Brain Breaks – Kids Action Songs – Move & Freeze Dance – Learning Songs for Kids – Kids Songs

♫ Healthy music for a
child’s heart, body, and mind – [Narrator] Wild Things, from the award winning
CD, Literacy in Motion, by the Learning Station. (rock beat) What was your favorite? Was it, gnashing your teeth, showing your claws, roaring your roar, or rolling your eyes? Please let us know in the
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45 thoughts on “Brain Breaks – Kids Action Songs – Move & Freeze Dance – Learning Songs for Kids – Kids Songs”

  1. Children love action songs that invite them to dance, move and freeze! This popular children’s brain breaks, action and dance song invites children move and is an award-winning learning song for kids. "Wild Things" is from the award-winning CD, "Literacy in Motion". "Literacy in Motion" CD Download:
    "Literacy in Motion" CD:

  2. Love this new video. This is now up there with one of my favorite videos! Great brain break, clever graphics. Goes so well with the popular book "Where The Wild Things Are". I love showing my claws!

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  4. Take the camera because the roleplay My Comments in gonna start in 3,2,1.

    Roleplay start:

    Me: Hey Vanessa
    Vanessa 🐵 : Hey Evie.
    Me: Guess what.
    Vanessa : What
    Me: I’m In Learning station fan
    Vanessa : So it mines
    Me: Wait
    Vanessa: What
    Me: My group texted me.
    Don: Paula This is your group that u find in this fan group.
    Me: How??
    Don: Like that you know???
    Me: Ok
    Alphablock D: Dazzling
    Numberblock 12: This youtube more likes in subs OMG I forgot wat in the world is a test that even Pay more than I thought.
    Don: No
    Alphablock A: Well that’s the deal 🙂
    Don : Ok 🙂🙂
    Jan : How is no way that it only likes in our channel
    Me: Idk
    Vanessa : It was my iPhone
    Me: Ok

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