Bongo Bellies

Bongo Bellies If you’re paddling down the Amazon
and hear a roguish beat, that puts fire in your fingertips
and samba in your feet, It’s the bongo-bellied dragons
deep inside their jungle caves. Drumming sambas to the sunset
thrumming beats across the waves. Dum-ba-DA pla-daba-daba
throb their tubby tunely tums. Daba-dumba. Rumba tumba
sing their booming belly drums. They don’t need a hollow tree trunk
or a tom-tom stretched with skin— just a belly stuffed with dinner,
then the music can begin. Rumba-daba-diddle dum dum
bongo bellies fill the night with the rum-tum-drumble-daba
of a dragon dance delight.

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