Born Poor, Stay Poor: The Silent Caste System of America | C. Nicole Mason

34 thoughts on “Born Poor, Stay Poor: The Silent Caste System of America | C. Nicole Mason”

  1. Fuck making it out… how about fixing it up like they do them mansions and cars and jets and cruises the wealthy and rich own…

  2. Thanks also to corporate capitalism that reaps the rewards of cheap labor for their billions of dollars. We are not people who deserve a viable living by right of being alive, but seen as human capital. I'm blocked from employment by age yet capable of working. I think groups of people should have their own run companies because they have more controls of fairness and wages.

  3. go to fucking school become a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a nurse, etc…….and you Won't be poor most people have the opportunity to not be poor and they don't take it

  4. So what happens when you place people from poverty into a better community? You begin to focus on changing the minds of those families and the way they think that have kept them in poverty. You help the families develop and share the beliefs and values of those in the better communities because without that understanding and connection, they won't change and will continue down the cycle of poverty whether you hand them all the tools they need to succeed and be happily out of a poverty-state or not. It seems really complicated and takes a lot of effort but with that structural support, the younger generation has better life chances when they are born and/or raised around a higher class lifestyle vs in and around the poor.

  5. For me it was always obvious that the root of the issue was generational depression from being penniless and dis functional families I tried my best to remain positive but didn’t care if I died at age 7 home life sucks school is like jail the neighborhood is a war zone and TV reminds you how poor you really are your friends die from drugs get murdered or go to prison for life girls having baby’s at 14 father less sons growing up angry money would help but in order to end poverty you gotta end the suffering first and that’s gonna take everyone in unison changing for the best benefit for all mankind

    When the power of love overpowers the love of power
    Only then will the world know peace….

  6. I was born in poverty in the UK on a very rough projects estate but i am not poor now ,anyone with reasonable intelligence can get out of poverty if they really want to.

  7. Why would you have multiple children if you are poor? That's something I never understood. It's a poverty trap. Especially, when the mom only makes minimum wage. You can only support so many people on a minimum wage salary.

  8. If you were born poor your limit is upper-middle class. Yes you can't reach upper, super-upper class like movie characters but you can absolutely reach middle, upper-middle class.

  9. we in mothafucken hell i m tired i vant to done did do did go to god n kzt n l s t devil heaven

  10. We keep raising the bar for "middle class" and lowering the bar for "rich" so much that during the presidential debates between Obama and Romney, they really had to argue whether or not $250,000/yr. was "middle class". Yep, less than 4% of Americans ever make it to that point.

  11. You're lying. The majority of women with children on welfare made a conscious decision to get pregnant and go on welfare. Only later did they realize that they were locked in to poverty by their own making.

  12. I have an idea. Let's confiscate the assets of Larry Page and Serge Brin and then toss the money at poor people.
    Then the President should confiscate their billion dollar mansions and sell them to Saudi Princes and then take the money and toss it at more poor people.
    Finally, President Trump should nationalize the Google corporation, sell its assets, and throw the money from it at poor people.

    This would redistribute several hundred billion dollars to needy poor people and guarantee that an evil corporation pays for it.
    Also, Michael Moore should have his off shore bank accounts drained and his house sold so we can donate the money to poor people.

    If all these billions of dollars is not enough to raise people out of poverty, then it's their own fault.

  13. This is really opinion sharing. No one will ever agree. See, people are not poor entirely because of society. Obviously, it has an impact but not totally. It is seen that poor have a very lazy attitude. They are not willing to easily take up a job that we are offering them. See, this job maybe less than what their potential is. But, this is gonn create the platform that they need. So, those who don't make it, they don't do it. Also, we should not provide only the good things to the poor. We should be trying to make them feel happy. And poverty isn't entirely a lack of money. It is a lack of energy, experience, gratefulness, and happiness. It is a complicated topic. But we should not think that these are very dull people….. No they aren't…… Don't get me wrong ok. And read the full thing once again.

  14. Interesting points raised. Social networks, social connections – this is an important support that seems to be missing in some communities (thinking black, native american and Hispanic) compared to say Chinese and Vietnamese communities who have done well, in comparison, since arriving in the US. Is their 'shot at the American Dream' helped by social networks that are simply missing in other communities? I know from working with Vietnamese immigrants that they place great emphasis on education for their children and there is a collective expectation within their community to do well. How can that be taught? Learned by others? I don't have the answers – just interested by the points raised in the video (and made by others in the comments). Have a good day all.

  15. I know it's popular for many to blame the rich, corporations, CEOs, blacks, whites, politcians, welfare, govt, military, cost of education and a myriad of other excuses for why one can't get ahead in life in the US. The simple truth is in the US, except in very few cases, people get ahead based on the choices they make and, except in very few cases, people don't get ahead based on the choices they make.

    I started with a father that left my mother with 3 small children and no support. This is in the 50s mind you and my mother had no work skills so she took care of kids after school until parents got home from their work. We never had a car, sister got pregnant at 16, dropped out of school in 10th grade and ran to Mexico to get married. (Marriage lasted about 2 years) Brother dropped out of school in the 8th grade and drifted around until drafted 8 years later. Mother married a welder when I was 14 and everyone else was gone and I became lower middle class. I graduated HS and drifted around at minimum wage for a few years. I, having no money for college and knowing I needed a skill to live well joined the Army at 21.

    Sister lived in a cheap rent house raising her son, got her GED and rode the bus to/from work. Married a man 15 years her senior (not as accepted in the early 60s as today) w/3 kids of his own. They raised 4 kids together put 2 through college and remained together over 40 years until her passing. (Her husband died a few months later)

    Brother got hie GED, out of the Army after 2 years, worked for the city a few years and became a merchant marine until his death from complications after a one car alcohol induced accident.

    I emerged after 7 years in the Army as a Warrant Officer pilot flying helicopters. A skill that served me well flying around the lower 48, Alaska, West Africa and Europe for the next 38 years making in excess of $100K most of the last 15 before retiring in Europe. Still with only a HS diploma.

    How can this happen in the America you people speak of? All 3 of us started poor, made some missetps early, had no real guidance about how to succeed in life, minimal to no family support, little formal education, went our own way with very little sibling interaction and yet all 3 made it solid into middle class and might even have flirted with lower upper class. According to most of the posters on this thread my story couldn't possible happen. BS. One of the great things about the US (and there are many things great but also many things not so great) is you can "rise above your raising" and are except in very few cases limited only by your choices and your work ethic.

    Blacks don't have opportunity? Read a biography of Thurgood Marshall. Descendant of slaves with a railroad porter father and teacher mother that scrubbed floors at night. He rose to become the first black Associate Supreme Court Justice.

  16. She said she she discovered she was poor in college. What does she spend on hair, nails, clothing and cell phone? I'm not sure she is the best spoke person for poverty.
    There are many in America who don't have food or clothing or education. Not many I know are living the upper middle class American Dream but if they have a hone, food, car, cell phone, computer access they are not poor. Look up the really poor in America such as in Appalachian communities where they often are lucky to eat 1 meal a day, they often still have out houses, might not have shoes, they go out and hunt for fuel to burn in a wood stove. They are thankful for mission help.

  17. Yes,the Analysis is Actually a Transparency without Difficult Vision! Nonetheless Evidently from the Records is this not a Pipe Dream Antithetical of Conspired Agenda and Evil of White Supremacy and these Other Races? Allow The Imperial god to Introduce who and All that The god is.

  18. Wow, some policy expert. So how do we establish those community connections and environment for the poor? Your feel good ideas alone will not fix the problems! Share some plan of action!

  19. "Born Poor, Stay Poor" , is NOT necessarily true. I mean, it doesn't have to be. Education, is free, thru high school graduation level. Some Community College (2-year), is also, mostly free, in most places.
    Job Corp, is totally free. They'd even pay you to attend Job Corp. Learn a skill/trade.
    Problem is, most kids born poor, are born of mothers, who simply had them for welfare cheques. These so-called "mothers", got impregnated by some useless, often, useless morons, ex felons, drug addicts and half wits. The poor children are then condemned to suffer, because of that "polluted" gene pull. The kids would be unable to learn or unteachable. Garbage in, garbage out. Morons, should be prevented from breeding.

  20. Y’all know that there are more poor white people than black peoples. Just to let you know statistic is a funny thing you know. It is just cause there is a lot of white that black take that and apply it to crime 😂😂 and you will see what I’m getting to

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