Board of Education Regular Meeting 3/19/2018

I think we’re running a few
minutes late which is we don’t want to do so I like to get us started here
welcome everyone to the regular Board of Education meeting for Monday March 19
2018 and like to call this meeting to order
first item on the agenda tonight was mic it’s pretty loud tonight first item on
the agenda recitation of the vision statement which is every school will be
a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school
college career and community ready and the next item on the agenda tonight will
be a recognition resolution and Board of Education would like to recognize
Claudine Clark for Madison East tonight we’d like to recognize Claudine Clark
for being an amazing world language lead teacher who has gone above and beyond to
improve the quality of learning in her classroom her efforts led to her to
receive the 2017 West concen global educator of the Year award earlier this
year now Claudine has been in our district
for a decade and has taught in other Wisconsin
school districts prior to her time here in mm SD now she has done a great job in
being a primary advocate for language learning in our distant district
Claudine would you please come up to the stage yeah Anna would you please read the
resolution thank you whereas Claudine Clark one of Madison’s
renowned world language teachers at East High School was awarded the Department
of Public Instruction 2017 Wisconsin global educator of the Year award
whereas the annual award honors those who have succeeded in providing high
quality learning opportunities for students as well as demonstrating
exemplary contributions to the profession specifically related to
global education whereas Claudine secured thousands of dollars in
scholarships so her students could travel throughout the world and is
recognized for bringing international teachers to her school while advocating
for and promoting language learning whereas the $1,000 award was presented
by state state superintendent dr. Tony Evers at the annual State Education
conference in Milwaukee On January 19th 2018 – Claudine Clark for finding
multiple innovative and culturally inclusive ways to integrate the world
into her classroom now therefore be it resolved that the Madison metropolitan
school district Board of Education recognizes congratulate and thanks
Claudine Clark for her remarkable achievement be it FURTHER RESOLVED this
statement be permanently imprinted in the Board of Education minutes for the
meeting of March 19th 2018 thank you so much thanks so much well once again let’s have another round
of applause for a great educator okay next item on the agenda will be public
appearances and we have a couple of sets of public appearances tonight wanted for
our nutri mundo charter school and I’ll be calling those speakers up first as
part of a public hearing on mr. mundo and after that we’ll have a general
public public appearances section to the meeting and the rules of the public
speaking is about three minutes so let’s see if we can adhere to that and we’ll
start by calling up one speaker and and I’ll call up two speakers at a time so
second speaker please be ready to come up immediately following the first so
Pamela McGill vers rootsy will be followed by Gwen Smith’s pains thank you
you’re welcome hi I’m Pam McGill Frey and I’m the president of the board of no
oyster mundo Inc the governance board for nuestro mundo community school under
the Charter and I’m here on behalf of nuestro mundo Inc and as a parent of an
oyster mundo student to support the request for a waiver regarding the noise
through mundo lottery I want to mention that right now at our school were also
having a school safety session following the parkland incident and so many of our
families were unable to attend tonight because they wanted to attend that
important session but I did bring 63 public appearances in support of the
petition for a waiver and saved you a considerable amount of time tonight on
public appearances so our school it has right now to admission lotteries to
ensure that the starting classes have approximately equal numbers of Spanish
and English speakers this is critical for DLI to work do a language immersion
to work the two lotteries are used to further
noise from windows overall mission to achieve better results for its students
and to bring two different cultures together in a learning environment that
fosters equity and compassion this happens as students use their own home
languages to support other students it’s really remarkable to see and I would
again invite you all at your at your time convenient to come and visit the
school the same two lotteries in fact are used for the other MMSD DLI programs
and just for as for those school the two lottery process is necessary for the
dual language immersion to maintain its integrity so we we hope that you will
support this petition in in looking at our school in particular this year the
number of ll students was down in our attendance area the numbers fluctuate
throughout the years but this year at least this last year the number of lol
applicants were down which means without a dual lottery we would have had at a
random selection be then more likely to be weighted towards English speakers as
the predominant language now I say more likely then because we all know what
happened in the 2016 election that you can’t rely on probabilities to make sure
an outcome is determinative so so in this particular year as an example alone
we definitely need the two lottery system in order for our program to have
integrity and to be successful and so we ask that you continue to allow us to use
the dual language the dual lottery system as we go forward with our charter
and we look forward to continuing the charter renewal process in working with
you as the application comes before you in the near future thank you Thank You
Gwen Smith Haines followed by Jennifer
procurer hi I’m Gwen Schmidt hanis I am the parent of a third grader at noice
tremendous school and he does not come from a native spanish-speaking family
but the experience that he is at nuestro mundo has been incredible I
learned Spanish when I was in high school and it’s a completely different
experience for him to learn it alongside kids who come from native
spanish-speaking families and from teachers who come from different
cultures and are also native Spanish speakers there’s just so much
interdependence e between language and culture and I don’t think that there’s
any way to get that except to have kids who can represent different cultures
learning together so I am in support of the petition to keep a lottery system
separate for Spanish speakers in English speakers Thank You Jennifer final bar at
Francisco Rodriguez hi I’m Jennifer flicker and I also have a 3rd grader at
nuestro mundo this past Saturday we’re at the YMCA and my son came to me and
said hey mom mom you got to see this when you came out of the bathroom and I
said what and he wanted to show me that the changing table had the instructions
to keep your child safe written in ten languages he said mom this makes my
heart so happy because no matter what language someone speaks they can keep
their baby safe and they know how to use this that’s the power of nuestro mundo
and I ask that you support this waiver to allow in Western mundo to continue in
the dual language immersion system with equal representation of both native
Spanish speakers as well as English speakers thank you
thank you Francisco followed by Kristin Scott Kennedy my name is Francesca
Rodriguez and I’m a I’m a parent of a student in Westenra mundo and soon to be
kindergartner and westerlyn though and I like your interim general counsel
matthew bell support the petition to allowed in Westville community school to
continue to use to lotteries to allow approximately the same number of spanish
speakers as well as English speakers into each kindergarten class to make
sure that the dual language immersion program is successful and I request this
for three reasons okay number one the nuestro mundo lottery process is
identical to the lottery process that already used district-wide for the DLI
programs and it served us well for 13 years so we’d like to continue to use
that process number two the process will continue to ensure that in Western
window Community School is consistent with research-based practices in
teaching in the acquisition of a second language by having that 50 50 percent
representation so research-based and number three the waiver supports it
enhances your goals as a school board right so it helps to close the
achievement gap we’re already seeing that we have data for that and improve
the academic achievement of English language learners so those are three of
the main reasons that we should continue to have this waiver and then just one
more quick story about my mother-in-law my mother-in-law her kids went to
Franklin Randor her other set of grandkids go to Franklin Randall and
when we got into Western Mundo she’s like how could you not send them to
Franklin Randall and I said why don’t we go take a tour of the school and the
librarian who had taught she told me she taught in Wisconsin schools for 20 years
she goes I have never seen community like this school this school is a
special special place and I had her drinking the or chata so fast like that
it is a special place so I do invite you like Pam to come visit in Western window
because it is a great community that promotes equity excellence and it’s been
a wonderful experience for my child thank you
Thank You Kristen followed by Emily Zeller hello
I’m Kristin Scott and I’m lucky enough to teach fifth grade at Western though
it’s essential to the mission of nursery mundo to have a balance of Spanish
speakers and English speakers if we have only one lottery for all applicants a
disproportionate number of seats could potentially go to English speakers which
would lead to unbalanced classes this would have a profoundly negative effect
on our ability to deliver quality to a language immersion English heavy
classrooms would Rob Spanish speakers of a golden opportunity to be the
linguistic and cultural leaders models and experts they are
please grant our school a waiver so we can maintain our current lottery system
it’s crucial to our school our students continued success thank you for the work
you do Thank You Emily followed by Kenna Delgado hi my name is
Emily Zeller I work as an instructional coach at noise through no I love my job
I’m here also to encourage the school board to please grant us or petition for
our waiver one reason that we spoke of that we need our dual lottery system is
so that we can guarantee language models for our four students that means
students who are fluent enough to be examples for their peers
if you’ve ever attempted to learn another language you know that it’s
important to be around the language as much as possible and you probably also
know that it’s important to have friends or classmates that speak the language if
you come to our school and I hope that you come to our school what you’ll see
is our Latino students are proud and they are proud of the being language
models for their peers and we want this to continue this policy levels the
playing field for our Spanish speakers and it is an equity issue please allow
us to continue our dual lottery it’s serving our spanish speaker as well and
we ask your help in letting it continue thank you thank you Anna Delgado hello good afternoon my name is Karina
Delgado I’m sorry and I speak English very well so I speak a Spanish good
evening I’m Clara well we’re Aradia bilingual resources specialist for the
district I’m gonna be supporting to the translation sorry
Boorman members since her presentation is timed then we will need to do some up
just adjustments and that yes we’ll make the adjustment just go right here
presentation yo estoy a favor de la lotería de la escuela tengo tres hijos
me homie or es de la primera generación de nuestro mundo l7 officio distressed
whele el actual mente is estudiantes I window
semester no never see Dada wisconsin-madison
I am support the lottery system of the school
I have three children my first children is part of the first generation of
Christ Raimondo right now he’s attending his second semester at the UW gracias a
la escuela mis hijos nonpareil español es lo único que les voy a poder de da
thanks to the school my children had and help has not hadn’t lost their spanish
language which is the only thing that i can live to them gracias a la loteria me
see mijo puto entrar en el Basin Dario donde vivo una comentary BMO’s tres
familias Latinas crayon yo no viera sido por la loteria mijo no Viera pedido
exceeder a la escuela ya que tienen un sin cuenta por ciento de Anglo parlante
sin sin cuenta por ciento de Spanos gracias ASO me hope Udo interests s :
thanks to the lottery system that is right now that’s what my son was able to
attend because we are only three spanish-speaking families at our
neighborhood and if we follow the 50% process of the lotteries they will not
be able for us to get into the school so thanks to the lottery system is that our
son was able to attend to maestro mundo quiero que por favor no saluting como
Familia poder continuar este proceso y gracias por que me da da cuenta que
Estados Unidos realmente es la es el país de las oportunidades thank you for
all the support that you have given to us because the these has making us
really understand that the United State is really the land of opportunities
thank you okay that concludes our public appearance reappearances regarding new
stur mundo charter school lottery waiver requests and thanks to our public
speakers on to the general public appearances first speaker under the
general public appearances will be Karen Lowen followed by Lee Hays good evening my daughter Ruby is in
second grade at Leopold she’s creative imaginative well-spoken and struggling
in school I think she’s struggling in school
because she’s struggling to read I’m just heartened that a strong effort
at home hasn’t seemed to help much and I’m also scared for Ruby’s future
studies have shown that kids who are behind in reading in first grade rarely
catch up Ruby’s over halfway through second grade is her educational fate
already sealed at age eight On January 31st I emailed my concerns to the school
which resulted in a meeting with two school psychologists Ruby’s teacher and
principal Sloan it was agreed that Ruby needed an intervention which would be
time with a certified reading specialist I left that meeting elated because we
had a plan and we were working with a trained professional after a bit of
research I learned that this was exactly what Ruby needed studies have documented
that appropriate reading intervention works a month has now passed since that
meeting and so far nothing has been done for Ruby at school despite repeated
emails from me asking what’s going on last week I got an email response from
the MTS s support teacher and I’ll quote from that email now we only have finite
slots in intervention groups and we want to make sure we use them as equitably as
possible we were not able to come to a final decision on how to proceed with
Ruby due to two complicating factors first the curriculum design of the DLI
program model that Ruby and her cohort of students have operated under second
the infinite number of intervention slots we have available so that’s the
end of the quote Ruby is not getting the help she needs
at least in part because there isn’t help to give finite slots it doesn’t
seem to oh why aren’t there enough slots is it because Leopold with nearly 750
students has the same number of reading interventionists as a school like
Lindbergh with only a hundred and seventy students Leopold is over four
times larger this seems impossible that this could be true but it is and it’s
wrong Leopold needs more reading intervention specialists
les why isn’t there more is it funding it seems impossible that title one
funding for the school may go to fund a second it’s instant principal rather
than more reading interventionist but that’s also true and would also be wrong
Leopold students are struggling to read map scores indicate only 24% if it
proficiency this is really serious if not addressed reading difficulties are
persistent and predict poor success in college career and community the good
news is that reading intervention works the bad news is that Leopold children
are slated to lose time with reading intervention if Ruby and Leopold are
going to succeed all of the reading interventionists need to be reinstated
and more need to be added to reflect equity need and the school’s large size
Thank You Lee Hays followed by Robin Hill wood good evening everyone my name
is Lee Hays I am the parent of a fourth grade student at Aldo Leopold Elementary
community school I stand here today as a representative of the Leopold parent
faculty organization or P fo now according to the 2017 community school
standards as outlined by the Institute for educational leadership and the
National Coalition for Community Schools pursuit of equity is the number one
guiding principle for a community school framework as my fellow parent Leopold
referenced the map reading scores this year indicate only a 24% proficiency
rate overall what you didn’t share is that only 7% of our african-american
students are reading at grade level and only 13% of our English language
learners are reading at grade level now with the current staffing plan for
reading interventionists at Leopold for the 2018 to 2019 school year we would
still have some funds allocated for reading interventions but
Pacifica Lee the reading recovery program in Spanish but as of now there’s
no funding for reading recovery in English and this means that our neediest
population our african-american students would not have access to this nationally
acclaimed reading intervention program this is not equitable
the leopold p fo recommends that the district reinstate all reading
intervention at positions at leopold in next year’s allocations including our
reading of recovery teacher that serves struggling african-american readers
administrative positions such as a second assistant principal should not be
allocated to take the place of any teaching interventionist or special
education staff allocation now as far as I’m concerned the current MMSD
allocation formula is extremely antiquated and certainly does not
reflect the needs of our student body at Leopold under the current formula
regardless of the number of students poverty level or need in the school
every school in the district is allocated 0.5 reading interventionist
position now Leopold is currently the largest Elementary School in the
district and the sixth largest overall of 53 schools that means we’re just
behind the four high schools and one of the middle schools
this means that Leopold Elementary with the student population of over 700
students gets the same base allocation as Lindbergh Elementary which serves
around 170 students which as my fellow parent mentioned we have four times as
many students and not enough reading interventionist to help our students
succeed this is not equitable as a long term goal the leopold p fo recommends a
complete overhaul of the current MMSD allocation formula Leopold parents and
teachers stand together and are committed to the pursuit of equity in
our community school as we know that all of you are as our Board of Education
representatives and we will continue to advocate for equitable staffing
allocations at Leopold as I know you will advocate for in our district as a
whole thank you thank Michael Hernandes followed by Jill Arad
I stand here in front of you after speaking the last time we had an open
board meeting and came with concerns with the LaFollette school district and
school and what was going on at that location and since the number of
teachers have reached out and shared with me both good and bad things that
have occurred and we’ve seen Ford progress in a number of areas to address
our concerns as parents number of the incidents were shared with me that have
occurred since and one just struck me that I think needs to be shared because
it’s concerning to me so a teacher reached out to me and shared that they
were teaching and a student walked into the class in the middle of the
instructional period teacher didn’t recognize the student had never seen him
before and the teacher asked who are you and
what are you doing here this is learning period it’s the middle of the period it
wasn’t the beginning of that and who are you student wouldn’t respond student
weren’t engaged interrupted the learning environment for the other students in
the class after several minutes of trying to coax the student to go to
where they needed to be or identify themselves the student finally got up
and left and as he’s walking out mumbled something the teacher teacher didn’t
understand it teacher want to write an incident report on this so he noted the
time in the the hallway where this located there’s cameras there reached
out to the security officer of the school and said at this date this time
this place this gentleman walked out of my classroom I don’t know who he is can
you identify him security officer got back and said no I cannot can’t write an
incident report without knowing who you’re writing it on the security
officer afforded the information to the assistant principals in the principal
two weeks later the teacher has not heard from anyone as to who this student
was and the teacher hasn’t been inquired as to what incident took place in his
classroom that doesn’t seem appropriate or right any way shape or form
especially with everything going on security wise we don’t even know if it
wasn’t fact a student those are my concerns
Thank You mr. Hernandez followed by Michelle all right so last week it was
an extremely busy week for for all the high schools at the end of the week I
began reflecting on the week and then thinking about mine this coming up week
I was looking over my notes and I noticed I realized but the fieldhouse
house project was coming up on tonight’s agenda I just wanted to come up and one
thank you again for putting this on the agenda and hopefully supporting this I
don’t I don’t think that the east side of mind if I speak for them but we just
wanted to say we appreciate the support and are excited about the possibilities
that are going to arise because of this support for both the east and the north
side thank you thank you Michelle followed by Matthew son um I’m
here to speak about LaFollette I did want to just update the board that I do
think that lafalot has made some positive changes in terms of
communicating with parents so I did want to let you know we’re getting weekly
updates and it’s helpful for parents we feel like that is something that at
least makes us feel a little bit better about sending our kids to school I did
want to state that last week we had a Booster Club meeting where principal
Storch did speak to our Booster Club and he did state that he wants to look at
drug use in the school and looking at different alternative responses if
people are caught with drugs at school such as instead of in-school suspensions
out of school suspensions and one of my questions to him was when my child who
is currently in college was at LaFollette
freshman year there was a drug dog that the school district brought in
unannounced I know in particular one student in my daughter’s grade she’s
been going to school with him since kindergarten who was caught with drugs
in his locker and his mom and dad both felt it was a turning moment for them
they did not know their kid was using it was helpful they came to school with him
for three months lunch hours so I asked last week at the Booster Club meeting
have you thought of ever doing that bringing drug dogs in you’re looking at
UM Storch told us last week he’s checking backpacks of four students
whenever they come in and I said well have you ever thought about just doing a
random drug search and he said the board will never let us do that so I want to
bring that up as I think drugs if there are drugs kids using kids selling
there’s money if there’s money there’s a weapons we’ve had weapons brought into
LaFollette I do want you to think about that and then finally our Booster Club
president was not able to come tonight she would like to extend an invitation
to two board members to come to a booster club meeting for a listening
session with parents students and staff so I’m extending that to you tonight I
will stay till the end she specifically asked me to ask Kate and Mary if you
would be willing to do that at a future Booster Club meeting we only have two
more coming up second Wednesday I’ll be here tonight if you would like to do
that and I’m sure she’ll also email you thank you thank you Matt tube followed
by Colleen Freitag good evening my name is Matthew sonned
I’m a parent of two children at Leopold Elementary I’d like to comment a little
bit on school safety and communication if I could it’s been stated that MSM MSD
is committed to increasing the safety of schools considering a gun gun violence
that we’ve had in our country and I applaud you guys for that however I
don’t think the communication regarding this issue has matched the needs of the
community it’s been over a month since parkland and we’ve only heard that door
locks will be improved throughout the district what additional steps are going
to be taken seems to me that regular updates on the decisions being made
regarding our children’s safety would be prudent while a major incident like
parkland and so many others throughout our country
luckily hasn’t occurred here that doesn’t mean that gun violence is absent
from Madison there was a gun fire near Leopold last week again luckily it was
not directed toward anyone at the school but it was less than a block away from
the kindergarten playground the following day a student and a parent
walking to school found a fully loaded firearm in the brush on school property
all appropriate steps were taken in both of these situations but these situations
do highlight that there is a need right now to make these safety improvements I
do understand that changes take time but we as the community want to know how
MMSD is working to to reduce the likelihood of these incidents we want to
know what is being considered what is being rejected and why since the
community is so aware of this right now use that energy to your advantage by
being open with this process the community may have some additional ideas
and be able to assist in this process but only if you include us thank you for
your time thank you and I’ll find those speaker tonight
coming Freitag hi I’m a parent of a 2016 graduate from will file it in a current
senior and last weekend my son is senior 17 years old soon to be 18 isn’t a
talker I welcome the opportunity last week when he he did open up and was
talking but I was very alarmed at what he shared and with all of the things
going on at school he said there’s just this depression as cloud of gloom at
school now that has to do with a lot of the behaviors that have been going on
and that they deal with daily I know in the fall they lost a classmate in a car
accident they lost a classmate to a suicide in January so they are dealing
with those emotions and the school has said we will have staff available with
the we’ve spoken before at the last meeting about the current behavior plan
that’s in place and at LaFollette it’s been discussed that it’s about 6% of the
students who are the disruptive students with the social workers counselors
psychologists that are on hand at LaFollette you can figure that maybe
it’s a 14 to 1 ratio that each one of those professionals have to deal with 14
problems students maybe more on a daily basis
I was very alarmed when my son talked that he was afraid he’s afraid of losing
another classmate and I reached out to several other
parents and confirmed that their kids are feeling the same
so my question and I guess it goes along with what the other speakers were
talking about if so many of our people in the school are dealing with these
disruptive students every day all day who’s available who is available for the
remaining 1,400 students who could be having some problems in dealing with I
know a lot of the parents are helping but sometimes they want to talk to
someone other than their parents they want to reach out someone within the
school who knew their friends personally who they lost I just truly feel that
there is just not enough staff available for this current bet and changes are
truly needed so please think about making some changes so that all the kids
get the help that they they may need thank you thank you and that concludes
our public public appearances for this evening and again thanks to all our
speakers next item on the agenda I’d like to make a motion to move the
Charter School petition on the people are waiting that was actually part of
the plan but know that so you can make it never you can wait I think is you
know what preciate it okay next item on the agenda is approval
of minutes I move that the Board of Education approved the minutes from the
regular meeting dated 27 2017 second it’s been moved and seconded any
questions or comments seeing none Laurie advisory vote all in favor aye in the
opposition motion carries 7-0 okay at this time I would like to make a
motion that we move up on the agenda let me get to it the vote for the its twelve
point three yeah they vote for the new stream mundo Inc DPI waiver so I will
move that the Board of Education authorized the MMSD what for i guess i
we need to vote on a motion to 1 for forward
lori advisor well all in favor of movement the vote fork say i please hi
in the opposition thank you okay then I’ll move that the Board of
Education authorized MMSD to request a waiver from the Department of Public
Instruction DPI instruction DPI relative to the lottery conducted on behalf of
nuestro mundo community school will change language okay alright so we have not been ii soo
remit from make the motion again you want me to pull it up and just read it
to you I have it oh you got it I move that the Board of Education
authorized the district to request a waiver from dpi allow the district to
conduct a lottery on behalf of nuestra mundo Community Schools that categorizes
students into two groups native English speakers and native Spanish speakers and
then select applicants randomly from those two groups Laurie illogical I okay
the motion has been moved in a segment any questions or comments I guess taking
a second first so no questions or comments I’ll go back to your Lord
Laurie advisory vote all in favor I’m in a position
motion carries 7-0 that the mr. mundo VP waiver is granted okay we will go back
we will go back to order so I can get an order okay next item on the agenda for
presidents announcements and reports Madison West student takes first place
in local youth of the Year competition congratulations to Madison West junior
to one short who won first place in the local Boys and Girls Club youth of the
Year competition world last month LaFollette senior Peter Curran won
second place and Dante’s Sirois a senior from West took third place all three
winners are avid/tops students now each year one exceptional young person from
the Boys and Girls Club rises to the role of national youth of the year now
the national youth of the year serves as both the exemplary ambassador for Boys
and Girls Club youths and as a strong voice for all of our nation’s young
people the board congratulate sand wishes all three students the very best
moving forward congratulations now on March 10th nuestro mundo
incorporated the Latino Education Council the central Hispanic and
co-sponsored Madison six and Centro Hispano
co-sponsored Madison six dual language immersion summit at Centro Hispano since
neutral mundo Community School opened their doors as our district’s first
kindergarten through five dual language immersion school in 2004 the dual
language immersion programs have expanded and are now available in ten
Elementary School’s four Middle School’s one high school with another high school
to be added in the upcoming year the board would like to thank nutriment
incorporated the Latino education council and centrist panel for hosting
the summit and for advocating and supporting our English language learning
and bilingual students and Families okay that concludes what president’s
announcement their reports next on the agenda is superintendents announcements
and reports thank you so I’m Kelly ripple chief of staff of the school
district for those who haven’t had a chance to me I want to apologize on
behalf of superintendent Cheatham she is very sick today and in five years this
is the first board meeting that she was unable to join us so thank you very much
for having me up to the table and I would like to invite Alex and Ricardo up
for their presentation today so despite Jen’s absence which were
quite sad about we are actually very excited to talk to you about how we are
hoping to serve opportunity youth and so let’s get started we wanted to provide the board another
update on a very important project that has been underway this year focused on
supporting a group of students we are calling our opportunities this project
was born from our frustration not seeing sufficient progress specific age ends
frustration not seeing sufficient progress in this area and continually
hearing from those closest to these students in the community about the lack
of coordinated support that existed for a group of our most marginalized and
vulnerable youth tonight Ricardo and I wanted to provide updates on two
specific areas in response to the Boyd’s increase that is the proposed office and
the prototype micro school we are launching that will serve LaFollette
this spring before I do so I wanted to provide a few words about the project as
a whole to provide some context as a reminder the term opportunity youth is
meant to describe a group of students we believe are at a greatest risk of not
graduating and are showing signs that they want to this group includes
out-of-school youth justice-involved youth and youth that are significantly
off track but are still showing up to school several years ago now we did a
programmatic study of our alternative programs to get a handle on what we had
and what we needed and the processes we use to fill existing seats that led to
the collapsing and repurposing of some programs based on quality significant
improvements to what is now called capital high on a more clarity on the
process for getting into capital high with Ricardo’s help we’ve taken another
fresh look this time from our students perspectives his review pointed to the
need to continue to maximize the seats we already have in existing programs but
the need to add more intimate flexible and student-centered options we also
know that it is much more than just adding seeds and programs there is a
distinct need for more intimate and thoughtful processes to find students
who are out of school to support the reintegration of students back into the
most appropriate school settings for them to monitor existing programs and to
build new ones where needed too often students are getting stuck in what
Ricardo and others have called the waiting game this is not a new problem
necessarily in fact it was highlighted in our programmatic review as well but
hearing it from students perspectives has made it even more powerful and has
created an even more urgency to create sorry to to meet their
specific needs this is why we’re personally convinced that the root of
the problem is that we don’t have a dedicated team task with directly
supporting this group their families and the schools that serve them the
manifestation of the problem is that we continue to be concerned about limited
options and about the lack of coordination and communication despite
the fact that we know the problems exists so I’m going to turn over to
Ricardo to talk a little bit more about the important function of this specific
office yeah thanks Alex thanks Alex and thank you to the members of the board
for the opportunity to provide more clarity around this the role in this
office and its place to support an opportunity youth I hope that our
conversation will address some of the questions that were raised last week and
if not we’ll keep at it until we do because this work is important right and
I really want to serve these you as well so I understand that the term office may
evoke thoughts of like added bureaucracy or roles not directly supporting
students but what this office really is is a reorganization of related central
office roles and responsibilities under one team dedicated exclusively to
addressing the challenges that were just raised in previous slides and then some
right so when we envision these roles that you see up here we envision the
individuals that would fill these roles as a mix between like youth slash social
worker instructional designer support provider and service coordinator and I
say all that is say these roles would both directly serve students and
families and schools and programs right we also envisioned that this
community-based team would include specialists aligned with the
circumstances our opportunity youth are currently facing including if you take a
look we would have a recovery specialists that would work
closely with community partners to identify connect and support students
that have dropped out to reintegrate back into the system and back onto a
path with a with the where they’ll thrive right on the office would
included justice-involved youth specialist to partner with the staff at
our Metro sites to improve our instructional programming there and to
share the emotional load of that work which is incredibly heavy and to
similarly to our youth recovery specialists identify a monitor students
place in correctional facilities both inside and outside of Madison and
students that have generally had interactions with the justice system and
to support their successful reintegration back into schools right
this office will also include a unique programming specialist right and this is
a dedicated role that would partner with students and families during the
transitions to and from alternative programs and equally is important this
role would partner with schools and community-based partners and
organizations to create launch and sustain new program programming options
that would effectively create new seats and will share an example of what this
looked like in just a few moments so we creatively reorganized and
repurposed to fund these three key positions including accounting for the
potential of incoming revenue for students that we would recover that have
left the system of schools entirely so what we are asking from were we asking
the board is approval of just one new position to lead this team a director to
work alongside all these other team members to carry out many of the
responsibilities just talked about to work across the sector’s to build and
maintain community partnerships and to have direct oversight over all current
and potentially new programs outside of shahboz and capital right and again I
want to stress that all of these roles here would work both
with students and families and schools and programs right and I also want to
know just one thing there’ll be a more complete description of the budgetary
asks in the upcoming and materials and upcoming materials for the next
operational workgroup just want to note that there so I want to transition over
to give the final update which is on this say briefly on this
let’s bring prototype that we’ve been talking about remember that the purpose
of the prototype was to really just try something right to experiment quickly to
see what works and what doesn’t work and to build off from it right originally we
were going to take on two different prototypes smaller prototypes to test
out some ideas and how to better support opportunity youth but given the urgency
for more student-centered programming we decided to move more quickly on a more
robust prototype this spring so we’re gonna continue a closely study how this
prototype rolls out to learn what the future implications are for our future
strategy and that prototype is this so since February 21st we’ve been fully
fully engaged in an intensive design process to launch what we’ve 10u
tentatively dubbed a micro school essentially a micro school is a small
intimate learning community tailored to meet the unique needs of its students
and families the instructional model is built upon it’s a mixture of things
built upon ace intensive social most wrong project slash experiential based
project project slash experiential based learning model and identity affirming
learning experiences and we’re prototyping this micro school experience
to provide approximately 15 to 20 students from the Follette students that
the system has frankly had trouble adapting quickly
enough to support to provide them a unique and powerful learning experience
in this coming fourth quarter I mean like right now right essentially to
underscore that aside from the actual instructional model the other the part
that really makes this micro school unique it’s it’s the how of how we’re
creating this space while we’ve engaged with many and visual individuals to make
this micro school reality including LaFollette staff central office staff
many of whom are in the audience right now it’s the complete integration of
students as partners in this process that has made this this entire
experience for like a game-changer it’s actually a photo from one of our design
sessions so having youth voices in that space so youth voices who were actually
formula fall students themselves and transition over to Capitol so students
we could have classified as opportunity use at one point in this design process
challenging our assumptions right pushing on our ideas throwing out some
of their own awesome ideas has just been an incredible incredible experience in
fact once students enroll in this micro school experience
the second major project of the quarter will actually be to complete with this
micro school looks like and feels like which is something we’re pretty excited
about and our relationships with our community partners has also been
incredible and Alex will provide a bit more insight into what that experience
has has been like yeah so very similar to pathways we’ve learned how powerful
it is to actually engage community partners in designing unique specific
spaces for kids as we offer a voice and choice and we’re excited that selfish
ambition in the life center have come aboard to be a part of this process
lifestyle Eric specifically is providing high quality professional modern space
that includes modern classrooms with HDTVs our recording studio a
professional kitchen with a cafeteria a full-size gym that we’re also going to
be resourcing with one of our virtual learning systems this location is only
about a mile and a half from LaFollette to ease with transition both for
students and for staff and what we’re calling a bridging system to ensure that
students still have access to critical supports in their in their home school
selfish ambition is playing a critical role in providing supplemental supports
by way of tutoring and mentoring from a host of volunteers one of the largest
consortium of congregations in the Dane County area who demonstrate
the same urgency to support students and families with with tremendous need so
they have been working maybe just as hard with us in this space to get the
best ideas on the table and how to leverage both the people power as well
as facilities that we flecked the high expectations that we have both the
students in our staff space is really important the people are also very very
important right and we know that the right people can make an experience like
this truly transformational for students and that’s why we’re staffing this micro
school with a number of passionate adults including we’ve got a full-time
teacher there special education and case manager full-time social worker
dedicated to this group restorative justice coordinator also involved and a
number of mentors and supports coordinated through our partnership with
selfless ambition so we’re really excited for I mean just for the
resources that are available in this space to the right of this slide here is
we’re providing what were it’s a sample day quote-unquote sample day so this is
what a day may look like but things may change depending once depending when
students begin to envision what their school look like I just want to
that this this schedule here is free flowing in that we may end up engaged in
a community building session where youth are unpacking trauma that they
experienced or they’re digging deep into understanding their identity and the
role it plays in that environment in the Madison environment that I may actually
spill over to – you know longer than what we have scheduled for and that’s
the beauty of this space right it’s truly tailored to meeting the needs of
students I’m one of the things we do want to highlight from this potential
sample day is that this opportunity is partnership with an awesome community
member that will deliver a hip hop architecture course that is actually
nationally renowned and he’s bringing this into the space with a passion to
serve these youth and he’s bringing quite a few of awesome like resources
into the space – including 3d printers and a bunch of other really cool things
so it provides a really great opportunity to expose students for this
awesome learning experience but also create some opportunity for our students
to earn stem credits right possible math and science credits which are really
excited about in terms of art we’ll be looking for a a tie as we’re looking at
time line this week LaFollette staff are going to engage students and families in
recruiting conferences and we’re hoping to get about 90% of our students to say
yes zhuzi a Stickley and we have a great
family night plan on April 3rd where we’re actually planned to include
parents into a part of the design process for this micro school space and
yeah and we essentially we’re hoping to come back together in early May to check
in on progress as we in a formal way even though constantly checking the
project progress is a natural part of the the staff that will be present
at this micro school so I’m gonna pause there because that is it and I do want
to do what one thing cuz I fail to do it last time and I felt terrible about it I
just want to give a shout out and thank you it’s a lot of the other staff that
was supporting the original work in the project some folks are here today Cindy
green Martian Sorenson and Rudy banks things and onions right now who were
actually incredibly instrumental and moving a lot of this work forward so I
apologize for the late thank you if you’re there but yeah I’ll pause there
and open it up to questions okay Niki I have several please bear with me
oh sure and so we’re starting on the micro school April 5th that’s providing
approval from the board or in general or starting it and then you’re coming back
to the body so Niki the micro school is being used within current funds because
these are current students we have fund allocations per student so the teacher
is a teacher allocated to LaFollette who will follow the students with and a lot
of the other resources are being provided by our partners or our
existence within LaFollette so there will be no florid approval or budget
request for the small micro school pilot my second question is actually with our
partners I see the word congregation in selfless ambition from what I’ve been
told we are a public school I’m a little bit I understand we use Catholic
Charities I understand I’ve nothing gets religion but I want to make sure that
this does not have a religious component in it for those who are not interested
in that yeah thanks for that Niki we are very mindful of both the organization
and potentially some concerns about potential possible is Asian
or recruiting students at family cv5 congregations selfish ambition is an
organization made up of organizations but they’re designed to actually provide
supports and services to students and families particularly in our schools at
the highest needs they’ve done things currently like trying to develop food
pantries in our schools in our development of an mo way with this
organization we’re super clear about the our requirement that we do not create
the conditions for either students or staff to be jostled or recruited into
any form of any religious organization yeah and just to be clear we go through
this with our adaptive school partners pretty consistently so we have a process
procedure in forms for any of our religious I and I’ve heard a lot from a
lot of people so I’m gonna ask for you on that if that’s all right Cheers
and that would be one the you said selfless ambition or lifestyle I’m not
sure which one is donating the length or weird oh yeah my Center yeah and that
will be in a regular building near lafalot it’ll be in the light Center
which is about a mile and a half from the follow okay and are you concerned on
the IPS that that would constitute a change of placement if it’s over ten
days yes so it’s a great question we’ve already made provisions for for a case
manager once the students and families that said yes this is an opportunity
that I want my son or daughter to be in and the IEP will be reviewed and forth
and for the IEP to be rewritten at that time if the student indeed and their
family that yes to this opportunity
additionally how can we ensure that and I’ve talked to Ricardo on this quite a
bit how do we make sure that this doesn’t become a segregated school that
this isn’t just we want to get rid of those who are causing trouble we’re
going to remove them from this school to put the belts we’re out of sight out of
mind yeah I hope you heard and saw in the presentation was a different
approach to creating what will potentially put in the bucket of
alternative learning which is adults go somewhere they create a program for kids
they asked the kids to they tell the kids to attend and then they’re sent if
you see both in presentation over tonight and how we are placing both
students and eventually families as part of this design process and make sure
that our expectations are not just we’re not just saying that I respect tensions
are high but they’re reflected in the type of tasks that were asking students
to engage in that would actually ensure that they actually get back on track and
not leaving it to adults just to create it on their own I don’t mean to be
offensive I’m just a little skeptical that’s why they oh no I think we’re all
quite mindful of making sure that when we create spaces like this that it’s
done to ensure that we are meeting an academic bar that does not lower
expectations for students and families but it does the very opposite I think I
mean I think I think you covered it and I think two things come to mind one I
think this approach to design these micro schools is an effort to really
flip the script on what these spaces can look like right we don’t want them to
turn into dumping grounds right wanting to be these awesome spaces that youth
can be proud of and take take pride in and being a part of the other thing is
this going back to the discussion around this need for this office right one of
the big reasons why we’re asking for this dedicated team is to ensure that
our current programs don’t evolve into dumping grounds any potential new
programs don’t devolve into dumping grounds right that we sustain these
really great awesome programs for our youth right I think
that’s that’s what I would add yeah oh it’s not our challenge four or five
years ago with some of the programs that there was actually no direct oversight
that there wasn’t enough visibility there was enough pressure testing or
feedback to actually determine whether the program is actually doing a way was
designed to do to ensure that kids were actually doing back on track maybe it’s
just worth also mentioning that this pilot is just for this school year right
so it might end at the neck end of this year it might be something totally
different next year which is why it’s not very expensive to try to get off the
ground but this is about learning for us and that we appreciate the skepticism
we’re learning through this – okay TJ I’m sorry we’re you’re done they keep it
okay thank you I’ll try and go as fast as possible good I think four or five
questions first one this kind of picks up on the relationship here and some
Nikki’s questions about approvals has this gone through a partnership rebirth
yes yes and what did it score long can we can we give a copy of that because
I’m looking at and so copy that would be appreciated
second thing is with both the will first off with the micro school how many FTE
we talked about in terms of teachers they have just total after general after
you’ve got four positions but I’m sure that they don’t look like they’re all
full-time who so I’m a full-time teacher full-time social worker case manager
believes that half times and then our restorative justice specialist
coordinator it slightly more than half time
and some that we determined on exactly the numbers the number of students yeah
who the students are so we predictably about 35 to 40 percent of the students
with IEP s that could move up with a quick go down so then your daily cost
categorical probably in the EA or two also if that one of the parents from the
flower tonight spoke very movingly about the 1400 students who are not in crisis
but are in tension depression stress and the lack of resources for them pulling
five four three four five FTEs out of LaFollette to serve ten to twenty
students seems to me like those students will be even less resourced those who
rebate the 1,400 who are not in crisis but aren’t stress and have had and have
had to deal with the effects of the violence in the school had to deal with
the suicide earlier this year have to deal with just being adolescence but do
you think it’s a good idea to pull out these four three four five you have T’s
and leave those students yeah if I could just clarify it so I would not her going
to we’re not gonna be depleting resources from your phone well are they
gonna come from its so we did actually have two dollars that we’ll be using to
supplement some of the staff specifically the teacher we did not want
to impact LaFollette we know that the Dean who is a social worker and the
assistant principal will be donating a percentage of their time to make sure
that to ensure that there’s adequate
supervision and coordination a particular site educational
professionals should not be asked to donate their time we pay for our time
professional services that’s what we have contracts so once again how many ft
you’re going to be pulled out of will file it so outside of the assistant
principal and how many new FTE will be added and that is a budget matter adding
FTE I’m sorry if you’re adding ft that’s a budget matter you’re gonna use the Ted
dollars that’s a budget matter that requires an approval that is a budget
change so that does require an approval uh Alex I’m gonna move on to another
topic um I have similar questions about where the reallocations will come with
the proposed office but we’ll leave those aside so that’s actually a
proposal with a budget ah Alex you said that there’s been a lack of oversight
and that the previous alternative programs weren’t doing what they were
designed to do how do we know if either the micro school or the opportunity
school work is doing what it’s designed to do what are the goals you say one of
the side says potential impact on 150 students what does impact me mm-hmm
so in thinking about who these students are we’re gonna be asking them to engage
as we do with all students in goal setting so we think that their ability
to articulate their goals and develop a plan to meet those goals for the
specific purpose of getting them back on track at the end of this 9 weeks again
this is a very short amount of time we’re not expecting to actually move the
earth but at the same time we do expect students to demonstrate progress towards
getting back on track so but the end of those nine weeks students and the
families would be better positioned to think about where I am now what I’ve
learned what I’ve accomplished specifically the ability to develop the
confidence and belief that our district can provide the necessary services
to support them get back on track which would include an increase in attendance
reduction in referrals we’re looking at all of their suspension data now and
number of credits aren’t compared to what they have earned
previously to be enrolled in this program with both the general and the
specific one having some metrics in front would be really really nice
instead of having post-hoc that you know anecdotes and this is what we had it it
would be really really nice because otherwise we really don’t understand it
you refer to their suspension data and then the credits earned how are students
being selected for this program and who is eligible for it so we’ve identified
students who we think would almost benefit from this program I’m sorry from
this micro school these are generally students who are not on a track right
now and who have expressed desire to we’ve heard from some students that the
90-minute block is not necessary satisfy them if they actually can’t function
well within that 90-minute block so it’s also identification of students who have
said I actually need something different and this week through a trusted adults
both the students and the families will be engaged in a discussion about where
they are versus where they want to go to determine if this is the right option
for them students be able to apply or is it only
those who’ve been recruited students apply it’s two different students of
appearance at home watching this meeting tonight and they say you know what I
think my daughter my son would be good for this could they apply or said only
students who are recruited so there’s no application we would we would definitely
welcome a conversation with that student and their family about why this would be
a good option for them what’s the what’s the gender breakdown of those people
right what’s the gender breakdown of those being recruited of the students
that we’ve done a preliminary analysis and what’s the racial breakdown majority okay Anna did Nicki I just wanted to go
back around the other programs and just kind of get a feel for how this is gonna
fit with that now the last at the beginning of this fall we started a
therapeutic program on Olin Avenue for students they tended to be students
again that we’re at risk of not graduating do we have a sense of whether
that program is full at this point I shouldn’t mean sorry when I named
alternative programs it’s a non spelter native programs so that I think what’s
the program one next step I believe was the name of that ultra the therapeutic
school at Olin falls in that category we could get that information for you in
terms of like where that is in terms of capacity do you happy to do that yeah I
would like to just because I feel like I understand what we we want to try new
ideas but when we’re starting up a lot of different ideas I want kind of going
back to the concerns that Alex you are talking about that if we’re not
assessing them and evaluating than an ongoing time then they’re really not
serving the students well unless we have good data coming out of there so just
knowing that that’s out there I would like to know how that fits because you
might be working with a similar student group in both sites and if we have spots
open in Oland would we determine that the next step is a better fit than this
program what are you all going to be doing about
I know you it sounds like you’re putting a cross categorical feature at the site
what are you gonna do about kids that may have related services is there a
plan in place or is it just gonna be something where kids come in and then I
ep’s get rewritten so those are not they’re still that’s a good question so
part of the discussion we’ve talked with the school and to identify and staff who
would help do the rewrite of IEP is if necessary is to build what we’re calling
a bridging system so that’s to ensure that current resources at LaFollette
that a student already has access to would not be disrupted given the
proximity it’s really about developing a really tight schedule in time for people
to get to and from that site to make sure that those related services are
being offered okay yeah cuz I would hate to see families have to pick and choose
and if you know kind of being guided out of it if maybe those services aren’t
gonna be at that site the last thing I was looking up about Life Center I I
guess – have we done this before where we’ve actually put schools into Church
buildings and is there anything we have to do differently yes we have there are a few programs
currently in churches and typically there’s a walk through to make sure that
there’s no you know religious iconic or religious posters I can’t say that with
so we and that’s done through legal services where we will do that walk
through with Alex and Ricardo to make sure that you know students aren’t
sitting in classrooms where they’re having you know essentially being
recruited into any sort of religion okay yeah cuz I looked at the picture and
there’s like I guess we’ll have to think about how kids are getting in because
there’s a huge cross over the front doors I’m sure we’ve thought about it
and then the other thing kind of going something that I’m really interested in
knowing about – moving forward is what is gonna be the criteria for students
exiting the program and being able to reintegrate into their home school if
that’s their choice because I actually feel like that’s the bigger problem with
our alternative programs is that we don’t have clear definitive ways for
kids to get out of these programs and so a lot of our students end up staying in
alternative site programs almost their entire academic career yeah no I I
appreciate that I think the conversations are gonna be happening
this week with the students and families will include their options at the end of
the nine weeks so it’s not like you’re gonna be in this program we want you to
stay in here forever they’ll know what their options are at the end but we hope
that the experience will be would be so promising and exciting that they would
actually want to stay I think why we actually need the office to ensure that
further transitions are Nikki dinki my questions are several I’ve heard some
things that I want to make sure I hear it right because sometimes I don’t
interpret everything correct 35 to 40 percent of the students will have IEP
s– correct potentially we are holding it in a building with a cross on the
front door correct yes we are choosing to put 70 percent primarily male
students of color in a separate building to receive education correct no in the
sense that we are not putting students in
there’s no application process cracked it’s a choice it’s it’s an is an
offering of an option to learn differently in a different space that
students and families have the option to say yes and they it was designed for
exactly 20 or 21 students and why did you choose that number we wanted to keep
the school small and intimate you know to embody the micro school spirit and
most of our classes generally him alternative settings are around things
and I have to ask and I mean no offense by this question but this wouldn’t have
anything to do with the specific behavioral problems that LaFollette and
the specific number of students who created those offenses correct what I
can tell you is that during the design process we actually started with the
strengths of our students what they actually bring to the table in their
assets we were not ignorant of their challenges we’re very clear that we have
students right now who are struggling currently in our comprehensive high
schools and so I want to make sure that we are articulating the the promise of
this strategy that’s building off the strength of the students by having them
at the table to make decisions with us and their families about how to kind of
reshape their trajectory towards post-secondary success thank you all
right okay yeah I mean maybe just on the
alternative this the the Micra school in particular I’m very supportive of the
process you guys are using I would love to see some metrics and kind of know how
we’re gonna know what good looks like at the end and if how are you gonna make
the choice to continue right or continued the process even or
not um but a student student input into the design of how they spend their
educational time no we’re not we’re not serving them well right now and and I
think is a good thing so um you know I think a little bit more information
would help all of us right in terms of impacts to LaFollette staffing and cost
and and just metrics I but I applaud us for doing this quickly and I think it
will both better support students as well as little Follette community I
would love to spend a little bit more time on the office I’m really struggling
with understanding how the office is the best first foot forward I think I
continue to hear from schools I have kids that I’ve requested alternative
settings for who have not had access to alternative options because we don’t
have a space and and what I see here is shifting you know we have essentially
450 students in alternative settings already and a message is maybe those
settings aren’t the best we need to shift what they are and that may be true
but I’m also hearing we just literally need
or settings maybe not see it’s right and and so I would really like to understand
how are we going to serve more students first and then let’s find no question I
think we need better and better tailored and more intimate in all of those things
but first and foremost I think we might just need to serve more students I’m
hearing you know about students who have left alternative settings and come back
to their home schools who don’t want to be there or aren’t a good fit I mean
it’s just it feels like more is actually route really relevant here so I think I
said that last time I think I’ll probably keep saying it until I see us
being able to say yes to schools who are saying I have a student who needs a
different setting and us be able to say yes like that so I like that yeah I
think saying yes the office is saying yes to both more options and the office
right and the way that I’m understanding it is what do we be my options because
there’s a variety there’s a number of students who yeah I’m a been a benefit
from our current options right now like potential like with our partners 200
fast for example or Omega we have a significant number of ninth and tenth
grade students for example who won’t qualify for an option until they reach
that 11th grade year and they’ve demonstrated that you know year and year
of not succeeding in that school space so it’s a matter of like having the
capacity to create those spaces and that’s what this team is right so it’s
like doing I think do them both we don’t actually those four people
aren’t going to be doing direct service right they’re not gonna be teaching we
would have another budget request for the ability to actually serve those
students right so there may be there may be an increase in the number of seats
that we could potentially open up in our current options right but it has to
happen on both ends and yeah there may be potential asks or requests for these
new spaces if we do want to expand the number of seats I’m I’m thinking about
expanding what we currently have I’m thinking about the students who may not
whose needs don’t align with what those programs are currently
right so we could put them in those programs but if they’re coming back does
that make that yeah I hear you I just I have I have a hard time adding for folks
that aren’t going to necessarily allow us to serve more students in alternative
settings directly without additional budget and additional people right yeah
if I could just say that you know we could capital actually wants to expand
they want to serve more kids they think they can right now they actually don’t
have the space to do it a second semester we did a review of every single
seat to make sure every single seat for second semester was filled just two
weeks ago is only two slots that were stolen so we’re identifying what
students who have that need Shabazz we’ve actually asked them to increase
their enrollment by about 10% to see if we can’t maximize all the existing
programs but if we are going to add like just more seats we actually need more
space and right now that isn’t quite doable given where capital and Shabazz
are currently in position we do have our contracted services we could expand
there but we actually think we could potentially do it in-house through ideas
like this microscope does that mean it does I just I mean I’m not seeing the
office I’m not seeing a line of sight to doing that I’m seeing a line of sight to
another request for another five FTEs to have a microscope all but then that
doesn’t make sense or central folks at one point
so I’ll get off of it you guys make one clarifying point that I think is really
important here is that it is not for new people it is one new position the other
three think about as a reorg their positions that exist move point five
that are combined so it’s one new position I just want to be really clear
on that okay so second mice just one other point in not on
is you made a comment earlier oh these aren’t the the special ed alternatives
right I would really encourage us to locate this office as a part of student
services making the integration between student services and our opportunities
programming is very relevant and I worry that the kind of thinking as a separate
entity is going to not serve our young people well or our staff well okay yeah
I also have a few questions and I think many of the points that have been
brought up are I agree with I have the same questions so where does this new
office who does it report to so that’s why I don’t understand why it doesn’t I
think it’s a real problem not to have it with the apart from our alternatives I
really see that this is a way of it’s an alternative to students who we aren’t
reaching and and I think it gets a little bit back to Kate’s point about
that type of coordination or oversight that looks at all of these things
combined and so this feels to me I don’t not against the effort of of a
microscope or an entrepreneurial sort of approach but I think it belongs within
our existing structure because I think that the students should not be pulled
and identified and treated differently and I think we have to approach our
alternatives that way so that that’s one concern that I would have the second
concern is is I understand the repurposing for the
people in the office and the one additional position but I think TJ
brings up a good question about the people who are actually staffing the
micro school and if they’re not coming out of La Follette where are they coming
from yeah so the the one particular teacher who we inquired about who has
demonstrated the knowledge the skills and the disposition to support students
in very robust ways is from East High School and she said without hesitation
yes not only does she see herself or part of this she sees in growing it
because she believes in what this opportunity can provide students given
her success in working in in similar ways so just answer that question so
that’s one teacher but you indicated that there’s other personnel yeah yeah
we’re still in the process of recruiting and so there is a budget I mean we have
paid personnel who are in the school and this is additional unless you’re taking
East allocation and putting it here that this is additional funds and that is
that what you reference as the taking Ted funding yes so it’s a it’s a mixed
use of funds we have two dollars as well as members of our team have identified
vacancies that have not been filled in using that allocation to support this
FTE then you’re hiring P you are I mean hiring P what do you find to hire just
on this short notice we’re just not employed or are going to leave their
jobs for a nine week stint well let’s see I I guess I might but the
way I’m reading it you can tell me if I’m wrong is that you actually had this
all planned out and you sort of know but we you’re for
some reason I don’t feel like you’re you’re sharing that like you have the
answers you’re almost ready to start the school and I don’t feel like like we are
getting all the pieces at the board and frankly the funding I agree with TJ if
this is taking tin money and input I think it the the whole budget for it I
don’t know if we’re paying Life Center any money the the staffing I don’t know
if there’s transportation for the students I mean these I think we should
be approving a budget for this started by mentioning that he was gonna have the
budget as attached to the operation workgroup and that’s primarily I think
was the plan so I think that’s the right thing to do for the micro school that
you work for the office that the budget was gonna be it was for the office we
can include a breakdown of what it’s looking right now for that from the
microscope let’s make sure all due respect to a staff I’d like to recognize
everyone that speaks so Mary’s got the floor and we’ll move from there and I
appreciate great I’ll look look for the budget I I am
concerned that this is for the the questions I already had the structure of
it the the budgeting of it the staffing of it the other thing is is the startup
and entrepreneurial ventures I’ve been a part of
in my life the first nine weeks don’t show a whole lot and I just be it feels
really rushed and it feels like we’ll do nine weeks really rushing really pulling
this and I applaud the effort I really I think this is but it’s but I’m not sure
actually in nine weeks you’re going to be able to to really give information
that either says yes go ahead go deeper do more or to say nope not working my
guess is you’ll just say it’s too early to tell we’ve seen some promising
results there’s good things to it because that’s what it will show and
there will be challenges because you don’t we don’t have the answers and so
I’m just wondering about this approach of rushing to something through for nine
weeks that I don’t think is going to be conclusive one way or the other okay
thank you um yeah I support the approach I it’s a pilot and it’s a trial and I
think everyone has made some very good points I do at the one point that’s
really worth talking about as we move forward here if we move forward is the
budget piece I do think that we’re going to talk about whether or not the board
should we approve it and this improvement budget so I think that
something we’ll have to talk about but it’s a pilot and an pilots are to find
out information and it may turn I was actually like Portman’s to say may be
reached we won’t get enough information in nine weeks uh I’m not sure it’s a
pilot and and so it was four pilots are for to find out information and so I
think considering where we’ve been in our district and all the questions were
trying to answer with certain youth that I think that it’s it’s worth to try and
so I’ll be supporting the I do support the effort and the venture and we’ll see
if not which yield information may come back in that weeks and say and we’re not
going to do this we’re not gonna move forward with it so
but that’s what that’s what the nine weeks afford as I try to find that out
and and to start it at this time and not wait until September because we have
some use that’s needs servant right now we’ve had a school community ask that we
do something whether this is the right answer I’m not sure but we’ve had a lot
of people come before us to ask that the board and registration do something to
help resolve the issues that we’re seeing in some of our schools and now
we’ve been on the subject for a while and I’m not going to go around the table
25 times so Dean have not spoken and so Dane you have the floor okay there’s been good work here with any of
the the prototype is it asked if we publicly said out loud that this is not
a knee-jerk let’s let’s hide some kids that are causing us some problems we
said that out loud we’re now going to warehouse kids that are causing problems
it at the same time there’s some interventions needed to be done at low
file we’ve heard from family members we’ve heard some of other things and
there’s been big meetings about it and ongoing communication so there there is
some interventions that had to happen at La Follette there’s a couple of
community partners there that are religious based and and I think we all
on the tables that out loud that there are issues with that and they’re fully
aware that we have community partnerships with religious based
organizations already in there it’s clear to everybody what they’re not
going to be proselytizing our kids that’s not what they’re out to do
they’re trying to help and we can thank them for for stepping up for helping out
it make sure that it’s done properly so this one you know I think we’ve heard
enough concerns that we need to look at if there’s any there is some money
issues here we want to know more a little bit more
about that I think the effort is worth it particularly saying out loud making
it very clear that this is we’re not just dumping these kids the the office
the the the whole report itself one of the issues I keep going back in my mind
is that there there are our students already wanting to get into existing
programs that that work shahboz and capital and we can’t get them in you
just said 10% increase in shahbazi would like so that’s a space issue and this
isn’t nothing new so in this plan come September we should see where we can
increase shahboz attendance 10% and capital as well and we just shouldn’t
say well we can’t figure this out if we can move as quickly as we can to find a
place for 15 kids that that need support well we can find a space just as by
September that we can add 200 kids that need support so let’s let’s move that
let’s just focus on that and get this thing implemented to students that are
struggling right now that are dropping out aren’t exploding with behavior
problems but got something that that we could offer them that will work with
them and connect with them and move them forward so they don’t drop out so I want
to hear more on that and I I think the the prototype was give it a shot and pay
attention to it okay from that okay and then we’re gonna move on because my
question for Matt is the Brookfield case which stated that graduation cannot be
held in two church building would that apply to educational services of the
church building when the Cross is unable to be covered because it covers the
entire door I definitely think that the Brookfield case would apply
I think though the details of that case would have to be delved into I think
there was a number of issues with that case in terms of there was others other
available space there was as the students came in and I’m forgetting all
the details of that case but they were handed religious information religious
pamphlets so definitely we would apply the Brookfield case to any program
that’s in a church and I’d be happy to review that and just take a look at
those who Joseph could you please sure and James I promise I have one
thing and it’s like 10 seconds sorry 5 thank you in my 3 left
I just want to say pilots are a good thing except we don’t do human drug
trials we don’t start drug trials on humans we don’t start pilots and use
kids as experiments to see if something works
I’m just making now what you have ok Ricardo you have the last word thanks
team thanks James I really really appreciate it
arms up that’s what it’s breast like take a step back and remind whatever the
intention behind how this right it’s like we’re trying to serve these
students right we want to serve these youth that are currently struggling and
it’s challenging it’s we’re all working on the same team and I appreciate a
feedback and the pushing to make a product better and that’s great right I sense a frustration right that
sometimes feels a bit disheartening for me personally engaging in this work and
for our you know teachers and other adults are directly engaging in this
work and it’s one of reminders that we’re all working together to try to
solve this right and that we’re not trying to pull a fast one on anybody
we’re not trying to like sneak one by anybody I can guarantee that that’s not
our intention at all right and I appreciate or look forward to maybe
meeting up with you all one-on-one against kind of clarify and see if we
could continue to move this work forward because it just it’s just too important
um fritzed all that yeah thank you so there’s been a number of good points
raised by the board here and encouraged the board to engage staff on some of
these issues the one issue that I think the board is totally on board with is
whether or not the budget needs to be approved so we’re gonna have to move on
that one rather quickly because has effect on a timeline that you are
proposing and so we’ll have to talk about that one because I’m hearing
around the table is that the board is very much interested in making sure and
it sounds to me is there something that we need to approve a budget and and so
appreciate you guys engagement in this topic this is important topic and again
thank you and thanks to the board for all those questions and okay next item
on the agenda is the consent agenda I move that the Board of Education adopted
approve all the motion set forth in Section six of the electronic agenda
prepared for the March 19 2018 regular school board meeting exactly I said
motions are written by voting affirmative Leon the motion the board
member expresses his or her affirmative vote on each of the motions consolidated
hereby subject to any express separations that have been made by any
member of the school board second it’s been moved in a second a separations no
separations but I have one question and three quick comments before we vote that
I would like to make it okay okay we have a move and moved and seconded
motion so no separations you say before we vote yes so once you go right here
all right question is on 6.11 which is the contract for security services are
we continuing to do a search for a in-house security director in might be
for next year so we may come back to the board with the current status for next
year but the conversation and how we want to go about recruiting training
finding that right person is absolutely top of mind okay and then the quick
comments 610 bounce-back six six nine bounce-back six ten crisis prevention I
just want to point out that these are two expenditures in areas of of mental
health behavioral health and and and the services and the kind of things we
always talk about that we should be doing as a district and that we’re
passing two of these on our consent agenda tonight and the similar one I
want to highlight the donation from the ecumenical faith fund for after-school
transportation it can be one of the things that you hear over and over again
particularly from our schools in our title one schools is that access to
after-school programs for low-income students is and families are compromised
by lack of transportation so I want to applaud the the ecumenical faith fund
for that for this and highlight this is an issue in many of our schools all
right take your mr. Brooks Laurie advisory vote please all in favor aye
any opposition motion carries 7-0 all right that concludes consent agenda for
the night and the next item on the agenda is is instruction workgroup with
mr. Mertz yes we had a very very very full moon
meaning March 5th the first item on the agenda was the
adolescent update and many people thought that was gonna be very quick and
in fact and there being a very deep discussion and I think that there’s a
reminder that as this work goes forward there’s great interest among the board
and that there are a lot of decision points ahead where understandings remain
would be welcome the second one it was middle school start time this has been
long work again I want to applaud our staff for having come forth with what I
believe is a very very workable proposal that will enhance the mental and
physical and health of our students it’s a three year phase-in plan that will
start not next year but the year after if approved and I want to clear up some
of the confusion a couple people including some reporters like where like
did you approve this at that meeting we did not approve it my understanding is
that no one raised objections and that there will be something in the budget
that we passed this this year that will in effect be a go ahead approval so
there won’t be a director a vote on that in West requested by a board member in
which case we’ll try to agenda again you know call out micro take call out Karen
Kepler especially and and and and Mike berry also for their long
work on this because it’s it’s something that I think is important and I’m really
bad with moving forward and any comments on the other of those items or I will
announce what’s next on April 2nd we have two other high interest items on
the agenda we have an updated advanced learning plan and additionally pathways
implementation update for the 2018-19 school all right Thank You mr. Murch the
next item operations mirror yes we had a meeting on March 12th and the the topics
were compensation and the priority areas for the 2018-19 budget and as a result
of that two items we would like to get approval on tonight basically early
approval items so that we can so that staff can start moving ahead because
they have longer lead times so I am going to make a motion that the Board of
Education grant early approval of the following 2018-19 budget requests early
approval is requested to facilitate timely ordering of long lead time
materials and equipment or to accelerate posting and filling of key personnel
assignments a the 2018-19 technology plan budget increase of six hundred and
twenty five thousand dollars for the G four schools and B the Community Schools
fund eighty community service fund budget increase of ninety five thousand
dollars to fund the MMSD 50% share of two FTE
Community Schools resource coordinators this will allow the Community Schools
pilot program to expand from two schools to four schools second Laura your
Advisory vote any discussion all in favor aye opposed
that passes 7-0 then the next date for a meeting is April 16th and the items for
that our preliminary 2018-19 preliminary budget development wrap-up and benefits
along with the long-range facility plan update and and apparently opportunity
schools Thank You TJ that’s it thank you Mary okay next item I would I
had a deposition I told Janet events I would not be at the City Education
Committee as a result they did not have quorum our next meeting is April 14
April 60 thank you I was there and you’re absolutely correct so and that falls under other reports to
the board so that was our city of Madison education committee report next
report is the students in it so we were lucky enough to have Mary come visit us
a couple times to talk about classroom disruptions because that was mentioned
here as being one of the main concerns both by parents
in u.s. board members and giving some insight as to what it is really like in
the schools and then we also talked about the advanced learning plan looking
through it specifically dividing up into the identification processes and the
tiers and Morty our president is working on drafting a resolution to eventually
present to the board when it comes for its superintendents report meeting Thank
You Lori any questions floor okay send on then we will move on now to ms er
we’ve met last week or two weeks ago and at the matter Meadowood neighborhood
center which is a another of our city funded community partners community
center who worked with a lot of our kids coming out Orchard Ridge and teaching
about their programming what they all do for us and then the biggest issue on our
agenda was to consider a plan to advertise and recruit more members to
the Advisory Committee there are there is only one parent on the committee and
as one of the really big weaknesses on the committee is that there are there is
no members on it from our community of color and 75% of all the the youth that
use MSC our activities are families and children color so we want to develop a
plan to recruit specific early to different communities that would perhaps
then come and join the advisory committee so that’s on our agenda soon
that will be doing that in consultation with some of the staff that can help us
market that opportunity and get to get the fact that MSC are even has an
advisory committee so that our next meeting will be in April all right Thank
You Dean education resource officers yeah we had a meeting where we’re
getting down to determining how to actually come here and make a give you a
report that the entire board could use we’ll be meeting again before the next
board meeting where we’ll continue to take these suggestions that we have and
put them in perhaps but we’re deciding on is giving you perhaps coming up with
a plan that offers two suggestions one if we keep the our program here is the
best practices that we should do and if we don’t here’s how we should phase it
out in and pick up the responsibilities so that’s where we’re heading I think
we’ll have more progress at the end of our next meeting and at that point we’ll
determine how we can move forward towards completion but we’re getting
there we get close okay thank you so will the board get some brief written
report on the activities of the last year this committee that’s the plan to
it not probably before we complete it but if you want something like that I
can we can certainly give an update and the committee was not
necessarily established to determine whether or not we want should or should
not have girls in schools so unless I misinterpreted what you just stated the
board’s gonna get more information than just simply so information that suggests
whether we should have the arils in schools or not absolutely absolutely
this is put in a pretty extensive process that gathered more and more
information once we got started and it’s been extremely thorough and and I think
the the quality of the folks that we have on there have demonstrated good
like that football coaches they are who they we thought they were they they’re
they’re really bringing bringing it and I think what we’ll be able to bring to
you will be pretty comprehensive and then we can take it from there well
appreciate that because I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few meetings in
and they these meetings have been facilitating there’s been a lot of
information so I hope that was brought to the board is some synopsis a summary
of the work that went on in a committee so the board members who have not had a
chance to attend to be part of it will have an idea of all that went into it
and along with whatever recommendations that you all make and so that’s what I’m
hoping in terms of some kind of report to the board that it’s a least
comprehensive enough for the board can have the information to make their own
decisions about how we move forward Thank You mr. Loomis okay next item on
the agenda is other business and our move that the Board of Education grant
the district the authority to request an easement from the city of Madison to
allow installation of a gate on the westerly interest to the public
pedestrian bicycle path on MIT ville elementary school grounds as identified
and set forth in the document prepared for the March 19 2018 regular
board meeting it’s been moved and seconded questions or comments seeing
none Laurie advisory vote all in favor hi in opposition motion carries 7 0 item
12.2 East Spectator Jim I’ll move that the Board of Education approved the
funding model for the proposed 2.8 million East High School fill house
renovation project which is based on a 1 million gift from an anonymous donor a
three hundred thousand dollar donation from the East High School alumni and
supporters and 1.5 million in MMSD budget funds to be charged to fund 41
capital maintenance budget and 3 nearly equal amounts in 2017 18 20 18 19 and 20
1920 fiscal years they moved in secondary questions or comments mr.
Murch just to comment first off I want to applaud the generosity of the donors
of them and for the staff who have worked to make this happen
secondly I want to remind the board and also the budget staff that the district
contribution from fund 41 based on past budgets comes to about 12% of fund 41
$500,000 a year and that as we go forth budgeting that the maintenance needs of
all our schools and the capital improvement needs of our schools are
very great and will remain great and that if we are dedicating that portion
of our fund 41 to this particular project we should look for ways to match
that and and and and and bring money back for the maintenance needs of all
our schools Vandermeer I do agree with the proposal and
actually this wasn’t for best basketball for me as much as making it to have to
handicapped accessible bathrooms as well and to have students be able to access
both weight room in the locker room which haven’t been updated in 50 years
and having been in the slacker room I could understand that it’s a little
tight out in space so I am all for it and we’ll be voting for it thank you any
other comments Lauria vizago all in favor aye in opposition motion carries
7-0 well is there any old or new business to be brought before the board
tonight stand on our entertain a motion to adjourn so move on favor
anyone opposed we’re adjourned you

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