Board of Education Regular Meeting 2/25/2019

It’s six o’clock so I would appreciate
if you could take your seat 46 oh yeah yeah okay it looks like people are just going
to be sanding there there are a few seats up here if
people want to take a seat okay well we will call the meeting to order this is
the regular Board of Education meeting for February 25th and the first item of
business is the resuscitation of the vision statement every school will be a
thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school
college career and community ready next item on the agenda are public
appearances and as notice for this meeting the first public appearances
will be with regards to the proposed Swan Creek petition and after that we
will have general public appearances so for those who have not been here in the
last few months we want to thank you and everyone for coming to speak tonight and
as you recall we have made some improvements to boardroom protocols to
ensure the meeting run smoothly thank you for signing up in the front hall
thank you for helping us keep our aisles clear to ensure safety and thank you for
helping us ensure that every speaker has an opportunity to make their comments we
also want to remind you that because of clear feedback Rena regarding
mispronunciation and names and we apologize for any time that this has
happened in the past we are using a new system whereby each speaker can
introduce themselves speakers are welcome to speak on any topic at a
regular board meeting but we would like the speakers in the audience to know
that board action and conversation is limited to the items on our agenda which
means members of the board will not be able to engage in conversation with
speakers we are here to listen carefully we’ll take your comments into account in
our decision-making and follow up with you who are appropriate each speaker is
given up to three minutes to speak you must be registered to speak and cannot
give your remaining time to someone else the lighting system will turn yellow and
then red so that you know when it is time to wrap up if you’ve gone over your
time I will ask you to immediately wrap up your comments speakers who require
language interpretation support in order to speak to the board will be given up
to six minutes to speak which should generally provide sufficient time for
the interpreter to convey the speaker’s message individuals with disabilities
who require accommodations in order to speak to register and speak to the board
will be granted such accommodation upon request other extensions may be granted
only by the approval of the board thank you again for participating in our
meeting tonight tonight we have 46 speakers signed up for public comment we
will start with speaker 1 speaker 2 please make your way down either aisle
and towards the front and wait by the stairs to be ready for your turn to
speak and please be sure to introduce yourselves okay first speaker good evening my name is Erica Haas Gallo
and I am a mother of a fifth grader at Leopold Elementary School and I’m also a
resident of the Swan Creek neighborhood in Fitchburg tonight I’m sharing my
opposition to the petition seeking detachment of Swan Creek from the
Madison School metropolitan school district when we relocated to Madison
from Chicago we intentionally looked for housing in the MMSD
the MMSD was extremely valuable to us both as a place offering very unique
programming such as a dual language immersion program but also offering a
diversity that we felt didn’t reflect what we wanted our our daughter and our
community to reflect we don’t have those opportunities at the Oregon School
District and as we’ve not been presented with a petition in our neighborhood
there’s been no public meetings so I don’t know exactly what they are
petitioning and all of the rationale that they think it provided but I don’t
think that this petition reflects the majority of the residents and I request
that you reject this petition and I want to thank you for your time especially in
light of all the other very important matters tonight thank you good evening do you hear me yeah you can
raise the microphone yeah better okay good evening my name is Joel Charlie I’m
a current resident of Swan Creek and I oppose a petition to detach from MMSD
before you tonight is a petition signed by many residents of Swan Creek that
requests that our neighborhood become part of the Oregon School District I
asked that the board not be persuaded by the number of signatures on the petition
the signing campaign led by petition organizers over a two and a half month
period last summer was based on misinformation as how to the origin of
how Swan Creek became part of MMSD promises of students being grandfathered
into MMSD post-attachment and the lure of higher property values while it’s
true that a number of households do open a roll out of district a majority still
attend Madison schools we moved to Swan Creek in 2013 with a full knowledge that
we were zoned for the Madison School District not Oregon every property owner
here tonight made the same decision when they purchased a home in Swan Creek my
son plans to attend West High School along with many of his friends in fall
2021 a reorganization takes that away that option away from us and forces us
either to move or to open and roll to Madison with no guarantee that
enrollment and West will still be available to us the history of house
Swan Creek became part of MSD is well documented in the public record in
October 2002 Swan Creek at the time and development property with no registered
homeowners was transferred by Oregon to Madison as a result of a boundary
agreement negotiated between the districts over a two-year period an
appeal was filed in March 2003 by the developer at the appeal which was
affirmed Oregon officials testified that they lacked the capacity to accommodate
us that is still true today and that it is in their best interest to have Smart
Creek attached to Madison another petition in 2006 brought by property
owners was denied by both school boards I also draw your attention to the
boundary agreement itself that clearly states that attempts by third parties to
alter the current boundary must be discouraged and if necessary opposed the
Oregon school board has already indicated by email to some of us that
tonight they will deny the petition and urge you to do the same doing cell will
send a clear message at Swan Creek will remain in Madison School District for
now and the foreseeable future I thank you for the opportunity to speak and for
your continued service to our children and the community at large thank you
thank you the third speaker and if the fourth
speaker could come down the aisle and be ready to speak next sorry for the delay thank you for
serving on the school board my name is Sarah and I am in favor of the Swan
Creek petition I own in Swan Creek my kids swim in Oregon mice kids go attend
lots of sports in the Oregon school district and we just want to be a part
of their community more we are physically surrounded by Oregon School
District and the land you see to the north on a map is actually DNR land that
might look like Madison School District but it’s all DNR land that won’t be
built on and that will not have Madison school kids going to your schools so we
were just hoping we could be more part of their community
and be accepted to their school district so if you could please let us be
released from the Madison School District and be added to the Oregon
School District that would be great thank you thank you for speaker and if
the fifth speaker could make their way down good evening my name is Christina and
I’m Atia I’ve been in Swan Creek for about ten years now I have two sons that
open a roll to Oregon School District and I yep and I am in support of the
petition thank you for your time and consideration thank you
the fifth speaker and if the sixth speaker could make their way down okay
six speaker please hi my name is dawn Clement and I am a
resident of the Swan Creek neighborhood and I’m here to support the petition to
be released from the Madison School District and be entered into the Oregon
School District I currently am a teacher in the Oregon School District my
children attend the Oregon School District many of the students that I
currently teach are from Swan Creek and our open enrolled to the Oregon School
District there are a lot of kids in our neighborhood who do choose to open
enroll just based on boundaries that were really close to the schools there
and with the new school that the school district has already passed a referendum
to build will be right next to our neighborhood it just makes more sense
geographically that we’re part of the Oregon school district and although I do
value the MMSD I do think that it just makes more sense for our kids to all be
closer to the school district in which they their boundaries are closest to so
I would appreciate your support in this petition and letting go of our
neighborhood and allowing us to be part of Oregon thank you for your time thank
you good evening and thank you very much for
your time tonight my name is Amy Dewald and I’m here I opposed the petition to
detach Swan Creek from the ORAC from the Madison School District I acknowledge
that the city of Fitchburg is complicated with students being split
between three school districts and when living on the edge of any school
district boundary there will always be a point where one side of a road is
assigned to one school district and the other side to another any discussion
about how the neighborhoods alongside Swan Creek are already assigned to the
Oregon school district is a futile argument for this very reason
despite the petitioners claims that Swan Creek is an island it does still meet
the MMSD border at the northeast corner of the neighborhood the construction of
a new Elementary School in the Oregon school district is part of what is
fueling this petition but I would like to point out that this new Elementary
School will be about a mile and a half away from the edge of the Swan Creek
neighborhood it’s difficult to get a precise measurement at this point since
neither the roads nor the school are actually constructed yet this may be
about a mile closer to Swan Creek than Leopold elementary school is but it will
be across Syene Road US Highway 14 and County Highway mmm certainly not a
school that is in a neighborhood that is adjacent to Swan Creek the drive time
from Swan Creek to Leopold or from Swan Creek to the new Oregon elementary
school will be fairly equal at five to seven minutes the Swan Creek
neighborhood is a small community nestled behind DNR land and undeveloped
green space which separates the neighborhood from the traffic and nearby
business district of Fish Hatchery Road while also being connected to a school
district that is rich with diversity and opportunity in the metropolitan
environment of Madison as the land in the Swan Creek neighborhood has been
developed over the past 16 years every resident that has purchased a home in
Swan Creek has knowingly chosen a home that is in MMSD
yet some are putting forth this petition to say that they are unhappy with what
they chose there are homeowners like myself who have chosen to live in Swan
Creek and remain in Swan Creek for its connection to MMSD and not in spite of
it I want my property tax dollars to continue to support MMSD
and I want to continue to be able to actively participate in the election of
the MMSD school board members you’ve heard testimony from the past from
supporters of this petition say that Swan Creek children deserve to go to the
same neighborhood school as all of their friends
I agree wholeheartedly but what they’re failing to acknowledge is that all Swan
Creek children already have the opportunity to go to school together
some families have chosen not to include their children in this neighborhood
school environment this is their prerogative but to claim that they are
unfairly burdened by their own choice is wrong I acknowledge that there are
difficult experiences for some students in MMSD and for that reason we all as
parents teachers community members educators and school board members need
to remain vigilant and prepared to make appropriate necessary improvements and
changes in our schools I am happy to send my children to our neighborhood
schools in MMSD I welcome and value the diversity and language socioeconomic
class and culture that my children experience every day I applaud MMS sees
foresight in establishing a rich – a language immersion program that extends
from kindergarten through 12th grade to prepare students for life and work in a
global and multicultural society and I worry about the very real potential to
exacerbate racial and socio-economic disparities at Leopold’s specifically if
the detachment is approved I urge you to vote no thank you
thank you the sixth speaker actually I think it’s dawn dawn are you hello members of the board my name is
Heidi Luba now I’m a parent volunteer substitute teacher property owner and
Swan Creek and supporter of our MMSD schools my family and I are actively
involved in Leopold Elementary where we participate in our innovative – a
language program musical sports fundraisers car pools celebrations and
so much more this is my community when the petitioning party began collecting
signatures to move their agenda forward some homeowners mentioned reasons to
change our assign school district based on low grade performance less attractive
prep property values for families bad experiences and safety concerns I
personally feel that a proposed district change like this is inequitable for our
assigned school and ultimately perpetuates and accentuates a cycle of
social and racial disparities that exist in our cities our elementary school is
richly diverse and my family supports equitable experiences and outcomes for
each student we are motivated to help our children thrive in school and we
actively work towards creating a positive community culture that embraces
diversity school choice gives families the opportunity to stay or opt out and
it is my request that our Swan Creek neighborhood remains within MMSD as you
evaluate your decision please consider the impact and message that is sent to
our community of MMSD students teachers families and friends please use your
vote to build and empower an inclusive school community advance educational
excellence and diversify our views and experiences thank you for your time and
consideration thank you ix speaker okay hello can you hear me okay Mike Trapani
er 5200 t very lanes Wan Creek neighborhood a couple weeks ago I was
here and I spoke in favor of going to the Oregon School District and leaving
the Madison School District still believe that today my opinion has not
changed I think that we have you’re never going to reach a full consensus
ever on decisions like this it’s very clear we have people that feel that they
should stay in the school district and I think all of us respect that but last
time I checked we’re in a republic and I would think that the majority rules here
we’ve laid out arguments we can pitter patter on square footage and talk about
how we’re not an island but more or less we are we are geographically closer the
new school will definitely be closer the meth sorts that out so if anyone took
math class they would know that it’s closer geographically for us so it’s by
far none the majority of the people in Swan Creek want to move to Oregon and I
think that you should respect that open Thanks thank you hi my name is Jean Suzuka I’m here to
speak in opposition the of the petition for brevity I’m going to just read the
letter that I sent to the Oregon School District and I’m gonna skip all the
wonderful things that I we have done for the Madison school districts and that
our children has received from their and get to the elephants in the room with
one exception I want to say that the DL I value that our children’s received
cannot be overstated as evidenced by the relative ease in our opinion that our
7th grader is now learning a third language this would be lost if we are
forced to transfer schools in short we’re heavily invested in our children’s
schools and education and will continue to be even if that means fighting
efforts to unwillingly eject them from their own schools our children have many
friends in the adjoining neighborhoods and naturally seeing their friends every
day is part of what makes our kids school days school days enjoyable these
friends live just across Fish Hatchery McKee roads from us and since those
children are not targeted by the current expulsion effort our children would
share this effort against them succeed no longer even see their friends during
the school days we find this prospect to be in a word heartbreaking when we
purchased our home in Swan Creek eight years ago we did so knowing what every
single residence in the history of the Swan Creek neighborhood also knew that
we’re a part of the Madison metropolitan school district this is a fact and with
no disrespect to the Oregon school is whatsoever was most certainly a factor
in helping us select a home we absolutely wanted our children to attend
Madison West High School this was a choice we actively made and we stand by
now there’s a petition to dismiss our children against our wishes and the OSD
MMSD boundary agreement that every single Swan Creek resident bought into
but exposed from MSD is a petition that on its surface seems
to have an impressive number of signatures with little opposition
however let me explain a few facts that led us here at the beginning of the
process I stated my support for MMC and remaining part of it sadly the attempted
discussion rapidly devolved into an anti MMSD rants and turned rather distasteful
what’s worse is the assurances that accompany the petition my neighbors were
promised that fish Burke’s property assessments in Swan Creek would increase
but my own conversation with the Assessor
office confirmed there is no such plan and that assessments rise and fall home
sales as one would expect my neighbors were promised property tax reduction
reductions if they side but again that is at best rosy speculation and more
likely something far less innocent it would also put forward that MSD agreed
to grandfather II and all existing Swan Creek students again that has not
happened that is not the case there are claims the original Swan Creek neighbors
were presented with a missing I’m sorry my neighbors were presented with a
mystical mythical win-win scenario that our children and parents would welcome
which is obviously fiction what was most disturbing however was the blatant anti
MMSD conversations that centered around the undesirability of the Leopold
elementary student body and neighborhood I don’t have enough benefits of the
doubt to put that in a good light please reject the petition and please do so in
a way speaker 12 Toni next speaker will be
speaker 13 good evening saw you a couple weeks ago basically
gonna stay the same thing but do you want to address a couple things there
are certainly some wonderful attributes of Leopold one of them is the dual
language program unfortunately not all students can actually take advantage of
that I’d like to point that out the other thing is to is I think that the
folks that including myself that did this petition are being at somewhat
disparaged tonight I would specifically call out Jason Strauss who has been very
upright on social media letting everyone know what we’re doing being forthright
and transparent I appreciate the passion of the neighbors that did show up but it
will tell you that I too went around door-to-door with my wife and talked to
many many residents and spent our time for many months and got great turnout we
did have a handful of people who did not want to sign the petition I respected
that one of the gentlemen tonight about wanting to have his children go to West
High School I certainly understand that as well but the bottom remains that when
I moved into this neighborhood 14 years ago there was not all this development
around us there wasn’t going to be an elementary school that by the way not a
mile and a half it’s gonna be like a mile from the border of our neighborhood
I mean and and again I honestly came here not because I expect you to vote
for this because I really don’t because they’re absolutely right because I’ve
read the contract myself I totally understand that you’re bound basically
to vote no solos Oregon School District the whole point of the petitions far as
I was concerned it’s let you know that though we have a passionate number of
people who are dissenting tonight the first I’ve heard of it the majority of
the residents of Swan Creek would be fed in fear of that in favor of getting a
consistent congruent boundary that makes sense that can make
potential sense for the Madison School District as well as Oregon School
District now I would assume that the Oregon School District would be in Scent
eyes considering that they’re building this new Elementary School a mile from
our neighborhood so I’m very passionate you can tell I’m a lot more emotional
tonight because I don’t like being disparaged by my neighbors but you don’t
get involved in you know get your own petition together I mean we spent months
we were totally open on social media over and over and over you know made
aware over and over and over again it’s very just it’s just disheartening and it
just said here you know it’s a sad you hear anyone could have contacted me
personally messenger if you wanted to have a discussion that’s all I’ve got to
say I just beware that if it if you can make a sense for the Oregon School
District and for you from a boundary and financial perspective and your growth
perspective I know you’ve got growth concerns as well for Madison and Oregon
now obviously does well the majority of the neighbors clearly would be in favor
of you using us if need be if it would benefits please finish up that’s all I
have to say thank you thank you hello my name is Jordyn Schmitz I’m the
resident Swan Creek on the glue Stone Parkway
I’m coming to support the resolution in favor of detachment from Madison in
attachment to Oregon I support this petition despite the complex history of
the the school of district boundaries in our neighborhood just by plain geography
I think looking anyone looking at a map of the school district boundaries sees
the complexity and the fact that we are in fact surrounded by Oregon School
District in the past that hasn’t been much of an issue recent development
though has really exacerbated this and made clear the fact that we are an
island we have a situation now where students see in our neighborhood
separated by only a fraction of a mile from students all around them are
attending not only different schools but different school districts this is as I
mentioned before exacerbated by the the fact that we have a new school building
very close to us which will not be able to attend I realized the complexity of
this especially given the 2002 existing agreements over the situation the ground
has changed dramatically from 2002 the constraints nonetheless remain I
realized that that means the Lord is a session essentially destined to vote no
due to the legal constraints placed upon them however what I would ask is that
this board would Burke collaborated with the Oregon School District Board to
possibly consider modifying or rescinding that agreement in a way that
is supports not only the interests of the Oregon enrolled students but also
those from Madison that couldn’t Glee include clauses such as grandfathering
in that would protect the rights of existing children but really in a way
that would further the benefits to both Oregon Madison and most important the
children of the neighborhood from both school districts and with that I would
just ask for the board’s consideration thank you thank you speaker 14 good evening I would just
like to agree with the petition to move from the Madison School District to the
Oregon School District I’ve done a little bit of research and I’m not
really sure why it was done but in 2002 I don’t believe anybody on this school
board or in this audience was privity to this transfer I mean we’re talking 17
years ago signed in August 29th of 2002 it was a five million dollar land
transfer between Oregon and the school district and for right now I would fully
agree to move forward with this I believe I purchased my property in Swan
Creek knowing full well that I was going to go out of district there was no
question in my mind so I support this and I believe that’s the right way to go
again if you do look at the map we’re the doughnut hole we’re the island with
no place to go so I agree we should move forward thank you thank you hello the names Kevin Foster I was here
last meeting as well along with a lot of the supporters I continue to support the
petition to move to Oregon School District along with the vast majority of
the people in the Swan Creek neighborhood as evidenced by the
petition it’s a mile away for the school it’s gonna be built in Oregon it’s being
built the current time we have one mile away and as someone that used to as a
child that used to walk to school each day or bike I know how much independence
that can build I would love for my future theoretical children have the
opportunity to do something along those lines and that’s really kind of the the
end of it ultimately there’s been a lot of arguments about that other things are
said on social media those really are the result of some of the opposition
commentary realistically at this point it’s a it’s a geographical issue and
that’s all it’s ever been it’s I would love to be able to go to a school that’s
a mile away and a potentially a middle school that’ll be a mile away in the
Oregon School District also from that I’m a CPA from the CPA standpoint I have
a hard time seeing as across the street where there in the Oregon School
District and they have direct access to a school that is less than a mile away
from them and we do not have access to that school district that could have a
impact on a property value scenario so again ultimately I’m in support of the
petition to move to the Oregon School District I very much appreciate your
time make sure to give this attention this issue attention also the attention
of the very important issues that the other individuals here have today as
well all right thank you thank you thank you we are looking for a solution
that everybody can find acceptable we are not looking to maintain the status
quo voting down the Swan Creek petition will not make the problem going away
voting it down in 2006 did not prevent another group from bringing a petition
ten years later the percentages have become more skewed with less than fifty
percent of the students in our neighborhood attending Madison and this
will continue to decrease when the Oregon schools are built
how many Madison neighborhoods have brought two petitions for detachment
within 12 years voting now will not prevent another group in the future for
bringing another petition for detachment when the Oregon schools are building not
a single speaker has come up here and said how this boundary makes sense you
have an illogical boundary and is causing an open enrollment in balance
unless you fix this boundary this problem will continue I love public
education well my biggest flaw is I can’t keep my mouth shut when I see
something that doesn’t make sense in education the goal of the Master
Agreement was to enhance the number of the students attending Madison is that
what happened is the second largest School District really enhancing the
number of students you’ve increased by 71 students k4 through 12
0.2 percent increase is this what the drafters originally intended imagine for
a moment that Oregon never transferred Swan Creek does anybody in this room
honestly think that right now in 2018 Oregon would be contacting Madison
asking to transfer Swan Creek away the fact is 15 years ago Oregon didn’t know
what to do with sahn Creek they knew they weren’t ready to build a school for
another 10 years Madison was caring enough to take in the kids and we
appreciate that but 10 years have passed the situation has changed
if this petition has voted down nothing is going to change the reality on the
ground in three years I’ll be willing to bet that either the hundred students in
our neighborhood 30 will be attending Madison
and 70 will be open enrolled does it really make sense the current situation
is only working for a small number of families choice is good and I’m sure
that all parents would agree the choice is good but in the future we’ll be back
here with the same situation we have a neighborhood where the majority of
students do not attend your district does that make sense as educators we
serve the needs of students we do not exist for students to serve our needs
listen to what the majority of property owners want you are going to be going to
referendum very soon for large amount of money I want your referendum to succeed
but you’re going to be asking people to support schools that their children
don’t even attend regardless just whatever happens tonight I really do
appreciate your service to education very much thank you thank you hello I am I am Toya Weston Hagan
Kristen I am in support of the Swan Creek petition for mostly for Geographic
reasons and what makes sense again I am a graduate of MSD I have nothing against
MMSD I succeeded well and I enjoyed my education time with them MSD however I
chose my property and for my family based on Geographic reasons with the
hopes that I would get into Oregon School District and if we did not we
would go elsewhere we would have selected a parochial school at that time
we did not want to attend MMSD given our children’s personal issues and
situations that we are dealing with an Oregon School District has been able to
embrace our children and my particular family’s needs
again the geographic location which you’ve heard about we are in fact an
island surrounded by Oregon a brand new neighborhood going up literally three
blocks away is all Oregon School District that does that that
neighborhood allows for busing to be hand my son is unable to ride the bus
directly from his neighborhood and we are forced to drive him to school that
is something we are willing to do and knew we would have to do because of the
district lines it’s what makes sense being able to look out my front door and
see a school going up that my children are unable to attend does not make sense
another person here mentioned riding bikes to school there’s no way my child
would be able to ride his bike too late Leopold elementary school that is a very
long drive on a bike however this new school is across the bridge over 14 and
there will be a lot of obvious restrictions in place as far as traffic
a bike ride could be a legitimate possibility at this point again the
schools that are nearby in Oregon are what makes our goal in Swan Creek I urge
you to select and support this petition for the obvious reasons of just looking
at a map and seeing this isolated circle that just stands out as saying well
what’s this it doesn’t make sense what makes sense here for that that
particular neighborhood and the people of Swan Creek thank you thank you
that’s the last speaker for the proposed Swan queen creek petition and so now we
will start with the general public appearances so the first speaker Lila
could make her way forward followed by the second speaker coming down and being
ready to speak next hello my name is Lila I’m here again at
the school board meeting I’ve seen a lot of you before there’s a lot of us here
tonight there’s a lot of people watching there’s
a lot of people that are concerned about the way things have been happening for a
long time in the Madison School District we have seen more than eight I think
instances of obvious racial violence perpetrated by Madison teachers or
Madison staff this year one this week has been especially concerning and I
think has brought a lot of people out but it doesn’t mean that this started
now we are here because we’ve seen this this is a pattern this is an example
that is set by this school board by the system by the school district with these
teachers and staff are following because they know they can get away with it
because I know that’s a culture of white supremacy and white violence against
students of color that’s been supported and defended by the school board
there have been youth that have been coming here for over a year and telling
you we don’t feel safe in our schools when you advocate for having police
officers in schools we don’t want police in schools we want community control we
want excuse me we want community control of restorative justice we don’t want
this brand of restorative justice the teachers that are assaulting students
are apparently trained in we want students to be listened to to be able to
come to you and speak without being shut down ignored having their names
mispronounced saying that they have to stop after a certain time limit when
they’re coming here and taking their own time to tell you that they aren’t
feeling safe and we’ve seen that happen we’ve seen this pattern and you all are
responsible for that this is a system built on white supremacy that continues
to benefit from white supremacy so if you are doing nothing
if you’re just waiting to see what happens if you’re just putting a teacher
on leave you’re benefitting from that system your
inaction is violence and it’s excusing the violence of these staff members and
teachers and police officers and school security that are directly harming these
students and the community is watching you we care about it
we’re going to keep showing up here here and other places wherever this impacts
our students and our youth I’m proud of them all I’m really glad to see a lot of
them here tonight and I hope you listen to them I hope you make them feel heard
not only through your actions here but your actions going forward because
you’re all responsible for this and we’re all going to be watching my name is brandy Grayson I am a
community activist I have been I was a student of Madison School District and
I’m 38 years old I have grandchildren I have treatment foster children I have
all kind of children in my life so you know why we’re here a little girl a
black baby was brutalized and violated by one of your administrators your
response to the violation was not good enough you’re you’re like denial of it
by not addressing it immediately until eight days later when the community
started talking about it is not good enough your dismissal of the experience
of the children that show up week after week is not good enough you can see the
privilege in this room when you had these white folks come up here and talk
about a boundary and they use other ways as it relates to being inclusive and
equitable right and one to be for the people but I didn’t hear you say nothing
about the buter is a shit violation and we know these meetings are just
formalities we know that there’s deals that happen in the back room we know you
ain’t really listening to us we’ve done this forever right living marching and
talking shit and demanding shit and liberation and justice forever
your system is rooted in white supremacy racism rooted in capitalism where you
have a rich white woman when did your board and her money and her influence
but somehow y’all forget the destruction and violation two children’s bodies
that’s taken place under your watch and because it’s under your watch you are
accountable each and every last one of y’all and I don’t care if you put a
black face on your board a white face on your board a brown face on your board
Asia it doesn’t matter because by the very process and system and procedures
they have to uphold racism and you continue to create these committees with
the same faces and the same voices denying the voices in the back denying
the legitimacy of our experience and destruction and white people like to use
coded words inclusive you’re worried about a boundary you’re
worried about your language our children don’t even have access to that in your
school district we don’t even have access to safety in your school district
we don’t even have access to opportunity that is what privilege looks like and
that is the root and foundation of the destruction of our children under your
watch and we just ain’t gonna keep talking to you I’m tired of talking to
y’all but at this point what we are going to do is create a Rapid Response
Team for y’all asses y’all will not be able just allow the
destruction and abuse of our children we see you and we won’t stop seeing you and
we won’t stop looking for you and we will also form a legal team for that ass
so that our children can have protection and our families don’t feel alone unless
is enough and we’re tired and we’re sick and tired of being tired
know that I speak for the people all day every day all power to the people hello my name is Shelly delfield I’m a
sixth grade teacher at Velma Hamilton middle school I am a co-creator and
organizer of a grassroots group called educators actively working towards anti
racism mostly for white teachers community members this is kind of our
call to action to the board that for the white board members this is your chance
to come and join us in conversation our mission statement is that we are
committed to holding our district schools and staff accountable to anti
racism we’re committed to collaborating as co-conspirators to move the work of
anti racism forward across our district we are meeting again this Wednesday at
Dream Bank we’d love to see you there 6:00 p.m. every time we meet we create
personal goals we all need to work on personal goals around anti racism if we
are white so show up six o’clock this wednesday dream bang hello my name is Kevin and I am a
nine-year-old kid the teacher at Whitehorse middle school heard a black
11-year old school and school should be a place for learning knowledge and
safety it is not Monsieur I that a teacher heard a kid teachers should
teach kids knowledge and math and stuff and you as a district should work really
hard to make sure kids are safer in school I’m nine years old and I know
black lives matter why oh my god I guess I yeah so I saw
Michael Johnson back there and Ananda Marilla and anti-mafia and I asked them
are they going to encourage calm are they going to encourage all getting all
the facts are they going to rush to judgment and they said these people are
going to do what they’re gonna do I know that the police report is not in I know
that the teachers had not been allowed to speak I think we should see what the
situation is one of them said one as I said we have to hold the school board
accountable for not teaching our children I agree with that but we also
have to hold the teachers accountable we have to hold the parents accountable and
we have to hold the children accountable because we’re all accountable to say
otherwise is to say you’re a victim and therefore you have no agency now I
wonder now what now I want to read something that was given on to my
Facebook page by Jennifer Drake Figgy my husband historical all started and ended
as surely middle school due to a student’s physical violence against him
amazing what a traumatic brain injury can do to a person they’re helping to
make my point Jill sterner glia my grandson was so
bullied that he had to be escorted from the car through door after school he’s
no longer ethical and lives out of Madison thank God we need someone that’s
going to take care of the violence in our schools respect same respect it is
sad that the schools and decisions of not making kids responsible for their
actions have led to this kind of discussion on your agenda today as the
behavior education plan margaret javadi’s Benbow said i won’t be voting
for Blasco but he is correct that after the adoption of the behavior education
plan which did away with consequences for violent student behavior there was a
huge upswing in violent and unsafe incidents
this included bullying classmates attacking teachers loudly disrupting
lessons and a chance to study young learn
ensuring that the solution is beat kids with the board at the very least the so
called BEP should be abandoned as a failure it is and the former standards
of behavior and consequences should prevail this should happen as soon as
possible pencil action said children should be
taught respect in the home and reinforced in the school not enough
parents take the time to be involved in their children’s education plan Toronto
they take more responsibility for their children’s education behavior by the way
this is I just want to say this is what we’ve got in our schools I’ve said
before that if this school board cannot keep order in its own meetings imagine
the chaos in the classroom there’s a reason why I think the whatever
frequence Swan Creek wants to lead this is the problem we have in our schools
right now thank you very much please continue Wow
I looked out and it’s amazing because when I look out I see some of my
brothers and sisters who ain’t never been out of school board me before
salute see y’all turn me up a little bit yeah I wanted to come and I wanted to be
radical because I’m kind of upset and I wanted to be loud but my spirit is super
calm right now because I want to talk to y’all I want y’all to look don’t act
like y’all not listening give me some eye to eye contact here okay
because I come into spirit on tonight so I’m not in my flesh so right now y’all
fighting with some real power okay Cheatham you know the deal you know
what’s going on you know why we’re all here
you know why we’re hurting because you’ve expressed your hurt with me you
know that you’re even afraid for your own child to attend MMSD because these
are your words from you to me remember remember yes remember so I want to look
you out of a because me and you we develop something really really special
when we say amongst each other when you guys did what you did to my baby so I’m
not looking at the little dogs I’m not looking at their because you to make a
decision you you have to choose your job for life
for you now here okay because you’ve got position all of this you hold it you
hold it our babies your babies your african-american child
let’s talk deep here okay all right your baby is up against what my baby is
up against because he’s an african-american okay so I want you to
go home tonight I need you to do this for me and you because remember we vowed
that me and you were gonna work together to change this remember do you remember
remember when you asked me to be your right hand because God put me and you
together remember that’s what you said to me remember remember okay so now I
need you to think about what you’re doing here
you hold the power shorty it’s yours I’m talking about them they don’t matter
you know you to think I’m not Mary money don’t matter she ain’t she don’t even
matter she might got the dollars but that don’t
mean nothing it’s on you think about it tonight Maddi this evening I am honored to stand
in your shoes so thank you thank you folks
this evening I am astonished to be here I don’t take pleasure in this but it has
been a long time coming your community has been serving you and showing up here
and they’ve been met with lip service and false promises while the people that
you put into positions of you know principle are feeding on children it’s
completely unacceptable what took place at Whitehorse and what is taking place
this isn’t as Blasco talks about an upswing this isn’t an upswing this is
the norm right this is a constant failure that’s been taking place
y’all have allowed an environment to continue under your jurisdiction that
completely dehumanizes students and i come here this evening as a resident and
worker of the madison metro area why would i show up here as white
upper-middle class individual this is astonishing to me I wish so much that
this wasn’t a story of two cities where we have on one side individuals who are
concerned with which is fantastic concerned about their the safety of
their students bike ride whether it’s going to make theirs make their children
more independent and more successful and grow into fantastic adults and here we
have a completely different tale folks that are concerned about whether their
students are gonna come home in one piece split completely different between color
lines it’s under your jurisdiction and you you haven’t done the work you’ve got
you failed your community and this community is not going to succeed
without you taking the reins on this and taking ownership for the power that you
can have now folks are giving you a lot of respect by showing up here and I
think that needs to be understood every time folks
come up here and choose to speak to you they are showing you respect but what’s
disrespectful is that you allow individuals that are essentially sick
heiling in the room to continue every time that you meet so alright so I asked
you to imagine a Madison that doesn’t have those distinctions those clear
color lines where folks are on one side one color skunk color tone is concerned
about their kids bike ride and one is concerned about the principle that you
have put in place beating a child all right get to work hi I’m Heather uh it’s actually Heather
D not either B but I’m speaking a trying opposition of spending thirty thousand
dollars on special duty officers we can’t afford to spend one more dollar on
policing our students there are many reasons to choose to spend our budget on
other things like more counselors rather than police enforcement currently our
district is not meeting the recommended ratio of one counselor for every 250
students to meet that ratio we need about four or five were counselors and
it’s very important I spoke a couple months ago about my daughter
experiencing bullying in her public school and it’s still ongoing today I
went to a counselor outside of school and she shared the reason why she hasn’t
been wanting to go to school is because of the bullying we need more support in
the schools another reason is you know force is not
the answer spending money on police I graduated with a degree in psychology
and my first job outside of college was in a psychiatric center as a mental
health technician and my first week on the job there was a 15 year old black
girl who was in the center and she was really upset because she wanted she
didn’t want to go to her room and she refused to go to her room when it was
time at bedtime and I went over to go talk to her and I heard a nurse walk
away and set say this little bitch is gonna get it and she went and got a team
of people and while I was talking to the girl she told me that the reason why I
asked her why don’t you want to go to your room and she said the reason is
because I’m tired of being told what to do all day long and she’s just tired of
it and she just refused then she said I’m not going to my room and I we talked
for a while and she calmed down and she said that you know I said the reason why
we wanted you to go to your room is there’s adults in here and because of
your safety and she was we’re on the same page and we were coming to an
understanding and out of nowhere the nurse
back with a team of white people grabbed her and gave her a shot in the arm to
like help calm her down it sedate her even though she was already calmed down
and we were on the same page she flipped out she grabbed a chair and she threw it
against a window and she broke the window if you look at this girl and you
think oh look she’s showing violence why is she showing violence because she was
being forced to do things she don’t want to do and because people were putting
her hands people were putting their hands on her and they were harming her
so how else do you think she’s going to react to poor she’s gonna be really
upset and act out so I just think having police in the schools is just escalating
things and it’s making things worse and it’s creating problems and people our
kids are acting out in response to being treated with force and being asked to be
obeyed in orders all the time and being told what to do this is a natural
response so I just asked no more spending on police in schools thank you hi my name is Christina Draven yo Murphy
I’m an alumna of MMSD I won’t list all the schools and it was a really positive
experience for me it set me up to be really successful I went on to UW with
the full scholarship I still have good relationships with many of my teachers I
loved it and so I was really excited to have the opportunity when now as a PhD
student when people keep telling me I spend too much time on teaching and not
enough on research I took a job as a sub and it’s been a really life-changing
experience in a lot of ways it is truly a privilege and an honor to care for our
children in our community and it’s a real burden it’s because at the end of
the day what happens when someone is fired after using racial slurs which
that happened in the classroom that I took over as a long-term sub who do we
call on after a child has been abused and that staff member is removed its
substitute teachers and we’re a group that not many people think about very
often but we are the glue that holds together the ecosystem that helps
teachers take breaks when they need them that help staff take care of their
personal needs when they need them and when these snow days happened which like
you know what it’s Wisconsin we all chose to live here
may-maybe not it happens but I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to find
that after I’d been scheduled to work for weeks and while I spent my snow days
just like most other teachers planning my lessons for the upcoming weeks and
grading I didn’t get paid and the rest of staff and teachers did and the
professional development days where I’m supposed to get training because I’ve
had frankly barely any I just happen to be lucky enough to have a degree in
social work barely any training we’ve lost these professional
development days which means that I have now lost half of the day that I was
supposed to be working at the long-term sub rate
which means I might pick up a shift at another school but I’m not gonna get to
build the relationships with my coworkers that helps the school function
well that helps maintain stability I had to tell my students kind of one by one
that the teacher that they used to work with that they used to know and have
relationships with it she wasn’t coming back and that’s not an easy thing to do
and when we’re creating under classes of workers the conditions that we work in
are the conditions that our students learn in like this is our community the
more stratification we have the more disparities we have like we’re never
gonna be able to see the kind of justice that we need so it might seem like a
small issue it’s a small number of people who are affected but it makes
this job sustainable it makes it something more than just you can pick up
a little extra cash on the side it makes it something that I feel worth investing
the time into doing more training hunting down the appropriate staff
member to get all the IEP is for my students which I didn’t have for the
first three weeks like it’s a hard job we deserve to be paid okay wait can’t hear me
you all are you all are supposed to be protecting us from harm but you keep
letting us get hurt you should be ashamed of yourself and the way you
think about and the way you think about black kids y’all are racist and y’all
don’t deserve to be our school to be on our school board there have been so many
incidents lady lately in your response to all – it all proves that you don’t
care about us and shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions that affect our lives
I said it before and I’ll say it again you can’t claim you care about black
excellence and have policing schools and you can’t claim you care about black as
excellence and keep having teachers called black kids the n-word and put
their hands on black kids okay so y’all you know he’s gonna do a
call-and-response okay mama mama can’t you see what the school board’s done to
me they beat us up and kicked us out ain’t no justice in this town mama mama
can’t you see what police have done to me they lock us up and shoot us down
ain’t no justice in this town okay y’all got a say over more energy this time
mama mama can’t you see what up the school bus gone to me baby they beat us
up and kick us up ain’t no justice in this town mama mama can’t you see what
police have done to me they lock us up and shoot us down ain’t
no justice in this town what the school was done to me they beat us up and kick
us out mama mama can’t you see what police have done to me good evening my name is Sambo I am a mom
of two kids and a grandmother my youngest son is four years old I thought
when he gets older like in high school I will worry about his safety but with a
brutal attack on a child a child a baby at Whitehorse I am heartbroken that this
may happen to my son soon no offense to the white woman who spoke about being
worried about the kids are on how they are going to school while the black and
brown moms have to worry about their kids safety it is not enough the police
are attacking our black and brown kids now a teacher in a classroom full of
with other kids can bleed beat a black child knowing he will only get a slap on
the wrist how are you not hurt and angry that an 11 year old child was beaten
beaten bloody at a school by a teacher where she was supposed to get her
education as a parent of a brown child I should not have to worry about anything
but that my son is getting the right education if you are hurting our
children now imagine the damage you will cause for them in the future are you
ready for the consequences consequences of your actions and their decisions I am here today to speak for the
available lives of black and brown and stop these Asian children you all know
why I am here today why we continue to show up you have your threatened by that
ideas and collect the power we project because you are no damn bad that you
only care about how much money you put into your pockets and Nam you what color
who’s harmed in schools these you’ve are telling you that they are scared for
their own damn lives telling you there are stories and telling you about their
about other children their friends who’s been harmed by a euros there was an
incident at Whitehorse middle school 11 year old black girl brutally beaten by
the Dean of Students Rob Mueller Owens and I don’t care what the situation is
no one should ever lay a hand on in anybody a violence is not the answer
especially children but there’s but where was help for her nobody helped her
not even cops these are weights you for holding on to their backs like chains
and it convinces me that the school board of Madison is racist as hell
because you all are upholding my supremacy you are responsible for black
children’s safety if you think of putting more euros to increase the
safety of black and brown children you should think again police themselves are
made to punish black folks from escaping slavery murder from white supremacy even
being black is dangerous they’re invincible chains to put on to children
let’s go to jail pipeline so let us know who actually cares because we are glad
to we are glad to have the whole community to kick you out of your seat you all are threatened by the tone of
our loud and brave voices but where we aren’t damned or harm we’re just telling
you what’s up and what and we want to express our hurt we are telling you
what’s up but you all are just up there sitting speaking in soft professional
voices but you all are doing to harm and no download are sneaky as hell
oh and I also voted for the school board election of course y’all weren’t voted
by me but you want true diversity then y’all sure we considered the economy
accountability we give it to you all every school board meeting if you feel
comfortable let yourself feel comfortable because you should be
listening to us and growing we always have room for improvement that’s just
how humans are please have God and humanity either way y’all kicked out
even if y’all make decisions today we all can just kick the system’s ass and I
bought abolish er OS for the next school board members we’ll be taking these
seats and we will continue to demand these three demands one take cops out of
schools invest three thousand sixteen hundred dollars into youth of color
students and family and community members have power over school safety so um I’m gonna try not to crista cuz
I’m trying to be a good child so five days out of the week I’m forced into an
environment that does not love and care about me and other students of color and
why do I say this is because I’m a nerd well of course I have many reasons
stories but you I don’t listen but whatever but today I’ll only share four
so firstly over the course of just a few months November 2018 to January 2019
there had been six reported incidents of school staff using racial slurs not much
happen because of few letters besides a few letters here and there those school
staff not being allowed back there was no real work put in transforming the
school environment no real effort to make sure that black and brown students
feel safe or welcomed we loved secondly on February 11 year-old african-american
girl was being up to the Dean of by the Dean of Students there is no reason you
can give me to justify a grown man putting his hands all over an 11 year
old child no reasons even parents aren’t allowed to hit their own children
thirdly last week Tuesday in my area China study class there were questions
about the China wall and that jokes came afterwards bitch about the wall between
Mexico and United States and yes I’m looking you Gloria um people laugh
including the teacher it was a very uncomfortable moment when the five
Latino kid students in the class finally brought up the issue of how
inappropriate and races this joke was and why the teacher did not address it
the teacher simply said I did not hear him I won’t interrupt the in the lecture
so I guess the lecture is more important than the safety
lastly the school were voting to pass a contract to keep cops in our schools
even when we have been showing up every time for the last two years to share
stories of why cops should not be in school and how we can better use our
school money to create and make programs that will actually have that
will actually help development transform students of color in their school
environment just know that you all who said up there are responsible for every
one of these incidents I brought up and there are so many more you’re
responsible because you continue to ignore the experiences of black and
brown students you continue to put money into the police and put money into
policies that harms black and brown students because of you school staff get
away with using racial slurs because of you an 11 year old was being about a
grown man because of you why students and teachers feel like they can make
jokes about black and brown people the school board superintendent are
responsible for all this same black and brown students have been showing up and
telling you that we want better and I want you all to say this with me okay all of these school board meetings
we’ve been to clearly shows like Norns you have towards people color at the
last school board meeting for school members voting for cops to be in schools
and to voted for no cops in schools this is such a big disappointment
disappointment how can you all say that you truly care about our safety when you
are putting badges and guns in our schools where we are supposed to learn
the police are trained to use deadly force that is their job
the police are a violent institution why are you allowing allowing such violence
between our schools I hate the fact that you guys said that weirdest being
disrupted when there was a white man recording minors and making them feel
comfortable so I trying to make our voices suffered
in silence we are still standing here today just because I am young doesn’t
mean I don’t have a voice my voice matters to you putting clubs in our
schools is just preventing us from our education apparently education is free
but why does our parents still paying for throat supplies first school
supplies yearbooks bus card and so many things of all you could have invest that
three hundred sixty thousand dollars towards them we want investment in
students of color not the police we want the school district to stop harassing
students of color we want our education not criminalization so invest now is not
criminalization right yeah nobody got no experience school violence
this is the force that we got this is our people I am freedom my woman orphans
genocide survivor refugee child a single mom a person of color I am a human being
just like you I am a leader a teacher and an advocate I know that it is like
to live in a world of authority and power the Khmer Rouge was a leader who
thought they knew what was best for our people with their own authority and
greed of power they made decision that harm and kill 1.75 million my people I’m
experiencing this today here with all of you each of you are authority figures
with power to make changes you may not kill millions of people but you are
harming thousands of blacks and brown student each day because of your
decision today we had an immigration lawyer who came and talked to our
communities about our rights and our protection from ice I want to address
you all your police is the same as ice they have the same job description and
that is harming and separating families we don’t want ice in our city the same
goes with the police we don’t want them in our schools I separate families and
police destroys youth lives by entering them into the criminal justice system we
need to take police out of school so we can protect our futures of our blacks
and brown youth to better and to have a successful experience in school I also
wanted to repeat on what had happened at Whitehorse elementary school where a
Dean of Students beat an 11 year old black girl 11 year old you see that
little boy who just came up here he was 9 years old
this was 11 year old girl no tire should be treated this way how about if it’s
your daughter how would you feel he should be charged for chai
endangerment for harming this 11 year old girl black girl if you are willing
to criminalize black girls the way you do criminalize him punish him for the
harm that he has done all of us are here continue to come here and voice our self
and demand the following completely remove police out of schools invest
resource in education that promotes leadership wellness learning and
creativity for youth of color give communicant role over school safety
students families communities need decision-making power in our schools
give built transform is just model instead of punishing youth please whoa
okay don’t start my time yet all right my name is Joshua and today tonight I
actually just want to talk about two things the first is a child is a child
and a grown-ass person is a grown-ass person and the second thing I want to
talk about is silences condolence of white supremacy so the first thing is
I’ve an eleven-year-old who goes to Whitehorse
she’s Hmong and I can tell you that she has also had run-ins with Owens and has
talked about being scared of him any man who terrorizes 11 year olds this has
nothing to do with parenting as races Laska said it is not about parenting it
is about adults terrorizing children if you can see his humanity then you surely
can see her humanity she’s 11 years old iwell 11 year old who wakes up every
morning and sprays perfume all over the house now if I had beaten her like he
had beaten her I would be in jail waiting for you I have to sort out what
the crime was so my request is simple lock him up let’s sort it out while he’s
locked up make sure that the bail is high enough because I’m unsure how safe
my kids are with him in the school now what white supremacy looks like is this
grown-ass man can be seen as somebody who lost it or we’re not sure what
really happened it doesn’t matter what happened what happened was a grown-ass
man lost his temper and took it out on an 11 year old now let’s see what he
does at home because if he could do that in public let’s
what he does at home the other pieces white supremecy looks like left I’m
seeing all our kids photos and my organization all over his blogs and I’m
telling you anybody gets harmed it’s on him and it’s on you all allowing him to
continuously videotape these young kids that’s what white supremacy looks like
and so why am i as among mother among women a refugee kid here to support an
11 year old black girl is because her humanity is tied to mine and until you
can see her as it as a human being I know you can’t see me and so I’m saying
to all of you whatever it is lock him up wait until we can figure out the details
because I’m unsure we’re safe with him out here because that’s what we will do
to anybody out here so no cops in schools and invest in children I am a hundred percent against the
contract with MMSD and MPD I’ve said that dozens of times at this point but
you all continue to ignore me it’s been a while since you’ve seen me and I have
a lot to say I am honestly tired of the lack of respect you all have not only
for me but for this community we have been coming to these meetings for almost
two years and I’ve watched as you all act as if you’ve been listening to what
we’ve been saying then use our language to ask the exact opposite of what we
want I am tired of reading about teachers abusing our black and brown
bodies tired of reading about teachers pulling braids out of an 11-year olds
head tired of having to come and defend on why we should feel safe tired of
crying after seeing so many children committing suicide because of what’s
happening at schools I’m tired I want to be able to wake up to see more black and
brown kids graduating / dying y’all contribute to our destruction
instead of building us up you continue to sit back and watch as we are harmed
and come up with bogus solutions instead of listening to us we know best how to
help our people if you can sit here and listen to a racist ass white man who’s
been exploiting and harassing us for months then you can listen to these
black and brown youths tell you why they don’t want people like him in schools
every day we demand that this contract is ended immediately
we shouldn’t have to keep coming to these meetings to prove why we don’t
need them because you can see on your TV screens at home we’ve been getting
tossed around like ragdolls and you seem not to care but if the
tables were turned and we were white we’d get what we want immediately if
white kids were to be getting thrown out of desks or missing chunks of what y’all
call hair it would be hell white kids can continue to come in here
and speak and you actually engage and thank them for being courageous why when
we do the things we’re reckless and disrespectful
stop making us feel threatened and your meetings will go back to how they were
before you started attacking us thank you and no cops in school my name is Amaya I’m a youth leader at
freedom Inc I’ve been here long enough where it was from that conference room
to this odd it was just us a fire folks to a million people behind me giving our
testimonies about how we felt about having cops in our four high schools but
yet you all decided not to listen annoy us I am upset on your decision you made
at the last corporate meeting but yeah I knew you score board members wouldn’t
change your minds even if we came here months after months you all are too you
all are too privileged to see that police only protect white skins and not
people of color I’m tired of seeing us getting treated badly I’m tired of you
all sitting sitting in your own your seats peacefully and happily write us
down here the people of color are getting harmed at these past school
board meetings I came to realize that you guys up there weren’t here to
protect us instead of taking action you will rather sit in your seat and care
about yourself than caring about what was happening in the audience you all
made the decision like keeping the cops in schools today so from now on when you
see a person of color get hurt in school you all made this happen it was all you
guys fought for deciding on making this decision to destroy all these kids lives
it isn’t about me and the people behind me it was because of you all allowed
this to happen just because you all made the decision or keeping the cops in our
schools doesn’t mean that we will stop showing up our fight isn’t over you all
will continue continuously see us come here until we get what we want
no cops is goal and an invest youth of color they got about 14 microphones over here
who’s going on okay yeah so at this point everything pretty much has been
said over months and months now you know I’m still not clear if y’all know why
these people are here if y’all know why I’m here I mean do you I know I’m here I
know why these youth are here I know why my people are here not just in this room
but in this situation in this time in this place in Madison I’m here because
you all choose to have whole white supremacy time and time again you apply
it’s like I don’t know like it’s butter or some Lowery’s or to everything any
situation y’all slap some white supremacy on it and you haven’t learned
yet that it doesn’t work it only harms even you I’m sure y’all are tired of
sitting here I’m sure y’all have anxiety over coming to these meetings
I know TJ say he do I’m saying y’all keep applying upholding it as a value
you want to line up you want us to speak quietly to keep time why you beat our
children down every day it doesn’t take aggression to be violent
y’all have taught me that more than anything more than any studying or any
political education I’ve ever had y’all have taught me that as many times as we
have said this to you remove cops from schools investing youth of color give
community control over discipline you still choose to double down on white
supremacist policies and procedures as a board you all set the tone for the rest
of the district you all set the tone for the over-policing and criminalization of
black children and other youth of color as school board members you antagonize
us you just you are responsible for any harm that
comes to black and brown children in our schools you I don’t want to hear oh I
don’t know how to fix this I don’t want to hear thoughts and prayers I don’t
want to hear none of that you’re responsible for it because you have not
taken action and Accord as to what the community has told you about what’s
going on you all are responsible for the brutal beating of an 11 year old black
girl an 11 year old black girl an 11 year old black girl at Whitehorse middle
school earlier this month you can no longer claim ignorance no longer claim
you have no solutions what more do you want I know what I want I want you to
take responsibility for the criminalization of black girls in your
schools in our schools I want you to take actionable steps towards divesting
from police and other harmful discipline policies I want you to invest in
creating environments where black children feel welcome can learn and grow
I want community control over discipline because it’s clear to me that what
you’re doing is broken well a lot has been said I would love to
say the same things over which I do think a lot of things need to be
reiterated for the school board members obviously after the two years we’ve been
here and nothing that we’ve said has gotten to y’all’s brain first off it’s
February yes talk about that Black History Month what a wonderful way for
the masses school district to celebrate Black History Month wonderful we got
black excellence we got 11 year old black girl who who got brutally beaned
by this grown-ass fucking white man yeah your black lives matter week right which
by the way you all cut off the last demand which was clearly about taking
cops out of schools so this is the environment and the black excellence set
our school district talks about it’s disappointing right Black History Month
is supposed to be a time to honor the contributions of black freedom fighters
who struggle to make a more just society for all people but you all don’t care
because you all don’t respect these black youth that have been coming here
right these black youth organizers who are carrying on this legacy
y’all don’t care and it’s it’s disappointing right you’ve heard these
stories you’ve heard of people being really upset so what are you going to do
you need to be doing more you cannot just sit there and listen or pretend to
listen right so I know you’ve all have heard our demands but if you need a
little bit more understanding what that really means
I can I can like tell you right now and then we should also set up a meeting so
I am requesting a public meeting with you know a public meeting you all come
to our community our folks will be there you bring some food okay so we demand we
demand you dismantle our policing systems school districts must end their
relationship both formal and informal arrangements with local county and state
police departments school districts must dismantle their internal school policing
forces and departments and give control of school safety to us local community
members right we didn’t man that you divest from law enforcement it’s cool
merit ization right so that means this arming all school personnel including
school security staff and right we also demand that you invest in students
supports that create real safety for students of color fairly find and
implement restorative justice in all schools invest in culturally reflective
and responsive counselors so I remember perhaps it was four or
five years ago I was animating similar to this except there was the mayor and
then female mayor’s cronies and I said look your police are out of hand you
need to get them under wraps and the group of people says something like
we’re not as bad as in the places not like good cops killing people
and then a year later if that months later Tom Robinson was shot and killed
and murder and then months after that cierra Finkley needed help from police
but they arrested her when she had to fight her life well then a month couple
months later Janell language we were able to get on
video was getting beat and tossed by a grown man police department police
officers and we were there to say we told you that this would happen because
this is the result of white supremacist racist policies now here we are whore 5
years later and I’m in a similar setting right when we were here two years ago
said you have White’s to prevention policies and these policies are forcing
black kids to not have good education terrified morale of black children not
supportive of black families want to support their black church within the
schools and people sellable it’s not that bad
because we’re not like other places where our black children are being
beaten by teachers and here we are there you got a windless happy to get video of
this one right we just happen to get many on this one and my 10 years of
domestic violence expertise teaches me about how violence happens and so I
think about the violence that he did that we can report and record but I also
think about the amount of abuse advice and is done yeah before you put hands and so you all are charged figuring out
how are you want to prepare to complete harm caused by him so how is she as a
black as a young black student going to be brought back to her illness based on
that violence and not just her what about every other student this
person I think about every other student this person has come into contact with I
think about all the possible decision-making they had over any policy
over any decision of any rule this is how white supremacy manifests and so we
actually we demand repair harm but we follow the footsteps of our reparation
of our start by investing in black youth but it will not impair and so we are
here to assert and to demand to make for to make possible what is deserving of us
first and foremost more cops in schools does what we know if there was a police
officer there he probably would have arrested her for getting their ass
voyage that’s how the police function here that Madison Wisconsin the second
is investment in black youth there is clear harm done to black youth there was
if you are wanting to come up with the black excellence program problems and issues happening with black
kids and I want to say very quickly it does not matter how many black friends
you have it does not matter how many relationships you have with black people
doesn’t matter how many collection of the songs you like you will be measured
by the success of black students that is how we know this is white supremacy community control because we know that
the success of black students is in the hands of black people and so we are
going to use our black leadership to give our students what it is that they
deserve because we know that you can’t do it so really what we’re saying is get
the hell out of our way so I’m not feeling well but I saved up just enough
energy to come here today okay so first of all I just want to address a few
things TJ if you want to stop being called a patriarchal white supremacist
then stop fucking being one marry if you want to stop being called the liberal
racist and stop using the police don’t black people yes we know about that a lot of people are pissed at all right
now and rightfully so y’all are directly responsible for this
incident you’re directly responsible for this young black girl being assaulted by
this white man you all set this home for the districts and y’all lead by example
y’all don’t give a fuck about black cute students so why should this white man
why should other school administrators this is just one of many incidents that
have happened to Bailey to our children we work with so many families that are
scared to come out right now but they’re on their way from being called the
n-word to being kicked out of class for chewing gum to teachers tugging on black
girls skirts telling them to stop being sexually inappropriate from officers
elephant sitting on black children to this girl being beat y’all are
responsible in this community no longer trust you with the safety and wellness
of our kids you all have a half assed black excellence agenda that will not
work unless you fucking hands off our kids our communities don’t need officers
to motivate us which was presented in a few minutes a few meetings back we need
housing we need black center education we need health care we need healing
we need transformative justice and we need power and we don’t take that shit
that is how you get rid of the harm that y’all are so worried about not by
investing more money into police not by investing into medical metal metal
detectors that’s the work that I do every day and that’s what we’re
demanding of y’all so we’re gonna avenge the suffering of black youth in this
city avenge of the suffering of black youth in the city but any fucking means
necessary again we demand that you end the
contract completely remove police from schools not in our high schools not in
our elementary schools not in our middle schools create accountability processes
for people that harm the harm our kids directly and that you
law enforcement to harm our kids invest in learning wellness and creativity of
youth of color divest from police and we demand community control over school
safety we don’t trust you with the safety and wellness of our kids we want
real decision-making power not no fake-ass community review board with
police officers and hand selected black students on it call a response y’all we
demand a man all right start the time over please
thank you I have three kids in Madison schools I have one daughter who is a
seventh grader at Velma Hamilton middle school she is black shy and very
concerned about the deep-seated racism in our schools I have a lot to say
tonight but mostly you should listen to all the people who spoke before me I do
want to say two things one is that I am I’m not an educator and I don’t always
like to be an educator I’m not a person of color and I don’t have those
experiences and I don’t know what that is like but I do know that I as a white
person I’m going to keep fighting against the silence of racism in the
white community I know that my daughter has been going
to schools where the general curriculum ignores the history and the culture of
people who look like her I know the kids say racist comments in the hallways I
know the one of her teachers called another student the n-word she goes to a
school district where a child who looks like her was beat up by a teacher by the
acting principal that day and we all know about the statistics on the gross
racial disparities in this school district a school district that touts
itself as being national at national excellence this board must take concrete
steps now to address these issues not next week not in six months not when
everybody feels ready to do it but now and as you prepare that work and as you
do that you need to rely on not just listen to you need to rely on the people
in this room the people that have come here today the organizations like
freedom Inc like the Boys & Girls Club the parents the youth that have come
here and apparently have been coming here for a long time it’s been speaking
to you you need to rely on that this board cannot solve this problem on its
own you need you got an invitation for a community meeting you need to say yes
you need to go to that meeting and you need to listen to folks my good go yeah okay um good evening
this I’m Mara Ostrander I have long been watching board meetings at my computer
on evenings and I’ve been watching the conversations of our black and brown
youth and the idea of having police in schools
I have never stepped forward at this public mic until now I have forever been
a teacher dedicated to our black and brown students in the past 18 years in
the Chicago Public Schools and for the last 10 years I have been dedicated to
these students in the Madison schools I have advocated I’d asked for help I have
let people know we need more resources I have watched the same things come from
this audience asking you to hear them and I steal them waiting to be heard
along with them a quote we may be uncomfortable talking about race but we
can no longer afford to be silent we have chosen a profession that like
parenting requires us to put our comforts second to those of children I
need to say to the audience I am a teacher at Whitehorse middle school and
I support your black and brown students I have been told in my past advocacy
that my passion and my emotion is strong and maybe too strong to take on
leadership roles to take our district forward and here’s what I say I have
always been a real person I have never been able to walk that line of what it
looks like to say the right things in the right places but with those black
and brown children that sit before me in my classrooms I move every single one of
them emotionally socially and academically until they go on to the
next classroom beyond me yet nobody hears me nobody listens I ask how I can
be a part so just as these people say come to a meeting I say please come to a
meeting comes to whitehorse not two days after an incident has gone public but
because you know right now it’s needed and to the people that aren’t feeling
heard in the audience I want to be a part of the change with you find me Lara
Ostrander find me I’m on that side I will work with you and if we need to do
this together I’m in it yeah Sarah here it was not planning I’m going right now I’ll power to the people
I speak in the place of a parent who is here tonight he was too shaken by the
lack of response about incidents at Whitehorse and your stoic and polite
smiles today at this board meeting hearing these stories wow their
eleven-year-old child’s lips heal and stop bleeding I have a question and my
question for you Mary for the rest of the board is whether or not you see us
as human when your daughter with blond or brown
hair when your son or the white skin is upset and does something destructive you
love them you love her you don’t rip three braids out of your daughter’s
scalp you don’t continue to punch her you will make sure the teacher who
perpetrated these violence is worth the career was destroyed a young girl who
could be my daughter had her hair ripped out from the rest of her scalp and I
will not stop repeating that description when cops are in schools cops are
trained to see potential threats a hand movement is a potential threat a
hairbrush then is transformed into a potential gun when your child moves
suddenly does she or he experience a cop grabbing her by the arm because their
job is to see threats and not children’s hands $30,000 needs to go to contractor
counselors tutors and instead of the police department or security firms and
none of that but he’ll also serve constituents like Speaker 5b who see us
as irrational beings who need police officers in our classrooms I want to
know what your personal investment in that scenario is what is your personal investment in
seeing us and treating us as if we were not human like your daughter I’m here because there is a parent at
Whitehorse who has talked to you specifically I’m here because there are
many people who have worked with you specifically I don’t need to repeat what
was just beautifully said up here before I need to know what your investment is
in not seeing us as human beings who are entitled just safety because with that decision on the 30000
for security forces and cops and metal detectors I’ve been a teacher who has
had to have a metal detector in my hand to wand down middle school students in
Louisiana have you ever seen the literal life and joy disappear in your
daughter’s eyes I’m no longer a teacher there it was mandatory protocol that we
did I want to know what your investment in seeing the life drained out of these
students as you jail them in schools I know I’m speaking over time yeah I
appreciate you listening but the truth what shit is
do you even yes I’d be happy to set up a time to talk I
think of you yeah you know this is the public appearances and as you said we
did No
if you need to take a break take a break students seem to have little power in
their educational system the students of this country want more power to make
decisions on policies that affect them we as a whole will be a more unified
nation in the field of Education when students work together with the
administration to make policies they equally benefit them both students
demand a voice and a change in the curriculum to include people of color
and women because diversity is the cornerstone of democracy and in Madison
Wisconsin West High School is the most integrated of them all democracy and
diversity supports the equality and with equality every student has a greater
chance to succeed administration shall always consider student demands and
concerns that are reasonable – solving conflicts and power struggles within our
institutions students will split your school administration put in policies in
place that affects us students with us without us knowing until during the time
they’re being enforced it makes us feel that we have minimum control over our
education and that our ideas and suggestions are being repelled
it’s that taking things into consideration and into action part that
speaks louder to us than the words of mischief
we storms at West High School want to contribute in voice and the policies
that affect us for we are the primary beneficiaries of these policies we
students are already contributing positively to our schools growth by
being the factor that makes the schools run but and being the factor that makes
the schools work having a stupe having a student board that is actively involved
in the decision-making processes will also make us the main factor in
improving student discipline and overall student performance and and outside of
the classroom democracy is freedom the freedom to
speak out the freedom to be heard the freedom to be included the freedom to
teach the freedom to learn the freedom to lead and the freedom to make a change
and be change and I’m standing here before you today
because I want to see that change and make that change and speaking for all
students I want that freedom to be heard and that freedom to be included
especially if it’s going if it’s for something that’s going to affect me and
my my abilities as a minority student in any institution is Heidi here okay next speaker Amy Castro y’all I was
just thinking about how nice it must be to have your issue be separated from
public comment as it was earlier this evening
Oh Houma how nice it must be to feel heard last week an 11 year old girl was
physically abused by an MMSD employee how can you commit to black excellence
and allow one of your people to put his hands on a baby how can you justify not
firing him and instead putting him on leave we all know what happened how can
you expect police in schools to behave any better when they’ve treated youth
the same way outside of schools you all become completely surprised when stuff
like this happens you demand proof numbers that prove racism and inequality
exists yet when students who face these issues every single day like the
students behind me who repeatedly come to these meetings to tell you they exist
along with recommendations of what would make them more successful in schools you
shut them down and you write black and Southeast Asian students off as
aggressive and unruly which we all know is extremely racist this is a catch-22
and is rooted in white supremacy you ask that students bring proof of what
happens to them and when they bring their experiences statistics and proof
you say that it’s not enough or it’s a minority and as Brandi said we’re sick
of we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired we’re sick and tired of being
sick and tired for people of color we didn’t come to the u.s. the u.s. came to
us it’s time for reparations as M said no cops and schools use the money to
fund programs that promote leadership and the well-being of students of color
that’s three hundred and sixty thousand dollars I can think of ten better uses
off the top of my head but I have a minute left so I’ll keep going and the
third demand is let the community have control over the discipline of
students we all know that this isn’t about people for you all it’s about it’s
not about money it’s about not about students it’s about money and
maintaining the status quo and white supremacy but for us this is about the
people SSR Chavez said the fight was never about grapes or lettuce it’s
always about people no I poetical men poder de la gente
porque el poder there are Hinton nursery cleaning next speaker Liam okay
next speaker Kim I have so much to say I guess I have
three minutes first thing I have to say is that there is an 11 year old girl
who’s had three braids pulled out of her hair which I can’t even begin to imagine
the pain who needs $30,000 you got $30,000 that
little girl will never be the same you take your thirty thousand dollars
you know how much therapy $30,000 buys you almost nothing this child will
suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of her life
because 850 some year old large white principal beat her in front of other
people and got away with it got away with it
it’s important that this little girl was 11 and petite I think that’s that’s
important but I’ll tell you what I have a 50-pound tall black 15 year old just
as important principle to beat a little 11 year old girl you have to make this
stop we are going to make this stop we are going to make this stop we are going
to make this stop because you know what they are not going to make it stop
really working together make it stop you know Malcolm X said so long as we
have capitalism we have racism and we know what this is really
about this is really about defunding public education ultimately it’s about
we talk about the three hundred and sixty thousand dollars for funding the
police you know what a tiny drop in the bucket three hundred and sixty thousand
dollars is give that little girl three hundred and sixty thousand kids you
touched my kid and I will sue you and it will cost you millions of dollars an
education they deserve respect they deserve what they deserve a decent way
and you know what our anti-racist teachers are stepping up and our
anti-racist teachers with our families and our all I’m going to say is for as
frightened as our community is of police and of 52 year old white men in
positions of power within our education system you better be afraid at all of
them of all of the faces who are looking at you right now because like the
speaker before me just said we will keep ourselves safe we will keep our children
safe at any and all cost we’re not asking no
cops we are telling you no cops in schools my name is my name is Becky Ryland and
I’m embarrassed to say this is my first school board meeting I have two
daughters one is 12 and one is 8 they are biracial when my wife and I
decided to have kids 13 years ago I never thought I’d be standing here being
embarrassed to be a white person I look at you all up here
tired you look tired some of you did some of you dipped up to go to the
bathroom one of you isn’t even looking at me in the goddamn face right now and
these people out here have to work three jobs to make the amount you guys do Beau
tired they’re tired it’s 8 o’clock tonight and they’re tired and they’re
here to fight for their lives my babies I pulled them out of school I switched
schools three times last year in the Madison School District three times in
an elementary school and in a middle school because I was scared to death for
my children my eight year old is brilliant she has autism she has
Asperger’s I asked for an IEP four times and was denied denied because my black
daughter obviously had behavioral issues my diagnosis of autism in their face
four times turned her away my daughter was called an effin n B every single day
by two white boys when I went in to have meeting after meeting with this school
they told me she provoked it she provoked them attacking her verbally
and physically because she didn’t know the power in silence the power in
ignoring to me in my house that sounded like the power of ignorance my daughters
are taught that they can be anything they want to
in November I pulled my daughter’s I’m homeschooling them now these people
behind me we they don’t have the the white privilege of of not working and
I’m white here my wife makes a great salary and I have the privilege of
staying at home with my kids the people who need the love and the support can’t
afford to do that you are failing these people they deserve to feel like decent
people this 11 year old girl got up and got ready to go to school in the morning
to come home and tell her mom when she asked how was your day baby she wanted
to say I had a great day I saw my friends I learned but instead she got to
come home and talk about her hair being fucking ripped out of her head these
kids aren’t safe when we talk about that we are I have hair now and this doesn’t look
like the web but when I hold my baby’s eyes schools three months ago my hair
start going back I was so anxious and worried that my my baby’s eight years
old and had a panic attack they were gonna call the police
I wasn’t fight-or-flight every day I dropped my kids off at school because I
didn’t believe you guys are my kids you’re not keeping me safe my hair fell
out of my goddamn head because my baby’s your family know somebody who has been
hurt by our schools how do you expect these kids to learn the police in their
face do you want a fucking police officer in your face every day waiting
for you to mess up so the next week oh I want to talk about the metal
detectors I’m from Milwaukee and we have metal detectors and Milwaukee public
districts and the experience was shit because we woke up from 6:00 to 6:30
a.m. to catch our bus right and then to be lined up and stuffed into the
cafeteria with metal detectors we’re trying to be set so we had to wait
instead in the middle in the cafeteria until the fucking armed metal detectors
were said we were present in our cafeteria every day we went through the
metal detectors every day we felt like prisoners and out of all the checks who
do you think got check the most or who do you think I check the most black
students with the targets of metal detectors anyways the waste is not very
bad shape no never if you vote for metal detectors you
better not say it’s for safety because everyone feel unsafe when they had metal
detectors to go through everyday and to be honest just say you fear black people
and you feel threatened by blacks children you do not care about black
children safety cuz when we went to those metal detectors we didn’t feel
safe at all you got black youth and the Southeast Asian you from Madison coming
here every meeting telling you what they need and you keep them missing them and
then you vote for the fucking um the the police to be in the schools and then you
want to add metal detectors that makes no sense this is enough evidence to tell
us you fear you hate and you want the death and violence of black children so
just say yeah stop saying that you want the safety because that is not the truth it is truly appalling that the school
board continues to spend money and direct efforts to systems that have
proven more damaging than helpful to their students it is clear that you have
the funds and efforts to positively influence the educational experiences of
your students yet you do not instead of continuing to fund the more or less
criminalization of young black and brown children invest in your education
provide services that will help promote students leadership provide services
that will better students mental health and wellness provide services that will
invest in get creativity instead of spending money on maintaining debt
threatening and violent presence of police officers in your schools invest
in your students it is your duty as the represent ators of this district to
invest in your students that that’s the end of public
appearances the board will be taking a short recess moron no I’m just saying we’re coming
back into session now you can start okay the next item on the agenda is the
report on items that proceeded through the instruction workgroup held on
February 11th 2019 I’d like to move that we take item 12 one Swan Creek petition
out of order okay any discussion on that I’d like to hear from legal counsel just
about basic understanding of the limits of our current agreement and we have to
take a vote I vote I’m sorry I’m sorry my mistake my mistake all in favor aye
opposed okay okay so with regard to the Swan Creek petition as many of the
speakers mentioned tonight this is subject to a boundary agreement entered
into between the Oregon School District and the MMSD when it was originally
entered into there was multiple purposes one was to increase enrollment in the
MMSD but also I would say this has certainly worked for the school district
of Oregon it was to stave off having to build new schools and referenda and they
hadn’t had a referenda I don’t believe they’ve had multiple enough referenda as
they had in the past after that Swan Creek detachment again
as was stated by a number of the speakers and is included in your packet
there is a clause within the agreement that we basically have to oppose any
attempt to annex or detach the property under Chapter 117 which is what has
occurred here with the petition my understanding is Oregon is also aware
that provision and will comply with it and while they don’t know the results of
their board meeting they were meeting tonight
well they did send an indication that they would be voting no because of the
legal obligation so in addition to the legal obligation I think from Madame’s
Madison’s perspective it is a territory that provides us with about two million
dollars in property taxes on an annual basis at this time of the public school
students who live in Swan Creek and I can only speak to the public school
students because we don’t have great data on private school students but of
the public school students the majority around 60 to 65 percent do continue to
attend MMSD the remaining students most of them believe open and roll out to the
Oregon School District in terms of its location can can we put the bosses in people’s pockets yes yeah
people have specific questions on the on the boundaries there is a map in Europe
and your materials okay that’s okay so my certainly my recommendation based
upon all the statutory factors that were required to consider those being the
educational needs of the children in the the district topographical
characteristics of the territory the travel time is a factor to be considered
and in travel time is really particularly right now travel time is
fairly consistent between districts there’s no significant travel time to
one district versus the other if there’s any adverse effect on programmatic
issues which I do see that happening within Leopold particularly for the DLI
program there’s also a significant impact based upon the fact that the Swan
Creek neighborhood is a middle to upper-class neighborhood and almost
entirely white that would have a significant impact on Leopold in
particular in terms of the socio-economic balance as well as well
as racial diversity of Leopold so in most instances it’s it’s a negative for
the Madison metropolitan school district to to have this territory be detached
barb can you go to I think it’s a last exhibit I’m sorry further there we go
so this is the Swan Creek territory this area right here this area that States
Capitol State Recreation Area it is true it’s DNR but it is also MMSD
and so when back when there was an appeal in 2002 the school district
boundary appeal Board determined that the fact that there was a corner shared
between MMSD property and the Swan Creek that led to a contiguous property so
they did not believe that it created an island
even though so this territory here this territory here in this territory here
what happened there would be Oregon Oregon school district sorry so the
white area here Oregon School District this upper area Oregon School District
and then again the contiguous corner between Swan Creek MMSD would be over in
this area this entire area here and just so those that aren’t particularly
filament familiar with Fitchburg this would be Pro mega a grace primarily
commercial property in this area here any other questions just one quick
question which is um if if in the scenario that some people describe which
it is there any further discussion on the
swamp rapier for the discussion on this aisle moved at the Board of Education
denied the petition to attach the swine Creek property from the MMSD second any
further discussion imide your advisory vote
all in favor Ryan’s host:i passes 6-0 James I didn’t hear your vote on Swan
Creek say that again can you repeat your vote on the Swan Creek detachment take a brief recess whoever’s responsible really have to see
the bounce-back thing on their Armando I didn’t even see you here I don’t even
see that haha Armando I’m really happy to see the box back on there and and and
you feel that’s like 14 of course for the beating yeah because
it is you know I mean people are calling for we’re not doing the best we can okay
we had three significant updates and just to be clear they were really
updates because each item English language learners special ed and advanced really deserve we will get down
the line so there’s updates where essentially
this is what we’re working on you’re gonna get full reports down the line
Monday coming up we’re gonna be talking about opportunity youth and I’ve
requested specifically information on how we’re gonna expand these
opportunities in increase the number of slots so that’s what’s coming up okay
thanks Dean next item is the report on items
have proceeded through the operations workgroup held on February 18th 2019
kate yeah so we had two different items on the agenda on March 11th the first
was an update on budget that will be a standing item on the ops workgroup
through the rest of the year and and then the second was the two policy items
that were gonna vote on later tonight one is on welfare and our emergency
procedures and then the second one was on screenings our next meeting is March
11th and we have two items on the agenda two or three budget is is on they’re
particularly focused on our priority actions and it’s kind of the first
probably more fleshed out view that we’ll see there and then we have Capital
high and and one more policy piece thank you the next item is the action items
that proceeded through the operations workgroup since there were no action
items that proceeded through the instruction workgroup and so that is
with regards to revisions to board policies forty four hundred and forty
one forty seven are relative to safety so these have been discussed at the
Operations workgroup and so I will move that the Board of Education approved the
changes to board policies forty four hundred which is investigation
interrogation arrest and search and forty one forty seven students employees
safety as set forth in the documents provided for the February 25th 2019
regular Board of Education may be effective immediately
okay so discussion brief I hope number of people tonight brought up the issue
of metal detecting and winding that that’s in this policy and I’d like to
just clarify a couple of things both for the board and for myself
– Ihnen is that if we do not add this language to this policy
Juan Dean could still go on in our schools and with no guidelines and no
protections sorry Matt I’m looking at union of a microphone it’s one of the
reasons why I believe the board requested the policy is that if if we’re
going to do it at any point in time we want to have some parameters and and
protections for students and so you’re you’re correct that if we were to do it
without a policy that would be against kind of the guidance that I’ve given in
terms of metal detectors and then then just to be clear that there it would be
an option to board could pass a policy that said that we would not met metal
that we would not use metal detectors at all that would be a third option sure
and and so and so so if we are accepting that there will be metal detectors then
the idea of having what we’re trying to do is put protections in for our
students and and through through this policy correct yep
thank you and I just want to point out in 44-hundred that additional
protections and expansions of the current expense protections for students
from searches and investigations have been added to that policy and some of
those are based on the recommendations of the RO ad hoc committee and so thank
those people for that work also and since we’re doing all three at once the
employee safety again I also thank the EAS that will follow it for their work
on bringing the issue of the need for safety protocols for employees forth and
how that has been incorporated and thanked the board for incorporating that
in the policy questions I mean maybe while we’re thinking folks Matt I’m just
gonna think oh yeah that’s what I think I mean look I think while obviously a
policy is very complex around wanting or or any sort of screening that I’m really
happy that you made the effort to talk to folks around what’s the right way for
us to handle LGBTQ youth I handle gender issues etc etc and so I just I think
it’s we’re doing quite a I hope she didn’t urge I guess that you
put into helping us in terms of bringing in my joy-buzzer ball i all in favor
opposed okay that passes 7-0 okay next on the agenda is the consent agenda so I
will move that the Board of Education adopt and approve all the motions set
forth in Section ten the electronic agenda prepared for the February 25th
2019 regular school board meeting exactly as said motions are written by
voting affirmative ly on this motion a board member expresses his or her
affirmative vote on each of the motions consolidated hereby subject to any
express separations that had been made by any member of the school board second
okay any separations tj8 8 & 8 15 any others okay then so back to the main we
have a motion and a second two separations in my chair advisory vote
aye all in favor aye opposed okay that
passes 7-0 okay so eight eight agreement with the city of Madison for special
duty officers this is yeah this is probably just for questions and I’m
guessing that it’s probably Karen but I’m not a hundred percent sure and we’re
gonna have to get Karen a microphone these officers are primarily for things
like sporting events and dances and and other ones they’re not for day-to-day
school day activities might the question I had the big question is in and Joe is
what’s the chain of command on approval for for hiring these officers is it the
person who controls the budget line or does it have to go up to your level
before it’s approved its debt is generally at the school level okay and
it’s pretty routine for instance a football game on a Friday night at
Mansfield or Bri Stadium it’s usually just two officers basketball games is
two officers homecoming dances I mean the whole array of extracurricular
extracurricular school sponsored activities but it’s pretty routine it’s
using a couple officers with we’re expecting a great big crowd we may add
some extra staff okay is the back and forth with either of your officers when
when these are done or I’m just trying to figure out I’m trying to look at what
happens I mean there’s dozens right no it happens all the time yeah right
everything like that but if there’s information that comes forward that
there’s a concern about absolutely the school’s me and Jeremy atletic director
will too and I guess the last question is that the expenditures for these come
out of the individual program budgets the school budgets or if it’s if it’s an
MSc our thing would come out of an MSc our activity budget we haven’t gone yeah
just just you know kind of trying to get it I mean I knew this was going on I
just didn’t have a feel of kind of the flow the work flow around it and since
it was on the agenda this seemed like a good time to ask some questions
all right thanks thanks YUM thanks go ahead okay so then I will
move that the board approve entering into a recurring annual contracts with
the city of Madison for payment of special duty police officers to be
signed on an as-needed and as available basis to provide safety security and
crowd management at school events the payments will be made from the
requesting schools operating funds with the total from all schools not to exceed
$30,000 in any given school year during any given year okay all in favor aye
opposed okay that passes 6:01 okay 8:15 8:15 we have approximately
three million dollars worth of school hardening and related technological
purchases on the agenda this evening approximately 2.25 million of that is
from DOJ grant funds and approximately seven hundred and seventy five thousand
dollars of it is from local funds either did or fronting or related funds fund 41
I’m not quite sure which which local funds I kind of went through all these
and I think in general these investments are excessive I understand that’s
pending the DOJ grants for what the DOJ grants are is is what we should be doing
I picked out eight 15 is the one which has three hundred seventy nine thousand
dollars worth of local expenditures in it as one that I will be voting against
and so not going to try to convince anyone else to vote against it but I
will be voting against this and with the idea that we should you know that
definitely spend the DOJ grants but we should be very very careful with our
local investments in this area Joan do you have any so what would
happen if those funds aren’t spent a knows that we budgeted for this yeah
this was all what we planned on in the June budget and so I appreciate the
reminder they you didn’t love that idea in the first place but this is the
commitment we made to the public we’re not expanding that plan in any way we’re
just following through on the plan that was created and the plan being the
security yeah the security plan yeah okay
any further questions or discussion okay I’ll move that the Board of Education
Award Tri City Electric of Iowa a bid in the amount of three hundred and sixty
thousand one hundred and forty five dollars for contract a and Furion
Auto audio/video security a bit in the amount of three hundred and thirty one
thousand one hundred and sixty dollars for contract B for total of six hundred
and ninety one thousand three hundred and five dollars to complete phase three
facility security improvements at select schools using the Department of Justice
grant of three hundred and eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty three
dollars and 38 cents and 2018-19 local security funds of three hundred and
ninety three hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred and twenty $1.65
second okay imaginable all right all in favor aye opposed Mary
okay that passes five to okay so that completes the consent agenda and the
next item would be other reports to the board starting with the city of Madison
education committee finally Wow let me pull up my notes that the show also took
it forwarded me but I’m just thrilled we have forums we save the committee both
of which are considered major accomplishments because there was struck
at what struck consensus that it wouldn’t be what we’re going to do
meetings will be held in May July September the next meeting is May 8th
we’re also creating a survey it said to get it out sending it out now to ask
individuals what they want the committee to do what they think is the most
important and to rank them we’re also asking what role do they see the city
had educational committee take on what should be the city of the city Education
Committee and what should what and what who should vote and who should be on the
committee should the committee be formalized in the respectful guidelines
of government because the city doesn’t have to notice that only the school
board has to notice and the city would like to notice it and what should the
city and school board do sorry I’m trying to read the same school board do
to work on routine related issues and problems in the of restorative youth of
opportunity youth mm-hmm and that is it okay thank you I’m just blessed that it
happened these questions because I can I consider this committee to be pretty
useless as it is right now and I think a much higher level discussion needs to be
made if two board members are at a committee or in errata on a committee
with to count City years and to County Board supervisors I think we’re missing
an opportunity and the in the conversation that goes on is really
worthless unless it’s higher level and and the types of questions that were
being asked here gives us an opportunity to perhaps
consider a much higher level discussion among all three governing bodies in this
community where we can actually talk about sharing resources and creating
partnerships that our budget that are attached to budgets that that bring
meaningful discussion about how we can deal with restorative justice practices
how we can deal with opportunity use and collaborate with governing agencies that
takes our kids that we work with here during 8:00 to 3:00 and then hand off
the City and County programs that can help that can continue and collaborate
together so that’s where I see this city education committee really needs to go
and I don’t even know if it needs to be called the city education committee it
needs to be what we need to be consider is how can we collaborate at much higher
levels with city and county governing agencies to collaborate on programs that
we can then share resources share conversations and share budgets that to
me is something that I think it would be worthwhile to consider and at that
meeting to board I think the President and Vice President is city council and
the chair of the County Board should be there along with super the
superintendent or or the chief of staff and someone from the mayor’s office and
someone from county exact offers if not the mayor and County exec themselves
okay um Thank You Dean I don’t know make sure we stick to the agenda here and
this is an update from the meeting I think these are really good points and I
think we should not get on the topic of discussing this I think it’s a relevant
topic I just don’t think it’s part of getting
I wanted it on the table yeah I appreciate that this is relevant to the
update Nicki who is the server being sent to community members in two
teachers they’re being sent to staff they are being sent to County Board
members the County Board executive Jen you should get one of the superintendent
all of all school board members are getting in all come and all those okay
thank you that’s that was thanks Vicky and Dean I think I’d be good if you
could maybe put in writing your things so we don’t lose that and that can be
incorporated into the feedback on the next you know including that from the
survey and as a reminder we did agree to agenda is a larger discussion about the
city had committee oh great later on this year
oh great can we include the term childhood education one in that or no I
mean you guys could discuss it but just the sit the Early Childhood Education
Committee oh we certainly confirm it consider there one covers earth – mm-hmm
really some of it’s like five six seven even okay okay I’m so I’m at a student
Senate so Student Senate had a meeting on February 13th and then during that
meeting we had a discussion around the bet
I’m similar to during the instructional work group we especially highlighted the
three goals and had a discussion around them and as well as dress code um
because a lot of the students were passionate about some of the m’s in the
dress code and had things to say about those we also began working on
presentations in our committees so we have an AP honors committee facilities
class sizes and in phone technology our four committees and we begin working on
presentations um so that we can hopefully present to the students and as
a whole next meeting and possibly the board in the future and then we will
likely have another round of guest speakers that spring just to gather more
information and streamline our goals for this year next year
okay thank you shrim but is there anything on the BEP
that can you bring anything from the Board of Education and there changes
that there was a consensus among the Student Senate around from our last
draft and himself you can share them the board either at our next meeting or
wherever that would be appreciated okay thank you okay um glorious student
behavior ad hoc committee sure our next meeting is scheduled for March 11th that
our ad hoc committee so we’ve had you know we’ve made a lot of progress we’re
moving along as everybody knows this is a really tough area and I think we’ve
covered a lot of ground work here in our next meeting we will be discussing how
we incorporate opportunity youth and the recommendations and policies and budget
really focusing on those students who are high needs in our schools oftentimes
we build policies for which you know we have to write for the entire student
body and but I think we have to this is an opportunity for us to really focus
our efforts around those students who are in need of a lot of resources so
that we are not leaving them behind and figure out a way that we support
them whether it be alternative schools whatever that looks like but I think we
have to spend some time in energy around this
appreciate our staff and listening to our concerns and that’s what we’ll be
discussing further we wanted to be further along on this but I think it is
worth our time and spending our time on this and I don’t cave gems if you guys
have any comments okay I’m Nikki just one quick one comment one statement
thank you for including that I think that’s very important but just one
reminder that on the alternatives that when you do it alternative you have to
have ten day ten days notice or cuts to choose a change replacement we had that
with the alternative school and they’ll follow it and it wasn’t done and we
ended up almost having to give compensatory services and so I just want
to avoid that problem so that’ll be great for our next meeting of the
that’ll be covering that we didn’t last month we neglected to get an update from
the estate meeting of the Wisconsin association of school boards and James I
wondered if you could give us an update from that meeting none of them passed because the one
basically why don’t know that word another resolution at this point but
basically it was the southern schools and that were in favor of the changes
that we recommend recommended and as you know that that was about 300 people
that’s in those meetings that that constitute about three people look back
at that because I can’t remember the back whether Luther now we can revisit
it next next month James I should have given you a fair warning that I was
going to call on you here yeah thank you James
okay so I think that is the last item on our agenda since we did move up the Swan
Creek and so if there is no other old or new business I will move to adjourn all
in favor all in favor aye opposed or German

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