Board of Education Regular Meeting 2/26/2018

And welcome to the Board of Education
meeting this is the board irregular Board of Education meeting for Monday
February 26 2018 and nice to see so many interested citizens out in the audience
tonight so hopefully we we’re planning on having a good meeting here tonight
it’s been a busy day as you can just about imagine and we have a lot on the
agenda and so we’re gonna get moving right or jump right into it here and
again because we have a lot of an agenda and we need to get moving so see board
it’s ready to go here and it’s looking chipper it’s been a busy day so let’s
get started first item on the agenda the recitation of the vision statement which
is every school will be a driving school that prepares every student to graduate
from high school college career and community ready and we’ll move right
into our recognition resolutions and the Board of Education all right here the
Board of Education will recognize the Board of Education will recognize the n-double-a-cp Africa Africa friend
afro academic cultural technological and scientific Olympians okay well two of our bright LaFollette
high school seniors a module chroma and janae Harris competed in the
n-double-a-cp s afro academic cultural technological and scientific Olympics
this past year in 2017 Muhammadu won the silver medal in the photography
competition and janae was selected as one of 12 students nationwide to
participate in the poetry performance which allow her to interact with in the
way n-double-a-cp Image Award nominees and winners and
both are here on the stage okay I like to take this moment to read
the resolution please for over 30 years the n-double-a-cp has conducted the acte
EXO student Olympics which also helps to prepare recognize and reward
african-american youth who exemplify scholastic and artistic excellence
now the Madison metropolitan school district Board of Education would like
to recognize Amadou and Janae’s accomplishments now whereas to
LaFollette high school seniors competed in the n-double-a-cp s afro academic
culture technological and scientific olympics whereas through the cup this
competition Amadou and today hair is spent many grueling hours preparing for
their ongoing competition with guidance from the n-double-a-cp act so
chairperson Francis Huntley Cooper whereas the n-double-a-cp s afro
academic culture technological and scientific Olympics are a year-long
achievement program designed to recruit stimulate and encourage high academic
and cultural achievement among african-american high school students
whereas the Olympics consists of 32 competitions in STEM humanities business
and performing visual and culinary arts now therefore be it resolved that the
Madison metropolitan school district Board of Education recognizes and
congratulate s’ Amadou janay and francis for their ongoing achievements now be it
FURTHER RESOLVED this statement be permanently imprinted in the Board of
Education minutes for the meeting of February 26 2018 so again many congratulations to both
students and we hope they both did you keep up your great work moving forward in our second resolution today okay okay
what things they’re stacked here today okay next item on the agenda will be
public comments and so we do have a quite a few people wanting to speak
today so I want to remind everyone of the rules and guidelines for speaking
you do have three minutes and we do have quite a few people that want to speak so
I’m pleading with you to really stay within your guidelines with three
minutes and what I will do I’ll call up a speaker and I’ll call up two at a time
so please the second speaker be on the way to the podium so that we can move
here quickly as possible and the indicator that you’re three minutes will
will be up will be you will hear the timer the beeper go off on the timer so
that would be your indicator so we’ll get started on the public speaking
section today and our first speaker will be land posture and then would be
followed by a gray cedar borough the imposter followed by Gracie Duvall I am a proud parent of freshman at
LaFollette and a sixth grader at Senate my husband and myself have lived in
Madison our whole lives my husband went to East and I myself went to La Follette
I myself actually work in the Madison schools I am a behavior Education
Assistant at Kennedy Elementary I have one question for the board why would we
allow a student whether they’re a regular student a special ed student or
a 504 plan student who brought in first a BB gun to school and most recently a
22 caliber handgun to school why would we allow the student why would you allow
the student to come back into La Follette without proper support for the
school extra mental health support and beyond it is my understanding that no
matter what the principal wants is up to the board to decide this and if the
student should come back and if he comes he or she comes back the district is not
required to provide any extra support for the student at the school that is my
question and I that is all I have to say thank you okay Gracie before you start I’m gonna
exercise a presidential discretion here Lin you will begin the answer to that
question soon unfortunately that question has been on
the table far too long and I answer is forthcoming okay Gracie please start
hello my name is Gracie debreu I’m an eighteen year old senior at La Follette
high school I’m the daughter of a police officer and an educator recent events
both nationally and locally have put the spotlight back on school security and
the way that we deal with threats following a recent incident at La
Follette where a student brought a gun to school some of my peers and I met
with our principal Sean Storage my understanding from what I was told at
this meeting is that these types of situations are not treated as a threat
until they’re proven to be a threat if we want to prevent harm to our students
we have to treat these potential threats as real as real threats until proven
otherwise and police should investigate these
situations immediately during the meeting we also discussed how the
student with the gun was allowed to re-enter the building because another
student let them in I’ve observed this happening multiple times a day as have
my peers as students were reminded often that doing this is a suspended offense
but according to what I was told at the meeting only 15 students have been
suspended when this happens hundreds of times a week hundreds this issue is not
being taken seriously by the students or staff I realized that there’s no simple
way to fix this but there are things that can be done to help improve door
security if these infractions were taken more seriously and students knew they’d
face consequences for this the frequency of these infractions would go down
during the recent gun incident the student was not only let back into the
building but they were able to walk to an office located in the middle of the
school from from the time they entered the school to the time they were
confronted we were informed that four minutes had elapsed the average school
shooting in the United States lasts three minutes
fortunately this student didn’t make the decision to use the weapon
imagine what could have happened if they did at the meeting we were told that the
student who brought the gun into school last week had previously committed a
similar offense I wonder why was this student allowed
back into the hallways of LaFollette high school after the first time this
situation also brought to them to mind the inability of our school to be
properly locked down our classroom doors only have external locks which means
that someone would need to go in the hallway to lock the door in a lockdown
situation in my opinion we need to be able to lock our doors from the inside
our procedures are outdated we need to update them so that when class is in
session doors are locked and closed from the inside remember the average school
shooting in the u.s. takes three minutes from when the first shot is fired if an
active shooter comes into the school and enters one classroom even if every other
door in the school gets locked after the shooting starts every child in that one
classroom is a potential victim this is unacceptable
but a very simple fix my goal in speaking to you today is not to point
fingers but to bring attention to these issues and to change the way the
district prioritizes safety and security in our schools some things such as
changes to procedures and policies are simple to implement and have little to
no cost others have varying costs associated
with them such as better entry control systems metal detectors and other
physical security improvements you need to finish up please I urge you to take
action on these issues now and before something bad happens here in one of our
Madison schools thank you thank you audience audience this is a board
reading and I know you’re you’re pleased with the presentations but we need to
keep moving quickly so I’m gonna ask you to hold your applause please typically
we don’t have applause at the board reading
Colette’s let’s start followed by Tara Delabar oh so this this dark hi I’m
Calista stork I’m 17 years old and I go to file at high school and I’m here to
talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while and I finally have the
balls to say it sorry for the language um when I was 14 years old I was
sexually abused by a security officer at my middle school and he’s now at another
Madison High School and I’m here to ask white current policies we have currently
protect the staffers more than me we’ve been pursuing legal action for the last
four years and nothing’s been done to protect me and after those four years I
regret to say that literally nothing’s been done and I know that safety is a
top priority right now but how can you expect to protect us from outside forces
when you fail to protect us from those who are supposed to keep us safe in
schools those forces that are inside these are the people were supposed to
trust the most and I’ve lost almost all of my trust in them winded reputation
become more of a priority than the safety and the well-being of the
students I am asking for policy that favors the safety of the children the
safety of me and I recognize how valuable and amazing our teachers are
and I want them to be supported and I want them to feel safe in schools too
but I don’t feel safe and schools are about feeling safe and schools are about
forming relationships with teachers but when I’m scared of forming relationships
with teachers because I know that if something happens I’m not protected how
do I go to school every day and I’m here to say all in all that I have been
failed by the district and the longer that you uphold these
policies protecting faculty to is harmful to students the longer that you
are failing your students and me and I’ve been here since kindergarten and I
loved going to school I went to Kennedy if that was amazing I went to Whitehorse
and that’s when things went south and it’s hard going to school every day
knowing that the people I used to look up to and trust the most aren’t there
for me so I’m just asking that policy be looked at when it comes to protecting
students and looking more closely at title 9 and having better title 9
coordination within schools thank you thank you I mean this is hard to be is a
terror of yellow borough Terra Delabar okay hi I am a parent of a junior at
LaFollette high school this is the first time I’ve done anything like this so I’m
not really sure how it works but I do actually have a direct question for Kate
last year when you were running for school board you had said that for
Madison to become a leader that they needed to make a greater investment in
creating better working environments for teachers you also stated that you wanted
Madison to be one of the most desirable places for teachers to work you wanted
to support them in all ways so that they could do what they do best and that’s
teach do you think that the BAP is creating a desirable work place for
teachers currently and do you think the board is doing everything they can to
support the teachers this is not a and that’s fine I just want to get my
question out there and have somebody think about it thank you thank you
kau Baker followed by David Mullin I had a couple of handouts in a sample good evening my name is Kyle Baker
I am a Madison resident I’ve lived here for about five years and well I don’t
have any kids in the school system yet I will at some point in your future and
the reason for me speaking to the board tonight is my brother-in-law who is
located in Muscatine Iowa started a business about four-and-a-half years ago
called fighting chance solutions this is a business by educators for educators
and it’s an invention called the sleeve which is designed specifically for
active shooter situations basically the business was born out of you know
unsatisfactory you know results from active shooter training whether it be
barricading the door tying your belt around the door closer etc etc so this
is the invention was born out of trying to find a better solution for active
shooter scenarios currently the invention is in all 50 states
military bases hospitals and it can be used in conjunction with interior door
locks or it can be used on its own it actually prevented an active entry
during a shooting at the UCLA shooting and kept out in a shooter to a room so
it’s been tried tested proven and like I said it’s it’s been implemented across
the country so basically my reason for talking tonight to the board is to just
let them know that number one the product is out there you know it’s been
tested it’s been implemented it’s you know proven itself in the moment when it
needed to most and I think the great part about it like I said it’s you know
made by teachers it’s made here in America and the great part is is it’s
relatively cheap to implement you know you can buy them they can ship next day
and teachers can have them on their door in a matter of days so it’s you know
when you start talking about rolling out programs for you know door locks and
they talk you know keys and things of this nature
this is a product that can be in any classroom substitute teachers have
access to them you know traveling from room to room teachers also have access
to them as well so and it takes about I mean if you have it somewhere in your
close facility in the classroom I mean you can be put on in a matter of seconds
so real quick to eat implement very easy straightforward and you’ll in a
high-stress situation you want quickness ease and dependability which is given by
the product so OOP anyway thank you for your consideration and good evening
thank you David Mullen followed by glory of brains I have a senior at LaFollette
High School and a freshman at Highland High School and also a 7th grader at
Senate middle school we have over thirty student years in the schools here in the
two and a half years that the BEP has been in place the incidents of fights
and behavioral incidents and so on LaFollette high school have not gone
down they’ve gone up we’re very concerned that the BEP is failing its
failing the students that it was designed to serve this very small number
of kids that are at the heart of this problem we had this conversation with
dr. Cheatham and mr. Storch last week of a file at high school that small number
of group a small number of kids that are at the heart of the problem are not
being served they have not in two and a half years learned how to better
regulate their behavior instead the behavior has worsened and at the same
time it’s also failing the vast majority of students who are at the school to
take tests to study to go to class doing what they’re supposed to be doing being
in class being on time their safety their
of mind is threatened by the behavior of the other kids the BEP is failing both
sets of kids and it’s time to revisit it and understand why is it not succeeding
here and how can we move forward instead I’m concerned that the BEP is laying the
groundwork for an atrocity like parkour to happen here in the city of Madison
thank you thank you followed by David Velasco poor areas thank you so as a as
a parents former police officer and as a public safety professional I am deeply
concerned about the recent Florida parkland shooting and the other school
shootings that have occurred just this year I’m also equally concerned about
the local threats and the incidents that have occurred particularly at La
Follette are we prepared and how are we going to
protect our children our questions that continue to keep wake keep me awake at
night and I know many parents and teachers are asking themselves the same
question we have concerned parents students staff elected officials and
community advocating for stricter gun laws through mobilization to hold our
elected officials responsible for not acting on legislation that will provide
for stricter gun laws due to the accessibility of guns in our country
recent school shootings and the combination of untreated behavioral
health needs and other societal challenges bring us to the reality that
our children are targets both inside and outside the classroom we must continue
to advocate to enact federal legislation to reduce the accessibility of firearms
in the meantime what are we going to do to keep our children safe we have
learned from parkland Florida shooting that students teachers and staff had
significant training on fire drills however the school shooter the shooter
pulled the fire alarm to get students to come out of the classrooms when they
heard the shots fired they were trained on shelter and place procedures trying
to find places inside the classroom to hide and lock the doors as a school
district and community we have to tackle this with a sense of urgency through a
proactive multi plenary approach our schools can’t do
this alone as a public safety professional we should start by
conducting a security assessment of where we are as a school district that
includes scenario-based training infrastructure security measures and
overall planning on how we prepare ourselves for the active shooter
comprehensive scenario-based training that is ongoing with students teachers
staff local Public Safety officials er OHS and community and community not only
for active shooter incidents but for how we handle other threats from arson to
bullying to identify any suspicious behavior we need to conduct school
safety Audion every school helping to identify the school security snapshot
that will help identify the vulnerabilities of each school replacing
locks video surveillance check-in check-in procedures we need to review
our security policies and procedures mental health support for students and
trained students and staff on how to identify Syria suspicious behavior on
the development of reporting procedures support for our teachers and security
staff who are having to walk around with lockdown keys and are responsible for
keeping our kids safe this causes a lot of stress both physically mentally and
emotionally we need to develop security teams in each school that includes staff
and teachers community to have a voice in our security concerns developing we
have to reevaluate the behavioral education plan develop implement threat
assessment procedures to determine whether a student poses a threat of
violence most students who pose a threat indicate their intentions somehow this
is typically assigned to a multidisciplinary team of trained
professionals such as mental health professionals and administrators and law
enforcement we need to fight for stricter gun laws and legislation at the
state and federal level but we have to do something now please finish up we all
have that responsibility you have that responsibility thank you thank you David
Bosca followed by Kaden dela Berra thank you I noticed that you have a
resolution on the agenda that’s asking the federal state government to do more
on gun control I’m an NRA member and I actually support some of those measures
but the fact of the matter is you could launch NASA could launch a huge magnet
into outer space and if unless it was able to suck up all 300 million guns
you’re still going to have a problem in our schools with that as a backdrop I
have to think that this school district is more interested in making numbers
work in terms of students of color rather than keeping everyone safe you’ve
had a committee meeting since at least January 2017 that is considering these
are some of the recommendations they’re under consideration
removing police from schools entirely giving school officials final say over
an arrest or citation prohibiting ero is the educational resource officers from
arresting or citing anyone limiting or restricting arrows from carrying
firearms reducing their ability to call for backup
continuing the arrows would keep them off sight until an emergency arises
getting the ero is out of there Madison police uniforms rather than keeping
students safe and it is unfortunate that you don’t trust your teachers enough
just they say that even those that have a concealed carry weapon license and
maybe some experience in Afghanistan or the military from protecting their
students they might actually have be able to stop some of these shooters
rather than holding their their hands out and getting becoming victims
themselves I have to think that the goal of the school district is to make the
arrest and expulsion numbers work because you’ve been played the race card
it was up to me I would prohibit any agency that takes state money from
recording any statistic based on race because after all it’s meaningless much
more much less meaningful than academic achievement any kind of disability
poverty those kinds of factors now we’ve had an ero take a gun away
from a student that LaFollette if you don’t trust each with guns do you trust
them to disarm the student with guns this cops out-of-school thing has been
dragging on for a year now and apparently I’m told that you’re
scheduled to have four public hearings in April and then you won’t see action
until after that when I’m asking this school board to do tonight since you
have that resolution up there amend that resolution and assure the people of
Madison that you will continue to have uniformed armed police officers in our
high schools at least now I don’t know if you know Mitch Hank I was talking to
him the other day Mitch told me that the first time he encountered Milton McPike
the late great principal at East High School milk McPike was frog marching the
student by the name of his neck to a waiting squad car one other thing we had
a chance for you had a chance for Madison prep and they were emphasizing
discipline you can’t teach writing an English sentence or getting the
hypotenuse of a triangle without discipline so he brought some students
here in there from Chicago wearing their nice nice of uniforms and whatnot and
the Dean of Students said I discipline hard but I love harder Thank You mr.
Vaska Kaden della Berra followed by Patrick Hickey hello my name is Kaden
Delabar I’m a 16 year old at LaFollette High School in the Junior and I would
just like to share a recent experience I’ve seen with the behavior educational
plan firsthand in my classrooms the most recent one was last week and I was
sitting in class and a student was being very disruptive the teacher told him to
go to the LMC which he refused she said he would write him a pass and he could
walk there by himself he chose not to so she decided to call behavior support
which then argued with her over the phone which I could hear saying to keep
the student in class and that if they had time or whatever they would get to
it and they were really pushing for her to keep the student
in class and eventually she just hung up the phone and gave up told the student
to sit down and be quiet he continued to be disruptive through class and
disrupted my learning and everyone else in that class now that’s not the only
experience three minutes is not enough to explain every tower every incident
but also recently at the meeting that Gracie was talking about it LaFollette i
that ended with my principal and there was a man there named Quinn who was the
behavior educational coordinator he has told me that we met one-on-one and
talked at that meeting and he has told me that he is not actually firsthand
seen the behavior educational plan work in a classroom
he’s never sat down and actually seen it work and when I tried to explain to him
that it doesn’t work the only thing he could say to me is that he’d prefer me
not to use the term those students because that racially profiles or puts
because he said that it’s mainly black males who are being targeted when it
comes to this program and he’d prefer me to use words like disruptive behavior
and not those students and I have no I had no intention of I wasn’t even
thinking of race when I said those students but the fact the matter is that
the only thing he could think of was to bring up race is honestly disgusting and
I don’t know how he can implement or help implement a program that he has not
seen work as though Thank You Patrick Hickey followed by Susan Stern superintendent members of the board my
name is Patrick Hickey I’m a proud parent of a West High School graduate
and a west high school sophomore I recognize that these are troubling and
frightening times and that you all are dealing with many weighty issues what I
would actually like to speak to is something that I think is quite positive
in our in our school district and that’s the sports clubs throughout the district
Madison West has the state champions and win
Ultimate Frisbee and they have for very very many years we’ve been active
parents in that effort and unfortunately more and more I’m getting distressed by
how the school is treating the West ultimate ultimate club team instead of
embracing them and recognizing the wonderful things that they bring to the
West high school students it feels like the school is working against them the
team tries to use the the gym facilities tries to rent the gym facilities and on
very short notice are often kicked out very recently many years of state
championship trophies were removed from the school some were thrown out some of
the students were able to track down some of the trophies before they were
disposed of 150 students at West High School participate in the boys and girls
West’s ultimate teams a lot more than most of the school sports in in the
school so I’m just I’m just puzzled by the fact that the school doesn’t embrace
this effort so what we’re here tonight and there’s a number of others that will
be speaking to this issue is to ask you to work with us to to welcome these
clubs to embrace these clubs to support these clubs let them use their school
gyms let West students use West school gyms less west school students have
their their awards displayed at the school the message that’s being sent to
these kids is the very wrong message they want to be active they want to
participate in sports but they’re getting the cold shoulder from from the
administration so I ask you to work with us we have a number of very specific
proposals that we think will go a long way in helping both West ultimate but a
lot of other club teams throughout the district integrate more effectively with
their schools because as I said at the beginning we’re dealing with very many
difficult and troubling issues sports and academics are one of the shining
aspects of our school district and we need to support them as much as we can
and just to finish up I would ask that everyone that is here from the West
ultimate boys and girls team and the parents supporting them just to stand up
briefly thank you Thank You Susan Stern hi I’m Susan Stern
and I’m here today wearing a different shirt than usual it’s blue for West
ultimate and I will try not to repeat what Patrick said but I’m here for the
same reason and a parent of two our older son Malik
I graduated in 2016 our younger son is a current sophomore they both played
ultimate at West and our older son as a result of his experience at West for
four years is playing with the University of Minnesota but she never
would have been able to do had it not been for his experience here but each
year is I watched our older son become a more skilled player here
I watched him used amazingly good sportsmanship with his teammates I don’t
know if you have ever watched an ultimate game but there’s no refs so the
players are not just learning to be athletes but they’re learning to
negotiate with other teams the a and I use good sportsmanship
he lured leadership he became a captain as I said he went on to play at the
University each year that this was going on they the west team was receiving
compliments from other teams both local and long-distance they brought back
state trophies and they brought back a lot of inspiration to other players in
would-be players at West and the team grew and grew when our older son started
there was one team it was a men’s team that also welcomed some young women
because that’s the only team that there was at the time and now look how it’s
grown so you think that during that during this time and with that kind of
environment the team would have been celebrated and
it would have become easier and easier for the team to play but instead instead
of announcements and celebrations when they came back from tournaments there
were silence there have been no celebrations no
announcements no hanging up of banners or trophies as Patrick mentioned and
logistically it became more and more difficult for the team to be recognized
as a team and for them just to exist into practice inside when the weather
was bad so in this current climate with very big issues to deal with safety
problems to solve thoughts of violence on people’s minds this is a joyful easy
to address quick fix issue in some specifically here to ask you to
guarantee a free gym space for all of the ultimate teams 500 of $1000 has
already been paid for one of the gym spaces and I’m here to ask that that
money be refunded I’m here to ask that the space that’s been reserved is
guaranteed and doesn’t get cancelled I’m here to ask that the coaches get respect
and that the coaches are celebrated and that at least one of them is hired as an
unpaid staff person which would take care of a lot of the logistics winners
and trophies are hung up and celebrated thank you thank you mmm hi my name is Michelle rude and I am
proud LaFollette high school graduate I have a child who graduated from La
Follette high school and I have a current junior that graduated from La
Follette high school I am a proud La Follette parent I’m active in the
Booster Club and what I’m going to talk to you about right now I my kid I really
have no pony in this race my kids graduating in a year he’s going to
college I’m concerned about the future things that are going to happen at La
Follette and in MS MMSD I feel that there are many talented
students and staff that comprised the Lancer community unfortunately it
appears that there are also a small number of students who don’t want to
participate in being good Lancer pride representatives I I have personally
witnessed during the regular school day and after school kids walking in the
halls pervasive disruptions yelling cursing its staff knocking on doors
making fun of children with disabilities I’ve seen that with my own two eyes
restorative justice practices that may have worked for certain infractions
don’t appear to be working with the kids who are constantly getting in trouble
over and over what it shows these kids is that there are no real consequences
for their escalating behaviors I’ve had I’ve heard from staff at La Follette
high school as well as my own children that is it is not uncommon for a student
to be removed from class for discipline and for them to be returned before the
end of this that period again disrupting the teacher and other students who are
actually there to learn I’ve talked with an ala Follette staff member who told me
of a student last week who was brought to their classroom ten minutes into the
period and then he this student proceeded to put his head down and sleep
for 60 minutes when the kid asked for a pass to leave the classroom before the
end of the period the teacher told him hey
your pass was you know your break was sleeping in class I’m not gonna give it
to you the kids still left this is pretty much a daily occurrence at
LaFollette according to my son who is there
I do think dr. Cheatham has many initiatives that she has proposed and
set forth for the school district I do feel that most most of these initiatives
need to be looked the initiatives need to be changed for kids who want to be in
school and also the initiatives need to keep kids safe I am a witnessed I
personal witness to the fights that happened on January 5th and I’m not sure
if any of you have seen them I was this far away from the fights there were
people here in this audience that were crying there were children
eight-year-old children that had to witness these fights my husband had to
pull an adult off the floor because this adult who was not in the fight got
pushed down to the ground police officers getting involved their
walkie-talkies are flying all over this is why we need educational officers in
this school and I’m just gonna I’m gonna finish up
when I do want you to know that I I want you to look at if your child or
grandchild was in LaFollette high school why why is that kid back in there there
is no reason that kids should be back in there you can rewrite their IEP if they
have a disability and give them an alternate site I I want people to know
that that kid had a weapons charge he is in that school and he is you’re gonna
lose staff and you’re gonna have people open and rolling thank you I’m gonna ask
once again that everyone’s everyone’s try to stay within your three ministers
a reason for that so please for the rest of you coming up we’re here you
we read your emails going over five minutes doesn’t really add anything
other than make the night longer and make business harder to conduct so
please try to stay within your three minutes
we hear you we’ve read your emails Robin Hill right followed by Joe Jackson I’ll
be brief I have one question my wife spoke quite a bit and I’ll let her take
some of my time up to make this go a little quicker for you one of the things
that came about from the meetings last week that we went to we had small group
sessions and we were talking and one of the things that came up was that kids
who come to class with five minutes to go in the period are by district policy
to be marked tardy not absent I think that’s ridiculous in the real world
that’s not how it works when that was brought up the gentleman from the
district that was there said that’s not a district policy a teacher who was part
of our small group went back and found the document so I was told as a parent
that that’s not district policy when it was brought up I was told nope that’s
not what we told them to do when we got marked down for the scores now after the
fact I’m finding out that’s in fact true do you think it’s reasonable for a 90
minute period for a kid to show up for five minutes and to be considered tardy
and not absent that’s my question thank you gyeo Jackson followed by okay hello um
you’ve heard a lot of parents say how they’re concerned obviously LaFollette
become a problem that is my concern my daughter is not a number she she is my
life I want to make sure that my face is in front of you realizing that she is a
person and her safety along with her fellow classmates and teachers are in
jeopardy unlike other parents I don’t want to
know why that that boy was given a second chance is back in that school
there’s nothing you could tell me that would give me a liable excuse as to why
we’re here today why are things escalating I can’t even
wrap my head around it so I guess I’m here to say please take a look at
lafalot security measures need to go up my daughter work walks down the hallway
and she has to elbow to get her way through it’s getting ridiculous tensions
are escalating please quit ignoring that’s it thank you I may not be
pronouncing this right so it’s Pacheco Jose followed by Colleen Freitag good evening everybody my name is Jose
Pacheco I am a parent of a student at La Follette and the main issue is safety in
there okay III think the reason I came here is just to express how disappointed
I am on that how things are being handled at the school at this moment and
the main reason come to find out is because most of the stuff that needs to
happen has to be approved by the board how is that possible that if you have a
person that is in charge of the school you now let in those persons make those
decisions when they work they in and day out at that place there is decisions
they can be implemented right away by the principle by teachers by you
empowering them to make those decisions so maybe start making some of those
changes so the security maybe it starts to improve at the school not just the
LaFollette but at all the medicine schools finally I’m gonna keep it short
but I want to go from here tonight and go and tell my kid that you know what
maybe tomorrow you’re not gonna feel as afraid to go to school as you were
yesterday which for all of us it should be a wake-up call what are we waiting
for are we waiting for a shooting is that
what are we waiting for I don’t want my kid to be afraid to go
to school I don’t think any parent want their kid to go be afraid to go to
school we need to wake up we need to do this this is an origin see to do
something about it not just the school board but you guys are the ones that
have the power to do something about it let’s do something about it thank you
Thank You Colleen Freitag followed by Roger lang hello I’m a proud parent of a
2016 LaFollette graduate and my son is a current senior as Michelle indicated
we’re almost out of there but I have so many friends our neighbors that we’ll be
attending LaFollette or maybe not if they choose to open role which many are
talking about so first off to Kalista I so sorry for what you’ve gone through
but I applaud you for being brave enough to stand up here and tell us your story
and I hope everything is taken care of to help you through this down the road
next I want to send a huge thank you to officer rod Johnson who is the
educational resource officer at LaFollette who was and all the others
who were instrumental in stopping a potentially horrific incident from
occurring at last Wednesday at LaFollette last Wednesday ironically
that occurred about two two and a half hours before a discussion you were
having and some of you would choose to have them be removed from our schools
just two hours before this is what happened and he was able to help defuse
this situation keep that in mind when you do your voting next I just want to
say I am disgusted at the lack of common sense that seems to be used in allowing
a kid even one weapons offense to allow them back in to come back and allow that
second offense to happen I’m disgusted with this behavior education plan and
with all the chances that are allowed to and I’m going to say it these kids or
the offenders or the disruptive behavior who are putting our kids
and our valuable teachers and the staff and I’m sure it’s not just at LaFollette
from all of the things I’ve been reading it’s all across this city you are
putting innocent people at risk daily daily so I sent an email and as I said
in my email the alarm has sounded so stop hitting the snooze and wake up
please please please wake up thank you Roger Lane followed by Scott
Smith thank you for your time I’ll be brief my name is Roger Lane I have a
daughter that goes to West High School this is rather a simple issue there
appears to be a lack of respect from the athletic department with regards to
affiliated sports specifically Ultimate Frisbee there has seemed trophies have
disappeared as well as gym time has been deleted from their time space I believe
that there’s simple actions that could be taken have providing a display case
for the trophies for affiliated sports and then also reviewing gym policies to
prevent double booking of the gym I know this is an issue with the west or the
west high school principal but I just wanted to know let you know what’s going
on thank you thank you Scott Smith followed by Greg Murray I am Scotch man I’ve got two kids that
will file it just want to remind everyone if you work in a professional
setting if you work at Trek bikes if you work at the utility I work for if you
work at the city of Madison safety is table stakes in other words if you’re
not willing to invest enough money into your business to make sure that your
employees go home safe you don’t you shouldn’t be in business and you you
won’t be you will you’ll be shut down okay
table stakes that’s we’re talking about here so if you can’t provide safe place
you shouldn’t be doing it okay should be number one ero number one so I mean it’s
it’s it’s just it’s just common sense that if you can’t provide safety when we
have a sprained knee because one of our workers sprains their knee we write it
up we figure out how did they spray their knee and we then close off that
area so that it doesn’t happen again we keep that in place safe and employees
going home same way they showed up and it’s it’s
actually I mean I’m not trying to lecture I’m just saying all of you
likely work in a business where you go home safe every night confidently and if
you don’t you can quit and you can get go to another company that is willing to
put up table stakes okay so just think about that when you
go home at the end of the day how much stress you’ve had I mean one of my one
of my daughter’s classmates sits in the back of the room because she doesn’t
want to be in the line of fire not cool thank you Greg Murray followed by Abby
Peterson hi I’m Greg Murray I’m a parent of a
LaFollette sophomore and I’ve got an eighth grader who’ll be going there next
year there been so many good things stated here by a lot of the LaFollette
parents you’ve said you’ve read the emails and listened to us I know some of
the board members Katie’s called me after I sent my email and we appreciate
that but the bottom line of the message here from us parents and I think Jose
did a wonderful job articulating it the problem is serious it is acute and we
need solutions now we don’t need long-term plans we don’t need more
studies we need action immediately I think a lot of us I’ll speak for myself
I appreciate the email that principal Stewart set out to start to outline some
of those you all need to support those efforts
you need to fund those efforts you need to take charge you all are gonna
probably consider and probably pass a very important resolution on gun safety
tonight asking the state and federal government to do things we are here
asking you you are in control of these schools here in Madison we need you to
take charge of these schools use your resources and make these improvements
immediately for the safety our kids so I’m hoping that you empower mr.
Stewart’s to do what he said to do with funds and support and training empower
the teachers the the morale of the great teachers we have that school is just
being undermined they don’t have control of their classrooms it’s impeding the
education of the other kids there and it’s it’s not effective you have to give
them the resources the training so they can do their job which is to teach and
teach our kids it’s important it’s imperative and it’s now and if you don’t
fix this you are gonna lose good teachers you are gonna lose students and
you’re gonna lose parents and this is one of those moments in an
tution of this size and this complexity that if you don’t make change if you
don’t have it I don’t know much about the behavioral Improvement Plan I’m just
a dad I haven’t studied it I don’t know the data but I’ve worked in government
and I’ve worked in the private sector and I applaud creativity but if the
thing ain’t working fix it pivot it change it I mean you’re
creative people you are in charge we implore you the last thing I’ll say I
don’t know if my three minutes is up is this is to have some steps meant that
then that have been put out there execute them implement them we need to
see change these parents are watching and we expect results thank you thank
you Abby Peterson followed by Chris Peterson
hi my name is Abby Peterson and I am the captain of the West women’s ultimate
team this is my fourth year playing ultimate and it has taught me it’s been
amazing it’s taught me leadership focused as well as patience but the
recognition is not there we have won our state competition for the past three
years last year we were nationally recognized for our spirit and
sportsmanship but at our school we do not feel that I am here asking for the
athletic department to recognize Ultimate Frisbee and give us the
Equality we deserve Ultimate Frisbee is one of the biggest sports at Madison
West High School and is it extremely hurtful to have our hard-earned trophies
not displayed in our trophy case along with all of the other sports like
basketball baseball or soccer along with that it is extremely frustrated to be
bumped from our paid and reserved gym space and we’re just here asking for the
same respect that and for the over a hundred students that are involved in
the sport that any other school would get thank you thank you good evening I’m
here to support the frisbee Ultimate Frisbee at West I’m also here to support
my daughter I don’t want to be redundant tonight you’ve heard a lot as a parent
of a senior at West and a sophomore at West hearing what’s going on in
LaFollette and a couple of other issues with that young lady who I admire I
understand this isn’t probably at the top of your agenda right now I get that
I asked you to have it on your agenda because I understand as a parent that
the safety of our children is extremely important been saying that I would like
you to understand that how hard these athletes work and to have some
recognition is important for them I’ve been in sports for 30 years and it’s
important that once when an athlete does something well that they’re recognized
to get gym space it’s it’s just small things I would also ask and I don’t even
know if the habitat west is to form some kind of athletic committee I think it’s
very important to be transparent and when rumors are out there when I hear
say of we know from the students from the athletic director it it’s very
frustrating and if you only know if they have an athletic committee but if they
had one you could get parents that are interested to try to make a difference
so that’s what I’d ask and good luck I know you guys are job is tops off good
luck tonight thank you Eric Eric pardon no you cannot take anyone flat flat
please have a seat Peter Godfrey followed by lean posture hi my
name is Peter graphy I’m the coach of the Madison West High School ultimate
team for the boys side you’ve heard a lot about this already today and I
actually came in and talked to you guys a couple of months ago about some of the
gym space things I don’t know if you remember that and sent some emails out
I’m here basically with the same message there have been some developments but
and I and I’ve met with quite few people within the administration about kind of
issues that we’ve been facing and the solution that I think comes with this
and it’s something that you guys are gonna have to think about as well as
some of the other people like Karen Kepler who have been talking to a lot
and Jeremy Schlitz as well is there are a lot of kids who are in the club sports
well at realm and at West we have a massive program when I first started
four years ago coaching we had like 20 kids and now for the boys side we have
over 100 we have more kids and we have the ability to coach honestly and it’s
only growing and getting bigger and it’s awesome because we’re giving these kids
the opportunity to play sports when they might not have that opportunity
otherwise and they’re learning a lot about themselves as people players
everything and it’s great to be a part of that and I’m doing it for free
because I love to do it and I will continue to do it for free
and so what I’m kind of proposing is that club sports have been falling into
this realm where they’re neither a club nor a sport and that’s kind of where we
are right now we don’t get that WIA distinction so we don’t get a lot of the
resources that come with being WIA but us being a club isn’t really tenable
either because we aren’t really a club to be perfectly honest we’re more of a
sport than a club and we’re outgrowing that club name because the people who
oversee clubs at West’s they already have their hands full with like you know
all sorts of different card clubs and math club and all sorts of other things
so we as a sport have needs that are more specific to other sports which is
why it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have no resources available and we have
two charter buses to go to all sorts of different places the barriers that get
created by that when we have no support from the MMSD are much too great and we
have tons of kids who are on free and reduced lunch and we are the ones that
have to pick up the slack in order to help those kids play so what I’m
proposing is that in order to fill that gap you have to kind of create a new
distinction in order to accommodate these kids who are choosing to play
these club sports and that means that I think we need to make new positions
available for people like me so that I can be liable I can be MMSD I can be
liable and be basically the the head of the program and I can represent within
West High School we can get free gym space we can do all these different
things and you can hire me at no pay I’m gonna do it for free anyway so you might
as well take advantage of me for that and that’s basically what we can do is
you create the position you don’t pay me anything I’m able to have a seat at the
table to talk with the other coaches to be a part of the athletic department and
we can be a sport in every sense of the term without being WIAA which is just a
silly distinction that is ultimately leading to discriminatory practices with
a lot of kids at West and across the district so that’s my proposal and I
hope you take advantage of that thanks thank you
well that concludes our public speaking for this evening and and and sir you’re
out of order listen to me you’re out of order you’re
out of order you won’t be get to speak you have to be here at six o’clock in
order to speak otherwise we can have people coming in the door all night long
to speak so you’re out of order you do not get to speak this is a business
meeting and we’re moving on so please sit down
please sit down sir okay next item on the agenda is approval of minutes okay
and we will table approval of minutes to next month next item on the agenda is
board presidents announcements and reports first item on the agenda has to
do with gun violence and due to the heartbreaking school shooting that
occurred in parkland Florida the Board of Education would like to address the
ongoing issue of gun violence and how the Madison metropolitan school district
can be prepared to deal with the national academic moving forth while
ensuring that all of our students can feel safe and be safe while learning and
we do have a resolution that will be read at this time whereas we are deeply
saddened and angered by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in
parkland Florida and whereas this is the latest tragedy in an all-too-common
trend in our country and whereas our students and staff have the right to
learn and teach in an environment where they are not worried about the threat of
a school shooting and whereas school safety is not a political issue and our
legislative leaders at the state and federal level have not only the ability
but the responsibility to act on behalf of our children whereas we echo the
statement made by students mobilizing around the Parkland tragedy school
safety is not a political issue there cannot be two sides to doing everything
in our power to ensure the lives and futures of children who are at risk of
dying when they should be learning playing and growing now therefore be it
resolved that the Madison Board of Education and MMSD administration demand
the immediate passage of comprehensive legislation that effectively addresses
our nation’s persistent and pervasive gun problem legislation that would make
universal background checks mandatory ban assault weapons and aftermarket
rapid-fire devices keep people who are subject to domestic
violence protection orders from having guns and prevent the possibility that
any student teacher or parent whatever possess a gun on school grounds be it
further resolved that this statement be permanently imprinted in the Board of
Education minutes for the meeting of February 26 2018 thank you thank you
Laura next on the agenda we will the Board of
Education will read a resolution regarding taxpayer-funded private
voucher schools and expectations our district has for potential expansion so
a formal resolution will be read by a board member
mother whereas the Madison School District School Board educators staff
families and community are united in our effort to provide thriving schools where
every student can excel and whereas the Madison School District supports local
control and the ability of the elected Board of Education to make decisions to
support the learning of our students and whereas taxpayer-funded vouchers
increasingly pay tuition for students attending private schools in Wisconsin
and whereas vouchers take resources directly from our public schools and
continue the trend of cutting funding to public schools and whereas private
school about your advocates have consistently pushed for expanding the
use of taxpayer-funded vouchers to pay tuition for students in private schools
in Wisconsin and now therefore be it resolved that the Madison school board
calls on Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature to support the
Wisconsin voucher to support the Wisconsin voucher taxpayer transparency
bill in an effort to be open honest and transparent with the taxpayers of
Wisconsin be it further resolved that the Madison school board calls on
Governor Scott Walker and the wisconsin legislature to oppose expansions to
private school vouchers and be it further resolved that the Madison School
Board urges the state government to phase out taxpayer-funded private school
vouchers and instead in that invest fully in Wisconsin’s public
schools thank you boy remember Moffat and lastly
the board would like to recognize Black History Month which is celebrated
annually in February the month of February dating back to 1970s has been a
month which hosts a nationwide effort to recognize and often neglected
accomplishment of african-americans in the United States each year Black
History Month recognizes the achievements of some of the most
influential leaders and social justice heroes in the United States history
because of this continuous recognition our youth are able to have a more
realistic understanding and knowledge of underrepresented groups of people that
have contributed to the well-being of the American Society and the resolution
is whereas each year throughout February we celebrate the achievements of African
Americans and pay tribute to the central role of black Americans and United
States history whereas MMSD is resolutely committed to
providing equitable educational opportunities for all students and to
teach in the curriculum that is culturally responsive historically
accurate and multicultural whereas as the Board of Education
we applaud and thank our schools for celebrating Black History Month with
programs ceremonies and inclusive activities that underscore the
significant achievements of African Americans whereas as a school district
we believe we must recognize black history not just in February but
throughout the year now therefore be resolved that the Madison Board of
Education and the MMSD celebrate value and recognize the contributions of black
Americans including those of our staff families and community partners and
leaders and we especially celebrate our black scholars and future history makers
now be it FURTHER RESOLVED that this statement be permanently imprinted in
the Board of Education minutes for the meeting of February 26 2018
Thanks to everyone who read resolutions today and mr. mercury have a cement foot
at this moment yes it’s very very briefly I just want to know two things
about the voucher resolution the first is that it is very important that our
public schools be accessible to public and controlled by the public many of you
came and spoke to us tonight you’re not happy with us you can’t do that with
about your voucher school but you can vote for us or against us and we were
accountable to you and secondly I want to point out that many school districts
in Wisconsin have passed resolutions concerning voucher schools and the
voucher programs may I believe Madison is the first one to pass one that calls
for a phase-out and I instead of just halting the expansion and I think it’s
important that we’ve got on record for that and I thank the Afellay board
members for supporting that position all right thank you very okay I guess
everybody know we got a lot on the agenda the night school nine o’clock
come around I don’t want anyone talking about what time it is okay
mr. Loomis can we can we send the Stoneman Douglas resolution to their
board along with maybe a letter also I mean usually this thing just sit in our
minutes but I would know trying to do something for them but at least that’s a
little thing we can let them know we’re thinking about it we can do that yeah
cool okay so that concludes the board presidents announcements and reports now
we’ll move to superintendents announcements and reports and it will
please to have her give us a school safety update thank you James I’m gonna
have a few members of our team join us so if you’ll allow quick transition job
Alyce Caron Kepler Alex Whalen in in Mike Barry so I’ll just give him a 30
seconds to settle in okay okay thanks guys um we’re gonna have an
important discussion about safety and security tonight
usually these presentations are meant to be celebratory in nature and given
what’s been happening across the country and here in our own community in the
last couple of weeks I knew it was important to have this conversation
tonight I want to thank our parents and our staff our students for their
partnership over the last two weeks this has been a very challenging time given
the events that happen in Florida almost two weeks ago we are all rightfully
worried as James recently said about the safety of the children we serve it of
course remains the top priority not only in our school district but in every
school district I also want to acknowledge the specific concerns from
the LaFollette community I was able to meet with many of them last Tuesday
evening for a discussion I’ve heard from many of you in the past week I want to
thank you for your emails your feedback your suggestions your questions
delivered with urgency and candor and we’ve heard more of those comments
tonight it is an urgency every one of us shares I know the school board chairs as
well I know our team shares not just as educators who care deeply about students
but many of us are parents of students in our schools as well and we embrace
this dialogue we know that our actions will be more effective because events
tonight I thought it was important to share with the board and the public just
a few thoughts on safety and security in general and Joe Ballas and Karen Kepler
are here to talk to us about that we want to talk again in general about the
improve improvements we want to make and we want to focus a portion of our
conversation on the targeted actions we want to take to support LaFollette
high school so that’s what we’ve got planned for you I’m going to go ahead
and kick it off with a few comments from Karen Kepler about the proactive
strategies that we take to support the safety and security of our schools Karen
you can pull that out too if it’s you should bring it close to your mouth
that’s what one thing I’ve learned that’s right speak closer so they can
hear back there right up there okay so I’m gonna go a little off script a
little bit and it’s okay I was born in Milwaukee but also raised in Madison for
the last 20 years and Madison raised me as a leader with strong foundations
around safety and security and James you are a parent of mine at Emerson
Elementary School I do come with good background and structure because I was
raised right with these strong foundations so I appreciate that and I
come to the table with wanting to be part of the solution to again bring back
that East Side Pride West Side pride and making sure that people know that we
take care of our our children here so a couple of things that overall for safety
and security the strong foundations to make sure that we have things are
visible in our school some of the things to highlight we have policies and
procedures that parents would see coming through our schools visitor policies
when we release students who you release them to supervision schedules are very
important so you should see staff around the school you see people outside
supervising our children so those are just some basic foundations staff
trainings around those protocols should be taking place in the schools we have
other things like strengthen strengthening our facility improvements
that we’ve made the past few years now with secured entrances and also
intercoms and videos so putting more in place that weren’t in place 1215 years
ago so we appreciate that and then also to say a big strategy
the arrows and safety and security assistance in our secondary schools so
we have 26 SSAS and also for ER O’s oh sorry I was in charge of transitions and
I was listening so closely I forgot to transition we are gonna pass it over to
Joe Ballas who maybe can say a little bit about himself as well about the
response and strategies we’ve put into place around safety and security go
ahead Joe Thank You superintendent well as Karen
I’ve been in the business of Public Safety in Madison for over three decades
and it’s been an honor since last April to be part of Superintendent Cheatham
team here at the district and I see my work in Public Safety just continuing
with the district here I’ve had a chance to get involved in a lot of different
ways in the last six plus months actually says it’s almost nine months
now but I can tell you that some of the foundational documents that exist here
in the district around safety and security are solid documents and
protocols and procedures in and of themselves it’s not that the some of
them can’t be tweaked but one of them might brought with me tonight is one
that I’m sure many of you have seen these are emergency procedures this is
an excellent document and when Louise and I spent a lot of time reviewing a
lot of materials when we transitioned back last spring but things in here with
regard to fire evacuation how we respond to outside threat does schools and fight
disturbances I mean it’s basically about everything that you can possibly imagine
it’s that’s boiled down to about 1415 flipcharts here that we provide to staff
the at the school-based level where this all the rubber hits the road the
principles out there really as I see them they’re kind of like the captain of
their neighborhoods and some of them are so larger than others but those
school-based critical response teams the principal the princ
designee and I can’t speak to how important that is in our structure here
where there’s always somebody regardless if it’s elementary all the way up to
high school somebody is in charge at that building do we have the office
staff the secretarial staff the trainings that we do for them around our
school visitor protocols even the custodial staff when you get in the
elementary level you are an integral part of how we keep our schools safe
then the other thing a one dimension was that that school-based critical response
team when we do have our larger incidents we want school-based staff
know that they call upon us downtown the central office in our central office
critical incident response team of the first three on the front line is myself
Karen Kepler and Kelli Rumple when they call 663 1632 they’re trying to find one
of us and we then are providing them support consultation at times like the
short hills incident this past week I was on-site there within 10 to 15
minutes and I’ve done that a number of times where I just simply drive it’s
just easier drive right to the school site and work hands-on with staff there
especially if MPD is responding or other police and trying to help coordinate
that whenever we get done with these when something else I wanted to mention
too it’s really important is the critical incident debrief things and
follow-up action planning and that happens both formally and informally
some of the larger incidents that happened recently the LaFollette
incident last weekend the Sherwood hills incident both of them we plan to do
formal critical incident debriefing xand we have in our school safety and
practices strategies which the website link was up there to our website that is
one of our best practices and we’ll go through that process in those two
incidents well I think that’s just informal I’ve spent
without it followed after the fight after the basketball there was another
girl fighting over there a couple weeks ago
Sean and I sat there in that Commons and we look at it and one of the principles
that we use a lot in policing is called septet crime prevention through
Environmental Design and when we look at that commons area at LaFollette high
school that really seems to be the gathering spot where a lot of issues
develop so we look at that from an environmental standpoint and try to
figure out what can we do to this commons area to modify that or be more
creative with that space I did a project in the police department at Overland
Park years ago when you probably saw about but there’s a community policing
team we worked on ways how we could change and bring legitimate people into
Olin park in order to take and reclaim that public space you know something
sometimes in some of our school spaces we get you know that Commons it’s a
public space yet inside the school how do we think about how we construct that
area and the policies and practices that we put in place that actually you might
be able to eliminate a lot of the behavior that we see manifesting itself
there by just simple modifications to the environment on the second page you
know there you got insurance thank you I hit upon visitor protocols school
entrances McCarran touched touched upon some of that we work closely with Chad
we see and Joe Anderson and we try really are trying to do a lot of things
as money allows us to the Welcome centers I’ve seen some really good
Kennedy elementary jumps into mind about how their Welcome Center was redesigned
over there which is really neat now dr. brandt / West High School we’re
actually engaged in our conversation at West how we could actually build some
kind of what Welcome Center at West and how we might create that and put some
proposals forward so there’s a lot of thinking being done around that district
based school and safety risk assessments long story short there we really need to
look at a comprehensive assessment of safety and security from top to bottom I
think you’ve heard a lot about it tonight but really how do we create a
better culture of safety in the school district
we there’s there’s a lot of people we need to bring to the table
one example is after the recent florida student i’ve been doing a lot of
discussion actually was doing it before this with the NPD and they got a team of
officers that does affiliate the civilian response active shooter
encounter training it’s based on some newer principles that are out there that
more communities are looking at alice training has been referred to the Krays
training we’re actually meeting with sergeant angle looking at our code read
protocols and see how we can look at other aspects of defense or avoid and
flee and one of the things that brought up with a pilot last week is just and we
do have a avoid aspect in our code read protocols but it’s also predicated on
people need to know where their evacuation sites are and do and we don’t
have a lot of schools that actually practice evacuations Sherman Elam middle
school I gave them an example back in October they took 617 eighth grade one
afternoon last October and they marched all every kid in that school up to their
evacuation site three blocks away so those kids knew exactly where to go to
in the event they had to evacuate their building and it’s not just for an active
shooter but it’s for an M gas leak it could be a fire could be any reason that
building becomes uninhabitable but our our school is prepared to evacuate and
are our parents ready to respond to that evacuation point and pick them up I
think we need to challenge ourselves in our schools to to see if we can answer
those questions lastly I want to make a reference to closing the communication
gap increasingly as we work to respond to critical incident social media
presents an increasing challenge to us in our communication to our school
community about the incident at times the use of social media by our students
and families to disseminate disseminate unvetted information as they actually
made matters words and our critical response more difficult yet we also
realized that some social media platforms might actually help us
communicate in a more timely manner to our school communities when a critical
incident does occur and is currently being responded to police departments
they didn’t like it but a lot of them started to go to Twitter to put
information out even about bad accidents on the Beltline and things like that and
I can remember when MPD first started doing that and we weren’t a big fan of
it but you want to know something weak the old way of putting letters in
backpacks and traped and taking three hours four hours to
write the letter and get it out to school we got to find a way to better
communicate to families because they are finding out about it anyways and we even
if we don’t have it completely all together but we got to let them know
that something happened after school and we need to work on closing that
communication yet alright thank you Joe so those are some key areas of attention
that we want to dig into in the coming weeks and months specific to safety and
security in general at this point I’d like to transition our presentation to a
targeted focus on LaFollette high school which has been as I mentioned concern
among many and I’m gonna let Alex take the lead and where we are where we’ve
been where we are and where we want to go with urgency I like to know that this
year in particular has been difficult for our high schools Alice good close we need they want to hear this space I
have here yeah let’s like to note that this year
has been particularly challenging for our high schools although the
conversations tonight is gonna primarily focus on LaFollette there are similar
challenges and in each of our high schools and as a former principal who
served over a thousand kids and families there is nothing more daunting and there
is nothing that you lose more sleep over than thinking about how safe is the
school not just physically but the emotional and intellectual safety of
kids is the thing that keeps people up at night particularly the principal of
the school leaders and I know that many of our staff are grappling with that as
well and I’m hoping that the urgency that you heard in the parents tonight is
reflected in some of the actions that we’ve taken thus far and the ones that
will take we’ll take later being in schools regularly which i think is a
critical part of my job I see the tireless efforts of our staff
particularly high schools as they are attempting to leverage and build on
their ninth grade on track systems as well as their culture and climate
systems to ensure that eighth graders are transitioning really really well to
stay and remain on track particularly in the first year of high school and we’re
seeing some signs that it’s improving but maybe that’s not necessarily at the
pace that we would like to see our ninth and 10th graders are disproportionately
reflected in the number of conflicts in a number of fights than in past years
the Soviet had we’ve had to ramp up our support strategies that we had to
actually start early given the large number of new staff in LaFollette high
school we had to actually start early with building the capacity of those
school leaders support staff particularly those who are
closest to their culture and climate work we have three specific mentors and
coaches who are working directly with this staff I started early this year we
have unfortunately a vacancy for an assistant principal at Walla high school
we worked with this school to replace that that particular position because
the school couldn’t find an assistant principal with a coordinator coordinator
of student services whose job was to work with the admin team to align their
culture and climate work with their student services staff specific around
there PBS services our team facilitates a weekly call with LaFollette high
school that’s centered around a pretty robust plan and it’s designed to make
sure that there is mutual accountability we want to make sure that the school has
Simpsons in place we also to make sure that we are clear and articulate about
our supports for the school to actually implement that plan we’re constantly a
place of getting feedback about how well we’re both doing that those at central
office serving the school in the school who’s actually implementing that plan
which is really focused on the universal PBS systems MTS s mean the needs of
students with disabilities in the actually getting down to specific
students who the school is struggling to serve we currently have seven school
support requests into the school three of them are focused just on 9th grade
and the other three are focused on their culture and climate school support
requests requests yes yes so a school makes a request of central office to say
hey we have a particular challenge that we don’t necessarily have enough
capacity to do ourselves therefore we need your assistant assistants the
school school support partner facilitates that process works with the
school to identify what there and then brokers the support from
central office to make sure that the right people weren’t at the school to
work out alongside the school to provide that specific service thank you yes your
honor so our team continues to leverage culture and climate visits this is where
we visit with the school and the school representatives are you know principal
school support staff those who are closest to the Weber response system as
well as culture and climate to make sure that we are working closely with them
specifically as a respond to meeting the increasing needs of students with
significant needs which we’ve seen are kind of across the board in all of our
schools and specifically a followed I can be example of one particular meeting
we had about three weeks ago where we focused on 13 students that the school
had identified we looked at the data for these 13 students there were concerns
that some of the students were involved in gangs we looked at the adequate the
supports that were being provided to students to see if they were adequate
and to meet a specific need where the school couldn’t necessarily do it
themselves out of that process we did a case study of one particular student
just to figure out if we did a physics one student could we do it for the
others and we’re learning from that one case study that’s leading to other
better supports that are in place specifically given the resources that
are already existent in the school such as the work with our NIP workers in the
type of small group supports the to providing students who are currently
enrolled and we’re working closely with the principal and MTI
to enhance their collaborative problem-solving systems we want to make
sure that there is greater swath of teachers whose perspective and whose
voices at the table to really think about the real problems as teachers see
them and the systems are in place to actually support them given some of the
concerns we even heard tonight about on the very spot system constantly pressure
testing pressure testing them to make sure the teachers are getting that aquit
support to actually help kids so I know you received a copy of the
letter that the principal sent out to families so I’m not going to go through
all those points I did want to highlight just a couple I want to thank Joe
ballast and MPD who provided a kind of a temporary additional officer to support
the school I’m one I know in the paper it was communicated that it was the
second ero it is only additional officer to work
alongside the ero we thought was important to reassure the
students and the families and the staff during this unique time to kind of build
their confidence in the people who are there to support them I know Joe know
deep the ero that’s there is permanent yeah the additional officer that’s going
to be working with the arrow is about to we’re doing on a week-by-week basis
right now Nikki and all the officers being selected that backup work with rod
are all former arrows or they intimately know the kids that are at the follow the
school is taking significant steps to increase presence in the hallways you
heard that theme tonight about students who are in the hallways or even leaving
class or getting to class late the team is focused on developing a more certs
assertive monitoring system specifically at lunchtime and before and after school
as a great number of kids are moving throughout the school if you remember
from East last year we had a stiff accan increase in in conflicts between females
and I know our student services team is working with the LaFollette team to
better figure out what are the right additional supports outside of what the
school is doing to help students resolve conflicts safety safely while also
leveraging the restorative practices that the school just several years ago
was actually recognized for given what we know qualitatively and what the data
tells us ninth and 10th graders are more difficulty appreciating this notion
and concept of an open campus for lunch I have I would venture to say that’s not
just for follow but all of our high schools will need at this point to
actually engage stakeholders to really figure out is that an adequate privilege
for ninth and tenth graders given what we’re seeing in incidents and of
monitoring and having the ability to monitor up to sometimes a dozen or more
doors at that particular time so lastly you know I’ll say that despite the
increased enrollment at both Capitol high and shahboz for a second or second
semester we are still in need of a quality student-centered options for
kids who are not finding significant success in our comprehensive high
schools we’ve already received commitments from community members to be
a part of a design process that actually includes students we’re considering
running a parallel process on the west side given what we’re learning from West
and Memorial we’re experiencing similar challenges and we hope to have a pilot
site up and running in about three weeks we believe that if you can create more
options for students will be able to be better meet their needs and reduce the
amount of distractions and disruptions in our high schools by providing kids an
opportunity to really leverage their talents and their assets towards
post-secondary success thank you Alex I’d like to add one last thing before I
pass it back to you James I thought this was gonna be a big presentation section
so I apologize for that I thought it was important to be thorough given the
content I was just going to add that given the questions that came from the
audience regarding expel able offenses and weapons that I wanted to address
that publicly I think it’s important for everyone to know that a weapon of any
sort whether it’s a BB gun or real gun is a gun and it is
absolutely an expel offense and students do receive due process and anyone who’s
reached out to us I’ll make sure that they can see what that process looks
like what’s incumbent upon us is that a
student who may not ultimately be expelled because of that due process
that we are creating an incredibly tight safety plan for that child and ensuring
that we’re following through on the most appropriate placement and again I don’t
know yet the answers to those questions but I
want to make sure that everyone knows as part of the process that we put in put
into place for any child who who who does something like that
it is an incredibly serious offense and one that we take very seriously
James sorry that it took a little longer than we had hoped let me pass it right
back to you appreciate it thank you because I know the board has questions
that they like to get answer tonight and I think we need to get to board
questions and I guess to start off you know how did we get here
you know how did we end up in a place where all these families and staff felt
that they needed to come to the board tonight and you know sort of plead their
hearts out to help the school how did we get here
years ago we talked about I mean years ago we talked and asked the question
about does the science of PV is work does the science work when we were
implementing this program years ago board members asked will the science
work because if we have students that have issues are we just going to allow
them to remain in class if we cannot correct their behaviors
this was a conversation we had years ago does the science of PBIS work there’s a
lot of misinformation out there I think a lot of information about the BEP not
work and I think it’s really more about implementation it’s not really the v8b
but we won’t address that at the moment but how did we get here my main question
to lead off board discussion tonight is if we’re going to lose staff if we’re
going to lose students in the district it’s going to be because people feel
that their kids aren’t getting educated around this table here we have board
members the majority of the board have kids in schools just so everyone knows
that we have board members that have kids in schools I have over 25 years of
children in the Madison School District over 25 years and so we’re all concerned
that our kids get educated when they’re sent to school so no one has a monopoly
on that all of us is concerned about that so my question is how do we get
here when we won that come before us and ask the question about we have people
disrupting classes for me that’s the number one issue because that’s why
people will leave our district how can we allow anyone to disrupt the class I
would like to know what are we going to do about that and then we’ll open it up
to the next questions I’ll start and Alex if you want to join in on that
James we take this as seriously as anyone around this table does the board
worked with us on the development of the behavior education plan and every year
we’ve learned from it and try to make adjustments according accordingly based
on what we’ve learned about its effect positive or negative on student behavior
I think there’s a lot to unpack it in terms of what’s happening in our high
schools I think that and I’ve got a lot more thinking to do on this I mean I was
alerted towards the end of last year from staff members that LaFollette who
wanted to meet with me about their concerns regarding behavior
I sensed walking away from that meeting that the the staff at LaFollette was
prepared to step up in whatever way right to make sure that expectations
were consistent across the school which is part of the PBIS frame so I don’t think it’s necessarily been
for lack of trying I think there have been some driving
forces that have made it more difficult for schools to do the kind of
fundamentals of keeping the climate and culture strong and I’ll give you a few
examples I think that there I think we need to do some serious work on the 8th
to 9th grade transition I think that we have not done a great job of recognizing
the students who are eighth graders headed in the ninth grade that are the
most I need and in the most need of support and making sure that they’re
that we’re supporting them with their families and making the right decision
about where they should be going to high school and what supports they need in
high school so I think there’s something there about the 8th to 9th grade
transition and we have more ninth graders headed into our schools who need
an increasingly increasing support and we’re trying to catch up with the
challenge I think that this issue about alternative settings is real as much as
capital and you’ll talk about this more in the future as well has I think become
stronger Capital high as graduating students at higher rates and they ever
have I think there’s something about the array of programs that we had before
condensing them into capital I think there were some unique options that were
lost that were specially designed to support students not just at the
semester but throughout the school year so we’ve got you remember hearing from
Ricardo we’ve got kids that are kind of stuck waiting for those placements I
think we’ve got to work on that with urgency I think there are any society
around us I think Madison is changing and those needs are getting stronger so
this I’m saying James let me just finish the thought
that I get what everybody is saying about the BAP and I think that there are
bigger structural issues that we can get after with some urgency related to some
of the highest needs students in our high schools that are making it
difficult for the staff to focus their energy on the school as a whole yeah I
yeah it’s just so stick to the board mints got questions they they have any
ass yet so we your answer about 25 questions right dude
for example we heard that when when teachers call for help they’re not
getting it so can you just address that particular specific question James I’m
gonna try not to annoy you but I’m what I’m trying to say is that because there
are these big issues that people’s energy is drained because they’re
dealing with this smaller group of students whose needs aren’t being met
which makes it hard for them to respond to the kind of regular day-to-day stuff
but Alex you take it okay did you get you want to comment on it go ahead cuz Nikki’s up next the only
thing I would add to a Jen is that I think with the increasing changes in
that are required of all of us not just teachers although they really are the
frontline it is moving from a system that had been primarily reliant on
removing the student from the space as almost the thing to do it takes a lot of
time and I’m not saying it takes another five years because that’s unacceptable
but to teach students beyond just rules although rules are important the common
expectations for how a student conducts him or herself couched within a largest
community setting that kids are a part of that in asking teachers and
supporting teachers to actually teach content and this knowledge of skills
knowledge and dispositions is taking longer than we anticipated I’m just
going to be honest but we’ve seen evidence of where it’s happening and
where it’s changing and that does not minimize the high expectations that we
hatched we should have every kid to meet the minimal expectations of being
respectful of being on time enough not fighting and for some students who
actually need something different about how I learned that it does not minimize
the high demands and high expectations that we have for students and so when a
student really does have behaviors actually disrupting the classroom there
is a behavior response system that’s supposed to get triggered and I’ve seen
examples where it works perfectly and I’ve seen examples where it falls apart
and I think that happens sometimes sometimes based on the day sometimes
based on the on the system itself for a whole year our school
this process to evaluate how well how effective is the system and I’ll stay at
lafalot of all the schools it took a lot longer to get that and playing so I’ll
positive Nikki my main issues this and I’m thinking I’ve had Curtin my my gosh
thinking Alex for stating what I consider obvious 1020 years ago
kids with emotional disorders behavior disorders were forgotten they’re putting
special classrooms they were removed they were suspended they were expelled
we’ve had suspensions and expulsions go down we’re trying to educate every child
is it going to be seamless now but I’ve seen what it’s like the other way I’m
not encouraging the violence but right now we have teachers who are making sure
kid has enough to eat we have teachers who are making sure they’re available
we’re worried about kids being late and we’re not asking whether or not they had
food we’re not asking if they’re going to be late because they’re delivering
the newspaper so they can afford the fit for their family we’re not asking any of
those questions and we’re not asking the students directly of what they want and
what they need and I think that’s part of it but the other problem is with the
hallways yes you need monitoring I’m not saying that but right now there are two
numbers there are two things that cause people to get taken into the juvenile
justice system in this city truancy disorderly conduct both of them
are primary of students of color or disabled individuals and I’m sorry I
think that addressing it would make the problem worse I’m not saying this is a
racial issue I am saying this is a human issue we are going through those
economic changes and we are going through societal changes but I want
school this would be a safe place for everyone and I understand that and yes
maybe we need to look at but there Oakland lunch is the best you need to
look at who’s at the doors absolutely I want kids safe at school but the one
thing I don’t want is this us against them mentality I’ve heard from a lot
whether people parents students futures up well
if we got rid of those kids I still don’t understand what those kids mean
maybe it’s just me and my lack of education on the subject but I don’t
know what of those kid is I know what an individual is and I believe that what
we’re doing is restricting the partnerships we have and the other issue
the only issue the issue that I speak to on the BEP is very simple when you have
70 pages of punishment made pages of interventions we’re not finding out why
they’re committing the acts and maybe if we can find out why we could end the
problem instead of continuing to put them in the criminal justice system
thank you sorry for the sermon difficult to follow Niki very moving and I agree
with what she was she much of what you said I think like many of the board
members at the table here I’m kind of torn between a whole lot of different
issues that are on the table and are before us the big issues the issues
coming out of parkland the issues of of immediate issues that will follow it the
larger issues of climate and and morale and behavior within our district and
with the time we have today we’re best to spend it and as I said here listening
to Nicky and the others and your things there’s a couple kind of big things I
want to talk about and try and talk about them incredibly briefly and then I
have two very specific questions about things related to LaFollette and and so
kind of just that’s how I’m gonna try to strike the balance first off I
appreciate Alex using just talking about emotional and physical safety and I
think that those are two things that connect all of these together is that
physical safety and emotional safety are things that we value I value as a parent
I value as a school board member and that they are you can’t have one without
the other in many ways and we and we must you know when we talk about safe
and active learning environments that’s a
physical and an emotional statement we’re making as well as a working
environment for our teachers so I appreciate that very much
I think that when we look at the bigger issues around the strategic fry me
around the behavior education plan you know we have kind of three pieces here
we have a pot set of policies we have a plan to implement those policies and we
have staffing and budgetary pieces of that I think that some of the fact that
that over the years the board has done our best perhaps we could have done more
to monitor and improve the implementation on this I think this year
we’ve dropped the ball to a great degree the last time the board the plan was
before us and was when we had a evaluation of it after that evaluation a
three year plan for implementation came out that the board has never discussed
never vetted as a board that’s on us that’s what’s in the in there and and
I’m looking at and and I hope we have an opportunity to do that we have budget
season coming up and the staffing and the implementation plan as we all know
are like that with each other that they are intertwined and I think that we need
to be looking very very closely at you know this is not the first year or the
first time we have heard that help is called for and help doesn’t come we have
heard that ever since the BEP started and so we shouldn’t be surprised about
that and there are limitations of limits on on the resources we have we can’t
have a whole room full of people waiting to go to respond to everything but we do
need to come to grips with what we can’t afford to do because this is crucial to
what we’re what we’re doing on two related things is that I think that on
the outside shooter kind of crisis training I think we have to look very
closely at the physical security issues be a doors exterior doors cameras
interior doors I also think we have to be very very careful on what training we
give and how we give it and who we give it to and I think that and I look
forward to commend ations coming back on those the two very specific questions
are one that apparent reference maybe two or
three favors reference issues that where they were under the impression that the
Board of Education policies or rules prevented the staff at and particularly
the particularly the principal at lafalot from implementing changes that
they were recommending and do you know what those changes are and what those
policies or practices the Board of Education might be that where we are
being seen as an obstacle to doing what the staff on the ground did the Follette
things should be done because I look at principals torches recommendations here
and I don’t see anything here that violates anything the Board of Education
has put in place if and I guess that you know that that if you can look into that
and if any of the parents are involved who spoke to that could contact us and
let us know if there were specific things because if we are being a
hinderance maybe we’re being a hindrance for reasons that that we think are good
reasons maybe we’re not but I’d like to I’d like to know the specifics of it
before before we go forward the second question is is again very specific is
about Alex referenced a pilot site for a new alternative program and I guess that
I could ask now for you know at this point it might just be very nebulous but
I but up so you know if you have any details or vision for that that you
could share now that would be great otherwise would appreciate being in the
loop as that is designed and goes forward I can say the one issue that
came up tonight that I have to go back and we do some researches of the tardy
policy that the tardy Paulo said that did come up with
parents meeting at La Follette it came up again tonight I think there if either
some confusion about what the policy is how its interpreted and how it gets
implemented because I want to be clear that a student in the classroom for five
minutes and that’s acceptable as present is that it still but still not
acceptable I just find I think in our policy bub that either so that’s the one
thing I did the only other two things that I could imagine is what I’ve heard
just about the BAP in our classroom removals allowed at all and the
impression from parents that classroom removals are not allowed I heard that at
the meeting Tuesday night and of course feedback on expulsion
thank you all right I know that everyone here cares just as deeply as I do about
the safety of our students I don’t question that for a moment and I know
that you work hard every single day to do that but I think we have to draw the
line in the sand somewhere and just say certain things are unacceptable guns in
our schools in the hands of students I think is unacceptable and we figure out
how what we are going to need to do to prevent it metal detectors whatever but I think we
just have to say certain things are just not going to be allowed and I would say
students bringing guns into our schools should not be allowed students coming
back into the schools after violation through due process need to be so
closely monitored to ensure the safety of students and I would say the third is
disruptions in the classroom students can’t learn teachers can’t teach with
the level of disruption that I know is happening in our high schools and
whether it’s changes in the BEP whether it’s alternative education settings I’m
not saying we throw the kids out no it’s our job but we better figure out
what it’s going to take I’m not here I’m not aunt asking for answers I know these
are difficult issues but I think we have to have the answers and we have to have
them rapidly and we need to act on them Dean yeah thanks
some of these things are more complicated than others there are some
that suggest fairly quick resolution Joel you mentioned environmental
concerns around the common area I did a little security work in my life and I
know that there are things you can do like that how how close are you to
coming up with some justice some suggestions for La Follette changing via
the structure of the Commons and then the other thing that seems like a really
quickly easy fix is the doors monitoring in and out of the doors that happens
over a hundred times a day where just someone’s letting somebody come
we don’t know what what they’re doing what they’re bringing out in so though
those are really easy things to fix I think and if we can’t fix the door the
door issue by the end of the week that’s you know then it should be by Monday so
that’s an easy fix that I think we can do so can you speak to have can you
speak to something more specific around those two specific areas or maybe not
you but someone who’s talked with Sean and what’s a plan for the common and
then what can we do about the doors immediately what are those two things we
can do well I can say that reference the comments I’ve just had some in the
preliminary conversations as Sean and I’ve also spoke with Chad we see about
the idea to and they think it’s quite honestly Shan Shan hidden he was
intrigued by some of the thoughts that we had but then I got more intrigued as
with more we talked about it about how we could involve to create a process
involving students involving others to think about what we might do at that
space so I would say Dean were just at kind of at the beginning of that
conversation but I do think it’s promising in regards to the doors I can
start right away obviously with this with our security assistance and our
team over there and get a better handle of what that is I think Sean said I
believe they get 17 doors in Lavoie that’s a huge campus and but it also
gets to this mindset around safety and how many kids we got at LaFollette 1,500
you know we we have to get 1,500 kids to understand that from this time to at
this time those other doors are all locked and this is the only door you
come in and out that’s it and it’s somebody else’s stand in there if they
need to go around and come through the Welcome Center
you don’t pound the door just because you’re out by the flagpole and let them
in and so it’s if you said some of these issues are may seem easy but oftentimes
a changing culture is a difficult thing to do
but we got to be up to the tail and right now we need to double down all
we can at LaFollette to try to get kids staff everybody might security
assistants on board ok thank you for your presentation tonight and I mean I
guess I kind of want to echo some of what both Mary and TJ have said
everybody in the room here tonight wants a safe and secure and welcoming learning
environment for children in our district and and that’s our job to make sure it’s
happening and it’s not happening right now in all of our schools in varying
degrees right from the classroom disruption to more significant kind of
potential concerns right I’m not going to talk about the Beppe tonight we have
time Monday next week to talk about that do you think we need to make changes
both to policy and practice and potentially resourcing there but I’m
going to hold my comments for that that dialogue on the safety and security kind
of discussion I guess that we’ve opened tonight in large parts in response to
some of both Madison as well as national dialogue I guess I have three things to
just kind of dive into and the big request would be to get from you a much
more comprehensive review of our facilities and procedures as they relate
to safety and security in the next before the end of the school year for
sure and I would hope sooner than that so the first to dive into would be
facilities look we’ve heard a lot of good recommendations from the community
from you I know that you’re working on many of these but internal doors
external doors security cameras welcome centers right I’d love to see a pretty
thorough review of what your perspective is on what’s needed there this is table
stakes right this is the stuff we can do and if we can do anything at all with
facilities to make our schools safer we need to do it full-stop
if that requires extra funding then let’s have that conversation I don’t
want you to hold back what’s possible right I want us to make those choices
and those are choices that that we need to have a discussion about but please
bring your expertise and share with us what you what your guidance would be
what is best practice right now and and for facilities for safety and security
so that’s that’s one evacuation route this is another one just stop there the
second on procedures yes it’s kind of the same question right this one starts
to get broader but evacuation procedures Code Red procedures entrance and exit
all of that jazz cell phones I’d like again your perspective on how
that influences some of the fights that we’re seeing in schools and how
alternative procedures might impact that positively or negatively so that sort of
procedures and then the last is on prevention again kind of what are some
of the choices and I think we’ve got some of them laid out already that we’re
going to talk about mental health certainly kind of staff in the in the
buildings alternative programs curriculum right I mean it’s our job to
have curricula that kids want to sit in rooms and learn so that one again I’m
kind of going narrow to broader but point being would love your perspective
on what’s a comprehensive safety and security kind of update for our district
our kids deserve to have the best of what’s known to keep everybody safe
right now so maybe that’s that’s kind of a long list
sorry but I know you’re working on all of this already I just for the public
want to make sure that enlisting some assistance in getting this done – great
do you have any idea when you might be able to have a much more thorough
conversation right now and we have a new risk management person involved here at
the district that’s Karen is coordinating weekly meetings with and so
we’re trying to put together a team here to go about this in a comprehensive we
really it’s overdue we need to do it I agree it’s overdue we need to do it and
don’t hold back from if it’s fixing security cameras right now that we know
have been broken for six months just do it right I mean I think there’s there’s
that line of just the whole DVR based system that we’re on right now we need
to be looking at long term creating more of a central server based operation
because these DVRs what’s the DVR deep the DVR device okay okay all right thank
you basically we just needs a good double camera system in terms of the
infrastructure the architecture for the system right now Joel Anderson has been
an amazing MMSD employee for many many years him and about six technicians
support our current system I think we have approximately 900 cameras in
operation and 40-plus different buildings but where you need to be
looking towards the next generation of Technology yes when it comes to that
stuff and this is a great time they have that conversation great all right thank
you okay appreciate it Anna sure thank you for sharing the
updated information tonight around school security and what we had in place
in areas that we need to improve upon I agree it would be helpful to get a
security evaluation update of where we’re at with things and generally I
would just say around prevention I think one thing around school safety
I would say students that are involved in unsafe behavior in our schools and in
our community one thing that we find is many times it’s due to a lack of
connection and a lack of feeling valued in their space and therefore they engage
in unsafe behaviors and so I hope that gets explored that y-you know we might
possibly have students that don’t feel connected to their school community and
what’s going into that the other thing too I would say definitely look at I
think the earlier you start engaging with students and identifying kids that
may be more likely to be disconnected it’s less likely we’ll get to ninth 10th
11th 12th grade I mean I think this is something we need to go back to fifth
six seventh because that’s where we’re starting to see behaviors and trends and
really addressing it early on because it’s really difficult to recapture those
kids later on in life and just looking at that and also to
around a piece of I work with a lot of students that aren’t being as successful
in the district right now and one thing I find in my experiences a lot of times
there aren’t places for the students to go they don’t meet the requirements for
any of the programs that we offer and it really just becomes difficult for them
which kind of adds to they’re already feeling disconnected and then actually
saying we have no place for you in our district so when we look at if we look
at alternative programs I really want to be mindful about when you put criteria
and eligibility on it to make it accessible to our students that aren’t
being successful in our high school and our other alternative programs because
it is a challenge to find places for some of our kids
accessing education so okay but we’re not going around the table again we’re
gonna be closing this out I’m gonna love Mickey last comments here it’s time to
move on so Nicky real good last comments on the stuff my last comment is just on
the alternative education program not against but I do caution one thing I
don’t want it to be used as a catch-all I don’t want this to be used as a
witch-hunt and I excuse to put more children with who are minorities more
kids with disabilities into an alternative program out of sight out of
mind I think that it only makes the problem worse
by moving it down the road okay you know I guess to find my final coming is that
hearing from the audience today sounds like they’re interested in you know what
we’re gonna do about their problems yesterday some of the things we’re
talking about here are long term thing so I think everyone understands that
some things are long terms some solutions are long term but whatever to
be done yesterday for the polities to get done and this is a two-track problem
there are some issues on the table that needs to get resolved right away and if
everything is long-term I can’t imagine that body of parents or staff over there
being happy with it what we’ve heard so those are my final comments dr. Cheatham
do you have any final comments I do appreciate all the work that you all
have done and and your presentations here today do you have any final
comments under said no just thank the board for this dialogue thank the team
for speaking tonight and we will act with urgency the steps that are outlined
for Al about specifically those aren’t steps that we just put on paper to write
them we are following through on them as we
speak and I expect that we’ll be able to report back to you that we followed
through on those in the coming weeks and and thank you for the overall safety and
security comments because those are important as well and thankful that
we’ve got Joe and Karen on the case keeping our schools safe but making them
even safer from potential threats so thank you okay next item on the agenda
the consent agenda I move that the Board of Education adopt and approve all the
motion set forth in the section six of the electronic agenda prepared for the
February 26 2018 regular school board meeting exactly said motions are written
by voted firmly on the motion a board member expressed this isn’t her
informative vote on each of the motions consolidated here by subject to express
separations that have been made by any member of the school board it’s been
moved and second okay separations I’d like to separate six point one nine the
Joyce foundation grant six point one nine any others okay Laurie advisor go please
all in favor hi any opposition motion carries seven zero six point one nine
I’m not gonna make an effort to have any won’t you convince anyone else to vote
against this but I will be voting against this not because I don’t
appreciate the generosity of the Joyce foundation not because I don’t
understand the value of the work and the value of this funding for the work going
on in our district but there has been a lack of transparency around the previous
Joyce foundation grant and this Joyce foundation grant where we have two
different fiscal agents involved and the money nor the paperwork is not coming
directly to our district in the past we’ve had contradictory answers about
what it can and can’t be used from B prior to this vote I tried to get some
clarity on that and got confusion I finally was able to was given a copy of
the grant application which included no budget information in it and I
appreciate the effort to get the information to me but a grant
application without any budget information does not create the kind of
transparency I as a board member desire and our community deserves so I will be
voting against it okay any other comments or questions about six point
one nine okay seeing none I’ll move that the Board of Education a separate grant
through the foundation for Madison public schools in the amount of $300,000
to support um MSD personalized pathways planning and implementation second it’s
been moved in a second any other comments or questions
seeing none Laurie advisory roll please all in favor aye
in opposition nay motion carries six one okay that concludes our consent agenda
items for tonight and next item on the Jim
would be instruction workgroup we met on February 5th 2018 we discussed the at
risk opportunity youth proposals planning research work that have been
going forward which has been referenced multiple times tonight I believe that
some of that will come back to us in a more formal sense I’m not quite sure
when and where but for those of you who weren’t following along opportunity
youth refers to those students who either have dropped out or at risk of
dropping out and elsewhere often referred to as disconnected youth and
and this is some research about some ideas of what we could be doing better
there the next item we discussed with the core values schools and metrics for
the next strategic framework and that appears later on the agenda so I will
pass right by that and we will meet next on March 5th the proposed agenda items
for that meeting our middle school start times and the middle school model so
it’s middle school night at the instruction workgroup Thank You mr. Berg
mr. Merz yeah it’s been a tough evening so any questions for RTD all right
seeing none next item on the agenda operations workgroup Chris Berg we held
a meeting on February 19th the first topic was a budget and that will be the
topic for the next meeting on March 12th as well I’m going to go move right into
the employee handbook update this is a topic that came through and was
discussed at the workgroup it is recommended that the Board of Education
adopted modern Stu the MMSD employee handbook as set forth and the materials
prepared for the February 26 2018 regular meeting with the modifications
marked with an asterisk to take effect immediately is our motion did he made the motion I said it’s
recommended for a second second okay any discussion mm-hmm I look to do not see
any information concerning the issue brought up like custodial staff about
about credit for time in as employees say they change units and we requested
information about the number of people in the costs for that and I did not see
any and the weekly update or attached to the agenda is this ringing a bell
anywhere yes I didn’t see it either and I was looking for it as well mighty
approach ID please approach thanks honey so I did ask our staff to pull together
that information and I got that today and there are 10 individuals who this
would be applicable to and the cost would be approximately and this is just
on base salary not overtime or anything like that
28,000 for just the salary and with the roll-up sets another four so around 31
okay and no change in this area has been made two proposals since we saw it in
operations workgroup correct thank you Laura your advisory well all in favor
aye opposed nay that passes 5-2 okay the next item that we covered also
has two board approvals and it is with regards to proposed land attachments and
detachments and I will move that the Board of Education approve a resolution
detaching territory from the MMSD parentheses Homewood Suites and
attaching to the Middleton Cross Plains area school district pursuant to
Wisconsin State statute one 17.1 three as provided in the document prepared for
this agenda item dated February 26 2018 is there a second second any discussion
Laurie or advisory vote all in favor aye opposed passes 7-0 I moved that the
Board of Education approved a resolution detaching territory from the Middleton
Cross Plains area school district in parentheses Oak Brook and attaching to
the MMSD to the MMSD pursuant to Wisconsin State statute section one one
seven point one two as provided in the document prepared for this agenda item
dated February 26 2018 is there a second second
any discussion all in favor aye opposed passes 7-0 and as I mentioned before our
next meeting is March 12th and it is once again the 2018-19 budget
specifically compensation and priority actions all right thank you Miss Berg
next item on the agenda all the reports to the board city of Madison education
committee yes this was an interesting meeting we went through the chairs
report we followed up on the letter from both Paul Soglin and Jennifer Cheatham
we we agreed that we will focus on three areas as long as we could also discuss
other areas we were sure by both staff from the mayor Gloria Reyes and Stefan
and the Musti Nichelle Nichols that that was appropriate as well and we worked on
priorities for the committee thank you any questions for Nicky CNN Thank You
Nicky next item Student Senate last week we talked about how teachers can support
tier 1 and tier 2 interventions with the advanced learning plan and ended up
talking about how ACP would need to be majorly repurposed if it was to be any
type of resource in the new advanced learning plan thank you any questions
Laura hey seeing on education resource officers sure we met last week and if
you have an opportunity to look through the second attachment what you’re seeing
there is every recommendation or thought that people brought to us throughout our
time and the next role assignment for the committee’s to go through all those
and put them into put them together to a report that will bring to you and there
are about a hundred forty-four of them and I’m not sure there may be more but
all of those won’t be coming to you some of those were taken out and we’re gonna
finish heading towards finishing this school it’s about and I think it’s the
timing is right so about I think we’ll be able to reach our goal of getting a
report here by me thank you yeah I wish the parents in the news
media who we’re earlier we’re still here because
there’s a lot of miss impressions about the work of this committee and where our
district is with the arrows that I’d like to very very briefly correct a
little bit of as Dean said the 144 plus recommendations are pretty much anything
any anyone whispered in our direction at any time and and they’re relatively
comprehensive and this committee has been working hard and studying and will
come up with recommendations at some point which the which which are about
improving how police are in our schools and I also want to very very much praise
and thank the dedicated citizen members of this committee in the in a very
public fashion they took on a difficult task the task has been made more
difficult by the increased scrutiny and pressures that have come they have been
working hard they have been working smart they are good people and I’m and
and we selected well and I’m proud to be serving with them and the work of this
committee is good and this board will have a chance to review it when it’s
finished but let us finish please yeah I would also add that the to the staff
that we had helping us also work very very hard and did great work and they
needed to then he should be acknowledged as well so we’re getting close to you
know drawn the end of the circle though it should be soon then it’ll be
our job to figure out what to do thank you any questions for mr. Loomis
okay seeing none then that concludes our reports from various committees the next
item on the agenda then it’s other business and I’m gonna go ahead and make
the motion at all then we can get right into it does that mean there’s a weird no
there’s a hum That’s not me I don’t know what oh it’s miracle
it’s miracle okay I move that the Board of Education I move yeah I move that the
Board of Education adopted the vision core values statements three goals and
21 metrics for the next strategic framework as set forth in the materials
prepared for the February 26 2018 regular meeting it’s been moved and
seconded questions or comments mr. Mertz throughout this process I still think that
I think also the magician we should see and this Volkswagens and I think we must recognize that our
schools and to do is to change that situation so I
proposed the placeholder for behavior and safety
to be expanded safety and safety and behavior so I
don’t have a we have a motion amendment of
placeholder for safety on the table and it’s been seconded any other comments on
this amendment I would support that yeah I would as well I would support as
long as it’s not based on suspension and expulsion data or or disabil yeah well
all right yeah we’ll get into the details right now we’re just talking
about a placeholder for safety placeholder and it sounds like the
majority of the board is in a favor of the safety placeholder super tuna cheeto
he hates everyone to see that discussion with beau earlier today knowing that TJ
had forwarded that question I know the board did discuss whether we should have
a safety or discipline related metric for the you know that was
discussed several weeks ago I do recall the general conversation at that point I
realized context changes and were three weeks later and that was three weeks ago
that at that point just to support Nikki’s comment that using something
like out-of-school suspensions was not something that the board generally
supported that said if we did something a power question on safety that could be
analyzed along the lines of teachers staff parents and students that that
might be one way to get at the issue that would be consistent with the rest
of the metrics okay okay before we move on voting on the
amendment Jen could you clarify for the border just so the board knows exactly
what we’re voting on could you make sure that the board is on the same page on
that in terms of not the necessarily the amendment but what the we’re voting on
the goals and that’s what’s the metric that yeah let me clarify pre-screen
you’re voting on the vision statement you’re voting on the core values
statements you’re voting on the three goals that are in blue in that document
and you’re voting on the 21 possibly talking to two metrics that are in red
and that’s my summary okay just to further clarify that some of the metrics
are kind of tea in a tea be a detail details are yet to be and and and so
that’s I mean the metrics themselves are there but how they will be measured
isn’t and and just I think that James was trying to communicate what we are
passing tonight and what work is still left to be done okay so I just had a
question I know when we were discussing this
initially there had been a ghoul in there around access to a well-rounded
education so can you speak a little bit to where that will be captured if it’s
not captured in the strategic framework I will and I thank you for the question
it’s a really important one I think you all know that the original framework the
framework that we’re still completing had a goal all around ensuring access to
a well-rounded and challenging curriculum and it proved to be difficult
to measure and with a somewhat imperfect set of metrics what we in this proposal
the place where it could potentially be close and best captured is in number
seven the percent of students on track to achieve the graduate vision and as
you know the Graduate vision is is well rounded so depending on the survey
questions that we’ve devised we’re hoping that we can get a sense from
students about the extent to which their experience is both well-rounded and
challenging so I think that’s where we’re trying to get at Adana sure goal
three number eighteen that’s the right correction it was a word just confirmed
that correct participation rate is the
correct word yeah okay so we have an amendment to this motion and second and
it’s been seconded so do it but we have to vote on this
amendment first so I’ll move that the Board of Education adopt the miss
Charlotte is division core various statements three goals and four metric
footed and a placeholder for the next strategic framework as set forth in
materials prepared for the February 26 2018 regular meeting hold on safety I
think I think the board was to go on record that this is complete this metric
concerns safety behaviors Dave here at safety I think I think that we want to
go on record with that so so anyways I stated so okay as stated so
Laura advisable on favor all right any opposition okay motion carries 7-0
and so now the main motion would be that the Board of Education adopt the vision
covary statements I think we did a substitute main motion is what we that
deserves a round of applause in my opinion I’ve got
thank you so maybe Luanne answer 22 metrics and without with our safety
facial so well we’re not done yet there must be some new business that you all
want to bring before school tonight so is there any old or new business to
be brought before the board today Vanna seeing none I’ll entertain a motion to
adjourn contradiction a second

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