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Hello kids. Do you want to see something cool today? Okay off to [the] Army camp we go hurry up. Now. Don’t be slow What do you see kids? Yes indeed in the army camp. He is top rank hello Mister tank What do you do I? protect the Country and our border – Look, there’s the army truck hello, army truck. How are you doing? Hello, Bob [I] have to deliver goods to the soldiers so I must get going High ambulance you do look tired Hey, Bob, that’s because I’m always required. What do you do all through the day? I help carry the wounded Soldiers away such a great job What’s that coming out of the water [a] minute ago? It could hardly be seen Hi there, Bob. I am Mr.. Submarine My name means under the sea both inside and outside the water [I] can be Hello, Submarine hello Bob. How do you do? Greetings, Mr.. Navy. Have you been sailing the water blue Yes, we sail on the sea and keep safe [the] coast and that’s certainly something of which you can boast Look out there. That’s an aircraft carrier. Oh, yes that I am hello my dear I am the military’s base on the see all these aircrafts all alone. I carry Here comes the fighter aircraft. Oh my My fly very high so I can protect the sky Look up that’s a transport helicopter. What do you do hello, Bob? How do you do I carry troops through the air and take them places far or near? Here comes the bomber watch out kids Hello, Bob my name is [baba] and my enemies fear me my bombs can destroy all targets on The land or in the sea. [I] armoured personnel carrier. What if you got concealed? Hello? [I] am carrying military forces to the Battlefield Hi, Bob, how are you? Hello, helicopter. What do you do? I am a lot like the army truck and I give everyone a helping hand My job is to connect areas difficult to reach by land Kids look there which army transport is that can you guess? No, that’s an army Hovercraft. [oh] goodness me here. It comes I can drive on any kind of surface and I go where there are big problems Look over there kids here comes the army Jeep Hi, Bob, I can easily drive over rough roads. [no] matter how high or deep Kids, I hope at the army camp you had fun. Bye. [bye] now. I have got to run you

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