is needed because the set of knowledge which the USA has promoted is toxic and very destructive to her people and to the people of all nations.

    Sure, you cannot stop the circulation and the back yard or night time discussion in the kitchen the contents of the Secret Covenant of the Illuminati and how each line in it is taking place all throughout the world. We can be fooled once or twice, but you cannot fool the people all the time.

  5. rh001YT says:

    “@Arnulfo The time in paradise ended when humans gained the faculty of reason.

    My reply: Yes, Paradise disappeared when human reasoning (mind) took over and replace humble love (heart). Mind ruling over heart – is the greatest tragedy to ever befell mankind.

    And neither shall we regain the lost Paradise if we don’t restore Love to her throne and put Mind below her as her obedient servant.

    rh001YT says:

    “hierarchies of labor arose to deal with growing populations. Where reason was well employed people enjoyed, gradually, an easier lifestyle.”

    My reply: To paraphrase, “hierarchies of labor arose here and there as control strategy and deception tool… where reason was well employed upon people so that the American people enjoyed, phenomenally an easier lifestyle, such as by applying the hierarchy called World Bank using the gold of the Filipinos to give credence and make possible the establishment of the bank, with the promise that at the least, World Bank organizers would pay a rent or lease to the Philippines which never been fulfilled and worse, the Philippines was therefore forced to loan from the World Bank so hard so that 54 % to 75% of her annual income (tax collection and earnings from her companies) to the tune of over P4 trillions a year was forced-paid to World Bank… on a yearly basis.”

    Read: The United States of America et al via the World Bank extorts at least P4 trillion from the poor Filipinos on a yearly basis, not to mention their not paying the rent or profit share of the Filipinos’ gold used by World Bank to capitalize its operation!

    Double crime: 1) not paying to the Filipinos the lease of their gold; 2) causing them to borrow from the World Bank whose existence depends on the gold of the Filipinos.

    Third crime: not recognizing the Filipinos as the real owner of the World Bank.

    Mr. American, this is how you achieve your “easier lifestyle”! And no thanks to your hierarchy tactic by whose layers you cover the truth.

    Remember: You are extorting (read: stealing) over P4 trillion a year from the national income of the Philippines from the hard-earned taxes of the poor Filipino people. And by such money and similar ones, you sustain your easier (read: luxurious) lifestyle.

    Woe unto you!

  6. If you force-teach a child a strange talent not his own, or a skill he is not inclined or equipped to, then that is like banging a wall. But if as a mentor guide (not as a teacher) you just do the task of removing the layers of cap that hindered the child, like peeling a bulb of onion, layer by layer, then, once your task of being the motivator is accomplished and occasional supporter, you will see the child taking charge his own destiny and you will observe a speed whose intensity you cannot see elsewhere.

  7. 지몽이

    1 year ago

    I love all of his lectures….

    I agree the true educational revolution is necessary. But it doesn't seem easy to personalize learning according to students' individual talents. And people with nice talents sometimes don't make ends meet with their jobs. Even so, if we get away from fast food model education to true revolution, the society will be better…

    Arnulfo Laniba replies: Why do you say it is difficult to personalize learning according to student's specific individual talent when IT WILL AT LAST BE THE STUDENT TO TAKE CHARGE OF IT?!

    For all these years, it is a heavy work because it teaching has been the work of the teacher, but once it becomes a joyous work of learning by the student — the student taking charge, no longer the teacher taking charge – and is based on the child's inclination, IT WILL BECOME A TASK OF THE STUDENT, not of the teacher! It will be powered by the love of the student, not by the coercive effort of the teacher.

    So, how can that become difficult?

  8. Somebody has to scrub ploors and pick up garbage, and those people aren't going to have their souls fed by it. And that's alright. This fellow needs to understand that waiting for quitting time isn't a failure, and you are not what you do.

  9. Acredito que precisamos repensar no cotidiano escolar as formas de aprendizagem.
    Somente assim, poderemos dar sentido à formação de crianças e jovens!

  10. I just skipped a year before going to college and now after listening to him, planning for another take!😉

  11. I'm currently 2 weeks away from my 15 birthday. I'm moving onto high school after the summer is over. I'm having a boycott, I promise you, within three years I will have a boycott at Derry Area Highschool. I wish to scrap my school's teaching system and remodel it. TO THE EDUCATION REVOLUTION!

  12. "Everyday, everywhere, our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. And we should tread softly" … Everytime I hear this …. man my heart …

  13. I am studying to be a teacher. Im not agreeing with the current state of the education system. Im going to try and change that, but I dont know what obstacles I will come across. But I'll do my best, because this current system is like 100 years outdated

  14. Excellent speech… you never fail to Educate me Ken…
    For those who don't have the time…
    Please I urge you to listen to the end of Ken's words from 15 minutes and onwards…

    It's the crux….

  15. #QuickNotes Bring on the learning revolution! | Sir Ken Robinson
    * We make very poor use of our talents
    * Enthralled in the idea of linearity in education. You go through a track and if you do everything right, you will end up set for the rest of your life.
    * the lives of Those who speak at TED are organic.
    * Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability.
    * We built a fast food education system where everything is standardized. And its depleting our physical bodies.
    * Many people opt out of education because it doesn't feed their spirit
    * Create a movement in education where people develop their own solutions, but with external support on a personalized curriculum
    * Tread carefully on the dreams on the youth.

  16. The worn out education system that once produced lemming thinkers will not sustain the hungry minds of the new generations where every second child is being diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Asperges, or Mental Illness. These percieved mind problems arent abnormal..they are an evolutionary glitch that prevent the outmoded education system from taking them in its clutches and destroying the true purpose of their existance; one they are meant to find in their heart, and where there value is not assessed by the pass or fail on a structured piece of paper that rates their inteligence as a human being.

  17. The captioning for this video seems to go with another video. It's not related to what he is saying.

  18. The captioning for this video seems to go with another video. It's not related to what he is saying.

  19. meanwhile in turkey we had a brilliant idea for the highschool choices for teenagers.
    everyone goes to the chool their home is near.
    not the school they wish or not the school thats gonna teach about what they want to become.
    you have no idea how much we need this man as our secretary of education.

  20. He nails everything. This must be shared to schools and education systems in all countries. Starting at school level and then building up will be the best thing…

  21. Yes! Although common core has good intentions, they are not considering the developmental and psychological needs of students at their age. Stop expecting a kindergartner to do calculus and then fail them and say, "Well, that's just the way it is. This kid doesn't get it." And then when they have been told over and over they are stupid… well, guess what? You believe what you are told. "Yelp, ok. I'm stupid. I'll just give up now." And then they go into 1st grade…

  22. yeah i did it long time ago what i want to do but still lingering on what they want from me to do as always learn and succeed on what others had successfully achieved but they don't care how they have reached their goals… when they realized it, it would be too late and someone gonna close eyes for forever living the thought of what else.. Educational system is huge business of thug life.. killing each of our hopes and desired .. how can i be fine if i'm not appreciated …

  23. I love all of his lectures….
    I agree the true educational revolution is necessary. But it doesn't seem easy to personalize learning according to students' individual talents. And people with nice talents sometimes don't make ends meet with their jobs. Even so, if we get away from fast food model education to true revolution, the society will be better…

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