Board of Education Update–April 8

hi I’m Samantha Anderson director of
communications for Newton Public Schools and I’m here with Superintendent dr. Deb
hamm for another board of education update we’re gonna kind of go out of
order this time and obviously as always if you have any questions feel free to
leave it in the comment section the first thing I want us to talk about is
that there was a new update on the bond can you tell us what that is Senate bill
16 passed in the legislature governor kelly signed it so we’re very
appreciative of that and within that contained information about our changes
in policy and school funding and but it didn’t change the bill that guides the
decisions around the bond cap so while they still have that work to do in order
to fix that we do know that since that stayed in place we have been told that
we will go to the State Board of Education for tentative approval next
week and we’re excited about that and then from there we will move to have all
of our paperwork in place that we need to have published information in the
paper and those kinds of things a little bit later but before the July board
meeting and then after that the board also moved to change the date of our
election from June 18th to September 3rd 2019 so we’re excited to have a date in
place for our community to make a decision about our bond proposal and
we’re really excited to be moving forward with that
now we’ll have a lots of information out as it gets closer and don’t forget to
check the website because we already have frequently asked questions up so
there’s a time and opportunity for you to check there and we’re always adding
to it too so as we get new questions we want to make sure that everyone can hear
the answers in case they have the same question and then also Newton high
school athletic director and assistant principal and presented to the board
about the new code of conduct he’s been working on
called t life of a railer can you just tell me a little bit about
that yes and they have been working not only with the coaches but also with
members of the Booster Club to help put this together so it is a more extensive
code of conduct it incorporates the core values that the coaches have developed
and have actually been working on for the last couple of years
it focuses on character traits such as trustworthiness respect responsibility
fairness caring and citizenship and those are all attributes that we would
want all of our students to have it details the roles and responsibilities
of students parents and coaches so that’s very clearly outlined in there
and once this goes into place parents and students will be asked to initial it
that they have read it and understood what they read it outlines our
eligibility requirements for this and a lot of general policies that are
important to participation in in sports it also spends a significant amount of
effort in helping our students and our parents understand what the expectations
are around alcohol and drug use in our schools we really want to curtail that
we’ve been working with mirror incorporated and stand in order to as
well as the Harvey County drug coalition to make sure that our parents and our
students have this information available to them so we’re excited to be moving
this forward it will not just impact our athletic students our athletes but also
our students that participate in any extracurricular activities so music art
whatever so and then they also approved the guidelines for a pretty neat cool
new program we’re going to start next year called grow your own teacher can
you just tell us about that yes we’re really excited to get this started we’ve
had a program a little bit similar to this for teachers that teach regular
students who have an interest in getting a special education endorsement but now
we’re looking at helping our para educators and instructional aides that
might have an interest in becoming a teacher to actually stay working with us
and also pursue that education so this would be a reimbursement program that
would allow them to start that program and work for us
as a para or as an instructional aide and also get their teaching career
underway so we are expecting between five and ten candidates that’s what
we’re kind of budgeting for and its candidates who wish to do this will
apply they’ll have a written and oral interview that they’ll have to complete
and be selected to participate in this program so we’re really excited about
that we feel like it’s a way to help our employees and also help the district in
getting some really excellent qualified teachers all right um and then last but
not least um we had a few more gifts made over the last couple of weeks and
can you let us know what those are sure millennium machine and tool to
Newton high railerobotics $1,000 cash donation for their supplies and travel
expenses New York Life to all of our schools a cash donation for grief
centered schools in the amount of four thousand dollars that’s five hundred
dollars per school and then Newton Medical Center the to the science
department they donated laboratory glassware to replace some old and broken
glassware that we had and it’s valued at $100 Dillons to parents as teachers
donated gift cards for them to use for family resources in the amount of $250
and United Way for parents as teachers again a cash donation for group
connection costs of two hundred seventy six dollars and 37 cents
all right well that’s all we have for you today and again if you have any
questions feel free to leave them in the comment section and our next meeting
will be on April 22nd here at McKinley and thank you so much for watching hope
you have a great day

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