Body Language of Leaders – What You Can Learn From the Best

welcome back to am Northwest here to test our skills at reading the body language of leaners were happy to welcome back the author of human lie detection and body language one awana that's of course Vanessa van it's nice to see you okay and the purpose here is that leaders leaders carry themselves in a different way I guess you would have to say that their natural leaders because this is intrinsic to them right you know that we all know that person when they walk into the room it's like they have this magnetism right you know everyone turns to look at them we have that person who just is a natural-born leader and actually the research shows that intuitively we pick up on someone's ability to lead there was a fascinating study that actually had people look at pictures of fortune 500 CEOs and they could pick out just by looking at their picture who was the most profitable in the list well is it their body language or what they were wearing it's about levels of testosterone okay how they carry themselves how they hold their face and then of course how they interact with people so today I wanted to talk about a couple of different cues that you can do if you want to be more powerful if you want to be a leader and also how to spot the leader in the room if you're not quite sure we're sure because he wears a shirt okay so here's question number one for you and I hope that people at home can play along to one what do leaders do a smile more or B smile less it's my less I would think that they smile more because they're engaging in their charming in their hey how are they win you over right right it's actually their smile less but it's very common that people think they smile more so smiling is actually a subordinate behavior so women from a young age are taught if you're nervous just smile right or if yeah and if you don't smile someone says why aren't you smile right it's actually an appeasement behavior we do it to sort of connect with people but actually if you're in a room you'll notice the boss will be the one who's not smiling and everyone around him or her will be smiling at him or her so it's an interesting way to note it but that's actually a submissive behavior yeah all right number two get your number up all right – what do leaders do a interrupts be don't interrupt I think they I would think they interrupt I would say that they don't interact I think they interrupt because they're busy so they interrupt but what's interesting about this is that alphas by the way I'm right okay so this is interesting so an alpha is how at the science word for leader an alpha is an individual in the community with the highest rank you they have the best physical prowess or they're the smartest and they interrupt because when they speak people naturally quiet down it almost happens accidentally you know that person when they speak it's like everyone in the room turns to look at them they actually have a vocal power they kind of speak from that base tone of confidence and everyone intuitively pays attention so yes they do interrupt I don't love this so what I do if I'm talking to a leader and they interrupt me I'll say gosh I can't get a word in with you they usually don't even realize they're doing it and so you can joke around with a leader if you have an alpha in the office or at your home that's what you can say that sort of cue them – okay all right number three what do leaders do hold eye contact more or behold eye contact less okay I'd say more I think more to you think of like Bill Clinton for example people say only focus on you so this is a trick question you both have been right because it's interesting leaders hold eye contact more when they're speaking to you but they hold eye contact less when you're speaking to them oh so have you ever been at a party and you're talking to someone and they're kind of wandering eyes looking around yeah so leaders bet you do you're wondering I do have a wandering eye Dave so what you can do what I do I like when people look me in the eye when they're taught what I'm talking I'll actually pause and I'll wait for them to look back at me and then I'll cane you speaking or I'll touch their elbow slightly to get their attention so you can actually do that with someone if they're not looking you in the eye too looking over your head what's the benefit of that when you're dealing with you know for people in the business realm when you're dealing with somebody and obviously they're a leader and you're trying to accomplish something what's the value in taking a leader out of their comfort zone or their natural zone so most basically eye contact breeds trust so you always want to get a leader to look you because they're more likely to trust you if they're holding that deep eye gaze with you as you're explaining something so that's why it's so important to break them out of that overhead gazing especially at parties ya know arcing events birthday parties it's so annoying when people look over your shoulders you can definitely get that eye contact back for what do leaders do a pace be stand still Wow okay I I would say stand still I said I would think pace because they're thinking and they really the leaders are often have a little time for anything so they're always in motion so typically I actually thought the same thing as you Dave but actually helen is right so typically leaders stand still they move very purposefully think of like a large bear and grizzly bear you know bears are like the the alphas of the animal kingdom they want to conserve as much energy as possible so leaders also tend to be the stillest in the room they hold their shoulders back they stand still they observe everyone around them whereas subordinates are typically running around and think of like cartoons you always have smaller characters running around the leader so actually I always say move purposely if you're in a room and you want to show power stand still take a deep breath and stand firmly planted that actually shows power all right all right last one what do leaders do not as you speak or hold their head still as they speak oh I would say hold still if they don't if they're not they speak or you speak as they speak oh as they speak no I would think that they hold their head still that's right so nodding is actually like a bobble head the more you nonetheless the more subordinate you look so leaders also hold their head still hold proudly so the more powerful you want to be still and proud that's what I always say interesting well that's like that's a great thing to know very good and and of course books available in all the usual places the human lie detection and body language 101 business thanks thanks thank you so much

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  1. Who are the leaders in your life that you look up to? Do they use any of the tips mentioned above?

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  2. I think this is all very true but also kind of dated. Leaders have changed, we still have the old ones like Trump though. 🤮

  3. This is interesting, but I hate leaders like that. It seems they have authority but not charm or compassion. I know of a few leaders who smile a lot, listen intently and will look you in the eye, but it does not make them less of a leader.

  4. Today, we have 2 types of leaders: self-serving and servant leaders. And just so everyone understands, if you are a leader, just because you smile less, you interrupt, you don't hold the eye contact when your direct reports are talking to you, doesn't make you a good leader. Don't be a self-serving jerk. We already have plenty of those. There is nothing wrong with more smiles as a leader. Interrupting is a very bad behavior. Not listening to and not engaging people that work for you is a bad behavior. You're not the smartest person in the room. You're not the top dog in the room. And don't think like you have to fit into this model just because you see other prominent leaders act this way. They act this way because they are self-serving jerks.

  5. I disagree with interrupt that tells me they are not good listeners, but I question this because I don't know the full context why you are explaining this in which situation

  6. But this is against the rules of influence. You'll be an ineffective persuader and an influencer like this

  7. Dont behave like a douchebag.
    1. Smile more
    2 keep eye contact when people talk to you.
    3. Do not interrupt.

  8. In the Army…
    .. A "leader" inspires those appointed under them.
    .. A "boss" is just someone with rank that dictates to those appointed under them.
    Inspiration over dictatorship every time gets the mission completed while looking out for the welfare of those appointed under them.

  9. You have shown all the qualityes of a film actor with these qualityes we can make a good movie,

    But in real life leader shows the way how thinks are done in a right way,

  10. Workers hate bossy but luv leaders., bossy will collapse yr company soon if not later while leaders strengthens the community,,this is real life facts,,

  11. what is the credibility and basis for your research.
    because it is showcasing bureaucratic and authoritative leadership only and not charismatic one. there are many types of leadership.
    the research seems to be superficial.

  12. This is the most female thing ever. She dosen't even know what really makes a good leader. Just describing quality's of an ass hole

  13. She is describing instinctual expressions of "natural" leaders, these qualities do not, however, make for great leadership by default, they are just behavior traits people respond to biologically.

    tldr: she's describing a guy a she'd like to bang, more or less.

  14. Wow not to be negative but sounds like leaders are rude and ignorant lets see, no smile, interrupt and ya im done

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