Board of Education Update–March 25

hi I’m Samantha Anderson director of
communications for Newton public schools and I’m here with Superintendent dr. Deb
hamm and we’re here to go over the highlights from last night’s Board of
Education meeting first of all congratulations to the railerobotics
team they took first place in their regionals they gave a short presentation
at the Board of Education just explaining what their season was like
and thanking them for their support from
there we had an update on the Board of Education and where we are with our
application so what’s the news there so with the bond a couple of things have
happened since the last meeting one we asked again for a review of the statute
we had information from Senator McGinn that she was going to bring this up with
the appropriate committee and so as a result of that we were asked to testify
in Topeka last week on the statute and our recommendation to the Senate edie
committee was to look at eliminating school districts that are not receiving
state aid from the cap an example of how that would benefit us would be that this
year there were three school districts that do not receive state aid for their
bond projects but do count did count against the cap and so that the total
for those three districts was 148 million dollars so if they had not been
counted against the cap then we would have had enough money to move forward
with our our bond proposal and bond election so we proposed that that’s what
they consider so now we’re waiting for the legislature to take some action my
understanding is that they did take action today but what we don’t know is
we don’t know exactly what that means for us so we’re going to be in contact
with Dale Dennis at KSDE and waiting to find out
whether or not it’s something that the governor will sign and so there’s a
lot of steps yet to go so we still don’t know when we’re going to have an
election but we hope it’s it’s fairly soon we see kind of see the the light at
the end of the tunnel so to speak and either way we will keep you updated on
when that election would be so um and they also talked a little bit about a
project a new project the district is working with the YMCA on they
approved a Memorandum of Understanding six to zero last night um can you just
tell us about that new project well the new project is a summer program for
students in first grade currently in 1st grade currently in second grade and this
is to support their academic needs during the summer so that students don’t
lose ground over those several weeks where we don’t have school so it’ll be a
five-week program and it will start late May and go through June so students will
be free from school in July but we are really looking forward to having this
opportunity for our students it’ll be an all-day program and it will be include
academics in the morning and then more exploratory enrichment kinds of things
in the afternoon with science technology engineering and mathematics being the
focus and then on Fridays there will field trips to other locations so we’re
really excited to get this off the ground and running and have this
opportunity for kids. A great community partner absolutely. Student fees were also approved were there any changes to those we did
not recommend any changes the administration has not recommended
changes for a number of years in our enrollment fees and enrollment fees go
to support our textbooks our consumable items that students use
in school for reading or math handwriting any of those kinds of things
that we might be doing and other classes like art that require extra kinds of
materials that would not be typical in a in other types of classrooms so anyway
we haven’t recommended a change the board did take some time to discuss
potential changes how in the end we did vote to maintain the current fee
structure so for next year there’s no change in fees it will be the same as it
is this year okay and last but definitely not least
we had a few gift requests can you just let us know who they’re from
hmm again it is always just such a pleasure to talk about how our community
and others support our kids in our schools so first we had a eight thousand
dollar grant from United Way that will help to support our infant toddler
program at Cooper Early Childhood Education Center so we’re very thankful
for those in the community that contribute to United Way it does make a
difference that money does stay in our community and helps support a number of
community programs that we have we also received from Park Aerospace a cash
donation of $1,500 to Newton high railer robotics to support their supplies and
travel from Full Vision Mr. Skip Connor donated 8,000 pounds of tubing that’s a
lot of tubing so we’re very happy to have that I know that that’s going to
help support the welding program at the high school and it’s valued at about
$1,200 so again really appreciate those donations from members of our community
for smaller donations we always want to also acknowledge those
because small donations every little bit helps and helps to support our programs
so from Heartland Credit Union to Chisolm middle school there was a
donation of 381 dollars and 87 cents to help celebrate academic success so that
will help them to provide rewards and acknowledgments for students then to
different schools received donations from Walmart sunset elementary two
hundred and fifty dollars for four funds to support their sorry I lost my place
because I’m looking at the wrong place for celebration assembly sorry about
that and then $50 to Newton High
robotics again to help support their meal expenses then at Dillon’s we had
from Dillon’s we had another donation for railer robotics of one hundred
dollars and from SME also to Newton high railer robotics a cash donation of five
hundred dollars to help supply with supplies and travel expenses last but
not least from New York Life Santa Fe five six Center receive five hundred
dollars to help support their sensory room this will provide students with
different equipment and things in that room to help calm them selves down so
it’s it’s just a nice calm place for students to go so very much
appreciate all of the donations from our community yes well that’s all for us our
next meeting will be April 8th as always if you have any questions feel free to
leave them in the comment section and I’ll get to them as soon as possible
thank you so much dr. Hamm for being here and thank you for watching

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