Body Shamed Perfect 10 Gymnast Teaches My Daughter (ft. Katelyn Ohashi) *Emotional*

when I was probably 14 years old I started hearing body-shaming comments you look like an elephant you remind me of a bird that is too big to fly it's still a sensitive topic I would say hello everyone I am at UCLA with 2018 KO floor champion and viral gymnast Caitlyn Ohashi hi and today we have a very special guest are my little daughter sailors okay everybody you have seen Caitlin's viral video it went everywhere when she got a perfect ten it was spectacular and today she's going to teach my daughter a little part of that floor routine what's your favorite part of my floor to the Janet Jackson fire and bum-bum-bum well Anna can you do a needle kick splits nice you're a lefty me too so illusion goes this way instead this way so you're that way does that make sense you can use both hands if you want and push off kind of yeah that was closer so we're gonna look down down up ready and look look look and go side aerial and illusion good job can I see some of your teen Cher this arms out to the side okay so yeah make sure they're going straight over the top you don't try that one more time awesome good job okay so which one's more fun to watch or mmm-hmm you want to use everything of your body those people around you so making eye contact with them and moving your head to go with the rest of your body can make it that much more engaging because your level everyone's doing the same thing how do you stand out and it's not their skills all the time is it the way he's moved just let your arms flow feel the emotion in it okay nice good job that was awesome what about tumbling you want to learn some of my tumbling oh my gosh you Oh ya know that's really cool that's awesome that's it Wow you like it yeah so dope that's like the best thing you could hear dope I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old I realized I loved it right away like I would set up like mini tramps behind the couch and like flip over then my mom also coached and cleaned the gym so whenever she would clean I would come in and I would just flip around constantly when I was 9 years old I moved away from Seattle Washington to Missouri my dad stayed in Washington with two of my brothers kind of sacrificed their marriage and put it on pause for 11 years well I pursued my gymnastics career whenever I had to move away from my dad it was so hard like I'd cry myself to sleep I was on the national team for four years competing internationally I felt like it was more of a job at this point so it wasn't something that was coming from my heart it was something that my parents wanted me to do something that we had already invested so much into like okay I've split up my parents like I can't quitting isn't an option when I was probably 14 years old I started hearing body-shaming comments where I was like you look like you swallowed a pig you look like an elephant you remind me of a bird that is too big to fly a lot of those comments you start to believe especially as impressionable changing in developing little girls teenage girls we wear these small leotards where everyone can see our bodies our coaches get onto us our parents peers we're constantly comparing ourselves to other girls around us I came to college and that's when I met miss Val got taken under her wing so we finally had to go through and build this trust between each other because that's the first time I've ever felt a connection with a coach that's strong being back on the floor reminded me of the reasons why I fell in love with a sport in the first place life is a choice and it's choices we make dictate the life we live our thoughts fuel everything else everyone's going to get negative thoughts but it's how do we push them out with positive thoughts you can't they can't coexist with each other I used to hate my legs now I've learned to like embrace them they've allowed me to do everything that I am able to do you will never have the perfect body and to sit there and compare yourself to another person or what someone else likes were the only people that have control of our body we're the only people that live inside of a body 24/7 so why don't we embrace all of our flaws all of our imperfections and learn to make that something we love the most about all right everyone it's obvious she's an inspiration probably my favorite person in the world that we've ever photographed make sure to follow her on Instagram and subscribe and notify and check this move out you

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