'Bring back national service for teenagers' I The Pledge

ha right you are a lot out too young for national service but I was in the cadets we wore the uniform that was that would have been great for you no class no race no religion do buri pay attention one in six Britons never mix with somebody outside their own class nearly half of us don't know somebody of a different race ah Ferrari yes sir what would a year of National Citizen Service done for you when you were 16 chubbie I know you won't want this but let's bribe them let's let's give them an allowance let's give them a place on Long Island for all I care but this would be the making of our young people don't have to be military if they get through it at 16 give them the vote if they refuse they don't get to vote till they're 21 as you were so just to confirm Trevor the militaristic authoritarian you are actually talking about compulsory national service yes this is me Rachel I think every young person should have to play some role in the community I don't necessarily mean they've got to be in a trench but they can do something in the community help old people do something environment but it has to be mandatory see I don't I don't understand how you would look at this nation sixteen-year-olds and what they're facing now so if they're at school there over there over tested if they're not at school they're underpaid they're looking at a future with a climate crisis which we don't show any sign of dealing with they're looking at a future where they're not they're not going to get secure stable employment you know the chances of them having precarious employment are high the chances of them being able to afford their own home are very very slim so you look at all the things that young people will have to deal with in this country today and that's your solution I just think that a country that it in peacetime can find no better task for its youth than compulsory national service has really lost its way yeah but you're missing part of the point of what young people today are missing they can't solve the housing problem tomorrow but what we do know is that too many of our young people never get to meet somebody who is not like them never never meet anybody outside of their social circle but when we try to do this this is now 1516 years ago when I chaired the committee for racial equality basically what we did is we took kids from all around the country away for a summer camp in Cumbria they loved it because for the first time we're talking about people in Northeast they had never met they had never met a Muslim before that camp it changed their lives did you force them to do it no it was voluntary so that's quite a big difference but we won't we won't get it to happen unless every child has this this opportunity how long for how long would they serve Trevor well they're people who are now prompting this are talking about maybe a couple of months or even six months Rory Stewart I think has promoted the idea of several months I think I was nervous well I was nervous when I saw all the high profile jobs you know but when you started because that's what it was as Rachel it was just the military but no I think it's I think it's a very good idea we've got to work out what they do as regards their GCSEs to their a-levels these young people but what absolutely sold it to me so I completely applaud the idea and I didn't know those shocking statistics that too many of our young people don't mix with with different skin colors or different faiths and we are speaking at the end of a week where in London we have seen and I know this is an unfortunate were a huge spike in fatal stabbings and other attacks involving a lot of not print all but a lot of young people if this gives them some sense of discipline it has to be a good idea in Denmark where they have five year they have a year's beg your pardon peacetime military service what the research there showed is it brought down the likelihood of somebody being through that committing a crime in five years after by 43 percent I'm signing up where do I son you got me I like the fact that you this crime statistic you just mentioned I saw that it does seem to reduce crime where it's been trialed macrons trying it now in France he's introducing civic national service he did start by introducing what we were all worried about here that you were say when you came in the military uniform makan initially wanted to make it military service but the Armed Forces of France said they weren't too happy with that idea so now it's Civic service I think you mentioned Rachel climate for example there could be a way to do this where for example the young 16 year olds check what particular national civic service they'd like if you care about climate change in the crisis you check a box that says I'm gonna do something for the environment in Britain or pollution and you go to a specific type of civic service for that if it's for example you care about for example you're in it in a city area let's say you're in Tower Hamlets and you've never been to Cumbria now growing up that resonated because I did that in my school took me to Cumbria for about three or four times and it's a memory that will never leave me I never had the opportunity to ride horses I never had the opportunity to to climb cliffs or to go through caves and we did it in the Lake District and we met all sorts of people and these are memories that stick with me as some of the happiest of my life so I think if you're saying Tower Hamlets there are people that have never left that bar and they've never met somebody who for example is not from the Bangladeshi background and I think this is really important that they end up mixing with people in in other out sort of you know outer areas and not in a city so you could pick that one or you could pick the social care crisis and say that when you're young maybe you want to look after people that are suffering from ill health and at home and need carers well as a kid I mean my life was bounded by to tube stations would green and Turnpike Lane which are less than a mile apart that was my world yeah and part of what I think this can do is open up a new world to young kids and on the cost issue and the army spent 495 million pounds on a recruitment drive with an outsourcer which has not worked they they've basically thrown a lot of the money away frankly I'd rather spend a couple of hundred million on this experience all those adverts no that was it that was an outsourced recruitment project delivering even the most basic of recruitment websites so that was just a for me yet another example of public spending wastage but if I pick up on you I've got a few points to make sure and my first one out did I hear you right that you want to make this mantra mandatory and the punishment if they refuse is your going to stop them voting until they're 21 yes and do you think excuse my French but do you think that no one's gonna give age if you say mooching around I didn't verts allow us 30 years of age if you just said to me you young lady if you don't do this you're not going to vote I'd go bothered not you would be surprised you would be surprised there are if there is a huge amount of disengagement amongst young people and the people that would benefit from the people you know the programs that you're talking about it would be and I'm trying to be stereotypical button unfortunately I'm probably gonna end up being the kids that are in these gangs are the kids that would benefit most i would imagine from doing a program such as yours there's kids look whether you like it or not alright if you say to them mate listen if you don't go do this you're not going to vote they will laugh you out of town have you ever dealt with a teenager the most the greatest thing you can do the teenagers say I'm not gonna let you do such-and-such even if they never want you to do it before nobody Michelle not on the voting I think you know if you want to make something man mandatory by all means but come on now I'll get some incentives that are going to work and then my second thing is there's this great program court by the Prince's Trust called team and it's a 12-week program and what they do is they put people out into the community you do a community project you do a two-week residential program where you're mixing and doing activities you do work experience they help you in English and maths you get a CV helping and then you get a mentor at the end of it those programs massively effective where I think military might work and again this is me probably being horrible and stereotypical when I think about these kids that are getting into gangs of running around stabbing each other I would like is part of their punishment to be dished out to them that they are forced to go on a program like you but then I can't with something like look I mean you know we can talk about how this is done but the fundamental point for me is that what we do at the moment is that once children are free of school we basically just completely forget anything that would make them feel or compel them to feel part of a community and have some responsibility to that community and we just basically spend a huge amount of money later picking up the pieces of not having done that to show you a sentiment but I think you need to go back to the drawing board on some of your points in man rights you may not be willing to admit it but I bet most of us at some point over the last three years thought that we could do a better job than to resume negotiating brexit well one look definitely on that one person who thinks that he could have rolled with it and not looks back in anger is former a racist frontman Liam Gallagher earlier this week he tweeted my name is Liam Gallagher and I've got four beautiful children and I've dabbled in drugs over the years I've had many number ones now send me the keys in number ten and I'll sort this parlour out why me why not he then followed up with par Liam men come on I mean maybe you could argue Britain's relationship with poor souls is a lot like a wisss broken up well Liam we say don't risk crying your heart out by missing out on the opportunity to throw your hat in the ring they'd say only beer if you won and for that you are a straight talker of the week that's all we've got time for this week I'm sure some of you be pleased don't forget you can join algebraic just search for the pledge on Facebook and Twitter and now you can listen to us on the go with Apple podcast from lucky things thanks for watching and we'll see you next time

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  1. Trevor has mentioned a few times about the lack of Muslims in the north of England, very odd. Manchester for instance is cited as 15.8% Muslim I also believe it is in the north,

  2. National Service would turn boys into men. I knowbecause I was a National Service man in 1952 and learnt to live a crimeless life.

  3. Fighting for globalist wars and ending up with PTSD and no veteran care has been neither beneficial for the community nor increased freedom throughout the world.

  4. Why do middle aged men who never did national service seem to get a hard on for young people to be conscripted?

  5. The propaganda that people with different skin color dont get along is absolutely hilarious! people get along just fine its just media trying to stir race war for their own agenda

  6. ‘bring back’ ? As if any of these twats ever did a single seconds national service between them but yet all talk like they’re an authority on the matter

  7. Great idea, train an increasing number of young and increasingly hostile ethnic minorities to become trained killers. Can the establishment just come out and say they hate white Europeans, it's about time.


  9. 0:01
    1=Tuck your laces in
    2= Shape your Bertet
    3= Have a shave
    4= What kind of drill command is that
    5= where is the creases in your trousers?
    6= Your making the A.C.F look bad

  10. Military is a specialised vocation.
    Diluting it by including everyone and lowering standards for PC reasons would destroy it.

  11. Ah the left figure out ways to strip people of their basic right of freedom of speech then send them to mandatory military service.

  12. Bring back the death penalty & get rid of the Royal family, UK establiment & their corrupt fake news media <<< SHEEPLE

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