37 thoughts on “BRASIL • FUTEBOL ARTE”

  1. El futbol picante,de belleza y magia es de los brasileros,ellos lo llevan en su ADN,por naturaleza son jugadores de futbol y el resto de otros paises,solo lo practican

  2. I love those first vapors Nike came out with! I wish Nike would bring those back

    You can see them in the thumbnail Robinho is wearing them.

  3. Nice collection! Love the old school stuff with Pele. Woulda loved a little Garrincha and Rivelino, the inventor of the Elastico.

  4. imagine how great r9 was he be the best of the best when brazil squads have a packs of world class players like ronaldinho, robinho, rivaldo,kaka, adriano but r9 be the best of the best at that time

  5. Pesquisa rápida
    ℓυℓα 🚩🚩

    єυ ηєм υм ∂σѕ ∂σιѕ ηÃσ ѕσυ ρєтιѕтα ηєм вσℓѕσмιηιση мαѕ ѕσυ мαιѕ ρт ѕє É qυє мє єηтєη∂єм

  6. Brazilians are by far the most skillful footballers!!!!!!
    And suprisingly other footballers seem too reluctant to adopt these skills; they are mere unentertaining goal scorers….

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