Boys competing in girls’ sports? It’s time to stand for fair play

I want to be a champion. I’ve been told winning isn’t given,
it’s earned. It takes hard work. So while you were sleeping, I was sweating. The long nights, the early mornings, spending hours just to shave off seconds. I want to be faster. I want to be stronger to be a better athlete to be a champion. I know when I step up to the line, I am
the fastest girl. But that will never be enough. This isn’t about self-expression This is about a woman’s, right my right to win.

12 thoughts on “Boys competing in girls’ sports? It’s time to stand for fair play”

  1. “Christianity is an anvil on which many a hammer and spear has been dulled” Theodore Beza -From the Roman arenas and false subversion within to the gulags and concentration camps, Christians have overcome. Each enemy of the faith has worn themselves out beating the anvil to only collapse into self exhaustion and wither away.

    “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God remains forever” Isaiah 40:8

  2. Women have won the gender war. Women said that men who think they are women are women. Girls must learn to compete with boys who think they are girls. LGBTQIA Plus are the arbiters of gender now because gender is a social construct. Girls that are real girls are able to become more masculine, and beat boys who think they are girls. If girls who think they are girls are unable to compete with boys who think they are girls so be it. The playing field is already level. Let the best social construct of a girl win.


    Women vs Men fights in MMA. Can Woman beat a Man in MMA fight?

    Girls vs Boys Fights. When Men are beaten by Women in Wrestling & MMA

    Boys vs Girls real jiu jitsu fight! Can women beat men in jiu jitsu and wrestling?

  3. Young ladies, you will win!! The tide is changing. The other side has overplayed its hand and because of that a tsunami is heading their way. Some see it but others don't see it yet. Their spell of lunacy is just about over.

    Ps. Dave Chappelle broke the ice!!

  4. I no longer argue with transactivists about whether transwomen are real women because you cant argue with someone whose thinking is not based in reality. I do, however, argue that they are not real athletes. A true athlete always wants to compete with people who are better so he or she can keep striving to beat his or her personal best. A real woman who could compete with men would compete with men.

  5. The far left has taken hold of the Democratic Party and I fear that you guys are fighting an uphill battle in a state where the majority of its citizens are Democrats and are afraid to go against the grain when it comes to far left policies…. I hope you will be able to win your fight….

  6. The same groups of people who fought and or supported keeping people of color OUT of sports are pushing the cause for fairness in sports.

    You don't know what "FAIR" means because you live in "FEAR"

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