BREAKING: Social Welfare Programs Actually Don't Destroy Economy

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Social Welfare Programs Actually Don't Destroy Economy”

  1. Strange that neither of these two mentioned the elephant in the room which is – CORPORATISM [LOBBYING = POLITICAL HACKING = WALL STREET BAILOUTS] the reason why the exclusivity of the 1% remains and the precise explanation for why true CAPITALISM does not exist in America. Also… SUBSIDY or GUARANTEED DEBT PAYMENT is the reason why cost of college tuition and healthcare for example are skyrocketing. This is just more propaganda to support NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

  2. Very good interview. And the professor is right about spreading the taxation out. A modest one or two percent tax on Wall Street Trading would rake in trillions.

  3. The wealth of the rich MUST be taken back or we are going to be tduly fucked – thjs isnt a game anymore your, your kids future and life are at risk. Their tears vs monumental death and colkapse – there is NO competition…. BTW beyond 75,000 a year even co sevatives cannot fibd evidence it makes you happy….

  4. FDR proposed a wealth cap?  Just when I thought I couldn't like him any better.

    Excellent idea.

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