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Welcome back to Book Break! So, you’re thinking of doing Veganuary. I know there are loads of reasons why people
are sometimes too scared to do Veganuary or think they won’t be able to make it so I’m here to hopefully change your mind
about that and give you some book recommendations to
help you along your way. So the number one reason people are usually
scared of doing Veganuary is how extreme it feels. Especially if you usually eat meat, suddenly going vegan is a really big deal, and that’s 31 whole days with no meat, no cheese, no eggs, sounds impossible. Well firstly, it’s not impossible, and we’ll
get to that in a minute, but secondly, if you really do think it sounds too hard
for you, then OK, go gently on yourself. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing when
you go vegan. So maybe you could use Veganuary to just increase
the number of plant based meals that you eat and you’re still making a massive difference. So for that reason, the number one book that I’m recommending
is Vegan(ish) by Jack Monroe. So Jack Monroe describes herself as mostly
vegan. She does eat pretty much entirely a plant-based
diet, but as she does so much work with food banks, and working with really low-income families who just don’t have the flexibility or resources
to be 100% vegan, she doesn’t have to be strict about it. And in this book, she’s got some really amazing
stats about the difference that you make going vegan
even just for one day. So she points out in here that for every day
you go vegan, you save, on average, That’s if you only did one day of veganuary. So for however many meals you do decide to
go vegan, Jack Monroe’s got 100 really affordable and
delicious totally plant-based recipes in here. She may only be vegan-ish but all of the recipes in here are 100% vegan. So I’ve already got my eye on these pear and
ginger pancakes for breakfast, a chickpea Caesar salad for lunch, and look at this crispy chow mein for dinner! And of course, there’s lots of delicious looking
dessert recipes in here as well. I am definitely going to be making these orange
and almond brownies. And if you are still a bit unconvinced that
going only part-time vegan can really make that much of a difference, the next book that I recommend is The Reducetarian
Solution which is all about the effects of cutting
down your meat consumption by just 10%. So that one is a collection of essays from various influential thinkers giving their advice for how to cut down on
meat and animal products as well as their research on what an amazing
difference that can make. And also, it’s got veggie and vegan recipes
in the book as well. Now the second thing that people are nervous
of when it comes to doing veganuary is that the food is going to be boring and that it’s going to be a month of just
depriving themselves of all their favourite foods and eating nothing but carrots. But that’s just so not true, especially these
days. In fact, everything on this table is vegan. The massive trend at the moment for vegan
food means you’ll probably find vegan options at
whatever restaurant you go to and if you’re cooking at home, the options
are endless. So I’ve already mentioned Vegan(ish) and there’s an incredible range of vegan recipes
in there. But now I’ve got two more cookbooks to show
you. Firstly, The 28 Day Vegan Plan. This one’s really useful for planning out
your Veganuary. It’s got week by week recipes and shopping
lists and tips for meal prepping and the recipes in here are amazing, you’ve got everything from mac and cheese
to tacos to ice cream, you can make anything vegan, it turns out. And then I thought I’d put a veggie cookbook
in here as we are talking about taking Veganuary at
your own pace, but there’s loads of totally vegan recipes
in here as well. And all of these recipes take around 15 minutes, which just shows that eating vegan doesn’t
have to be that hard. OK, your third hurdle. Maybe you’re just a bit unconvinced in the
first place. You might have heard a lot about Veganuary, but you’re still not quite sure why we actually
should go vegan. So for that, I’m going to recommend two books that have had a huge impact on my life and inspired me to make decisions about my
own diet. So the first is Animal Liberation by Peter
Singer. So this is kind of the founding philosophical
book about animal rights from the 70s. And it introduces the concept of speciesism, which is basically questioning why we consider non-human lives to be less valuable than human
lives. So it is quite radical, but it’s really really
interesting, and it throws up all these quite uncomfortable
questions, which will make you just reconsider the way
you think about animals. And then for a less radical approach, this is actually my favourite book about veganism, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. So this is Jonathan Safran Foer going on his
own journey to make decisions about the food that he wants
to eat and he wrote this book after he had his son so it’s making decisions about the food that
he wants to feed to his son. So it’s absolutely not any kind of strict
moral lecture on veganism, it’s a really balanced approach, he speaks to loads of different people and
considers lots of different viewpoints in discovering more about the food industry, and basically he does just find that in terms
of animal rights, environmental reasons, economical reasons,
health reasons, everything, there are so many reasons why it’s beneficial
to go vegan. And finally, the last thing people might need
some help with in Veganuary, maybe the vegan diet doesn’t scare you at
all, but what about the other aspects of living
a vegan life that don’t get talked about as much? So for that I recommend the book Vegan Life
by Jo Peters, which has got loads of advice for how to introduce
veganism into all areas of your life, and it makes it really easy to know what to
look for in the clothes you wear the household products you use the make up that you wear, it shows you what to look for when you’re
shopping for those things and also some tips on how to DIY your own
products. So hopefully those books will make you feel
a little bit more prepared and good luck for trying out veganuary! And of course, do give this video a thumbs
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  1. I might try Veganuary, as I am already cutting down on dairy and have been thinking about going vegan, so this really is helpful 🤗

  2. Brilliant! I’m definitely doing veganuary, might order all these books as I’ve not read any!! Have you seen Game Changers?

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