Board of Education Regular Meeting 2/4/2019

We’ll call the meeting to order
this is the February 4th regular Board of Education meeting and the first item
on the agenda is the resuscitation of the vision statement and that is that
every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate
from high school college career and community ready the second item on our
agenda is the motion to approve the minutes dated August 27th 2018 and I
will move that the Board of Education approved the minutes from the regular
meeting dated August 27th 2018 second I all in favor aye we have a number of
minutes to approve and so I will move that the Board of Education approved the
minutes from the regular board meeting dated September 24 2018 ok ammaji
advisory vote aye all in favor opposed passes 7 0 I moved
to approve the minutes from the regular board meeting dated October 29 2008 eeen
second okay Ahmad your advisory vote aye all in
favor aye opposed that passes 7-0 and I will move that the Board of Education
approved the minutes from the regular board meeting dated November 26 2008
eeen I’m sorry November yeah November 26 2008 teen second
okay Ahmad your advisory vote aye all in favor aye
opposed that passes 7-0 next item on the agenda is our public appearances and so
just I’ll read the procedures for your public appearances at all regular and
special board meetings committee meetings and public hearings a speaker
will have up to three minutes extension may be granted by approval of the board
or committee registrations will continue until the meeting is called to order
and appearances after this point will not be allowed so we do have apparently
15 public appearances this evening we have made some improvements to the board
protocols to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly I want to thank you all
for signing up in the front hall thank you for helping us to keep our aisles
clear to ensure safety and thank you for helping us ensure that every speaker has
an opportunity to make their comments we also want to remind you that because of
clear feedback regarding mispronunciation of names and we
apologize for any time that has happened in the past we are using a new system
whereby each speaker can introduce themselves speakers are welcome to speak
on any topic at a regular board meeting but we would like the speakers and
audience to know that board action and conversation is limited to the items on
our agenda which means members of the board will not be able to engage in
conversation with the speakers we are here to listen carefully we take your
comments into account in our decision-making and will follow up with
you where appropriate each speaker is given up to three minutes to speak you
must be registered to speak and cannot give your remaining time to someone else
the lighting system will turn yellow and then red so you will know when it is
time to wrap up if you’re gone over your time I will ask you to immediately wrap
up your comments speakers who require language interpretation and support in
order to speak to the board will be given up to six minutes to speak which
should generally provide sufficient time for the inter
Werder to convey the speaker’s message individuals with disabilities who
require accommodations in order to register and speak to the board will be
granted such accommodation upon request other extensions may be granted only by
approval of the board thank you again for participating in our meeting tonight
tonight we have 50 15 15 speakers signed up for public comment and we will start
with speaker 1 we would appreciate if the next in line makes your make your
way down either of the aisles toward the front and wait by the stairs until it is
your turn to speak and please be sure to introduce yourself hello this is Tony
wood talking a little bit more into the microphone you might have to lift it up
a little below is that better nobody heel it down a little bit how’s that
the reason I’m coming to talk with you tonight is on behalf of a petition by
Swan Creek we’re a neighborhood in Fitchburg it was carved out from the
Oregon School District back in 2002 as part of a swap and carved into the
Madison School District since then there’s been a lot of developments right
now we are surrounded on all sides by the Oregon School District there’s a lot
of intense development going on and also Oregon is building an elementary school
a mile from our neighborhood I appreciate and understand the concerns
about property tax base so really the intent of at least what I want to convey
is that we’ve had a successful petition drive and if there are talks going on
with the Oregon School District about trying to get a concurrent order
especially if all the development that’s going on on the south side of Fitchburg
you’re not going to have qualms from our neighborhood in
general I mean there’s a lot of duplication of services as well right
now both schools school systems are sitting buses to our neighborhood and
have been for years there’s a bit of a dis for Oh within our
neighborhood because people are going to all different schools even within all
school systems so there’s also a sense of community and that in really from
from from my standpoint I think that there might be an opportunity that would
make sense for both school districts and again it’s certainly not going to think
that the Madison School District is certainly not going to give up the
property base of 300 homes and 100 condos and a number of apartment
buildings and certainly not one I’m looking for really hoping that other
speakers will be talking on behalf but I want to really convey my thought process
is that we are very much for any type of dialogue that you might have with the
superintendent and School Board of Oregon to look for a viable solution
they make sense as far as a boundary between the school systems and that’s my
statement thank you thank you oh you want me to wait from the research
slot there there we go all right thanks for having me this evening my name is
Josh cork and I’ll be concise and to the point I have to get home so my wife can
watch The Bachelor so I’ll stay under the 3-minute mark here so I’ve lived in
Swan Creek for a while married with three kids two of which are school age
and those two kids were open enrolled and currently go to preview in Oregon
just for what that’s worth and we have our third child will be of school age in
a couple years as well just want to make the point most of the kids we got 150
school-aged kids in our community and the majority of them right now
choose to open enroll or go to private schools from within our area 70 of the
150 currently go to Madison 60 of those kids including my own kids choose to
open and roll and go to another public school and 20 of them go to private
schools outside of that so the majority of them choose to leave the community to
go to an alternative school system our community by a map if you’ve not seen
this is basically an island surrounded by Oregon in all the Panther pride and
everything else that comes with it as you may know or not know we were part of
a land swap with a grocery store and in the area over there and and so forth so
we have an elementary school coming up that’s being built a mile down the road
from my house and many other people some folks speaking here tonight
that’s Oregon and so for these merits and and others which you’ll hear about
this evening we would strongly encourage you to open up a dialogue be considered
to the idea I’m talking to the superintendent with Oregon in the
consideration of removing this island mentality and letting us be absorbed
back in to Oregon as we once were thank you hello my name is Sarah Bell and I also
live in Swan Creek neighborhood and should I start over should I start over
then okay my name is Sarah and I am part of the Swan Creek neighborhood as well
and I support our petition like the prior speaker was talking about our if
you’ve looked at a map of Oregon we are literally an island in the middle of all
of Oregon district is surrounding us and my kids currently do go to Oregon
I think the swap that they were talking about was trying to get mad give our
children to get to go to Madison schools and I just don’t think that it works I
think they were trying to get us to go to Madison schools and almost everyone
in our neighborhoods opted out of that by private schools and otherwise so I
would urge you to let us be released from the Madison School District and we
absorbed back into the Oregon school district my kids play sports in Oregon
they go to swimming lessons in Oregon they do all their friends are in Oregon
just about so I would want to be more part of that community by where we live
as well so I think that’s I think that’s about all I was gonna say thank you for
serving on the district board thank you hi my name is also Sarah I’m Sarah dad I
also live in the Swan Creek neighborhood I have two small children they’re not
quite school-aged yet but my husband and I have considered when looking at the
map that all of our our kids friends will be potentially going to the Oregon
School District again as many people have mentioned that the map when you
look at it every neighborhood that surrounds ours is part of the Oregon
school district our child would have to ride a bus a considerable length of time
to go to school and our kids would be of school age when the new school opens up
a mile down the road so it’s very important to us that our kids that our
neighbors and their friends on our block are in the same school that they are and
that that they are being transported to a school that’s nearby and not spending
a lot of time on the bus so if there’s a school nearby that’s where we would like
them to be able to go thank you so much for your time and considering your
petition thank you hello I’m Mike otra pannier – no
surprise I’m from the Swan Creek neighborhood so I sign the petition yeah
I have one of the worst signatures that I know on the planet so I’m here to
authenticate in person that I live on 5200 T berry Lane so if you’re looking
for that signature that you can’t understand that’s probably me so I’m
here to authenticate and for all the same reasons as all the prior speakers
land lock land swap elementary school thank you very much for your time thank
you okay next one hello I’m Kevin Foster I’m also from the
Swan Creek neighborhood I moved in about two years ago I’m a CPA in the area and
similar to the previous points in my future theoretical children would like
the opportunity to go to you know the the one mile mile away school
potentially have the opportunity to walk or bike there which is what I did my
whole life when I lived in Appleton Wisconsin builds a lot of Independence
also is great for the parents as well so that would be great
also from the CPA side of me for the tax based perspective there’s a neighborhood
right across the street from us that is in the Oregon School District as alluded
to sorry about that um would you I was trying to make them
louder so you can speak closer into the mic that helped me okay we will try that
sounds great I’m even closer now alright I’ll
continue right along so from that CPA side of musing a PUD right across the
street and that that that that does that area is part of the Oregon schools and
right now our neighborhood would not so in terms of just property values overall
that’s a potentially a detriment to our neighborhood in the fact that we don’t
have access to a school one mile away from us and having to drive potentially
bringing that tax base and property values down in our area but mainly it’s
the location thing has had to throw in a little CPA side of me as well so
definitely appreciate your time thanks for serving very much time on the school
board and if you can again I support the petition and to return us to the Oregon
School District thanks thank you good evening my name is eg Nadeau and I
am NOT involve the Swan Creek project so you get all change-of-pace what I am
here to speak on behalf of is this hundred percent renew resolution that I
believe will be coming to the board at its next meeting at the end of February
so you don’t have it in front of you now is that Dean on the phone there it is
okay well so Dean I believe is going to introduce it prior to the next board
meeting but in any case I’m very much in favor of the resolution all of my kids
went to school in the Madison School District they are now in their 40s and I
have a grandkid who’s that Lowell now but that’s just to give my creds I guess
so they’re one of the neatest things about
the resolution that’s Dean again right one of the neatest things about this
resolution is that it will in the long term save the school district money by
being more efficient with your use of energy by using solar and wind and
battery storage which is not mentioned specifically in the resolution you will
actually use less money for energy than you do now and if you finance the thing
properly you can start saving that money as soon as you start introducing the
renewable plan of course part of our resolution also is that you hire a
professional to help you with a renewable plan and again I think it’s a
really smart move to make by this by the school district and I hope you consider
it favorably thank you very much thank you thank you very much for your services
school board members since I only have three minutes I will just list the
reasons why Swan Creek should be returned to Oregon first the percentage
of students in our neighborhood actually enrolled in Madison is less than 50%
from the Madison third Friday enrollment count in 2017 there were 90 students
enrolled in Madison and 50 students open and rolled out in about 20 plus private
school homeschool students but in 2018 the number of students enrolled in
Madison decreased to 71 students the number of an open enrolled increased to
60 and still 20 plus some private homeschool students that means only 47
percent of students in our neighborhood actually attend a Madison School for K
through 12th grade and this number is going to become even less once Oregon
builds that new elementary school right next to us and a middle school in the
future so then at what point does it make sense to return us to Oregon we’re
only 40 percent of the students attend Madison 30 20 we are not contiguous with
any Madison neighborhood as you see on that map we are literally surrounded by
the Oregon School District our children play with their friends in Oregon we
play in the Oregon sports leagues but we live in a different district number
three 145 185 million of property owners signed our petition right here
only about 5% chose No there are approximately I would estimate 10 to 15
students who wish to continue in the Madison School District number 4 Swan
Creek had been part of the Oregon School District since 1958 one of our next
speakers are city alderman Aaron Richardson and mayoral candidate is also
in favor of it number six according to the agreement the reason
why Swan Creek was switched was to increase the number of students
attending Madness and to give commercial property value to
Oregon the terms of that agreement have never been fulfilled Madison did not
gain a substantial number of students and instead Oregon got the property
value and the students number seven Madison has overcrowding you will need
to go to a referendum to renovate your four high schools and build two new
elementary schools returning commercial property value to Madison will help in
this endeavor and secure more yes votes finally we have kept Madison loop since
May I have been completely transparent I’ve offered to meet with anybody at any
time and I’m yet to hear one good reason why should we should not be returned to
Oregon thank you very much for your time in your service thank you hello my name is Beth Esther and I am a
parent of two students in MMSD at nuestro mundo and I also work at West
High School I’m here tonight to express my desire and support for the board of
education and school district to adopt a resolution that commits the district to
100% renewable energy and develops a Green Climate initiative plan at the
request of Dean I did bring copies of the resolution and I hope you have
received them the district is doing the most important work in the community
preparing our children for the future an MMSD has been working fervently to
address many important concerns in our community and implementing the latest
strategic framework what cannot be left out of that vision however is how
climate change will impact the life of every single student in our district in
October the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a sobering
report detailing the importance of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius
and that we need to cut carbon pollution by 45% in the next 12 years to stay on
track to do so that’s right we have 12 years to make significant changes so
that our children can graduate college career and community ready in a world
that is not ravaged by the most damaging impacts of climate change the scientists
of the report point out it is technically feasible to make these
emission reductions but we need their political willpower to do so I think we
know that this type of leadership is not going to be coming to us anytime soon
nationally so it’s more important than ever for our local leaders to step up
and do all that we can to make the changes in our society to come combat
climate change I believe that the districts to treat tragic framework
goals and are and working to address climate change are intertwined without
addressing climate change and the myriad of ways it can impact our youth the
district will not be fulfilling its commitment to all of our students I urge
the board to adopt a 100% renewable energy resolution
as possible thank you thank you hi my name is Katya Wantage and I’m a senior
at Madison West High School my ninth might be a biology teacher
sparked my interest in climate change after teaching us how human interactions
are negatively impacting applying climate data revealed at cop 24 an
international climate conference says we have 12 years to make a difference or
face a climate disaster I believe that MMSD must obtain 100 percent renewable
energy and increase the quality of our students futures after all as a young
person I will suffer the most damaging future impacts a climate change this
commitment to going green will demonstrate MMS T’s focus on practicing
what they teach and renewable energy grids can provide a valuable educational
experience for students furthermore installing renewable energy will
decrease electricity bills and allow valuable monetary resources to be
devoted to students in the classroom renewable energy can demonstrate MMS DS
commitments to their students futures decrease energy bills and make Madison
schools a model of sustainability for other districts to replicate thank you
thank you I would ask Dean and Kate if you can
mute there is noise coming through the microphone thank you hello I am Ella and I am a junior at
Madison West High School over my past few years as an MSD student I’ve been
fortunate to witness very dedicated groups of students focused on making our
schools more sustainable and recently I have been lucky enough to join them
currently in our schools there are students of all backgrounds taking
interest in making our schools more sustainable in my school alone I can see
how driven students are to be an advocate for the earth so not only our
generation could be happy but future generations as well
students in MMS see I have shown great maturity and
passion for protecting our environment and have put in very hard work towards
the cause from MSD to go 100% renewable would be showing MMSD students that you
have recognized their work and are willing to step up and show them and
join them as leaders in a community and global effort thank you so much for
hearing me thank you hello my name is Isabella Spitz Nagel
and I’m a junior at West High School thank you for giving me the opportunity
to speak today as my friends and fellow advocates have already saved before me
I believe the MMSD School District should convert to 100 hundred percent
renewable energy we live in an age where we are already seeing the harsh effects
of climate change just last week four days of school were canceled due to the
raging cold weather the polar vortex moves south as a direct result of
melting ice in the North Pole we as a school district could make a difference
by switching to renewable energy not only could we help the beautiful world
around us we could also open up educational opportunities and
financially save by using renewable energy we can help prevent coal oil and
other harmful greenhouse gases from damaging the planet renewable energy is
vital for the future but the MMSD school district to become a trailblazer leading
the way for many more to follow thank you thank you I’m also here to talk about renewable
energy in the schools my name is Claire Gervais thank you for the opportunity
for talking tonight I’m a physician with in family medicine with the UW Health
and I’m a co-president for Wisconsin environmental health network a member of
physicians for Social Responsibility and active member of the Sierra Club I’m
also a parent of two kids that have been through MMSD I care for a broad spectrum
of citizens of all ages including children adults with asthma heart
disease strokes and cancers you may wonder why as a doctor I care so much
about renewable energy for schools we’re currently experiencing a climate crisis
97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is happening now and is
caused by human activity just this last week we experienced a weather pattern
due to climate change the polar vortex brought severe cold to Wisconsin causing
schools to close and worse yet a number of cold injuries and deaths last summer
we saw record-setting flooding and rain in Wisconsin as a community member in
physician I saw the heartbreak of people losing their family members homes and
possessions suffering more mold allergies and experiencing cleanup
related injuries in both cases people have been temporarily or permanently
displaced from their homes businesses health care facilities in universities
due to flood damage not only are we experiencing climate change we can
connect the cause of climate change to our local community in Madison we rely
on em G&E for most of our energy as of 2016
almost 50% of this energy was from coal while another 20% came from gas and oil
as you’re aware climate change is a significant consequence of burning these
fossil fuels causing numerous health effects including heat injuries
increased vector borne diseases including West Nile and Zika virus
increase asthma allergies and mental health issues due to displacement of
populations many Madisonians don’t realize that though the Blount Street
coal plant converted to natural gas many years ago
the coal plants where MGE gets most of its energy are in other communities
portage and oak creek south of milwaukee producing and burning coal in particular
is linked to respiratory problems increased heart attacks strokes cancer
developmental and neurologic problems health effects are caused by exposure to
soot and smog which comes from combustion of coal releasing fine
particles and a number of other toxic substances research research shows more
and more links between these hazards substance and human health in fact just
last year there was an article published in JAMA relating prenatal exposure to
particulate matter in air pollution to fetal thyroid function climate change is
affecting people across the globe but especially those most vulnerable
children the elderly those of low socio-economic class that please finish
up okay some of the dirtiest coal plants are located in some of our largest
metropolitan areas like the low creep plant renewable energy is clean energy
it’s not it’s not an entirely new concept for schools to take this on and
lead communities on climate change education innovation through commitment
to clean renewable energy though we may not know every aspect of how to reach
that goal it’s essential that the district set a goal of a hundred percent
renewable energy by 2040 and ensure that commitment by acting now will create a
clean energy future for our children and grand thank you hello my name is Aaron Richardson I sit
out in the City Council in Fitchburg I’m here I think I’m the last person talked
about Swan Creek and I am here today as the representative of this area and I
really wanted to come and like myself I’m sure that you’ve seen lots of things
that in hindsight were kind of short-sighted decisions and decision to
move Swan Creek to the Masand district was really what I feel as a
short-sighted decision at the time I know that when you look at someone I
mentioned earlier the Oregon district building an elementary school about a
mile away from this neighborhood that’s because that’s really the heart of where
a lot of worgen students live you don’t feel a whole bunch of schools like you
know on the edge of a neighborhood on the edge of your attendance area that’s
really a part of where you are and I think if you look at the attendance map
and you see this island that kind of in the middle of nowhere almost of Masand
district you know I think that’s something that you would want to clean
up and I know that I was looking through a plan document that you have online and
that list of one of your goals as the desire to clean up your boundaries and I
really feel that this was it might be the most obvious example of an area
where you could do that you could clean up that boundary and really return this
neighborhood back to the oregon district where it was originally and probably
should have stayed at all times as hopefully the next mayor of Fitchburg
anything that I can do to help out in this process and to help your
decision-making I’m happy to do please let me know and I’ll be happy to help
you out with anything I can thank you thank you that ends our public
announcements our public appearances and so next is the
board presidents announcements and we have a number of announcements this week
busy month in in February so first is the Wisconsin adult school crossing
guard recognition week throughout the week of January 14th Wisconsin adult
school crossing guard recognition week communities across Wisconsin recognized
the selfless efforts of those who serve as school crossing guards the Madison
Police Department currently employs and assigns crossing guards to about 65
different intersections throughout our attendance area the board thinks all of
our school crossing guards who help thousands of our students get to get to
and from school safely each day through rain snow or shine the next announcement
is with regards to the retired and senior volunteer program RSVP and MSC
are teaming up to celebrate and donate to Girls Inc the RSVP program a
nonprofit organization of retired seniors donated more than two hundred
handmade winter hats scarves and mittens to girls Inc an MS ER program for
elementary aged girls nearly 200 girls from the program were able to choose
their new winter gear while they skated at the Edgewater during the MSC our
season-ending celebration their awards the girls for their hard work the board
recognizes the girls in the program for their hard work
Msgr for organizing and hosting the event and the retired seniors for
creating the heartwarming gifts the next one ounce Menards to our Sherwood Hills
school-based leadership team our SB LT student leaders collaborated on a slide
show for teachers to use and to teach about black history our SB LT team
student leaders from Shorewood Hills Elementary began collaborating on a
slide show that teaches that teachers can use to teach about black history
these young leaders are building on Malcolm X’s quote our history did not
begin in Chains during Black History Month in February and throughout the
year schools will be learning about the extraordinary accomplishments of
Africans and black Americans the board recognizes the SP LT student leaders for
their commitment to embody and learn about black excellence preparing their
school for Black History Month in February February 4th to the 8th is
national school counseling week this week we are also celebrating national
school counseling week following a proclamation signed by state
superintendent Carolyn Stamford Taylor to honor our school counselors and the
tremendous impact they have on our students as part of our celebration this
week we will be highlighting two of our own counselors who went through our grow
our own program West High School’s Chabad excuse my pronunciation here
Shibata gooo shine and Cherokee Heights middle schools near Meyer Nehemiah
Barrett you can listen to their interviews on our district podcast MMSD
voices later this week and wrapping up our announcements is the noun sment
regarding Black History Month we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the
accomplishments and contributions from the black community from the black
community African Americans in our country our state and right here in our
school district throughout the month MMSD will be highlighting celebrations
and events taking place across the district our curriculum and instruction
team and MTM mt eyes equity and diversity committee have put together a
package of resources for schools including materials for black history
and black lives matter for school week in action which began today and runs
through Friday while we intend to take full advantage celebrating throughout
February we stand committed to the belief that the celebration of black
excellence in history can and will not be encapsulated by a single month black
history is our history keep an eye out in many coming weeks and months as we
highlight black excellence in our own community through stories podcasts
videos and more We are fortunate to have these opportunities to lift up our black
students families staff we see you and we appreciate you
thank you with that I will turn it over to the superintendent for her
announcements and reports and if I can have our team join me up on the stage
I’ll give them just a minute to get through and then we’ll get started okay we will go ahead and get started
thank you for giving us the opportunity to present to the board tonight as you
know the board will vote later on this evening to accept the recommendations
from the behavior ad hoc committee after a very thorough six-month review of
where we’ve been where we are and where we want to go next I want to take this
opportunity to thank the staff members who work to support our ad hoc committee
who are all sitting here at the stage today we’ve got Jay a fault Thank You
Jay Thank You Quinn Thank You Sara Thank You
Cynthia and Thank You Patrice really appreciate all the work the time going
above and beyond your your daily jobs to support us in the system-wide work I
also want to thank Gloria as the head of the ad hoc committee James and Kate who
I also know contributes a sub substantial time sorry I don’t know why
I’m stuttering substantial time to this incredibly important work we’re not
going to be talking about the ad hoc committee recommendations now but we
want to talk to you about why we support them what we’re and me personally what
were mostly excited about is the continued commitment to staying the
course we have learned a lot we’re making a key adjustments investments
improvements which you’ll see in those recommendations later in this meeting
but the school districts and systems generally
don’t necessarily stick with it when things become hard right it’s it’s easy
not to and we just want to use this little bit of time with you to extend
our deep appreciation really to the school board and everyone who has
participated in this effort in any way shape or form our commitment to creating
restorative communities as opposed to punitive ones our commitment to
progressive discipline as opposed to zero tolerance I’m very proud of that is
the leader of the school district as I mentioned we’ve learned a lot over the
last five ish years and we wanted to say a little bit about what we think we’ve
learned that this is about when we entered into this work originally I
think we framed it as an attempt to reduce exclusionary practice which is
still true but we’ve learned that it is about so much more at its core it is
about building relationships I think the board will remember this picture from
last fall we had a group of young people our African American Student Advisory
Group and the and the San a group of students at that time they came to talk
to us about their experience and their recommendations and they were all about
the importance of building trusting and authentic relationships and classrooms
between teachers and students but between students as well how do you
build classroom communities we knew and they told us that this was important
because students can’t engage in deep and rich learning experiences which
require productive struggle if they don’t feel safe and a sense of belonging
in the classroom we also think it’s about teaching and learning I’ll let
Sarah talk a little bit about that so the heart needs scoots up the heart
of this plan it’s called the behavior education plan so the heart of the plan
is about education and I think it’s important to think of this broadly we
look to some leaders and in the field that are talking about the National
Commission on social emotional and academic development this need for
academic belonging that we deserve investment in rigor so when we think
about the education behavior education plan we think about those five pages of
the grid the plan is 30 pages those other 25 pages are what point us to
being centered on instruction in rigor and educating both academic content and
science and math and literacy content but also educating when we make a
mistake when harm needs to be repaired when the community needs to be rebuilt
we turn to the same skills and the same beliefs and values that we hold as
educators to teach and instruct around who it is we want to be together and so
we feel like it’s essential to remember this is both in service of academic
learning and social-emotional growth and that that’s the full robust behavior
education plan we’ve been together a while it sounds
great so the other piece is it’s a lot about mine
it’s about our mindsets and a lot of focusing on shifting those mindsets
whether it’s through restorative practices or culturally relevant
teaching and just making sure that we’re not getting in these negative cycles
that can really be dictated by interpretation and also by you know
stereotypes and things like that and that comes with building community and
understanding and knowing each other well and when we don’t have those things
and we’re not meeting each other’s needs and we’re not really able to understand
each other that’s when you know we become really reactive and we don’t
focus on teaching and learning like Sarah was talking about and we’re not
able to continue in a positive way so admittedly if this is hard work in it’s
complex work and there’s no simple one simple solution to this the National
Association of School Psychologists recently expressed concern over recent
narratives in the media regarding school safety in supportive schools and their
framework really supports our approach is probably best summarized by a quote
and I’ll read it here that efforts to improve school climate safety and
learning are not separate endeavors they must be designed funded and implemented
as comprehensive school-wide approach that facilitates interdisciplinary
collaboration and builds on a multi-layered system of supports so what
we really appreciate about this is that it’s a commitment to mental health
social emotional learning and effective foundational systems not only is this complex but we’re also
learning ourselves along the way and the field the best practices continues to
shift and change if we think just simply about restorative justice and how much
it has changed and evolved in the last five years it’s it’s complicated our
ability to implement things effectively we recognize having listened in to
primarily our school-based teams that our committee met with for case studies
hearing their journey to implement core practices and we believe very strongly
that these four foundational practices need to sort of ground the new behavior
plan and putting these four components in place in an integrated way so that in
every classroom and every hallway in every cafeteria every school building
students are receiving the support that they need to be successful these four
practices will continue to ground the work that we do forward and will support
schools and developing them and finally in setting the why I think it’s really
important to come back to how evolutionary this process is we’ve heard
many narratives from many people about the impact that this behavior education
plan has had on their experience in the district these narratives offer a rich
in deep dialogue that has guided our work shaped our beliefs and transformed
our thinking and we want to continue that we think our stakeholders do too
there is a deep desire to continue the conversation to learn more to go into
the work and to examine the intersection of culture race teaching and discipline
lastly I’ll just say included in this intersection is the way that the stories
both shaped and support the quantitative data certainly we have climate data as
you see on the screen we measure things in suspensions behavior incidents
interventions explosions but those qualitative stories are really what
drive our work the slide up here certainly
represents the numbers that back up improvement and they look at how schools
like East right Orchard Ridge are developing and refining practices and
developing or finding those practices and strategies have a clear impact on
school communities the feedback and numbers that you see on the screen
provide the clarity with this point schools with emergent practices in
foundational systems actualize our guiding principles and do make schools
safer and we also thought it was worth sharing with you that not only are we
inspired and motivated by a recommitment to this restorative and progressive
approach but there are school districts and certainly professional organizations
all over this country who do as well including the National Association of
School Psychologists who recently released a statement recommitting
themselves to this approach which we think is wonderful as I mentioned the
recommendations that Gloria and the ad hoc will be offering later today I think
not only recommit but but further invest in strategies that we know have great
potential to make our schools and classrooms a safe supportive and
thriving places that we know they can and should be that includes investments
in supporting those foundational practices and school-wide systems
investments in mental health supports and resources for students with
intensive needs and investments in restorative culture and mindsets that is
an aggressive commitment going into next year but a multi-year commitment to make
sure that this work takes hold in meaningful ways over time and last which
to say one more time we really wanted to take advantage of
this opportunity to thank the board for your recommitment it means the world to
us this work is challenging is challenging us in ways that we maybe
never anticipated but our beautiful right there’s beauty in the challenge
and we’re really excited about where we’re going next so with that I’ll just
pass it to you Mary if you have questions for us we’ll certainly take
them or comments you know board members give questions first I want to affirm
that I can only speak for one board member but I think that that as the
superintendent raised it earlier affirming that the commitment to moving
to educational from punitive moving from exclusionary to inclusionary work around
behavior is something that I can that my commitment is strong the you know we’ve
been challenged by this and as more than one set but the commitment to those
directions it remains strong and somebody because we’ve seen some
successes and some of it just because it’s the right thing or they are the
right things to do I guess I just want to and you know the devil is always in
the details but even how you present the overview and this kind of big level one
matters a lot is how the details get done and I’m looking at slide seven and
one of the last side speaks of foundational practices and the
foundational practices here and very respectful of both with Cynthia and and
Sara said about systems and the interrelationship of these things but the voices from the schools I hear that
we have clearly we have work to do with all four of these things on slide set
yeah but the one that to me seems most pressing is the positive support behind
positive support and interventions and I guess I just wanted to kind of like
state that that that and I would like to see the emphasis there a stronger
emphasis there and not not to throw out the other ones because the other ones as
you said the interactions of these are all very important but if we look at you
know where’s the fire and where’s the fire extinguisher and and that’s kind of
what I hear so Nikki one that’s what work and I thank everyone for it – my
only concern is the use of education and discipline a lot of times when we look
at behavior sometimes it is discipline and sometimes it’s behavior that can’t
be helped and I just want to reaffirm that sometimes these behavior referrals
are these levels they might not be able to stop the behavior that it’s not a
choice that it’s an action that can’t be stopped is my one thing the other issue
I’ve always said I wanted the behavior education plan to focus more on
intervention than punishment because it was over 70 pages of punishment with
eight pages of intervention 72 excuse me can we thank you I really actually
appreciate that I think you’re gonna like the new the new bridge because
that’s that’s important because if you don’t learn I’ve worked in juvenile
justice if we don’t teach people in childhood they’re not going to learn in
adulthood they’re gonna just keep repeating and if we just punish away
absolutely everything then they won’t succeed and then just one other question
has the National Education Association ever come out with any guidelines
regarding we have for education plans in that that’s a really good question has
any a come out with anything that you guys know about the top money guys
nothing that we’ve come across yet yeah we’ll certainly continue to explore
absolutely thank you okay well it looks like we don’t have any additional
questions from the board just I want to thank you all for your work
gloria for chairing the committee and kate and james for for your
participation i know that the board is committed to this work and really wants
to support this in a way that’s necessary whether it’s through adoption
and changes in in policy or whether it’s additional resources to be able to
support the work that needs to happen to actually implement this in a way where
students will will learn as you say Sarah thank you oh yeah go ahead I this
is Kate and I just wanted to say thank you again I mean I’m on crushes tonight
which is why I’m not there but I wish they could have been there I was really
incredibly impressed by all of your commitment dedication inquisitiveness so
I feel really really excited about some of the work coming out of this ad hoc
and very very supportive of it thank you very much all right thanks team good
work Jen are there any other superintendent
items no there are not don’t tempt me okay okay the next item
is a report on the items that proceeded through instruction workgroup held
January 7 2009 teen so Dean are you able to report on those items yeah I’m good
so in January in middle of winter we begin again talk about summer school and
there were some changes that were discussed that will be voted on today so
I think we’re all prepared and heard enough and we’re ready to move forward
on that then just to remind it again as superintendent mentioned we’ll be voting
on accepting the bohr the BEP ad hoc report and which will then follow up
with implementing it at another meeting so this is just accepting the report
that were voting on from add to that clarity if I’m if anyone needs any more
clarity on that go ahead and bring it up now so next meeting which is next week I
think it’s a pretty important one and I really urge everybody to read the
material thoroughly it will be report back to us on the special a dll and
advanced learner progress in how we’re gonna proceed with that so uh real
important issues that we’re going to be discussing come prepared because I don’t
I’m not gonna let I’m not gonna cut anybody off we’re going to talk as long
as we need to on this so that people can get all their your thoughts in and
questions answered and some of us may want to follow TJ’s lead how he often
sends questions email prior to the meeting so that the presenters will have
a chance to review some of stuff and they can also prepare for your
questions after you review it so that’s what’s up for next week
great Thank You Dean TJ does have a question I’m not a question just for
those following along at home the agenda says the meeting will be held February
4th obviously that’s not true or be February 11 thank you for the
clarification I miss something but that’s cool things
yeah Thank You Dean and the next item on the agenda is the report on items that
proceeded through the operations workgroup held on January 14 2019 and
Kate I will turn it over to you to report on those items yes so we covered
two different topics during our last operations workgroup discussion the
first one was a review of our long-range facilities plan and we got a preview of
some of the work that’s been going on in terms of what our high school facilities
could look like in the with the help of some outside outsider architects so that
was a good early kind of feedback opportunity for us to share some
thoughts on long-range facilities setting and that work will continue over
the course of this year with the next few into our elementary and middle
facilities the other topic was early guidance on budget development and
assumptions topic will continue basically every month through June so
that was kind of an initial guidance in terms of key assumptions to be built in
as we’re building out the budget for next year our next meeting is February
11th and that will again continue the budget development discussions in
particular around Flamel I already areas staffing in special ed allocations and
then there’s a couple of other smaller district topics on the agenda okay and
just a reminder that that meeting is pushed back a week because
all of our meetings being pushed back because last Monday so that will be the
18th great Thank You Kate teacher just real quick I want to thank the people
who came here to speak tonight about the renewable energy and the climate change
and the need to integrate that into our long-range facilities planning I have
some quibbles with some of the specifics of the resolution but I think that that
was an important reminder put in a series of reminders agreed okay our next
item on the agenda is the action items that proceeded through the instruction
workgroup held January 7th so as as dean indicated we did discuss the summer
school program and so now is the vote to approve that so I will move that the
Board of Education approved the 2019 MMSD summer school model and 2019 budget
in the amount of three million six hundred and ninety nine thousand seven
hundred and fifty three dollars and seventy one cents with funding from the
2019 20 summer school operating budget okay any discussion yes yeah Mickey want
to thank the raising of the teacher pay and summer school I think that’s
important stat just have a couple questions are how many of our sites
air-conditioned I couldn’t find it I wouldn’t know that off the top my head
but Bri would you know that do you want and the only other comment I have is I’m
I’m I’m the reduction of sights I’m glad that we’re using the money for special
ad in a yellow I wish though we would have phrased it
differently because it almost seems like because of them we are closing two sites
and I don’t think that was ever the intent but I think that it could come
off that way so I’m just saying possibly rephrasing that in the future yeah
that’s a good point I think you tried to emphasize it the same number of seats
are available but I get your point thank you thank you okay in mind your
visor evil eye all in favor opposed I pass is 7-0 ix
next item our action items have proceeded through the operations
workgroup held on January 14 2019 and so I will move that the Board of Education
accept the final offer to purchase property on the future is that acacia
acacia Ridge development an 8 acre parcel currently known as the DOM
property second okay any discussion oh I’m sorry I was in the wrong place I’m gonna vote for this reluctantly I
think eventually we will need to build a school someplace near this site I’m not
100% confident this is the right site and I understand that we were getting it
below market value but by buying this and building this and and showing our
willingness or intent to build a school in this area we are greatly increasing
the developers the value of their property and I think we could have done
better but so I’ll be voting reluctantly in favor of this okay any other comments
or questions Ahmad you revised your vote all right
all in favor aye that passes 7-0 okay and then on to our consent agenda I will
move that the Board of Education adopt and approve all the motions set forth in
section 10 of the electronic agenda prepared for the January 28 2019 regular
school board meeting exactly as said motions are written by firmly by voting
a firmly on this motion a board member expresses his or her affirmative vote on
each of the motions consolidated hereby subject to any expressed separations
that have been made by any member of the school board map does that need to be
changed for the electronic agenda prepared for the February 4th 2019
regular board okay so that date is changed to February
4 2019 so are there any separations I don’t want to separate 10 8 and 10 17
but before we vote on the full agenda I’d like to discuss them 10 8 and 10 17
and I would like to separate 10 22 10 8 is to connect dead contract 10 17 is the
special education bilingual grant growing your own brand and 10 22 is the
HR report okay so you I just want to ask I want to I want to I want to have some
questions about 1008 and 1017 that I’d like to okay so then what is is we
discuss those well let’s let me see if there’s any other separations any other
separations okay so we have 1022 as a separation at
least at this point and then like to have discussion on 10 8 and 10 17 10 8
is very simple I just want to know is this the last of the joy scram and and and the $90,000 here is that is
what what is left of on unallocated choice grants funding that’s that’s why
I would that it seemed like that to me and that’s why I was kind of asking so
this is a large portion there’s not much left after this one unless we get a
renewal thank you thank you um and that’s on 1017 kind of two questions one
is that the memo we’ve repeatedly refers to teachers and I’m not clear whether
this grant only supports teachers getting additional credentials or it
supports other staff getting initial educator credentials is the first
question I know from I know special ed side TJ these are teachers who are an
emergency licensure right now who’d be getting their initial credential but
does it support EAS and security assistance and other people getting
credentials no I do not believe so not this particular and that leads the
second question is this a is this a supplant or supplement here J okay okay
does this is this I think I just I think you had that that what the
superintendent said was correct that this supports people who are teaching on
one year with stipulation licenses but does not support people who are in other
positions in our in our schools correct and and it does not support BRS is being
licensed as full educators that’s correct right so so those needs
remain my guess is is part of it and and then the second piece was it was kind of
is this is this supplementary to our other grow your own funding or is it
supplanting any as we budget for the next year yeah that’s a very good
question this is an addition to the funding that’s already in our budget for
growing our own this is above and beyond it is not supplanting alright that’s
good that’s good thank you was that number of emergencies licensures without
any grow your own I would like a CAS and behavioral assistance the security
assistance that would have liked them to be included I know we can’t do
everything at the first shot however I think we need to do something because
the emergency licensure issue is a quite a large one and our students need people
who are properly licensed yeah I just to quickly explain to me there is a little
confusion about this we have our grow our own programs to TJ’s earlier point
which are part of now folded into forward Madison which is to buy Jenna’s
here is the coordinator of that partnership and we’ve introduced a new
strand into forward Madison which is about emergency or one year’s tuition
yes stipulation licenses which is a new strand separate programs for separate
purposes all about getting more qualified teachers certainly in our
schools so they’re not in competition with one another they’re working in
conjunction with one another just want to Nicki mentioned DA’s and B is
particularly I want to you know just again include brss and bilingual
resource specialist specialist that’s what BRS stands for thank you
Jim thank you I did support okay so then what we we are going back then to the
vote on the consent agenda with the separation of 1022 which is a human
resources transaction report so there has been a motion and a second
Ahmad your advisory vote aye all in favor aye opposed that passes 7-0 so
then with regards to 1022 TJ do you wanna yeah you know I’ve asked
repeatedly that a discussion of what’s on the human resources report and how
the board is involved in hiring renewals of contracts changes of contracts be
placed on an agenda and instead we’ve had numerous iterations of different
versions of this which have been sent to the board through our weekly updates but
we haven’t had a discussion of this as a board and I thought that policy 1513
allowed a board member to play something on an agenda for discussion but we’ve
changed how we’re doing this radically without that having happen so that’s
kind of number one number two is that how we’ve changed it decreases the
transparency many of the transactions that used to appear on a public agenda
no longer do which means that in terms of who’s resigned and who’s been hired
in the nine in what I refer to here is non-contractual positions and I’m a
little confused about that because some of the hires in other areas do have
contracts at least union contracts and and various other things used to be part
of the public information that was provided as part of the board agenda and
no longer are and I understand that things like separations and resignations
aren’t something that the board has approval power over in any conception
but it is information that I think that that should be readily available to
the public and the third point is that our policies our existing policies
actually require that on resignations policy 801 1 requires that resignations
shall be reported to the superintendent by the human resources department via
the board agenda and this new change puts the resignations in a weekly update
and one of the reasons why we should have public discussions and public
transparency is because to make sure we have consistency on these things so you
know I’m repeating my request that this be placed on the appropriate agendas
since it involves policy that means it should go through a workgroup and then
come before the full board and I wrote out a proposal months ago and it’s just
sitting there so that’s and I’ll be voting no on this because I don’t think
it follows our board policy if I comment on that I wasn’t sure to talk to Matt
and Georgia and HR about it if there’s something in Port policy and you decided
it TJ that this is inconsistent with we’ll certainly fix that and of course
I’ll talk with board officers about the request yeah making I will also be
voting no on this particular one I know the transparency has always been an
issue for me that’s my person
okay any any other comments or questions then I will move that the Board of
Education approved the January 2019 human resources transactions report
items one through nine sir second second Ahmad your advisor vote abstaining all
in favor aye opposed no that passes five to James were you my Tina that okay Kate
and dink just to clarify I had heard an approval
but can you confirm your vote yeah I’m and I okay Dean yeah me too
okay I I think I understand TJ’s I vote for this one but I think going forward I
think miss here’s a real legitimate point that we should change this next
time around but it for me yeah and we will follow up with the board if there
has if we have not followed policy we will certainly follow the existing
policy and bring that bring any additional items okay so that finishes
up the consent agenda and with that we move on to other reports to the board
and the first one is a city of Madison education committee unfortunately the
City of Education City Education Committee did not have quorum there was
supposed to be an action item that stated they want to dissolve the City
Education Committee I have got a favor of said motion our next meeting is
hopefully February 13th please keep your fingers crossed
Nikki can you talk a little bit about the process they’re contemplating on
that yes what it is is it’s an action item that is put on there the committee
chair Betfair I believe the committee chair I always get the last names wrong
stated that in eight years that the committee hasn’t met what it is promised
of potential and therefore since we struggled to make forum and struggle to
agree on what we need to focus on that he feels it’s needed to dissolve said
commitment now if the if the committee will vote whether to recommend its own
dissolution and then the Common Council will either dissolve it or not is that
that is correct and I guess that since this is you know there’s been only Azon
committee or some sort of committee between the board and the Common Council
forever this is an iteration that came in eight years ago matt says i guess
that i think this relationship is important enough that as a board we
should have a discussion of at least if not instructing our representatives how
to vote at least making sure that some of our sentiments are shared I you know
I started on the committee for two or three years and it went around in a lot
of circles for two or three years and and apparently elsewhere I’m not sure it
necessarily has to and so I guess that that I would ask that I mean yeah I
guess I make I make a motion I make a motion that that the Board of Education
requests that the that the Board of Education requests that the committee
not be dissolved prior to the Board of Education having the opportunity to to
consider recommendations consider a forwarding recommendation
– the committee does that is that a motion I mean is that does that kind of
people okay with that okay and maybe we won’t want to make them but we want to
consider making them yeah all right second then my eye
all in favor opposed that passes 7-0 thank you Thank You Nikki this I wasn’t
sure what you hear these rumors and Ahmad Student Senate can you give us an
update on that yes we’ve had two regular meeting or two meetings since the last
regular meeting during those meetings I provided an update on the topics that
student senators were most interested in which included pathways school safety
updates and the Climate Survey that also included a further discussion of the
rules of our school resource officers and then we also narrowed down our
action plans regards to the class size committee the AP and honors community
facilities committee and the tech committees and then for next meeting
we’re planning to present our progress in committees to these students at it as
a whole before gathering more information and finalizing our goals for
a second semester very busy thank you Mary I just talked to Gloria about her
attending the student next Student Senate because I have to be at the City
Education Committee to try it safely okay great okay and Gloria the update on
the student committee sure most of this has been said already but so you have
the recommendations we will be accepting those recommendations
tonight but I really want to thank my fellow board members James and heat for
their support and their leadership through this process I want to thank our
staff who represented the school district on the subcommittee they were
so influential in sharing their professional experiences and their
first-hand knowledge about what’s happening out in our schools our staff
the perspectives of the voice and the voices was critical when we heard from
all the school teams we heard from differing different schools and it was
so impactful so you the recommendations do point to the need for continued focus
on foundational practices that support teaching and learning as we as you
shared tonight systems of intervention and support with a special focus on
mental health supports and additional resources for students with intensive
needs and continued work on shifting mindset and culture as we know that
institutional racism and implicit bias exist and impact our decision-making
we’ve made recommendations in three categories so policy resources and
implementation specifically you’ll see a number of policy recommendations
including a recommendation to revise the plan to make it more user-friendly we
spent a lot of time on that thanks to Kate who really pushed us on that you’ll
see budget recommendations these recommendations signal and aggressive
multi-year expansion expansive expansion of the resources and supports needed
with a special focus on mental health and intention intervention intensive
intervention you’ll also see some implementation recommendations that
include a focus on restorative practices and social-emotional learning we believe
that together these recommendations will have a powerful impact on our ability to
effectively implement the leading to a more positive for more
positive outcomes and a more safe and supportive school climate in our schools
and classrooms so in February the board will take up the rewrite of the policy
itself and in the instructional work group and the board will make related
resource decisions as a part of the annual budget process this spring it’s
great Thank You Gloria and thank you again to the to our staff and the work
of the committee to your leadership Gloria and with that I will recommend
that the Board of Education accept the recommendations from the student
behavior ad hoc committee relative to the MMSD behavior education plan as set
forth in the document prepared for the regular Board of Education meeting dated
February 4 2019 any further discussion a mature advisory
vote aye all in favor all right all right opposed
that passes 7-0 okay and with that then we have we are on to
other business which we do have a number of items a number of items that we will
be voting on the first is the MMSD Wellness Advisory Council and I will
move that the Board of Education approved the membership of the MMSD
Wellness Advisory Council as set forth in the document prepared for the
February 4th 2019 regular board meeting second any discussion
GJ snow since we are approving the membership been doing this met that this
would under open meetings laws be a governmental body and and full and just
confirming that I think it was always anticipating that those would be opening
meetings and then second since that’s been confirmed I’d like to request that
this be fully integrated into board Doc’s agendas and and and meeting
minutes and meeting materials instead of simply appearing on the weekly
what’s it called barb the weekly yes the weekly notice so I’d like to request
that and not a formal motion or vote but just making the request and then last
I’d like to thank all the people for serving on it it’s an impressive and
good list so imagine your advisor villain I all in
favor aye opposed that passes 7-0 the next item is the administrator
retirement plan and I will move that the Board of Education pursuant to the terms
of the administrators retirement plan which seeks to recognize the value of a
long term commitment to the MMSD approved the three applications second
any discussion a mature advisory vote aye all in favor
aye opposed that passes 7-0 okay the next is the determination of capacity
for the 2019 20 incoming open enrollment students I will move
that the Board of Education in regard to open enrollment applications for the
2019 2020 school year declare that the district has no space available in the
leap beyond school based alternatives next step sail East sail west campus
connect G VIP metal wood and early college STEM Academy programs second I
just deposited all others special education and regular education program
services and grade levels will have no space limitations second Thank You TJ
Nikki I am I understand the need to put our students first at the same point I
see this as almost a cap to services of students coming in based and who moved
into the neighborhood who moved into the district partway through that’s the way
I’ve always seen it and I respectfully and
it’s an incredibly tough program it is incredibly hard to staff and we need as
many of our own students in but I just cannot vote for it at this time
Niki I think it might help for Matt to explain what that would help yeah
because I think it’s this isn’t about internal transfers but open enrollment
of students from a district outside yeah no I yeah so this is strictly for as Jen
said open enrolled students so this would be a non Madison resident who is
seeking to enter into one of the programs listed in the motion if for
example you know the example you gave is a student who moves into our district if
the student moved into our district they would have every right as every other
student to AMD’s yeah and really for the longest time the board sent no space
limitations and last year was the first year and the reason being is that we
were seeing that for some of these programs there was waiting lists where
resident students were not getting in but students from I’m just gonna pick
some of our caller communities from Sun Prairie from McFarland from Middleton
we’re getting in and that’s the reason for the space limitations I hope I hope
that clears that actually teach and we were also able to recoup costs in a
different manner because now all special education students and there’s 12,000
dollars per student or something like that
and these programs have staffing ratios of two to one four to one ones that that
and we used to ask to be able to say excessive cost was a reason to do it and
we can no longer say that so there’s there’s five or six things in play here
and and but like Nikki I hate to deny services to anyone in our community even
though if they don’t live in in MMSD but we have to take care of our own first
and those are the people who live in our then I rescind my objection
okay so amateur advisory vote aye all in favor aye most okay that passes
7-0 and the last item is with regards to the appointment of additional 2018-19
hearing officers and our officer of one officer and so i will move that it’s
just not worded as a typical motion it gives you the statutory authority first
and then the motion to approve miss Markowski so can I just go straight to
the motion no I would prefer if you’d read the whereas part thanks sorry okay
we’ll start with the where Addison whereas Madison school board policy 4045
in the Wisconsin State statute section 120 point one three sub one sub E
provide that the Madison School Board herein after the board may adopt a
resolution in which the board may authorize the use of an independent
hearing officer appointed by the board to determine pupil expulsion from school
and where as such resolution is only effective during the school year it is
adopted and whereas the board desires to adopt such resolution and the use and
use independent hearing officers to determine pupil expulsion from school
for the 2018-19 school year should that be 90
20 school year this is just for this school year thus far this school year
we’ve only had one hearing officer so we’re adding a second okay to determine
the pupil expulsion from school for the 2018-19 school year therefore I will
move that the Board of Education hereby authorizes the use of an independent
hearing officer for the 2018-19 school year to determine a few pupils expulsion
from school and be it further resolved that the following independent Hearing
Examiner shall be appointed to the pool of examiner’s and that name is Allison
Marco Markovski second okay any discussion
I just want to thank Matt for pursuing this and it was hard to find someone and
and and and I trust that you found someone good I said yeah I feel she’s
very very well qualified has a high degree of educational law knowledge and
I would just like to point out we’ve had no expulsion this year it’s just
fantastic but and so hopefully that will continue but to have just one hearing
officer is difficult it’s unacceptable so thank you man
yeah thank you Ahmad I’m sorry thank you a mitre advisory vote aye
all in favor aye opposed okay that passes 7-0 so that ends our agenda we
don’t have any other gold or new business so I will move to adjourn okay
all right all in favor aye next good night
take care of yourself take care of yourself you

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