Board of Education Regular Meeting 5/21/2018

Welcome to the Monday May
21st 2018 regular Board of Education meeting looked like we have quite a bit
of business to take care of the night we have a lot of people wishing to speak so
I think it’s probably a good idea if we get started here on time and I like to
get this meeting started by reciting recitation of the vision statement so I
am calling this meeting to order and our vision statement is every school will be
a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school
college career and community ready okay so we’ll get started here we’ll move
right along and the next item on the agenda is the we have a recognition
resolution okay the Board of Education would like to recognize child wha
Madison West High School graduating senior to be named to the 54th class of
the 2018 United States Presidential Scholars now Charles wall graduated
senior West High School has been chosen as the United States Presidential
Scholar the highest academic honor a student can receive from the United
States Department of Education now Charles is an innovative student and not
only dedicates his time to personally excel but also dedicates his time to
better his school and his community as an example of this Charles has played an
important role in bringing student voice into a strategic framework planning
meetings we feel very lucky to have his ideas as we plan for the future of the
district the board would like to recognize Charles for its achievements
by reading a resolution Charles here come on up on stage come on up stage so
this is one of the coolest things board members get to do so all right whereas
Madison West High School graduating senior Charles wah is one of five
students in Wisconsin and one of 161 nationwide to be named to the 54th class
of the 2018 United States Presidential Scholars whereas US Presidential
Scholars our high school seniors selected by the White House Commission
on US Presidential Scholars in the US Department of Education for academic
achievements excellence evaluations essays transcripts and evidence of
leadership community service and commitment to high D high ideals whereas
the United States Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964 by
president lyndon b johnson by executive order and has recognized over 7,000 of
the united states most distinguished graduating seniors
whereas charles is the president of West High School’s green Club an
environmental advocacy and sustainability group that helped raise
$100,000 to install solar panels on the roof of the school that will occur over
summer break now therefore be it resolved at the
Madison metropolitan school district board of education and the MMSD
community recognizes and congratulate Charles wah for his outstanding
accomplishments and for serving as a role model and example for future
generations of students to follow and probably us to follow as well we had
FURTHER RESOLVED this statement be permanently imprinted in the Board of
Education minutes for the meeting of May 21st 2018 he’s going to Harvard well we could just
call it a night let him run the school okay I guess we can’t all right so next
item on the agenda we have a bit of board business to take care of at this
time and you all know this is the time where the board electus new officers and
so we will take care of that and engage in that process right now and so we’ll
be electing five officers tonight which will be the president the vice president
clerk treasurer and secretary so we have five offices of to field tonight and so
as to get us started I would like to ask now this would be a ballot election so
you have your ballots in front of you so I like to ask for nominations for
President of the Board of Education I have a nomination for Mary Burke as
president Board of Education any other nominations but we have a nomination for Mary Burke
and Kate A’s for president of Board of Education any other nominations seeing
none then I move that the nominations be closed and I like to direct everyone to
cast your ballots write down who you would like to have for president the
Board of Education and Bart will come around and pick those up you can you
need to speak loud so the president can hear okay Kate aids declined the
nomination so seeing that there are no other no other candidates in mayor Burke
winds presidency by unanimous ballot congratulations so at this time it’s
been a pleasure serving you all for all these years
and this I’m looking forward to a very exciting and different year and Mary
congratulations look forward to following your leadership before we move on to elections for the
rest of the offices I want to thank James for his service so it’s not usual in the in the last few years this has
been a position that is rotated generally every year to two years and
James has really gone above and beyond and has served for for four straight
years yeah and we really appreciate his leadership open up the nominations for
the position of vice-president James Oh Nikki I nominate TJ so hearing no
further nominations the nominations for the office of the vice president are
closed for vice president the following are nominated James Howard in TJ merits
we will now move to a vote please cast your ballot by writing the name of the
candidate who you choose for vice president or abstain James Howard has been elected vice
president for the 2018-19 term we will now go on to the office of clerk and are
there any nominations for the office of clerk okay hearing no further
nominations nominations for the office of clerk are closed nikki is nominated
and since we do not have any other nominations I will in entertain a motion
to elect Nikki for the office of clerk by acclamation second Laurie your
advisory vote aye all opposed glad I have him next to me all in favor opposed
Nikki congratulations okay next is treasurer
are there any nominations for the office of treasurer hearing no further
nominations nominations for the office of treasurer are closed since we have
only one candidate I will entertain a motion to elect eight-tails for the
office of treasurer by acclamation so move is there a second Laura your
advisory vote all in favor aye opposed Kate Aves is our new treasurer the final
position is the secretary and the secretary is generally filled by one of
our staff positions because of all of the documentation and the papers that
are required so I will entertain actually I will ask if there are any
other nominations for secretary Kerry I nominate Mike berry
okay any other nominations no hearing no further nominations we will entertain a
motion to elect Mike berry for the office of secretary by acclamation so
moved Laurie your advisory vote all those in
favor aye opposed Mike berry is our secretary so next on the agenda are our
public appearances and we do have quite a few public appearances I will call the
name of the of the first two people the person to speak and the second person I
would ask comes up to the front and is ready once the first speaker is is
finished each speaker has three minutes you will
hear a beeping going off if if you can respect the three minutes since we have
quite a lot on the agenda and quite a few speakers I would appreciate it first
speaker is Katie Walsh followed by Everett Mitchell my name is Katie Walsh I’m an elementary
art teacher and just came from an art Edie PD this afternoon so many of my
colleagues are worn down one said she feels like she’s running around with a
chicken with her head cut off she said this isn’t healthy for us and it can’t
be healthy for the kids I feel it too I feel like I’ve been drowning this last
month when teachers start to realize that we own our own labor that it is
ours to give not yours to take this is when the tide will turn this is a quote
from West Virginia music teacher – Cole mcCormick last Thursday I stayed at
school until 8:00 p.m. getting ready for an old school paint event that Friday
can’t tell you how many late nights I’ve worked lately all the stuff that I don’t
have time for during the day we all know how often we work beyond contract my
labor is mine to give not yours to take I don’t have time to differentiate for
kids thoughtfully and be prepared to meet all kids where they are it’s
increasingly difficult to find the time to do my job and do what is best for all
of my kids now you were making me fight for a simple cost-of-living increase
which takes away my time my labor that I donate to you beyond contract time there
is only so much we can do before there is nothing left of us to give it’s
devastating to work so hard and then feel so disrespected by dr. Cheatham and
my school board my labor is mine to give not yours to take our cost of living
increases 2.1 3% that’s about 90 bucks a month for me my rents increased 105
dollars a month ninety doesn’t even cover a cost even increase for me but I
need it I’m finishing my masters in special education and now I have
undergrad loans and grad loans since 2011 cost of increase has gone up eleven
point two three percent but MMSD staff has only seen two point six three
percent of that at the same time we have been very patient about this issue and
now it’s time to give teachers what they need in order to do their jobs you were
aware of what the cost of living was back in January
why didn’t you budget for the full two point one three percent back in January
instead of passing all these priority budget items leaving nothing left with a
cost of increase for your staff telling the public but now you can’t raise the
tax levy to five point five eight percent which is what’s needed for Cola
it reminds me of a container that you filled with sand the sand is all those
priority items that you pass back into January in February then we get to April
and you say there’s no room left for teachers May comes and outs
thing may have to fight for you say it’s a fun cost of living unity to increase
the tax levy to five point five eight percent and to break your promise to
taxpayers you don’t need to break your promise to taxpayers you need to remove
some sand white priority items were more important than teachers to do the work
essays that help our neediest kids the custodians who make sure buildings are
ready for us to teach and kids to learn priorities items such as six hundred and
twenty five thousand dollars per tech maybe another forty one thousand four
hundred will be next for virtual reality headsets all more important than your
staff your values have been made very clear with your choices and it is clear
you do not value our staff our labor is ours to give not yours to take yeah I would ask that people hold the
applause down and so we can get started with the next speaker thank you followed
by Andy waiting thank you so much my name is Everett Mitchell I’m a Dane
County Circuit Court judge here in Dane County and the reason I’m here is
because I I am here to really support the need for youth engagement team to
help support our most vulnerable children
I think Frederick Douglas said it best it is far easier to build strong
children than to repair broken men and as I sit on the bench every day I’m
saying more of our traumatized young children who are being moved throughout
our school systems and who are being dropped without any ability to find the
resources that they need and so that leaves our families vulnerable leaves
our children vulnerable in many cases I see a lot of young children who have
faced so many so many traumas by the age of 6 or 7 years old that we drop into
classrooms with teachers unaware of the significant trauma that these children
have experienced and we really don’t have any way to engage the families or
these children to ensure that they are safely and productively integrated back
into our school systems I do firmly believe that Madison is committed to the
overall well-being of our children but I’m concerned that if we don’t have a
consistent and intentional effort toward engagement and ensuring that these
children have the services that they need we will find that we will begin to
reproduce more children who don’t have the basic needs that they need to
graduate from high school and to be successful and to be career ready for
example I’ve had one child that I know was removed in our city he was moved
over 29 times from the age of fire to the age of 15 years old 29 times he went
from just about every high school and we realized throughout the process that
there was no connection to get him reconnected to the school and we had to
recreate and fabricate things in order to ensure that he had the proper
services that he needed he has significant needs he had an
individualized education plan he was a special education student and he
suffered because we did we weren’t able to get the things we need luckily we
were able to find the supports that we needed but we we need to be able to do
more together to ensure that not just one child but any child who has
significant needs significant trauma significant
that when they enter our schools that they continue to find the support they
need and provide the the kind of wraparound services that are necessary
to ensure that not just these children don’t fall through the cracks but these
needy children don’t fall through the chasms that have been existed when they
don’t have the services that they need so thank you so much Andy followed by
Martha Siravo good evening I’m back again to speak to you about the need for
the cost-of-living increase for all employees and to the base wage I’ve
spoken to you directly a couple of times already
my fellow MTI members have contacted you all in our bargaining team along with
MTI staff have clearly conveyed the message that the cost of living increase
is merited needed and expected some may wonder why this the employees of
Madison’s public schools feel so strongly about this issue and the answer
for many lies in the fact that while we know that budgets are tight we know our
public schools have never gotten the full financial support they deserve we
also know that budgets reflect the priorities of any organization to hear
regularly that our labor is valued is one thing but to see that our work is
initially valued at less than one-quarter of the cost of living is
something else there’s a big picture that exists when we talk about public
educator wages the fact that teachers are 5 times more likely than other
workers to have a second job the reality that average pay when adjusted for
inflation has actually declined the past 15 years and longer than that in
Wisconsin where the qeo has depressed wages for over two decades there’s the
data that shows that 94% of educators pay for their classroom supplies at to
the tune of about four hundred seventy nine dollars per year then there’s a
personal side to this I look back in my financial records and was amazed to find
that my salary has not kept up with cost-of-living increases over the past
eight years my take-home pay should be about 166 dollars more a month had that
happened this deficit is not insignificant to me or my family and
sadly it’s not unique to me personally not just unique to me personally it
reflects a reality that too many public educators experience I’m also one
of those who’ve always bought the supplies from my classroom I never
realized just how ingrained it was for me and my shopping until this year when
I don’t have my own classroom the idea of buying extra snacks and school
supplies is part of what of a part of what most educators experience it’s
something that’s taken for granted in something that directly supports our
students in a very real way whether it’s a healthy snack a notebook and a pencil
the storage supplies for materials or furniture for my family for families in
the in stress what would what would our schools or classrooms look like if
educators didn’t purchase materials with their own money how would our students
stays be different if staff wasn’t buying supplies or snacks public
educators and public education or something that we can’t take for granted
our public schools are something incredibly special and powerful there’s
something to be treasured nurtured and cared for and the employees who form the
foundation of our public schools deserve that level of care every one of your
employees is earned much more than a cost-of-living increase
thank you Malthus of a Siravo next is Donovan
Spencer hi I am here again on behalf of my child
and for future families that have IEP s with our child in the MMSD school system
the reason I’m here is I kind of want to draw some attention to why dpi in MMSD
do not support each other when it comes in the IEP process when there is a
placement issue placement is extremely important to a child to be amongst the
proper peers in the classroom and when dpi says that a child is under the
parents discretion as to when to go to school at either age five or age six
but then MMSD will actually utilize and leverage with the IEP process of when of
how their services are going to be used in my daughter’s case we were told that
unless we placed her in a certain grade at a certain time they would provide
services if we did not they actually just decided to not have her in their
services for a year which is what we are actually doing right now I do not think
that is the right thing to do in order to support the parents as all the other
parents are supported and all the other parents are allowed to choose when their
kid is actually going to be placed properly amongst their peers when they
enter the k-12 system and then pebble MST is truly guided by the DPA policy I
don’t understand why it’s acceptable to neglect a child for a whole year when
they’re gonna be going into the k-12 system thereafter it’s the same
placement and they’re gonna be I’m within the same rules as everybody else
they’re gonna be under the same academics with all the rest of the
people in the classroom I don’t think it’s right to take away the parents
choice to take away the parents choice in order to in order to appease the DPI
policy and in our instance to our denial letter was already written up before we
were even in the room in order to discuss these things which again is not
fair for anybody and the only person knew who this is not benefiting is
everybody who’s involved the child is not benefited at all this this doesn’t
help anybody in this process and the Ellie’s description of the holding the
child backing or me possibly doing another 40 year before they enter they
system is labeled as retention which is not accurate at all it’s actually an
opportunity in order to learn to be at a more fair to be where their peers in a
more appropriate place to be able to learn and to be able to keep up with
everybody else in the classroom to be able to participate within the classroom
instead of being pulled out into private time with all the therapies that may
happen on the side and with when you have an actuator in 4k I think that
should be equally supported as if they were in like a k-12 school system but
the parents also need to be supporting when they’re deciding when their child
has proper placement within the k-12 school and I think MSD eliezer
rather than resistant and I would really like to be part of this process if there
is any way I can help please let me know thank you so much hi my name is Donovan
Spencer I’m a junior at East High School and I’m here to speak on behalf of the
college hi my name is Donovan Spencer I’m a junior at East High School and I’m
here to speak on behalf of the team Scholars Program I’ve just completed my
second year of the team Scholars Program I joined at the end of my freshman year
with you anyone can join with a minimum of a 2.5 2.75 GPA on team scans for
tomorrow’s tomorrow’s educators for equity in Madison it’s a chance for high
school students to go to the UW and to become a teacher in the MMSD
what my favorite part about team is that like I get like I can grow up and I can
know that I can give back to my district today is what I like about it and it’s a
chance for a lot of minority students to do the same thing only about like 30
percent of the students are relatable to like their teachers today because not a
lot of them come from here and there’s not a lot of minority teachers that we
see today through team cars program we can send a lot of
minority students through the program in through UW and with the master’s degree
to go back into teaching in the MMSD and it’s just a chance for us to improve the
district that were in today and to give back to what we’ve grown up as hello
thank you all for being here tonight I’ve been a teacher in MMSD for many
years I’m a special education teacher my job is far from easy as you know from
the emails I send you I love my job and I choose to continue to teach in one of
the most challenging schools in the district I come tonight to ask you to
support the 2.1 3% Cola while I feel that we deserve a 75% Cola I ask for two
point one three percent I hear on a regular basis how important teachers and
other school staff are to the success of students I see on your board of
education campaign literature that staff is so important Jen you tell us on a
very regular basis how much you appreciate us and how none of this work
could be done without us now it’s show time
show me and my colleagues that you value us support the 2.1 a 2.1 3% Cola as you
know I serve on the County Board recently we also dealt with the cola my
vote showed that I truly value the employees of Dane County for me it was
an easy decision I walk my talk the decision for an MMSD
Cola is now in your hands yes there’s a finite amount of money that’s always the
case but how you spend it shows your priorities
you can choose to support and value staff it’s a choice and that choice is
yours thank you Leigha haze followed by Donna Braun good
evening and thank you for taking time to listen to all of us tonight my name is
Lee haze I am the co-president of the Leopold
elementary parent faculty organization I was here a couple of months ago at a
school board meeting advocating for the reading intervention positions to be
maintained at Leopold instead of being cut I am very pleased that the board and
our superintendent heard our pleas for help at Leopold and reinstated all
reading intervention for next year thank you so much that is truly appreciated
and will help our students I am here tonight with my monolingual Spanish
speaking co-president presario Ramirez and fellow board member also monolingual
Spanish speaker karina mendoza and i speak on behalf of them and the other
fifty parents at Leopold who organized and signed a petition to raise their
concerns as spanish-speaking population at our dual language immersion school
specifically these parents wanted me to speak on their behalf tonight and
express their concern that the new principal at our school which was
selected via superintendent placement does not speak Spanish coming after five
years with our current principal Karina Sloane who is bilingual our
spanish-speaking parents have come to expect that they can go to their
principal face-to-face and be heard directly and hear back from their
principal directly with their concerns these fifty parents and countless others
who did not sign the petition now do not know how their needs and concerns can be
met if their only option is to speak through a translator
additionally the parents wanted to highlight their concern about the job
description for the Community School Resource Coordinator at Leopold not only
is it not a requirement for this position to be bilingual but
the only education requirement is that of a high school diploma now those of us
who are out Leopold have been living under the community school model for a
couple of years now and as Jen Cheatham I discussed it has not been going as
well as it has been at Mendota these parents who sign the petition do not
believe that a candidate with solely a high school degree would be qualified to
negotiate the kind of complex problem-solving and connections that are
required of the resource coordinator position for a school population that is
dual language with roughly 40% coming from a spanish-speaking or Latina
background as well as having another 26 languages spoken within the school
including Arabic French Hmong a variety of other you know Spanish dialects and
African dialects so I would like to present this petition which is all hand
signed to the board tonight and I would also like to invite all of you to
connect with me or our future leadership to come out to Leopold and meet with
these parents directly to so that they know that their concerns have been
adequately heard thank you very much for your time tonight Donna Braun followed by cari Falk my
name is Donna Brown I’m a nursing assistant at Short Hills Elementary
School before that I spent nine years as a special education assistant at Spring
Harbor middle school I’m here for two reasons one we need a cola raise only
for the simple fact that my Cola raise because I’m only allowed to work 20
hours a week will give me exactly two dollars and fifty cents excuse me five
dollars and fifty cents more a week barely enough to put gas in my car to
get to and from work every day also with the what I would like you to consider is
that there was a hand book recommendation proposed that the ESEA
unit be given a salary schedule change in salary schedule this is not something
that is being discussed in the cola when we met and talked as a bargaining
committee on the wages the teachers said how could we in good faith bargain for
raises when we don’t know what our support staff is going to be getting
this is something that you could easily approve early on in your budgetary
process you could approve that handbook recommendation to win to change the
salary schedule for the ESEA units and give some of the lowest pay people that
additional money that they need in addition to the rest of us I’m a nursing
assistant my salary is not scheduled to change in that because I’m already
making a little bit more than that however with a cola raise that’s still
not going to make me have a lot cost-of-living increase that will keep
me at the level I have been at I need you to understand that this affects
people’s livelihoods many of the nursing assistants could not be here tonight
because they’re taking advanced CPR classes so that they can do what they
need to do in their jobs a lot of other people in the ESEA unit couldn’t be here
tonight because they have second jobs just to make ends meet a cola raise is
the minimum that we will accept please understand that we are important and the
teachers can’t do their jobs if we don’t do ours thank you Carrie fall followed by Kenan O’Day hi
I’m Carrie Falk and I teach science at Badger Rock Middle School I’m gonna tell
you a personal story because this cost of living race is pretty personal I
started my educational career at the age of 6 at Schank elementary school I was
determined and I was a young girl who wanted to be a veterinarian
I was sure at Whitehorse middle school I made my commitment to college something
might nobody in my family had accomplished before Ella Follette I took
advanced math and science classes to prepare myself for that future but it
was in my first year of college that I realized that I loved science I didn’t
want to be a veterinarian I took a course that changed my life it was an
accelerated biology course cells are really cool and this course allowed me
to see that beauty in science and it was that moment I realized I wanted to see
all of our kids to see that beauty in science and have that experience before
they were making so many big life decisions so that’s why I’m here today
that’s why I teach but on a personal note last summer I married my husband
this year we’ve had many conversations about starting a family so often those
conversations come back to whether I could even keep teaching just knowing
how much it would cost to put our kids in childcare if you didn’t know it costs
about fourteen hundred dollars to put one child through childcare at the
facility near my school but there’s something else you should know about me
I’m a twin my uncle is a twin my grandma is a twin
my great-grandma’s twin although it’s not certain
cuz biology isn’t that way there’s a good chance that I may also have twins
that I could expect to pay two thousand or $4,800 I know
$2,800 a month right but my take-home salary this year is two thousand eight
hundred and ninety-three dollars a month so please don’t make me and many other
young families have to make a choice between spending time with our kids in
the classroom and having kids of our own give us the cost-of-living increase
but honestly give us more Kanan followed by Jen Greenwald hi my
name is Kannan O’Day and I’m a senior at West High School I’m here to emphasize
the need for the improvement of my school’s environment the lack of
resources we as students and teachers currently have to utilize is
ridiculously unacceptable since my first year at West High School last year I’ve
had a negative impression of the school environment as I encounter the lack of
connection between students and staff students are disengaged and end up in
the hallways during class time and this has become a norm and a sample of what I
encounter the reasons for this vary from student to student
but overall the intervention students are receiving is not enough and more
serious interventions are necessary as a guest out of at a few of our 1 West’s
meetings mr. Mertz has taught me something very important it is ok to
answer I don’t know two questions that I do not know I honestly don’t know why
some students are not encouraged enough to consider education a priority when
drugs alcohol and skipping become priorities for a student it’s necessary
to understand or engage on a personal level with these students for other
students and intervention more deep than a conversation with the parent is
necessary however I am not seeing serious interventions occurring our
social services are limited our classes are overfilled tutors are
scarce teachers don’t have time for students study halls become loud social
clubs and we expect students to be able to compete like wild animals for the
education that is being provided I have had multiple students come up to me
asking for academic support but I like the time and often times the skills
students should be able to have the courage to request help from their
teachers but the lack of encouragement is a sign of the deeper cause teachers
just don’t have time for us I’ve been observing a decrease in the mental
wellness of students around the school and I wonder why it seems like there’s
no one else there to pick us up on the other hand hallmark Club has one or two
tutors and sometimes none per night mission 4.0 became mission 3.0 and now
we get mold on the over 700 calorie sandwiches someone is responsible for
lowing our student standards and art decreasing the support system for us all
I’m extremely proud of our principal dr. Moran who has been making attempts to
ensure our school has been a safe learning environment
however it is not enough we need your help please consider our request and
listen to the audience that walks into the doors at our schools every day I’m
aware that this issue may not be only prominent at West but in a progressive
city like Madison we should be leaders in our community and in the nation thank
you Jen followed by Marilyn truth hi I’m Jen
Greenwald I teach second grade at mirror and I’m a mom of a first year alum of
Madison schools and a first year student at West she’s friends with a lot of
those kids that hang out in the halls you should listen to him um I’m here to
speak about two things one I’m not gonna say a whole lot about you’ve already
heard compelling testimony from other people I think a cost-of-living
adjustment should just be an accepted practice I don’t know why we’re talking
about it really you should plan you should plan for it every year I’m here
to talk about something else that you’ve heard me talk about for a long time and
it’s testing and every time I say it I hear people in their mind say what are
you talking about Jen we do forward and we do math and I say uh-huh and we do
pals and we do coke at and we do access for english-language learners and we do
benchmark and we do oral language and we do the writing assessment and the number
corner checkups and now we have a new test I teach second grade at this point
in the year they are eight years old you can’t see this because it’s one that
might one of my students is working on it is 18 pages it is the end-of-the-year
math assessment that I am required to administer to my eight year olds we do
it a little at a time to make it less painful I say things sometimes in
British accents to make it fun I give my students lots of pep talks because they
are smart amazing people and they deserve the pep talks they don’t deserve
this I keep asking myself so why am i doing this why am i administering this
test at this point in the year is it because you think I don’t know enough
about what my students where they’re struggling and what they know how to do
is it because you think I need help writing a report card because I
absolutely don’t I know I know them and I know what they
can do so I don’t know what purpose this serves the kindergarten test is either
12 or 13 pages they’re in kindergarten we do a lot of things that help kids
disengage from schools I you’ve heard me say this before I want my students to
love school this doesn’t help and it doesn’t inform my instruction thanks Marilyn followed by Dave Branson hi I’m
Marilyn fruits I’m the nurse’s assistant at Leopold
could you use the mic a little closer I can’t hear you point five percent is an
increase but it’s not a cost-of-living increase because that’s two point one
three percent one point two six is an increase but it is not a cost-of-living
increase because that is two point one three percent this is a copy of my
latest performance review it covers the past two years it’s all fives lots of
superlatives I’m proud of it honestly it’s not in my nature to toot
my own horn it makes me uncomfortable probably tell but bring it up to drive
home the point that I and my colleagues have dutifully and passionately
performed with excellence our side of the contract to educate to prepare for
college career and community excuse me the students of MMSD you know this and I
know you know this but it’s time to demonstrate that you know this
I am NOT here tonight with my hat in hand asking please give me two point one
three percent and I’m sorely tempted to say I’m demanding but for tonight I
choose simply to say I expect I expect you the board to do your duty with
passion and excellence and fulfill your side of the contract to the staff of
MMSD a two point one three percent cost-of-living base wage increase for
all employees that’s what I expect and I and my colleagues have the right to
expect it because we have earned it we have so and just like you know we
deserve it I know you can figure out how to get it done and finally I would just
like to add that my inspiration tonight comes from the brave public school
educators in West Virginia Kentucky Arizona who have left their classrooms
to march the capitals of their states to protect quality public education
I say forward to all of them and I say forward to the staff of the MMSD you know I tried to make sure that
people do have a chance to participate and to show their appreciation I applaud
that but but I think also we should be respectful of everyone’s time here and
keep it so that we can keep the speakers coming as well thank you so Dave Dave
will be fouled by here here Bob’s thanks David
I’m Dave Branson and I represent the building trades that work for Madison
School District the five trades that I represent are the steamfitters the
plumbers electricians carpenters and painters and I’m asking you to support
the two point one three percent across-the-board raise for all the
employees the wages that the building trades who work for the school district
have been falling behind what they could weigh behind what they could make in a
private sector in 2016 everyone received 0.12 percent increase the average
increase for the trades in the private sector the five trades that represented
was two point three seven percent last year the school district increase was
one point two six percent the average for the five trees that are represented
was three point one two percent with the building trades the contracts are always
up on June 1st so everybody’s negotiating right now the
the wages are going to be well above 3 percent again this year and if this
continues if the building trades keep on falling behind what they can be banking
in the private sector it’s going to become increasingly hard to retain and
to recruit more building trades out there
you know there’s a lot of construction going on right now you can see that by
walking out here there’s cranes up all over the place it doesn’t show any of
any signs of slowing down and all of the trades are very busy they’re all out
there trying to recruit people and please support the 2.13 percent because
like I said it will become a lot harder to reach
and recruit building trades to work into schools thank you thank you Kira Cobbs followed by Tom MacGillivray Kira fobs Falk Elementary speaking as an
individual I’ve been in this district for 22 years now distending 22 two years
ago the Social Security Administration
informed me that my salary actually went down that’s never happened to me in my
life I’ve had to work two jobs most of the time that I’ve been here in MMSD
I’ve lost over five hundred and fifty dollars a month due to act 10 and the
negotiations that have happened since act 10 I’ve had to refinance my house
once I tried a second time and failed so now I’m selling my house the laws of
compensation for planning time for attending and serving on IEP meetings
has been crucial to me because I have usually five to eight special ed
students in my classroom every year I serve in a title one school with over
seventy four percent minority children and and I think it was 47% special ed
how can I live how can I call myself a professional when I’m being treated like
a slave at 10:00 was a severe blow and we showed
our strength by coming out in numbers and showing our responsibility as
members of the community and we failed but we haven’t given up but act 10 says
cost of living act 10 says cost of living I deserve cost of living we
deserve cost of living and that’s 2 and 13 100s I’m a math teacher good evening
I think it was Pam McGilvery not Tom I know I would not be a teacher because of
my writing I don’t be followed next one up just excuse me I’ll start over again
is Marla’s White Eagle Thank You Pam no problem Pam MacGillivray I’m the
president of noise from window Inc and I’m here on behalf of nmi and the noise
from window community so as you know we’re moving forward with the renewal of
our charter process dpi has agreed to the waiver and so we look forward to
working with you and the substance obsessive issues on that move as we go
forward in the next few months tonight on the agenda is a renewal of the lease
form a would and we’re supportive of that and it will give us some certainty
and our parents some certainty as we look for a permanent home for noise
through Mundo through the facilities planning process so we will hope we hope
that you will give us that bit of security with the five-year lease that
is on the agenda for tonight but also I have to extend my support for the
teachers and staff who are here tonight the teachers and staff in the Western
window are really the heart and soul of what makes it a successful school so I
would to meet them at least with the cost of
living raised and would iterate again that they deserve it thank you thank you Marlys followed by Francis good evening
score school board members and good evening teachers and educators of city
of Madison I’m here and I’m not quite sure why I’m here except that there are
some things that have gone unsaid and unnoticed I’m looking around here I am
NOT a stranger attending school board meetings I’ve been attending these
meetings over the last 40 years 40 years in it of those times I haven’t had one
increase I haven’t had a dime for my efforts when it comes to being an
educator myself no one has paid me anything to come up and to advocate for
our young people and if you all look at me and take a good look at me because
I’m one of the few persons here in the city Madison’s that are continually
tokenized and objectified in my situation here I’m talking about this
annual report is just an example and what the contents within the exam the
annual report we are totally invisible I’m not just talking for my community
the Native American community I’m talking about many communities we come
here and applaud ourselves to be ninja caters but lots of times we have to do
it on our own because no one else would do that for us so I’m here talking
specifically about how education is supposed to be synonymous with what you
all have and you all have a job the majority of you here all have a job a Jo
B I have a person a daughter who has gone through the schools of
Madison she’s you know as old as many of you
persons here she’s got an education in education she doesn’t have a job here
she’s applied here she doesn’t have a job she doesn’t get a merit increase you
know she’s doing what she can to support her family and I’m here talking just on
one agenda I imagined I was thinking exactly what I mean what am I here for I
have a lot of other issues because when I look around this place hasn’t changed
McDaniel was are still here you know we have new board members we have a new
superintendent but nothing has changed and I think we’re all looking for a
change and I think one of these days we may get a change and they’re all gonna
give us back what I get back you’re gonna have to get what I get because I
have nothing more to give you and I really think that I’m here for this you
know I’m here to listen to you all I’m here to be listened to
I’m here to be looked at I’m here for you to look at your students I’m not
tokenized I don’t want to be the person you guys contact no at the end of
November to talk about Native Americans you know this is like I said you know
I’ve been approached by many of the staff of the school will you sit with us
at Shrek will you go through our curriculum and I said yes voluntarily
don’t pay me a penny I don’t want it is this to improve our
schools that’s what I’m here for I guess what during this time not one
person not one of these persons that had asked me have contacted me not one not
by phone by text by email I said you know what that means
that means I’m ejecta fied I am a Tolkien here within the school and I’ve
tired of it and that’s one of the reasons I’m here I probably have more
but I hae only have three minutes yeah Marlys could you finish up I’m sorry –
three minutes have passed oh I’m done but I’m not done
okay Frances followed by animosity my name is
Frances Whedon huff and I’m sorry Frances could you speak into the
microphone a little bit more I’m coming to you today at the end of the school
year profoundly discouraged and disillusioned with the Madison
metropolitan school district it’s been 24 years since we didn’t graduate our
native daughter from the Madison School District despite all of our total family
efforts to support her in graduating it’s been six years since my oldest
grandson native grandson did graduate but only after Herculean efforts on our
part to find a one small place for him in
this whole school district where he was able to succeed I’m now faced with the
same situation with my preteen grandson who is feeling more and more alienated
with the school system going into 6th grade this is all on the backdrop of
native proficiencies and the strategic framework milestones that are abysmal
the only thing that native students are doing 50% or better on is getting FS in
9th grade so the factors that have shown in studies to correlate with better
graduation rates for Native students like having Native people at educated
native people hired into the schools having someone in that school
environment for the native kids to look at say this person looks like me they
know me they get it you know and make a native student feel visible again and
again that is not happening when over and over qualified native
candidates who have all the qualifications for positions are not
hired over the past several months of
advocating in native education I have heard over and over again the word
fairness but nothing about anything that’s been going on recently are
throughout all the years since my daughter was in school none of this has
been fair and and looking at this report right here that it kind of sums it all
up it says it all when you look at the breakdown of graduation rates by you
know what it calls the student group Native Americans are not even on there
that is a loud and clear message to the students and their families that you
don’t matter we don’t even count you anima had followed by Joanne Yahnke okay
thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak this evening I’m here with
several other parents that are here to voice our concerns around special
education programming in the school district I want to start by saying
ableism is a form of discrimination or prejudice against individuals with
physical mental or developmental disabilities that is characterized by
the belief that these individuals need to be fixed or cannot function as full
members of society as a result of these assumptions individuals with
disabilities are commonly viewed as being abnormal rather than as members of
a distinct minority community as a parent of a child with a significant
disability I have first-hand experience with district staff treating my son as
less than and trying to exclude him from the school community
my son Felix is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder due to his disability
he has limited access to verbal communication requires close supervision
and has extensive support for personal care needs it was during his four K year
at Midvale elementary I discovered how far some folks would go to exclude my
son typically on an IEP meeting all staff as well as family members are
encouraged to share information so it was extremely odd that at his placement
meeting not one staff member except the principal spoke about what would be an
appropriate placement for my son for kindergarten ultimately the prison the
principal and assistant director of student services decided he should be
placed at a different school rather than attend Midvale I was extremely upset by
the decision because it meant that he would have to deal with another
transition to a new school environment and it also meant he was at greater risk
of getting hurt due to his issues with elopement and fascination with water
after the meeting I finally found out what had happened from his case manager
his teachers and support staff were told not to speak or give input during the
meeting the principal went so far as to fizz
tapped my son’s case managers leg under the table and just shush him repeatedly
to prevent him from participating in the meeting I was astonished and heartbroken
to see how far an individual would go to keep my son out of a school in the end
he remained at Midvale via an administrative transfer after I
requested mediation and submitted a letter from his case manager documenting
the principal’s actions which were not only unethical they were illegal
I share my son’s story because you all need to know about the countless ways
our students with disabilities are discriminated against poorly served and
prejudged by some in our school district tonight you will be hearing from other
families about the atrocious things that are you children and youth have endured
in our MMSD schools we ask that rather than seeing our children and youth as
damaged goods with disengaged parents you see them for the brilliant creative
and resilient individuals they truly are jo-anne followed by Margaret Rubio good
evening i’m joann yankee mom to miriam at jefferson seventh-grader
with a complex IEP and to lydia a memorial sophomore with a GDL driver’s
license I’m speaking tonight about my miriam but also about her fellow student
geo who joins miriam in the special ed room at jefferson for the greatest part
of the school day Gio’s parents Ron and Charlotte can’t be
here tonight families like ours have extra childcare issues sometimes so I’m
here to let you know about some challenges that Miriam and Gio share
they both have epilepsy they both have limited spoken language for expressing
their thoughts and preferences and needs they’re both vulnerable to dysregulation
and to expressing themselves through physical contact when words fail and the
frustrations pile high and they’ve both made so much progress across their MMSD
years that a substitute esier who worked with them both last week and who knew
them from years ago was moved to tears at how much progress
they both had made Miriam for example used to have multiple incidents of
physical contact with staff every single day back in fourth grade
she’s now down to maybe one incident per week imagine being the proud parent of
such a student seeing the good results of years of your involvement and love
and persistent patience strategizing with the school and then getting a
letter in the mail with the subject line the recommended expulsion of Miriam
Oakleaf I understand the purpose of the letter is supposed to be to inform me
that there won’t actually be an expulsion but every time I get another
one of these letters it hits me like a ton of bricks as Mira’s parents we’ve
gotten about a dozen of these Gio’s parents have had the same in both cases
the behaviors are documented manifestations of our children’s
disabilities clearly outlined in their IEP s what in the name of parent
engagement is the district trying to do the parents like us with these letters
can you imagine how it feels to get letters almost
every week telling you that there’s been yet another recommendation to remove
your child from the school community and it’s more than just the one letter for
every incident we get a call from the assistant principal she has to send an
expulsion exemption request to the district and a letter to us informing us
of the instant details and then we get the recommended expulsion but not really
letter from the district our kids are building thick school based files of
expulsion documentation this is also a wide account of level-5 incidents has
jumped into the dozens this year despite only a couple of actual explosions one
dozen is Miriam another dozen is Gio this process is as unnecessary edits as
it is infuriating and it’s unfair only a couple of middle schools are currently
sending these letters although the district has directly refused to tell me
how many please help us make the stop before you involve any more families of
the many things that need improvement in the district for students with
disabilities this one is easy first you hit the rewind button back to where we
were before the first of these letters went out in September you can read about
the rest in the recommendations I resent to you this afternoon
the MMSD home page proclaims we stand behind students with disabilities and
their families every one of these letters that the district inflicts on a
family like mine is undermining that claim thank you Marco Rubio followed by Kiana Chi
I can’t chew out of my gum anymore I chewed all the flavor out I’m so anxious
this is my first time I promise I will be clear concise concise and to the
point and be nice as my son says when I go to school I turn into Madea and
that’s pretty sad he asked me why I was coming here tonight I said because I
need to talk about what your rights are and we had a pretty clear-cut
conversation he is 12 and he has ADHD OCD Tourette’s and a mood dysregulation
disorder he was hospitalized for almost two weeks in the fourth grade and I’ve
come to find out that maybe that could have been prevented
because I have open communication with everybody everybody can talk to
everybody I always tell people we are gonna stand around the campfire hold
hands and sing Kumbaya come hell or high water for my kid we are here for him and
I was talking to him and he said mom why do you need to talk to them about that
why do you have to make them do that it’s a given and I said you know what
you’re right it’s not a tomato tomahto it’s not a potato potato it is what his
given right is for a good education at 7th grade when he was 7 years old I was
at journey mental health my son at the time was saying he wanted to kill
himself because of his Tourette’s he had an awful tic we called it the chicken
wing and he went huh-huh like that I’m waiting to go into the intake and my
family advocate was there with me and I went in and this is what he said the
therapist close your eyes pretend you’re holding on to your son with both hands
someone comes and smacks you in the face and I open my eyes and I go why he goes
just close them so I did someone comes again and smacks you in the face he goes
what do you do I said what do you expect me to do I’m gonna take one hand and go
like this I’m gonna take the other hand and grab the hell out of my kid and make
sure that I defend it so that no hits come to him he said now turn off the
lights this is what it is to be a child of
special needs all of these parents here with children of special eats have
enough to deal with I’ve had people in his elementary school cross their arms
and say why bother with OT it’s not going to work somebody else said I’ve
had 17 years of experience under my belt well you know what
apparently 17 years of experience does not help you at all you don’t let a
first grader make a paper airplane and he’s shining and blaming and saying oh
my gosh I made a paper airplane it’s the best comes 8:34 class time I’ve had
adults chasing my kid around under the tables grab the paper airplane throw it
in the garbage and say it’s time to get to work I would have kicked the si in
the balls myself and I’m sorry for my language but my son is 12 he’s still
talking about hurting himself he’s still getting bully he got punched in the face
last year for saying the N word he has Tourette’s I have another principal who
tries to do an in-school suspension through the backdoor absolutely not I am
sorry that I turned into Madea my beautiful son who turns 12 deserves
better and so do these other parents of teachers of parents of children with
special needs as well and for us to keep the good teachers we need to pay them
more because I don’t want somebody else to look at my kid in the future and say
you’re not good enough they all are keyonna followed by sir Larson couldn’t
give any thank you for the opportunity to share my concern from on the special
occasions in medical schools as a matter of fifth grade with IEP I have serious
concern about the current practice my son had been moved to Kressel from
Middleton in 2011 for five days I’m sorry sorry
and the diagnostic visa Asperger’s by the end of first grade and Jessica Stam
IEP teachers from second through third grade and another one for the fourth
grade he had behavior incidents every day in second grade but by fourth grade
they had job – once a week he was not restrained even here fourth grade
anymore JC was out hold class almost all the time in the second grade and then he
started making progress in the 60% of time in the class by 3rd grade and the
false parity they make it at night % of time in a classroom but unfortunately in
the fifth grade over the summer 2017
he says AP teacher and a two of the supportive 4th grade teachers three of
them left school and a sudden change and all the bad things coming back again in September 2017 my son was restrained
for four times and called half a year school suspensions and then one day out
of school suspensions with not met law says with his disability but a testified
by the education the elementary behavior education plan in October 2007 teens he
was put in the secular Tea Room two times the first time was 20 minutes the
second time 30 minutes and by the end of January 2008 he he put in the sacred
room for two hours and then in 45 minutes he was as elegant as the gated
and then another about 1/2 hour he called his clothes a being combined
in the seclusion room for two hours is emotional SEC College Italy well almost
– my son and myself and but our runtimes couple weeks later I just go to the
school father’s school field trip and then the to I pass by the seclusion room
I hear the case screaming in the room shaking and crying but he but other
teacher does at the door and Hawking checking and another teacher at the desk
working is terrible when you see a case that’s per day in that room and I find
out the Crestwood has 153 times used the seclusion room and the restraints on the
11 students with disabilities so I here I want to point out that the
special education staffs are not emergency personnel they should not
react at firefighters our patrol officers are law enforcement judges they
should be educator help her and support her so here I was planning to help
myself because I I like a crossword at beginning I was planning to attend back
my sandwich enter the middle school and high school in the Madison School
District but ways this year the struggles I have choose decided to move
away move back to the Med Middleton at school and that they’d support me with
that the Middleton school only suspended four point seven of students with
disabilities in a year but medicine school suspense 12.2% eighth year your
three minutes as Bernard could you please finish our I just want to the
school district at the school part to have other schools to find a better way
to work with disability case they can be we see the mega progress but the school
the teachers may be nauseated that treated differently thank you thank you sir Larsen followed by Susanne buco hi
there are many struggles that I could share about my daughter with autism but
I would like to share tonight about my concern about the lack of a
accountability that exists in two specific areas of special education
first the district lacks accountability in implementing the student’s IEP s
these are services that should be provided without question because the
district and the family have already agreed to them here’s one example from
last year about six weeks into the school year we learned that my daughter
was not receiving the Lunch Bunch service that she had been receiving for
many years when we asked the principal why it wasn’t being provided she said
they were providing the service just at other times we had not discussed or
approved that changed in any IEP meetings when we asked to see the
progress monitoring data it was not given to us the principal later told us
that she had no staff allocation for the service and could not get more staff
even though it was in my daughter’s IEP when we asked central office they
eventually approved the staffing allocation and we believed the matter to
be resolved few weeks later however we asked how it was going and learned that
the service had only been provided once and it was now 14 weeks into the school
year we eventually asked for and received compensatory services to make
up the missed services but only after eight more weeks of tense negotiations
with the district’s legal counsel parents should not have to fight this
heart to ensure that IEP s are being implemented as drafted second the
district lacks accountability and failing to provide parents with special
education records including the progress monitoring data required under IEP s
these are records that should be provided without question and without
delay under state and federal law here’s another example from last year in late
February we asked about extended school year services for my daughter for the
summer the school told us they had submitted a packet of information on our
daughter’s behalf including data but when we requested it the school would
not give it to us we asked the administrator who told us
to ask legal counsel legal counsel said the school would give it to us but at
the next IEP meeting the administrator would not give it to us the records or
the data he would not even discuss esy and abruptly ended the meeting without
our consent in March we requested the records under
FERPA in May we received incomplete records and none of the emails that we
requested so we again as for everything under Wisconsin public records law in
late July we asked again it wasn’t until October 3rd that we
received everything we asked for 142 days after our public records request
200 days after a FERPA request and nearly 7 months after the first request
in February parents should not have to fight this hard or wait this long to
obtain educational records about their own children aside from the obvious
legal violations this is a fiscal mismanagement issue that should concern
the board and the taxpayers the district needlessly spends an inordinate time
inordinate amount of time and personnel resources fighting with parents when
they should be implementing IEP s the board should use its broad powers to
hold the district’s top leaders accountable for these failures are
children’s with disabilities deserve better thank you Suzanne followed by Crystal Sanchez
Powell I’d really ask that people respect the three minutes thank you
hi I’m Suzanne butch go sometimes I stutter when I speak please don’t
discount them the message for the delivery my my daughter is finishing
ninth ninth grade at West Haight a high school julia is a gifted artist and she
works hard at school she’s on the autism spectrum and has ADHD coming out of
right of right middle school she had an excellent
i-i-i-i EP she was included in May in mainstream class classes with pullouts
and and support as a freshman at West Julia was scheduled to spend more than
half her day for class periods plus lunch in room 11 12 room 11 12 is a
segregated self-contained classroom for special ed students for math in room 11
12 julia completed worksheets there was little direct teaching no student
interaction or discussion the worksheets were checked and they were handed back
to her there was no homework no quizzes no papers came came home there did not
appear to be a PO a cohesive kura-kura curriculum for reading fundamentals in
room 11 12 julia read short news articles and answered cop comprehension
quick questions more worksheets again there was little directiy teaching no
discussion no homework no curriculum no book length reading was attempted
interestingly when julia joined a ninth grade English class mid semester she
read Night by Elie Wiesel leg expectations for written work and tech
testing were modified and she did well in addition to excluding students from
mainstream classes special ed students are segregated during lunch when I
inquired about the lunchtime clubs in the fall I was told that apart from
Pierre part partners special ed students did not join clubs because there was no
support for them I spent the fall at advocating to change
Julia’s day I communicated with her with her case in the manager with the special
ed prep principal the special ed program supports teacher this special ed Park
department chair and the principal I call two supplementary III EP meetings
as a result julia spends only occasional lunch time only occasional lunch times
in room 11:12 and attends mainstream classes with with support she was on
first semester honor roll she joined the cheerleading team
she had a solo last week in the end the choir concert she participates in three
lunchtime clubs including dress to trills and the Korean pop music club
none of this would have happened in room 11 12 make no mistake as sweet as this
out outcome is for my little girl it would not have happened without a
persistent educated and rather bitchy advocate creating a thorn in everyone’s
side room 11 12 was inappropriate restrictive and not in compliance with
Julia’s IEP I would argue that it is
inappropriate and and the most restrictive environment for many of the
students placed there my heart hurts for those kids who cannot be accommodated as
easily as my Julia hood no parent should have to become a
full-time advocate in order to get an appropriate education in the least
restrictive environment for their students thank you good evening my name
is crystal Sanchez my family my children have been part of MMS deed for 12 years
I have 4 children to attend the Fallot Senate in nuestro mundo all four of my
children have IEP s two of them in the area of EBD and two of them in the area
of autism I’ve seen challenges throughout the years that not only my
children but other children and families are facing in MST district currently my
oldest daughter who is 16 has always had dreams of attending NYU
she’s a currently enrolled at lafalot but hasn’t attended in over five months
because of emotional and social stress from her peers and many years of serious
bullying and other significant mental health issues she has tried multiple
times to get into alternative programs only to be denied due to barriers every
time she gets a denial letter it’s another message to her that she’s not
enough and she has no sense of belonging in every part of her body she wants to
graduate from high school but at this point it’s not looking promising
my second daughter who’s in eighth grade at 7th middle school has struggled
significantly throughout the years she has autism and speech issues and also
dyslexia the school district does not recognize dyslexia and does not have
anybody trained within the school district
I just recently attended her IEP meeting only to find out that she’s still
reading at third grade level and entering into high school I don’t know how she’s supposed to be
able to enter into a high school I mean she’s really had third grade level the
reading interventions that have been implemented for her do not work for kids
with dyslexia every time she goes to those classes it only kills her
self-esteem she is brilliant though she’s reading at their grade level she’s
somehow maintaining A’s and B’s currently if she could just read at the
level she was at imagine where she could be my third child is also at Senate
middle school and he also has high functioning autism he’s in sixth grade
he started out at Senate middle school in a specialized setting and has
continued to sit in that classroom and never go into any other regular ed
settings he has gone over five years without any
education because nobody wants to push him to go into the classrooms or they
don’t have the resources on how to handle him the district needs to stop
allocating money towards technology and resources because PT o–‘s can fund for
that we can’t fund for teachers and we can’t keep taking away teachers out of
the district I hope that you guys hear just some of my concerns as appearance
and all the other parents thank you thank you limb followed by Kelly Simpkins my name
is Lynn Renner I’m a parent of a sophomore at Memorial and I was here
last fall advocating for additional funding for SES and I want to thank the
board for implementing that and that has made a difference in my son’s school at
Memorial but like so many of the other parents here I feel like I need to be
here to advocate for the overarching problems of how students with special
needs our school are served in MMSD schools including memorial my son like
many others who’ve heard from other parents who have heard from spends most
of his day in a segregated classroom and we had to fight very hard for him to
spend a couple of hours each day in in to regular classes these segregated
classrooms lack stimulation or opportunity to learn from their
typically developing peers and I see a lack of meaningful academics as you’ve
heard from others there’s an assumption that my son and others can’t or won’t
learn so the curriculum is either non-existent in many cases or I feel
like it’s really simplistic and in in several cases I’ve noticed that what
they’re teaching to my son who’s a sophomore is not even as sophisticated
or as interactive as what he was getting in elementary school so to briefly
summarize my concerns I see a lack of modified curriculum and that example is
even when my son is taken to he loves science and he loves history and I
appreciate that there’s an SCA there to take him to these classes but this essay
is given no training and no time and no support to modify the curriculum so
while it’s great that he’s there and he’s not sitting in room 510 I’m just
not sure how much he’s getting because there’s no the special ed teachers or
others have not given the given the resources and the time to help
modify that curriculum so and then finally I think and most importantly
which I’d like to echo others that those essays are critically important to my
son’s success and for others and they need to be trained they need to be paid
better and they need to be respected because they are the ones that make the
difference in whether my son has a successful school year or not Thank You Kelly followed by Neil rain Ford hi
there I’m Kelly Simpkins I am a parent of a 9th grade student with an IEP at
West High School I couldn’t cut it to three minutes so I’m gonna leave you a
three pager of his experience thus far as a ninth grader there and it echoes
many of my other family’s comments regarding segregation inclusion lack of
programming but what I am here to do is dr. Andrea Roop our assistant assistant
professor of special education at uw-madison has provided a statement to
be read here at the board meeting and she’s hoping that the following
information will be able to contextualize the experiences you are
hearing about tonight so teachers of students with significant disabilities
should be prepared to design meaningful and age-appropriate learning experiences
meaningful learning experiences engage students in active learning to solve
real problems and navigate authentic situations alongside peers with and
without disabilities age-appropriate learning experiences occur in the
classrooms hallways lunch rooms playgrounds that all students access for
example high school students should not be completing coloring pages or reading
picture books as an instructional activity
academic content can be adapted for students individual needs but should be
aligned to their own grade level this is possible through curriculum alignment an
important area of expertise for teachers of students with significant
disabilities teachers of students with significant disabilities should be
provided with appropriate resources to support students use of assistive
technology and augmentative and alternative communication simply put
students with significant disabilities cannot access education without these
supports paraprofessionals are an important resource and their job duties
need to match their level of preparation paraprofessionals support teachers and
make it possible for teachers to do their jobs paraprofessionals are
valuable for their ability to monitor and support students and they are not
prepared to be the primary instructors or instructional decision-makers for our
students misuse of paraprofessional support can easily be can easily put
students with significant disabilities in dangerous situations and finally we
should remember the guiding principle of the Brown versus Board of Education
decision separate is not equal students taught and inclusive settings are ten
times more likely to have access to the academic content instruction to which
they are entitled entitled by law then students taught in segregated settings
while inclusive spaces provide consistent opportunities to learn
academic content segregated spaces do not in a recent study of segregated
special education classrooms students with significant disabilities spent 57
percent of their instructional time either passively engaged or not engaged
in learning at all for students who had complex communication needs it jumped to
84% put another way students with complex communication needs receive
about one sixth of the education to which they are entitled
hmm when they are educated in separate settings saying thank you Neal followed by Emily morrow good
evening and thanks for your service I’m Neal Rainford on the apps me
representative for the Madison metropolitan school districts total and
food service employees as well as most of the other general employees who work
for the city of Madison in Dane County and I’m here tonight to share some
additional information regarding Ricoh recent local government employee
compensation in the Madison metropolitan area a few weeks ago I shared some
information regarding how far behind their fellow local government employees
MMSD support staff employees have fallen in the past few years and that would be
specifically city of madison and being county employees over the period 2015 to
2018 the city of madison employees pay has increased by more than 6 percent
likewise over at Dane County the county employees pay is increased by 87 cents
in 2016 which was equal to 3 percent across the board but it was closer to 5
percent for those in the lowest pay levels and an additional 3% in 2017 so
again about 6 percent more or more in the past couple of years
in contrast MMSD support staff employees have received only about 2% and over 1%
of that increase was a product of some health care changes that were more
costly in some cases to the employees of the district so these data strongly
support the pay increase of two point one three percent for MMSD employees in
the coming year in the wake of presenting this information recently
there were some questions about whether the other two main comparable government
employers were also paying for step increases for their employees and also
whether those step increases were equal in cost to the step increases that have
been paid by MMSD in recent years and so in answer to those questions I’m here
tonight to report that both the city and the county have continued to pay step
increases throughout the period under consideration including really all the
way back to act 10 the moreover both have salary structures for their general
employees that are very similar to the salary structures for MMSD support staff
employees in fact those structures that is the step increases are slightly more
expensive than the stepping increases that the district has paid its MMSD
employees specifically both all three systems have a longevity program that
increases pay by between 12 and 13 percent over 17 to 25 years county
employees get there in 17 years district employees and city employees closer to
25 years in addition the city and county employees have a step structure that
increases their pay by between 6 and 10 percent before they reach that five-year
first longevity step so unbalanced the combination means that those step
increases are significantly more expensive and that the pay increases
have been significantly greater to those other municipal employees and those
Basie’s we ask that you increase the pay by their full 2.13 percent that’s
allowed this year thank you again for your time thank you Emily Mauro followed by Eugene Crisler hello I’m Emily Morrow an eighth grade
student from Jefferson middle school and I’m here to talk about a teacher from my
school I represent current eighth graders future eighth graders in my
peers my friends and I recently heard that our social space teacher miss ball
is going to have to be a special ed teacher next year miss ball has never
been a special ed teacher before she also teaches us all of us really
important life skills that will help us in high school and once that we can
apply to our lives outside of school there are many reasons as to why miss
ball is such a great teacher one of those reasons is the way that she
teaches she teaches us everything that we need to know and more all the
information is easy to understand because she gives us many examples that
we can relate to and apply to our lives not only does she teach us all the
information required by the district but she teaches us very important life
skills she has given us so much advice for college in high school miss ball
knows when to be strict and is a very kind person when students are talking
class when they aren’t supposed to she doesn’t tolerate it and that’s what
makes her classroom such a wonderful environment to learn and work in miss
ball makes learning fun while teaching us student skills in history I would say
that everyone that likes miss ball and participates in her class would agree
that she’s a very fair teacher and that she is a teacher that goes out of her
way for her students we now want to pay her back for that and go out of our way
for her these are some of them reasons as to why my peers and I believe that
Miss Ball should stay at Jefferson middle school teaching social studies a
subject that she is very passionate about there is however more personal
experience and reason as to why believe miss ball should stay at Jefferson I’m a
very anxious person and I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember she has
helped me immensely with my social anxiety ever since I can remember I’ve
always been really nervous when I have to talk to someone or when I have to
talk to a whole class or group I have a big passion for history and
big part of our class is student participation since she really values
encourages it I raised my hand more I raised I did that because I knew the
answers thanks to our teaching and another reason why I did that is because
when you raise your hand and answer a question miss ball always gives you a
supporting and constructive reply or response my teachers from other classes
have said that I see more open and I have been participating more in class I
believe I’ve missed ball word to become a special ed teacher it would be a waste
of her um amazing history talents she is such a great teacher and I could tell
that she has a big passion for teaching students about social studies not only
those she teaches she teaches us about what is required in a way that is easy
to take in I honestly don’t know what the school year would be like if miss
ball hadn’t been my social studies teacher and helped and taught me we do
many fun activities in class that take a lot of thinking organizing and planning
on miss balls part she goes out of her way to have these fun activities so that
we can have a great learning experience this fall is a very valued member of the
Thomas Jefferson faculty and she is needed at our school Eugene followed by Greg Murray okay is
Eugene no longer here okay Greg Murray followed by Cecilia font a Rick huh huh
yes go ahead great um hello my name is Greg Murray
and I’m the parent of a la follette sophomore and soon-to-be incoming
freshman I’m here to speak briefly about school safety and the BEP I would like
to again thank the board for its recent support of the many LaFollette parents
who voiced concerns regarding the dramatic increase in safety and
behavioral problems Ella Follette in your quick response is supporting the
creation of the new micro school I’d also like to continue to thank the folks
in the FOB community and the fantastic LaFollette teachers that have worked to
improve the learning atmosphere at the school we need to keep the momentum
going because all the problems have not been solved as you know there was
another knife fight there last week we need to keep funding the microscope and
keep improving the safety climate and culture there in terms of the BEP it
appears you’re going to be reviewing potential updates to the behavioral
response chart tonight as you do so I would ask that you also consider the
broader plan and the context in which that plan exists first the plan must be
properly staffed too many teaching positions have been sacrificed to
provide too few behavioral support positions teaching positions and
behavioral support positions should be allocated separately in the budget the
positions are different their purposes are different and one is not a
substitute for the other there must be adequate funding along with teacher and
classroom support when a teacher rings for help there should never be a reason
that no one comes to support him or her second you need to reconsider the basic
philosophy and the limitation of the BEP plan beyond just
the behavioral response chart the BEP was designed to quote move us from a
singular focus on safety that’s what it says on page six given our recent
history at La Follette I strongly urge you to put your singular focus back on
safety looking at the quote on that page if a child is not safe in the class they
cannot learn how to read if a child is not safe in our schools they cannot
learn how to swim if a teacher is not safe in the classroom she cannot teach
her students how to multiply if a teacher is not safe in the school
community he cannot teach his students how to
drive that’s riffing off the quote in the plan on that page since implementing
this plan with the specifical philosophical underpinnings safety has
stopped being a singular focus and the result is a palpably less safe
atmosphere at LaFollette this must change and includes the underlying
philosophy safety and behavior education are not mutually exclusive you can and
should do both at the same time not one at the expense of the other
if not I gravely fear that the Madison School District make a turn for the
worse or worse yet not recover if things continue as is I fear families will
leave the school district for better learning environments where expectations
are higher and clearer and our best teachers will leave for places where
they can teach without constant interruptions disrespect and bad
behavior therefore when you review the plan tonight please keep these other
items in mind I also have a riff but as a parent and taxpayer support these
folks with a cola if our good teachers leave parents and taxpayers like me
leave and that’s a terrible cycle that we cannot recover from good evening my name is Cecilia Fonterra
I’m a I’m a fourth grade teacher and maestro mundo community school I want to
thank you all for allowing me this time to speak with you I know your time is
valuable so I hope to part with you a sense of fulfillment in my first year
teaching if you would have been in my classroom today what would you have seen
well your morning what I’ve started with a little Marc Anthony as my students
study the beauty of poetry through song lyrics you would have heard a chorus of
kiddos reveling and celebrating their culture language and people through song
before going off and writing their own lyrics the room was buzzing with
engagement and pride as my Latino students saw their culture in a new
perspective a perspective that honors their assets that they bring into my
classroom later you would have listened in on the restorative circle taking
place among students at my back table where each student’s voice was valued
heard and advocated for as the kiddos discussed to reach an agreement together
it’s a practice norm in my classroom that the students take ownership of
their work and their academics and in their character but how was such a day
possible how was my first year even possible
while a lot of hard work and endless caffeine but most of all the guidance
that this young grasshopper this young teacher received her first teaching her
first year teaching guidance from my administrator Joshua for him
she’s been best guidance to know when and where to place academic conversation
in my classroom so that my students can grow guidance from my district coach
Anabel Torres will help me craft meaningful lessons them and all of my
students needs and lastly guidance from the district and their partnership with
UW Madison and forward that gave me the tools I needed to create a culturally
responsive classroom where all of my students see their identity acknowledged
and celebrated the seminars over the last year have helped clarify and focus
my practice so that I can be a teacher that my students deserve
and need for many many years to come thank you thank you that is the end of
our public appearances next item on the agenda is the approval of the minutes it
is recommended that the Board of Education approved the minutes from the
regular board meeting dated January 29th 2018 is there a motion so moved
Laurie your advisory vote all in favor aye opposed motion passes 7 0 the next
item is board presidents announcements and reports and the first announcement
is Kristen Scott is named outstanding educator by Human Rights Campaign
foundations welcoming schools Nora mundo Community Schools fifth grade
teacher Kristin Scott has been recognized as outstanding educator by
the Human Rights Campaign foundations welcoming schools Kristen is an advocate
and allied to the LGBTQ community and an advocate for Human Rights who has always
worked to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students
and family the board thanks Kristen for her ongoing efforts to make no esther
mundo and our community a better place to live and learn for all is is Kristen here by any chance okay
well please give her our our thanks the next announcement is Emerson
Elementary School works with local artists to create a mural based on their
school’s equity vision Emerson Elementary School has been involved in
the mural project working with local artist David Kelly the tie to create a
mural based on the school’s equity vision working with our teacher Jenny
brown the students successfully finished the welcoming mural outside of the
auditorium featuring students of all colors doing various activities this
project is very beneficial for the students and helps to promote
inclusiveness in our schools the board recognizes artists David Kelly to Ty
Emerson art teacher Jenny brown and all the students involved in creating the
beautiful work of art the third announcement is MMSD students compete in
local na n double acp a ctso competition several MMSD students competed in the
local n-double-a-cp afro academic cultural technology
technological and scientific olympics earlier this month in our advancing to
the national competition in San Antonio Texas in July for over 30 years the NCAA
has conducted the a ctso student Olympics which has helped to prepare
recognize and reward African American youth who exemplify scholastic and
artistic excellence Akhil Cooper of East ma Amadou chroma of LaFollette Daniel
Krim of West and Janey Harris of LaFollette all took gold in the local
competition Micaiah Drake of La Follette and Monica Mac of East received
honorable mentions in the competition as well the board recognizes and
congratulate all the students that competed in the AC TSO competition and last but not least is a 2018 Student
Senate election everyone waiting for the big announcement
the election for MMSD Student Senate president and board representative took
place earlier this week on May 14th the Student Senate president position for
the upcoming 2018-19 school year will be held by Morton Lee current incumbent and
junior at James Madison Memorial High School the Student Senate school board
representative seat will be held by ahmad saeed current junior at James
Madison Memorial High School the board would also like to express its gratitude
to Laura Nichols the outgoing student board representative for her intelligent
and thoughtful years of service as she graduates this year from West High
School and held heads off to college the board congratulate smartin and Ahmad
on their elections and a highly appreciates Laura for her years of
dedication to the Student Senate and her school and of course the school board
Thank You Laura we do not have a superintendents announcements and report
tonight so we will move on to the consent agenda oh okay well we’ll first
start with motion and then I’ll ask for separations so it is recommended that
the Board of Education adopt and approve all the motions set forth in Section six
of the electronic agenda prepared for the May 21st 2018 regular school board
meeting exactly as said motions are written by for voting affirmatively on
this motion a board member expresses his or her affirmative vote on each of the
motions consolidated hereby subject to any express separations that have been
made by any member of the school board second are there any separations yes six
six and six seven okay TJ 6.36 Human Resources report six point three six
second page last stat one are there any other separations okay
so let’s then vote for approval lure your adviser your vote all in favor aye
opposed okay those past seven zero so then we will take up the first item six
point six class virtual reality purchase for grades k-12 I I really wanted to
support this I read the memo I looked at it I really
did but I’m hearing we have students aren’t even getting the assistive
technology needed to participate in the general classes we are getting teachers
where we can’t afford a cola increase I just can’t justify the expense of this
because of those reasons although I respect the need for it and I understand
it I just can’t hope for it but I think the
people who put the report together cuz it was well done teacher I was gonna
pull this one also for similar but not identical reasons and I’ll try to
briefly state those first is that I think that there’s no question that some
good can be done with this the question is whether it’s it’s India where it
raises on the level of priorities it’s not a whole lot of money but you know
when I watched the video of you know two or three kids isolated from their from
their classroom looking at these things it was you know it was clear that those
kids were benefiting was also clear that that this is in its infancy and I don’t
think it rises to the level of priority I’m also doing something lately which is
that I am calculating things in terms of teacher cost of living raises and this
comes out to something like 8 of our teachers or nine of our teachers because
each raise and 2.13 comes out to about $1,300 and so this would be actually
this would be about about 30th of those and that’s why I’m calculating things
these days I’d rather give 30 teachers raises any other discussion on this so
it’s recommended that the board and then education approved the purchase of 16
class VR headset kits for per feeder pattern for students in grades k-12 from
Troxel in the amount of forty one thousand four hundred and forty dollars
from the 2018-19 Technical Services operating budget is
there a second second Lori your adviser go all in favor all opposed that does
not pass 0 7 ok the second item that was separated is 6.7 the purchase of pals
assessment from sisa to purchasing for the 2018-19 academic year I pulled this
for two reasons Mary mm-hmm one because I’d like to try and get a one a testing
that has nonverbal applications for students who are not verbal and number
two on pals right now we have forward we have mapped I’m looking at these the
teachers spoke about the 18-page math assessment really in the kindergarten
assess but really did have an effect on me and I just I don’t think it’s really
as seriously state but that’s my personal
opinion I know that many people find it quite
helpful I just get from it Jeff I just want to remind Nikki and the board that
were required to have an assessment for the early grades we do have the option
to go with a different assessment if we want to in the future we’ve committed to
exploring alternative options besides pals but at this point pals is our
assessment every district and every teacher in the district has been trained
on it and we are obligated to have a standardized assessment for these grade
levels would appreciate teacher and Linda concerning um I don’t like Palace
at all and I would really like to vote against this but as the superintendent
said we are obligated by the state to have a test that for these grades but I
would point to the medicine Education Partnership recently prepared a research
brief on alternate tests and and and estimate this and I hope that at this
time next year we are fulfilling the state requirement with something far
superior and less onerous to both our students and our teachers and remember
the Madison Education Partnership we created and we asked the group to do the
assessment on the TJ’s referencing it’s very helpful information okay
any further discussion it is recommended that the Board of Education approved the
purchase of the PALS assessment licenses through CC to purchasing for the 2018-19
academic year not to exceed fifty eight thousand dollars and the shipping cost
through io education LLC not to exceed $1,500 these funds are budgeted and will
come from the office of assessment administration local budget is also
understood that most of this cost if not all will be reimbursed by the state second
your advice ville all in favor aye opposed nay
passes six one okay last one is six point three six the human resources
transaction report TJ this is a difficult and awkward item but and I
wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it was important enough included on the
human resources report is hiring an assistant principal for O’Keefe middle
school I learned today that this is to be paid for by Title one money it is one
of four assistant principal ships that are being added to our district this
year in all the years I have been on or following the Board of Education I have
never seen administrative school-based administrative positions have created in
this way outside of the budget process the board heard rumors about two
assistant principal ships being created when we received the budget but weeks
ago a month ago a little bit less than a month we saw four in there multiple
board members have asked questions about this these questions reasonably have not
been answered yet for when we’re talking about that measure I’m using for
assistant principal ships is approximately four hundred and eighty
thousand dollars which is a heck of a lot of TCL ours and I believe that a
change in administrative allocations or use of title one for administrators at
the school level should require an examination by the board of both the
budget and cultural impacts this will have and this has not happened I will
add that this one is pretty clear O’Keefe and it’s being put by title one
money O’Keefe barely it’s the title one percentage of poverty you lose eight
tens students in poverty in O’Keefe and there’s no longer title one money there
and then who’s paying for the principal so I ask that we remove that item from
the HR report for a separate vote and approve the rest of the HR report as is
and it I don’t know if how to do that map but that’s what I asked would I be
able to comment sir yeah I’m sorry with you Mary yeah I
think this is that’s the first time in five years I’ve seen a chart pocket
pulled I think there are a couple of things that I just want to say to
clarify some of which were is was in an email response to you earlier today TJ there are two things going on but all
related to support of school-based administrators to make site based
decisions about how to use their limited funds there’s not a lot of flex in the
school based budget just to be real clear because it’s all about positions
there are some allocated positions from central office that are convertible
meaning we allow for a principal to use their discretion to use those positions
and the ways that they see as most appropriate and most beneficial to the
school and principals have some discretion with their use of title one
funding which is something that TJ just referenced those schools that actually
haven’t those site based decisions are approved by the chief of schools either
elementary or secondary in conjunction with
the gen Waldner who manages all of our federal funds such as title one funds I
do want to correct something and I think maybe this was information that you
received that was inaccurate teaching up ha I apologize for that
O’Keefe’s assistant principal is not funded by title one it’s funded by some
flexible resource so your question about how is that possible is a good one
because it would be a final one so I what I want to encourage the board to do
is to be careful about this decision it is very important for principals to have
some discretion with how best to use their their funds above and beyond the
small number of ApS that we actually allocate from central office based on
student enrollment numbers thank you um my issue is as follows for principals
480,000 so a lot of money this is an important decision that I think requires
its own time I think the board needs to weigh in on it it doesn’t mean we won’t
agree on it I mean it means that we need to look at and I don’t think it’s
getting the respect it deserves when it’s being put in with all the others
fine with the rest of the human resources I would get also free to just
take it out and put it so it can be fully evaluated by the board because I
don’t like a rush decision and something that important Mary can I make one more
comment I think I want to be real clear that if we were not to allow a principal
to use their discretion the funding would go back into their school based
budget this isn’t these aren’t additional funds
could be I suppose I would touch those positions from a school but you would be
cutting into a school a school’s allocation through the workbook process
so again these aren’t additional funds that were we’re offering to each school
these are school based decisions from the allocation that went out for their
workbook back in January February yeah just want to make sure everyone
understands that and last but not least a hiring process has been completed job
offers right I mean we’re very very far into this process yeah I just want to I want to be real
clear that that would be stalling a process as really this is the the final
end point of approval on a person with a name who has accepted a position in our
district Jim could you elaborate as to what the process is for approval so
there are these discretion and there are there is that flexibility at the school
level but does it go through a review that said that this is the best use of
resources because it obviously takes away from resources that could be
supporting students directly in the classroom you know what sort of process
is very rigorous process so we have a series of workshops it’s kind of this
workshop model where a team of representatives from central office all
have eyes on the budget I mean they rake through every decision that a principal
has to make they actually have to formally present it and defend their
school based decisions and ultimately after the budget has fully been assessed
by the team that she signs off on final decisions Dean yeah I think
they’re the deliberative processes has been there I don’t think we need to be
involved in that it just already been done at the levels were supposed to be
done and I’m glad it got brought up as a discussion point so that we could all
hear that I’m alright I’ll support this however I
want to I want to find the funds for the full Cola
somewhere and I want that to happen and where he you know when we get stuff like
this we say well hey there’s an OP so I’m glad that got brought up here but
we’re certainly gonna have to find it somewhere but in a very short time
that’s what I’m going to search for and I’m asking you to tell your people to
find us where we can find the cola hit elsewhere that’s right okay Jen can you
just confirm that so the workbook process from February this February
versus last that those that the school-based allocations wouldn’t have
changed so I mean if we went back and looked at O’Keefe’s last year versus
this year you’re saying they’re identical allocations so as long as like
the number of students is the same I mean the application is based on numbers
but yeah but that formula hasn’t changed at all
okay I we do want to move through we still have agenda items so if there’s
not any further discussion it’s recommended that the Board of Education
just take a very brief response and I just want to say that repeat that adding
administrative school level positions has never been exercised as part of the
workbook processing with 13 or 14 years I’ve been following the Madison Board of
Education to my knowledge and this is a deviation that I think deserves more
consideration by the board before it’s allowed to go forward
yeah I mean I’ve maybe just did I I’m gonna support this because we’re here
and we have names and and kids need teachers and principals both and I think
next year I would really like to see something earlier on when we do
workbooks to have some insight into that process because it is this is late to be
having this discussion it’s not the right happy to do so and all in the
meantime we share with everyone the guidance that shows what’s flexible and
what isn’t at the school level just so you have some sense for what that is and
TJ while I would agree we have more principles making this choice this year
it’s Alice chose to use site based decision making to create an assistant
principal a couple of years now ago so not brand new so there may be some other
isolated instances but so few that probably just didn’t catch that catch
your eye okay so it’s recommended that the Board of Education approved the to
the May 2018 human resources transactions report items 1 through 89
secondly Laurie your adviser wrote all in favor aye opposed okay
passes 5 – okay so that completes the consent agenda and next on our agenda
would be the report and action of items that proceeded through the instruction
workgroup TJ need to scroll in a rarity we have two action items that came
through the instruction workgroup and the first is the forward Madison
partnership and we heard two people speak positively about their own
experiences in it one and tonight and one a new teacher and the other
a a-team scholar I want to appreciate the words express appreciation for the
work that’s been done on this I want to ask to express appreciation for the
changes to the MOA that reflects the discussion that occurred at the
instruction workgroup and I want to ask the superintendent about an issue that
was not raised at the instruction workgroup which is is my understanding
that in the past and perhaps not this year but in the past and perhaps in the
future the team scholar program requires proof of citizenship or residency status
for our applicants and that in fact it is one of a number of our partnerships
that require this and I want to publicly acknowledge that the Board of Education
and our district has is committed to equal opportunities for our undocumented
students and our undocumented families and asked that the district and the
superintendent in the name of the district make a commitment to to make
sure that with team scholars in particular that equivalent opportunities
are available for our undocumented students at this time and that to work
on this in the coming year yes I really appreciate that TJ we have made that
commitment and are in the midst of having those discussions with our
partners specifically at the UW we know and want to ensure that every student
has an opportunity to participate in any program that we have to offer
clearly the complication here is about you know
tuition and expenses that are somewhat out of our control and statutory in
nature but we are absolutely committed to having that conversation will
continue to do so which as you mentioned relates to team scholars but not limited
to team scholars I have people and others on them on the agenda for next
month and and perhaps we can have more extensive documentation about what we’re
doing about it no doubt of our way will do absolutely
much appreciated with that in mind is there further discussion I moved at the Board of Education
approved the memorandum of agreement for the three-year renewal of the high
intensity partnership forward medicine as set forth in the documents prepared
for the May 21st 2018 regular board meeting SEC a motion in a second Laura
your advisory vote all in favor all right
any opposed that passes 7 to nothing the next item is the behavioral education
plan which we had a number of people testify directly and indirectly about
this evening I guess I have a couple things I’d like to bring to the floor in
relation to this but first I’d like to ask other board members if you having
reviewed the changes since the instruction workgroup and what wasn’t
was not changed if there’s anything anyone else would like to bring forth
nikki purvy and the issue of fighting I know that we knew someone would do that go ahead you I underst
I don’t like one that that it could be a mandatory suspension and I think that’s
still in there we’ll we suspended its in it I took the taste away teacher
discretion the other thing we’re tallying by hitting a person back is not
self-defense I’m having been a bully kid having worked in juvenile justice or
ever worked with kids who’ve been abused may I just say that saying that fighting
back in self is not considered self-defense is something I just it’s
maybe it’s just me but I cannot agree to that okay I’d like to initially confined
a discussion to the two issues that Nicky raised and it’s a superintendent
just wanted to ask a process question yes first I think it might be helpful to
have a couple members of the behavior team here if you could join me and
secondly TJ just I mean you this is your facilitation so however you want to do
it make sense but I wonder if maybe using more of a consent style where we
can flag any subsections of the grid that the board wants to discuss open up
the discussion my intent I think there’s gonna be about two things that people
want to discuss and my intent was that was was to take care of those and then
do the whole thing I don’t think okay I don’t think people
are gonna want to open up the whole grid I so my feeling is one that there’s
gonna be one or two things and one or two things only and I thought that this
would be the most efficient way to take care of those rather than working
through the grid great that was my feeling okay so that that that was the
choice and so and I the one Nikki was one of the two I was anticipating under behavior response church and it’s
only in the secondary it’s in the second paragraph actually looks like the third
paragraph for the behavior response chart inappropriate physical contact
non-sexual in page 38 of the of the secondary be itself two issues
identified are the issue of self-defense and the issue of mandatory suspensions
from any statement or thoughts I’ll offer statement on thought on the
mandatory suspension I really don’t understand why we’re doing this and I
think that when we hear this past testimony especially from the families
with students with special education special education needs about though
about how a lack of discretion can cause student removals and student suspensions
in ways that are not to the benefit of anyone our current BEP allows for
suspensions after one two and three incidents so the discretion is there and
if principals aren’t using it I I think that we’re not giving them any new tool
and what we are doing is taking cases where something like this call on
self-defense or the call on a child who is nonverbal is forced into a box around
a suspension and I think that the people on the ground are better suited to make
those calls and you know I’ve complained here about people doing repeated
behaviors at levels 2s and levels threes and I’ve complained about it but um
level 2 in Loveland he’s not a mandatory suspension it’s an
optional suspension and additionally I also think that the emphasis on
suspension moves us away from where I think the focus should be which is on
responses and interventions and supports this gets the kid out of the school
which is something that we’ve been trying to get away from so I will be
asking that the mandatory suspension be be removed and replaced with the word
meant that the current the current version yeah
and I’m fine with the width and maybe maybe set to an alternative setting
which is the other one but the student will be suspended just change it to a
student may be suspended or insurv related to what one of the public
speakers mentioned with the students with an IEP such as like something that
involves like physical contact being related to the disability would this
still apply or would there be something like the recommendation for suspension
but not really letter being sent in this situation
it was my rating it would still apply but I would like to make sure yeah
so if there’s a student with an IEP that has some like physical contact is being
part of the discipline disability if there was like that student engaged in
three like physical attacks would this still be the disciplinary action that
was taken or what the IEP caused that to be different I think that would be a
case-by-case basis that’s most ladies or so Jim let’s see I may I
I didn’t ask permission to speak TJ man go ahead my problem with that is this is
under our rules and under the situation if you say you must so sin is someone
you’re not putting in and out and exception you’re not saying a
case-by-case basis in fact the only way that the placement is discussed through
federal law and through state law is if it’s more than ten day change
replacement or through any expulsion hearing in which is the only time the
manifestation comes into play therefore if the principal doesn’t choose to that
yes it would apply and that would be the legal way of reading it Matt would I be
incorrect and reading it in that manner do you think that if a provision is put
in a student’s IEP that they are exempted from provision that that is
allowable and we do have students who do have IEP s where they are exempted from
certain provisions of the bet so that is a possibility right and I just want to
clarify what the I’m looking at the final column the column to the right and
we talking about works as Nancy will be suspended service to a May yes which
will which result in a total of three incidents who will be suspended in that
a will to a main is that that’s that’s that that is that is what is being
discussed right I just want to make sure I understood them I believe it was Mary
James Dean yeah I I would I would support the the change from a will to a
mate I personally these recommendations came from our staff at the schools but
if they already have that part they have to be responsible and take
accountability they have to they have to make those decisions and I as long as
they have the tools to do that I’m comfortable and I think then that
addresses the issues with regards to in those cases where it’s not appropriate I
would agree with that I think our main objective here was to to trigger the
discussion about an alternative setting which is also not a requirement it’s a
discussion so I say change it to me James Dean and then if someone would
like to make a motion I move we strike the word in a second
Matt you had a point it’s right we’ll just well it’s any further discussion
just one question for Matt how many of them our IEP students can you find out
for me a opt-out of the behavior education plan and can you also find out
for me how many parents are notified that their children are allowed to opt
out of the behavior education plan I believe that’s rather important sir
Laura your advisory vote all in favor any opposed that passes seven nothing
other issues Kate said she had it looks like did you guys just float
another version like we did make some changes today not today so one of them
is fixed I mean I guess the only other thing just to reiterate I think some of
the commentary we heard tonight that I’m glad we’re doing this I’m glad we’ve
taken the feedback from schools and I very much look forward to having a
conversation about the broader context both of our facilities with our safety
and security work as well as a much more thorough exploration of how to support
behavior in schools over the course of the coming year and I fully expect this
to be very different coming out of the next year so Niki and Dean asked you to
speak up Kate not to beat a dead horse to death but if we please look into
sending of these expulsion letters at least at the phrasing because it scares
the living heck out of parents I want to thank the team for the work that’s been
done on this and I am so before making a motion anomic emotion um also want to
ask both the board and our community to be thinking about both the process and
the outcomes we’d like from a more thorough examination of the context that
people talked about the practices and procedures the rules in this incredibly
important area because um it is very near the center of the success of our
schools right now and and so and look forward to the year when we’re doing
this and expressed a little frustration that we’re not doing more this year so
with that in mind it is rec the board of it I move that the Board of Education
approved board policies for 502 B behavior education plan for elementary
students and for 502 C behavior education plan for middle and high
school students as set forth in the documents prepared for the May 21st 2018
regular meeting as amended previously this evening to be effective
September 1st 2018 second moved and seconded any discussion Laura your
advisory vote all in favor hi any opposed that passes seven nothing
the instruction workgroup will net will meet yes Anjou Thank You June fourth
2018 and we will have the high intensity partnerships previously referred to
people program youth apprenticeship medicine college early stem academy and
amendments to behavioral health in schools and in schools in elementary
schools of Hope partnerships so it’s a big partnership meeting on June 4th that
is the report from the instruction work Thank You TJ the next is report in
action on items that were seated through the operations workgroup held on May
14th I chaired that so I will be reporting the first item was the 2018-19
proposed preliminary budget review and input once again we’re getting down to
the final on that the next was youth options policy and we had we discussed
that so I’m going to go right ahead and move that the Board of Education
approved the changes to board policies 4027 course options slash part-time open
enrollment and 4029 early college credit program is set forth and the materials
prepared for the May 21st 2018 regular board meeting with said revisions to
take effect on July 1st 2018 so moved I moved oh sorry
second second okay any discussion teacher in response to communications
received today like to offer amendments to all three
ones adding the reporting requirements that currently exists in 402 seven to
all three policies restoring it to 402 seven added to the others and adding
additionally a that that an accounting of costs to the district related to
these as an SS reporting requirements um any issues with that no no issues second
okay so that amendment is moved and seconded we are going to lower your
advisory vote on the amendment all in favor of the amendment I opposed that
amendment passes 7-0 then and apologies for it was communication today that’s
right okay no problem any other discussion on this policy okay
Laurie your advisory vote all in favor aye opposed passes 7-0 okay the second
part of that is its I’m gonna actually make the motion that the Board of
Education establish a start college now policy as set forth in the materials
prepared for the May 21st 2018 regular board meeting with said policy to take
effect on July 1st 2018 exactly okay discussion Laurie your advisory vote all
in favor aye aye opposed passes 7-0 okay next we we were on to a Wellness Policy
so we have quite a bit of discussion about that and I will move that the
Board of Education approved the changes to board policy 46:10 Wellness as set
forth in the materials prepared for the May 21st 2018 regular board meeting with
said revisions to take effect immediately second second discussion yeah I know I
this is closer sorry it’s late I was not talking so loud my ears yeah so I’m
thrilled with this policy I really appreciate all the work that’s gone into
it and I think it demonstrates our commitment as a district to whole whole
child in a way that is incredibly positive for our students and staff I
have one amendment that I’d like to offer with respect to some of the
changes around the sugar language that I’ve added I’m incredibly excited to be
able to add some language around sugar this is us going above and beyond the
federal nutrition policy to commit to our students that were gonna do better
and I really excited about that so I wanted to tie it though to the American
Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that was kind of the spirit of the
discussion we had last last week so we have just some different language I
always go hangs up so all right so the new language it’s the same paragraph
it’s MMSD is committed to reducing sugar content in school meals by the start of
the 2018-19 school year all items shall contain less than the American Academy
of Pediatrics recommended daily sugar intake currently 25 grams of sugar with
a target of less than 20 grams of sugar as a weekly average for the breakfast
entree fruit juice served at breakfast will be limited to a maximum of three
times per week at elementary schools and four times per week at secondary so the
only shift is around the maximum grams of sugar and that’s tied again to that a
daily intake there’s a second we’re going to stay on this amendment
right now is the you’re talented to the amendment okay
my issue is how is this going to affect our food service budget have we budgeted
up for the next year and how we’re going to afford change the breakfast menu so
Nikki I can actually I actually have at least a sample breakfast menu there’s
two out of eight two out of six items right now that surpassed that limit they
actually surpassed the previous limit as well so there’s no change in terms of at
least the sample sample menus that we received and again the majority of our
items are under this limit it’s us kind of taking the cap off of the top so I
just wanted that was my only question okay it’s far more efficient then yeah
Steve has okayed this change so is nodding that there but will she say one
more thing up Steve’s leadership is what’s making this possible because this
is not easy so thank you for doing this for our community okay so any other
discussion on the amendment okay Lori your advisory vote all in favor aye
opposed passes 7-0 that’s the amendment so we’re back to the policy itself to
really small amendments the first one is on page top of page three under to a the
final sentence reads the Wellness Policy and progress reports shall be posted for
the public on the district’s website and submitted to the Board of Education
that language there I would like the board to be to have this submit the pull
reports has been into him instead of oh that’s on the website I never saw it
kind of thing okay and is there a second second
lawyer advisory vote all in favor aye opposed pass amendment passes 7-0 okay
and on page four the current language reads that students shall have access by
the start of the 2019-20 school year students will have access to 20 minutes
of seated lunch time to ensure adequate time and space to eat meals etc etc I
would like to insert the word the words at minimum 20 minutes of seated lunch
time again a small change but okay Lori your advisory
all in favor aye opposed that amendment passes 7-0 okay so we’re back to the
original motion we had a second Lori your advisory vote all in favor opposed
Wellness Policy takes effect immediately the vote a 7-0 thanks for everyone’s
work on that and thank you to our community partners we spent a lot of
time on this thank you thank you okay so we are on to our chapter 1000 board
policies at the workgroup meeting we agreed on a number of those policies
that could that were reviewed and revised or we’re going to stay the same
so there’s some policies I think three of them that we decided we want more
time with but we’re going to go ahead tonight and approve the changes on those
policies that the board felt comfortable with without further discussion so I
will move that the Board of Education approved the changes to the following
chapter 1000 board policies as set forth and the materials prepared for the May
21st 2018 regular meeting with said revisions to take effect immediately 1021 on organization 1023 on
superintendent responsibilities 1041 on other committees 1171 on powers and
duties 12:20 on order of business 12:21 on operation and 1222 on public
appearances second second any discussion Laura your advisory vote all in favor
aye aye opposed passes 7-0 our next Mugen is June 11 and our items for June
11 proposed items are the 2018-19 budget
review and input and a safety plan so that’s the report from the operations
workgroup and next on the agenda is the city of education city of Madison
education committee yes we met May 9th we heard from ricardo about the up
opportunity youth program he and we had several questions on it I did have to
leave 10 minutes early so just notify that and then as long as we have quorum
we’re going to try and meet in June but that’s still up for debate via email
okay excellent thanks Nikki and then on to Student Senate
Laura so we talked about the WorkKeys test and the critical creativity
curriculum last week and looking forward to our next meeting which is May 30th
which is next Wednesday we’re gonna think about how can work on standardized
testing and how the amount of it and what tests are performed in schools as a
topic for next year let us know what you think okay thanks Laura we will miss you Laura so
will okay okay and also report from the ero ad hoc committee similarly to our
meeting today we had a lot of public speakers but unlike our meeting today we
are limited to a two-hour meeting to that committee so we did not get as far
as we would like to we’re gonna meet again in June and prior to that we’re
going to have a subcommittee me to put an agenda together that hopeless get us
through the entire meeting in June moving towards report back here as soon
as possible after that okay thanks Dean yeah I guess my question is I think when we
set up the arrow committee it was supposed to conclude May 28th yeah so
you speak to that and can we are we at any point able to get to a hard time
line on bringing the committee to a close and I’m not sure with the May 28th
deadline if the board has to take some action to move beyond it because that
was the directive yeah thank you for bringing that up like I the negotiations
for the new contract starts in the last year which would be at the beginning of
the next school year so that is whether you know we have a kind of an imposed
deadline with that most definitely so my efforts in the rest of the
committee is going to try to finish so that we’ll be prepared to hand stuff to
the board and so the board can have some discussion about it prior to the
negotiations yeah I think it’s important yeah sorry the board has some time with
whatever document you all produce yeah so so that’s one of one of the concerns
of the board at times but it was about document ease
so I would say just because this is getting late you go what income can you
well one thing I’m taking from james’s is just being able to get a timeline as
to how what what will be the timeline with regard to the board report I’ll do
it would be best to get one but you know we’re close we’re close and I think the
entire committee realizes that we’re getting towards the end here and I I’m
hoping we can finish it in June that would be a goal and if we have to meet
again in June to do it we’ll have to consider that but that’s where we’re at
okay TJ I just agree with James I think that this body should revise the
timeline if it was in the initial charge and I believe it was I’d have to go
double-check it and I think it that this body should revise the timeline and we
should do it at our next meeting or a special meeting before one of the
workgroups or something so that we so that it fits I’m not quite as optimistic
as James but I think that July and August is realistic to have it and we
missed immediately because of weather and all we got and we’ve had and we’ve
had meetings such as this week where half or more or about half has taken up
with public appearances and we have in respect to the volunteers limited our
meetings to two hours which you would appreciate but it makes it hard to get
the work done okay so I think that makes sense to get
a revised time line in front of the board so that we can revive it consider
that okay so onto other business and since this is a topic that has been
discussed as part of negotiations with regards to the request to purchase a
warehouse I will go ahead and move that the Board of Education approved the
purchase of an eight thousand five hundred square foot warehouse located at
4500 to Tompkins Drive the use by building services at a cost of six
hundred and forty-five thousand dollars with funding from the 2018-19 general
fund second okay discussion Nicki um again I understand the need for I
understand the purpose for it I cannot justify the cost based on the
number of teachers we aren’t we can’t provide for in the number and the motor
technology we can’t provide for therefore although I admire the work of
all members I cannot look like this okay yeah no I mean I appreciate the work
done here and in order to be proactive about our resources I am also going to
be voting against this for slightly different reasons so this will be a
one-time expense so it’s it’s a little bit different but for me I think we have
a lot of facilities needs in our district and I’d really like to evaluate
a broader set together this isn’t at the top of the list for me and so it’s more
a push to it sent us to have that conversation because I am eager to have
the conversation about our facilities other discussion okay Laura your advice
Ravel okay all in favor can we see a show of hands for that for a post passes
for three okay and with that we don’t have any old or new business and so I is
there a motion to adjourn second second all in favor Laura your
advisory both all in favor we are adjourned you got more policies past in one night

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