26 thoughts on “Boccherini- (Master and Commander)”

  1. I absolutely love this movie!! It’s one of my absolute favourites! So amazing 😂One minute I’m crying and the next laughing! Absolutely love it 🇬🇧💙👍🏻

  2. Ok sorry but this is very long, unfortunately though it is difficult to explain why music is underappreciated.

    music is in actual fact not easy to play, i am a grade 5 level violinist, that is when you start to enjoy it, 5-7 years are just to learn how, and then you are only just learned enough to start feeling the music. To be able to put emotion into music is the hardest part, if the musician cant, then you wont feel it,…………… it is soooo very important.

    another thing that people do not understand is the time time and effort that goes into the music, to give you an example, with violin you have to hold the violin in the right position, the bow in the right way, you need to reed the music, translate that into the right movement of bow and fingers, coordinate these movements, keep in time, and as the level advances, the amount of things you need to concentrate on increases. If you have ever watched a pro playing you will see not only intense concentration but also how they connect, feel, and then talk through the music, it is its own language, based on math like most, it has its own rules and can be a bit hard to grasp, but it is the most beautiful language their is, and a funny little quirk is that if you can "speak" it properly, everyone understands you, even those who do not "speak" it. if you need an example,…. some languages not only use tone of voice, but also a certain pattern of tone off voice resulting in different meanings, although it might sound like the same words, music is the same.

     I am not the best at putting thoughts into words, but i am hoping that someone will understand.

  3. Truly a great film and in my opinion Crowe's best ever. The chemistry between Jack Aubrey and Maturin comes across as two men with respect and genuine friendship for one another. The end scene is filmed from high above the ship and along with Boccherini your spirit will soar too.

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