22 thoughts on “Boaters – Learn How to Improve your Boating Skills the Easy Way”

  1. Best advice I ever got was don't be afraid to start over. So true if I see someone struggling to dock now I don't get upset I wait and I'll help if I can.

  2. he should have backed in the canal from the start…. would have avoided trying to pull the bow into and around the wind

  3. With twin screw, if you remember to center your wheel and leave it alone, just set engines slow enough to shift, and treat the port and strbd shift controls as if they were the edges of a steering wheel. that way, the direction of the engines will seem intuitive.

  4. "In most cases, you shouldn't ever have to touch the wheel" – as the guy starts cranking the shit out of the wheel, lol

  5. Awesome channel! Thank you for your work you put into this

  6. Best advice i received starting out was don't go any faster than you are willing to bump into something

  7. You can try it with this nice app before crashing your real boat: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sfinxit.docktheboat

  8. This is a great video for people that are new to boating.  So many people buy a boat and head out on the water with little or no knowledge of boating.

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