10 thoughts on “Bridge Lessons Learn to Play Bridge Lesson 4-Responder's New Suit Bids”

  1. Thank you Jane, I appreciate your replies.
    Someday it will all make sense.
    Yes that explains it.
    Brillant videos , Thank you. L

  2. Hi Jane,
    Brillant videos. Thank you.
    Could you tell me please in relation to "Opener's Rebid – Rebid own Suit"
    what would you bid if opener had 16 – 17 HCP , unbalanced hand, but only 5 of suit ? please

  3. Hi Jane , in lesson 4, openers rebid, rebidding own suit,
    what would opener rebid , if they had 16HCP and only 5 hearts (5 of suit) / not 6 of suit please.

  4. nice…   I used to play but have forgotten so much.  this was exactly what I needed for bidding.  thank you

  5. Enjoying this helpful program. Doubt that I can participate in pairs next year, but I shall lurk and learn whatever is possible.

  6. Quite so many mantras in this video 😉
    It would have been helpful if the number of HCP had been shown beside each hand.
    Anyway, good and clearly presented lesson that requires several viewing.

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