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Welcome to the BPHC Knowledge bank. I'm your virtual guide here, to demonstrate
how you can access, search and use knowledge articles as an easy and consistent way to
answer questions from grantees, and other external stakeholders. BPHC Answers, our inquiry management system, runs on the Salesforce platform. It allows us to create tickets to document,
manage, and store inquiries that arrive from grantees and other external stakeholders. The Knowledge Bank is part of BPHC Answers
and contains a repository of up-to-date, verified information that can be used to help answer
questions from our external stakeholders. BPHC's vision is that when you receive a question
from an external stakeholder, you can quickly find the correct answer within the Knowledge
Bank and that if the same question comes to different staff, everyone will be able to
provide the same answer. To access the Knowledge Bank, first log into
Salesforce. Open your web browser, preferably Google Chrome
and enter the following web address; http://hrsa.my.salesforce.com Once on the login page, enter your HRSA email
address and your Salesforce password, then select Login. There are two types of access levels for BPHC Answers. Knowledge only access, which allows you to view knowledge articles, and full access, which allows you to create, and manage tickets, as well as view knowledge articles. When you log into Salesforce as a knowledge
only user, your landing page will display the knowledge tab in the top left corner. To access the Knowledge Bank, click on the
knowledge link. If you have full access to BPHC Answers, which
allows you to manage tickets and view knowledge articles, navigating to the Knowledge Bank
is done in a few simple steps. After logging in, select Back to BPHC in the
top left corner. Next, click on the drop down arrow and choose
Knowledge. Both knowledge only users and full access
users will arrive here on the Knowledge Bank landing page. To begin your search for knowledge articles,
type key words or phrases into the knowledge search bar. As you enter this information, three suggested
articles will appear in a drop-down. You can choose one of these articles, or finish
typing your search, and hit return to see a full list of results. You can narrow your search by clicking the
drop-down arrow next to topics, and selecting an area to filter on such as Behavioral Health,
Diabetes or Oral Health. By clicking on the drop-down arrow here, next
to all article types, you can filter on different articles by selecting a category. Here is a helpful hint: choose reset to clear all filters. You can sort your results by published date, best rating, most viewed, or alphabetically by title. On the right side of the page, next to each
article, you'll see squares and stars. The squares indicate the article view score, while the stars indicate the article's rating. When you have located an article you would
like to view, click on the blue hyperlink displaying the articles name. You are now viewing the article. The top left corner displays the article name. Here, you also have the option to rate an
article, as well as view any earlier versions. Clicking on show properties will expand the
window, displaying additional information such as the article's first and last published
date, last modified date, summary, and assigned topics. To minimize this section, click on Hide Properties. Article details are displayed in the middle
of the page. Attachments will be located here. You can copy and paste article content into
an email, or document. You can also print the article by choosing
Printable View here, in the top right corner. This concludes our virtual tour of the Knowledge
Bank. We are always open to hearing your feedback
regarding the Knowledge Bank. You can find additional information on the
BPHC Information and Resources site. Once in the BIR, select the Knowledge Bank
Information link in the right corner. You will be taken to the Knowledge Bank page. Here, on the Knowledge Bank landing page, you
will find some helpful resources. To provide feedback on outdated content, ask
questions, or submit information for consideration as a Knowledge Article, please write to the
EAD Knowledge Bank team, or use the BPHC Contact Form. For additional information about how to use
the Knowledge Bank, see the BPHC Answers Knowledge Bank Quick Reference Guide. Whether or not you use BPHC Answers for managing
tickets, the Knowledge Bank provides a fast, and convenient place to access up-to-date,
and authoritative information. We hope that you adopt the Knowledge Bank
as your resource for a prompt and consistent way when responding to external inquiries. Thank you for watching, goodbye!

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