Brenda Laurel at Games in Education Conference 2004

I have never seen a good educational game I’m sorry I’m really sorry rocky boots came close as I thing s elemental Airlines look about cornrows a touchy I’m too but come on folks it’s oil and water it’s crap it’s been crapped for 30 years can we not just give it up let’s find the void in education this is a great structural accenture such what is little education not to do in America but one thing it doesn’t do is teach young people how to meaningfully exercise personal agency it doesn’t teach us how to do that it doesn’t teach us how to think critically how to use our voices hi to engage in discourse or not to be good citizens and that’s what’s wrong with this country right now we got a bunch of people lying down and try a computer game consoles and televisions and lying down in schools for letting the will go to hell in a handbasket because 49.9 percent of them voted for the stupidest man in the world no I don’t think we need computer games I think we did turn our attention to your design community a wonderful powerful people to creating affordances for young people to exercise meaningful personal agency

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