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here comes Boris the puffer fish puffer fish scare other fish that want to eat them by swallowing large amounts of water which makes their body bigger and balloon like far it sure looks sad today I wonder what the problem is Boris can you show us how you puff up please hmm I think we need to take a closer look this is a magnifying glass if you look through it things look bigger ah look everybody there's a tiny puncture in Boris this must be why he can't blow himself up robo a plaster please one plaster coming right up I'm sure that with this plaster Boris will puff up again and be happy masters are very useful because they help protect cut and can stop waters Gately from a puffer fish here comes Shane the Koala Shane is eating eucalyptus leaves which are a koalas favorite type of food this is very strange normally Shan is so happy I wonder what's wrong with him I think Shane might be homesick but I wonder where home is let's show him some pictures of places around the world and see which one makes Shane happy Italy America Australia Shane is from Australia which is on the other side of the world many people miss home when they are living somewhere different and they sometimes feel very sad and homesick well let's sing a song to make him feel better shall we you're feeling homesick and nuts because you're long long way from the Land of Oz you miss visiting Sydney Opera House going to the outback or a walkabout Klingons don't let go you have lots of friends you know clean gone don't let go we can call your friends back home you can scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and have the Barbie on Bondi Beach look at the size of the great Ayers Rock where many great people have climbed to the top Klingons don't let go you have lots of friends you know Klingons don't let go we can call your friends back home Klingons don't let go you have lots of friends you know Klingons don't let go we can call your friends back home so there you go Shane do you feel a bit happier now and we have a little surprise for you all the way from Australia I think this one's for you Shane it's your cousin Bruce ants like to be with other ants and live in groups called colonies most ants are worker ants and they use teamwork to build the nest protect their queen and find food for the rest of the colony hello Alice it's wrong why aren't you with the rest of the colony oh I see Alice you've got a bad back from carrying too much it looks like you've been trying to do too much by yourself when you try to carry too much and you're making my life more tricky whereas you could make it know that you need a little help is welcome work together that's the key how me we can help each other to be strong and to be brave when you're worrying work you've not to Kevin s works wonders and you can work as one on your own rated and you can't get to the end don't carry all the world if your back is going to burn to help me need when we can help each other to be strong and to be brave we can help each other to be strong and to be brain share the road so there you go Alice do you think you'll let your family and friends help you a bit more now here wear this back support which will help when you are carrying things well done you're all working together as a team teamwork makes the dream work here comes Henry after hand did you know that hens are omnivores which means that as well as eating seeds and vegetables they also eat insects and small animals like mice what seems to be the problem look Henrietta's laid four eggs but they're all different shapes and sizes and not at all the right shape for an egg I think Henrietta has forgotten what shape egg she needs to lay Robbo shall we try and remind her my friend Henrietta you love all the eggs but what is the right shape can anybody guess is it a square no that's not right here's it a circle close but I've got ready to fight what Henrietta has laid a perfectly shaped egg so now we know that oval is the right shape for an egg Lily is a breed of dog called the beagles did you know that a beagle could use its powerful sense of smell to follow another animals tracks even if they're buried under deep snow well Kili shall we take a closer look at your fur and see what's making you so itchy let's use this magnifying glass a magnifying glass helps us to see tiny things very clearly and in more detail just as I expected you have just the itchy little fleas having a party in your birth mother can you fetch the flea vacuum please let's suck those little fleas right up one hey that's it we got them all carrying on with that party Lily you are now FLE free here comes Jimmy the rabbit oh dear it looks like Jimmy may be allergic to something I wonder what it could be what have you been eating Jimmy I have an idea look at that I think Jimmy is allergic to carrots can you tell us what an allergy is please Rob Oh an allergy is when your body's immune system makes a bit of a mistake and thinks something harmless is dangerous to your body in Jimmy's case his body is reacting badly to carrots not to worry there are lots of other delicious vegetables that you can eat instead we have broccoli cabbages and squash they are all super healthy and tastes fantastic look the squash is even the same color as carrots but it won't make you sneeze yummy yummy here's Colin the chameleon chameleons are a special type of lizard and did you know that the tongue of a chameleon can be longer than its entire body now Colin what can we do for you a chameleon has special skills which means they can change color to blend in with their background this is called camouflage let's test it out shall we call in hey guys meet Rob oh hello everyone Robo is my friendly robot helper here in the treatment room that's right I've got all of the tools that we need to help the animals feel better again I can even use my tickling stick Rob ooh please can you swap the colors of the backgrounds for Colin and we'll see if he can change to the right color red this is red but oh dear look Colin has changed to blue yellow this is yellow but Colin has changed to rent three this is green but Colin has changed to orange there's definitely a problem here Rob oh I think Colin needs to relearn which colors are which yellow Queen full of the colors of the rainbow go three more to make the full set so cool because of the rain you can't change Oh lovely cars in between for all the colors of the rain three more to make the full set can match the colors of the Ring amazing what a wonderful thing you can do now let's test you again : yes well done : we can hardly see you your reds yellow excellent work : your now yellow green perfect you got all three right Colin you're now a lovely shade of green it looks like you're all cured fantastic Felix the tortoise has an appointment at 10 o'clock which is now but he hasn't arrived yet okay I'm sure he'll turn up here comes Lucy the goldfish many people think that goldfish have trouble remembering things this is actually not true goldfish have memories that last three months I do have Lucy remembers what she's come here for today hi Lucy how can I help you today stop stop stop Lucy before you hurt yourself hmm I think I may know what's wrong but I need your help Robo I think Lucy needs an eye test please can you get some words up on the screen for Lucy one eyesight test coming right up Lucy can you read this don't worry Lucy ker-rah ah buh spells crap let's try another never mind Lucy Shh yeah hmm spells shell hmm I know Robo I think Lucy has a problem with her eyesight can you please fetch the reading goggles try these out Lucy they're super special goggles that make you see better sometimes humans need to wear glasses to help them see better too a perfect fit let's see if that makes a difference that's right Lucy it spells fish well done I think you just needed a pair of glasses didn't you here comes Jake the spider some people think that spiders are insects but that's not true spiders are actually members of the arachnid family it looks like you're limping on one of your legs what happened that sounds like a nasty fall let me take a look at that for you Robo I think we need to take an x-ray of one of Jake's legs one x-ray coming right up spiders don't have bones like you and me they are arthropods which means their skeleton is on the outside this is called an exoskeleton if you look you can clearly see here that poor Jake has broken one of his legs I think we need to put that leg in a cast which will give it the support it needs whilst it heals while scrubber is putting Jake's posture shall we count how many legs Jake has he's got one two three four five six seven eight legs all spiders have eight legs that's you'll fix Jake now don't climb any walls or waterspouts for two weeks and try to get plenty of rest let's welcome Sara the cat cats are members of the feline family which means Sara here is actually very closely related to lions and tigers but Sara's are locked friendlier hello Sara shall we take a look at you I promise I'll be gentle hmm let's have a look Sarah your tummy looks very big have you been eating too much hmm let's have a listen to your heartbeat well listen to that you have four heartbeats and a large tummy does anyone know why Sarah might be feeling unwell she's pregnant and she's about to give birth let's count how many kittens Sarah gives birth to one two three three beautiful kittens well done Sarah you're a mummy did you know that snakes can't chew that food as that they have to swallow it whole hey Sally let's take a look at what might be the matter with you hmm it looks like Sally you might have swallowed something that doesn't belong there I know that shape but let me just double-check Robo I think we need to have a closer look can you take an x-ray please one x-ray coming right up an x-ray is a machine that can see through things we can use it to take pictures of our insides it's a key oh dear Sally a key definitely doesn't belong in your tummy swallowing keys and other objects like this can be very dangerous it could hurt your tummy and make you very unwell well now we know what the problem is how can we remove the key from Sally's tummy how about a magnet magnets are amazing they have a magnetic force that can attract some types of metals like iron good idea Robo if we put the magnet against Sally skin it will pull the key towards it and we can move it along Sally's body and back out of her mouth stay calm Sally this won't hurt and the key will be out in no time at all hooray out how do you feel Sally great work Robbo I think Sally's saying thank you I think it must be my magnetic personality oh look here comes Felix at 11 o'clock Felix you're an hour late tortoises can live for a very long time some can live to a hundred and fifty years old I think I know what the problem is Felix are you tired of being late for everything it must be very difficult walking quickly with that big heavy shell of yours do you have any ideas Robo I do have something in mind roller skates great idea Robo let's try on this pair of rollerskates let's try it out Felix try and zoom around the cones Ready Steady Go well done Felix I don't think you'll be late again here comes settle the snail as you've probably guessed snails like Cecil are very slow movers in fact they are one of the slowest creatures on earth oh poor you Cecil you really don't look well at all a little slime is good for a snail like settle as it helps them to move as well as protect them from the Sun but this is too much slime it means sessile can't climb walls he's just too slippery I think sessile may be suffering from a cold I know how to make you feel better Cecil but we're going to need a bit of help from our friend Shane the Koala Rob Oh do you remember Shane was eating eucalyptus leaves before the oil from eucalyptus leaves can help with runny noses and coughs when you have a cold and should help our friend settle here I think Shane is just leaving the Pet Rescue Centre I'll go and find him thank you so much for popping back Shane now sessile breathe in some of that precious eucalyptus oil and you'll start feeling better my next patient is jerk he is a stick insect stick insects are some of the best creatures on the planet at camouflaging themselves camouflage is a way certain animals can blend in with their surroundings it's a way of hiding from animals that might want to eat them Joe are you there I'm sorry but I can't see you Bravo can you try and spot Joe I don't think he's in there I'm having trouble spotting Joe dr. puppy oh there you are Joe why are you sad oh dear dear Joe you're sad because you're sick of being ignored by people listen Joe it's not that we don't like you we just don't see you wear these codes and coat of many colors then we can see you don't go hiding in the trees no more or crawl through the bushes on the forest floor you can wear these anytime you want to and we will see you yes we can see you you really stand out I love the jacket it's a perfect fit you look amazing orange purple blue and red and yellow they're all here for you these codes and coat of many colors then we can't see you once you know about the friends you have you'll forget you ever felt so sad you can wear these anytime you want to and we will see you yes we can see you do you feel better now Joe and yes we can see you this is Gordon the hamster hamsters like Gordon are very good at digging they create big burrows in the soil where they live hi Gordon you look like you're enjoying your wheel there oh dear this is not good it looks like you're going to be sick have some water water makes you feel better by getting rid of headaches and keeping you refreshed how often do you spin in your wheel Gordon I think Gordon is travel sick if you're going to play on your wheel for that long you need something that will stop you feeling sick all the time ask your mommy or daddy to give you a spoonful of this every morning when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep and you can play all day long let's see how many circles Gordon can do in his wheel now shall we tactic you really are talented that's all from the Pet Rescue Centre today did you know you can download the toddler fun learning app to watch more videos from me without adverts just tap here see you again soon [Applause]

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