Board of Education Regular Meeting 10/29/2018

The resuscitation of the vision
statement and that is that every school will be a thriving school that prepares
every student to graduate from high school college career and community
ready and the second item on our agenda this evening is a motion for approval of
the minutes and I would move that the Board of Education approved the minutes
from the regular meeting dated March 19th 2018 any discussion
Ahmad your advisory vote aye all in favor aye opposed passes 7-0 okay
next on our agenda are public appearances and we want to thank you all
for coming to speak to us this evening speakers are welcome to speak on any
topic at the regular board meeting but we would like the speakers in the
audience to know that board action and conversation is limited to items on our
agenda which means members will not be able to engage in conversation with
speakers we will take your comments into account in our decision-making and
follow-up where appropriate speakers who require language interpretation support
in order to speak to the board shall be given up to six minutes to speak which
shall generally provide sufficient time for the interpreter to convey the
speaker’s message individuals with disabilities who require accommodations
in order to register and speak to the board shall be granted such
accommodation upon request other extensions may be granted only by the
approval of the board thank you again for participating in our meeting tonight
we have a number of speakers I don’t know the exact number here but there are
a lot so every person will have three minutes up to three minutes to speak I
would ask that everyone be respectful of all the speaker
here regardless of whether we agree with their point of view or not as you can
see there is a timer in the corner so speakers have visibility as to when
they’re three minutes is going to be up I will prompt speakers who go over the
three minutes that that time is is up as well there is going to be a some type of
audio to that that goes off at that time so the first public appearances we have
are with regards to the adoption of the 2018-19 budget and certification of the
tax levy so I’m going to need to ask for some guidance here with those staff who
are these are any of the comments or public appearances with regards to the
the budget okay okay if there are none then we will
move on to our general public appearances and with that I will call
the the first speaker and then the second speaker since we do have a lot of
speakers this evening I would ask that the person next in line come to the
front and be ready to take the podium as soon as the speaker in front of them is
finished so our first speaker this evening is Greg Murray and Greg will be
followed by our salia Esperanza Greg sorry good evening my name is Greg
Murray I’m a parent of two students that will file at high school first of all I
wanted to start out maybe on a positive note by thanking the board and the
administration we have had a lot of meetings at La Follette over the past
several weeks many of the members of the administration Alex
many of the board members have come and talked with us and we’ve had good
meetings list of action items has been produced and that’s been very positive
dialogue on these safety and infrastructure challenges we have at La
Follette so thank you for reaching out thank you for the dialogue we have a lot
of work to do at La Follette we’ve a lot of great things happening at La Follette
fantastic teachers great students but we need to sustain that and without these
kind of discussions and work on the issues that are confronting our school
we will not be able to sustain those having said that I want to make sure we
keep our eye on the ball here we need to actually implement the safety and
security improvements they need to be improved and installed not just talked
about in bit on the scheduling issues at La Follette have to be resolved board
kids kids with three hours of study hall that is not a good sustainable model for
our population our kids need to be taught in classes not lots of study hall
the training for the teachers the training for these system ins they need
to be implemented my final point would be we need a plan for staff retention
staff and teacher retention is a huge issue thirty five percent turnover of
staff and teachers in a single year to school is devastating it is just
devastating that is a third of the teachers who need to build new
relationships with kids a lot of our safety issues a lot of our challenges
are based on lack of meaningful adult relationships having a third of your
school turnover who don’t know these kids is just devastating to our
population teachers to consume that new information the training that’s required
it is very very difficult and that lack of relationships also
plays into our safety issues as well without good relationships kids who are
on the margin are gonna make bad choices and that leads to our safety issues we
can do something about that we must support our teachers I will make one
budget comment there is a budget issue about an HR employees relationship
specialist to focus on diverse hiring when we have this 30 to 40 percent
turnover my understanding as we hired one or two or maybe three people of
color last year that is ridiculous we need a teaching staff that reflects what
our kids look like I’m shocked that in this age of affirmative action we
actually need to hire someone to specialized on hiring diverse staff but
I that’s what it takes approve that in the budget we need to
make progress on that thank you thank you
Australia followed by Peyton hello Araceli Esparza and I’m a resident of
the east side of East High School feeding residency at my both of my son’s
we’re graduating from will fall at high school I am quite aware of all of the
security reasons why we’re having these board meetings and so forth I just want
to say that yes the security upgrades need are needed in all of our school
structures but also have just keeping in mind that having a police officer there
when you are dealing with a family or in a population of immigrants that have had
devastating interactions with somebody in a uniform can be detrimental as well
and I don’t think we’re being as sensitive as we can be about that I’m
all for staff security like Maria Avila who’s been part of our relationship
since I was a child here in Madison and born and raised this is the courtesy
that we need to do is be growing the very people who are going to be our
security they need to come from our community they cannot be
strangers right they cannot come from the police force because they won’t have
the psychology nor will they have the boundaries set up for them I have heard
and shared with some of you feedback of single parents of police officers being
just say overly friendly okay overly friendly and taking advantage of their
position of power and externally and then utilizing that position of power
and our vulnerability when we’re advocating for our children at schools
and so I bring that so that we can just really think about all of these avenues
and and you guys have such a great job such a big big job enormous job so I
commend that you are diligently listening to all of us it’s going to be
a long night it looks songs to me so keeping giving your energy positive
through this will be difficult I know I’ve just done even myself have received
various different interactions and I would just ask the audience as well to
to be courteous to each other to come to each other with love and care just as we
treat a kindergartener that needs to be how we treat a senior in high school
thank you by now you all should know who we all
are we come here today to not only testify against cops in schools but we
are also here because we care about black and brown youth I had a great team
with me today a team that consists of black and brown intelligent and
thoughtful leaders who have grown to become my friends and family we all came
together because of two common things one the love for our community and two
to end violence within and against our community the police plays such a
crucial role in the continuous harming and killing of black and brown people it
is an extremely violent institution that needs to be abolished not put into our
schools for the last week young people teachers parents and community members
from all over the nation have been participating in the dignity and schools
national week of action and guess against goal push out demanding
counselors and not cops this goes to show you that there are many people who
want cops out of schools Madison has this great opportunity to be one of the
first to remove cops from schools and invite and invest money and resources
into programs activities and things that can positively transform young people’s
lives they’ll continue to uphold white supremacy be the change be on the
correct side of history be the revolution area this realm is healing
and for far too long black and brown people have been denied of their dignity
of their safety and of their own healing you can change that by that diet you can
change that by divesting from the police and investing in students that three
hundred and sixty thousand dollars can provide joy and happiness to cure
depression and it’s an historical trauma to provide free healthier food in
schools for pantries and youth advocates and counselors these are examples of
what can be done with them instead of having harmful notorious
force in our schools so we demand that you can take cops our schools invest
three hundred and sixty thousand dollars on youth of color and students and
families and community members of color have real this decision-making power
because this school board is not fully representing the community in having one
student representative is not enough followed by King heaven caption my
school would never have never make me feel safe
it feels like a jail I don’t know why we’re still having this conversation
when we come to these meetings all the time as a youth of color who are most
impacted by police and we told you how they make us uncomfortable and feel
unsafe our voices are never heard choose to no color I never seen his children
were seen as targets we’re a second sick of being brushed off we want the
contract between MMSD in the city of Madison to be tournament terminated we
also want the money that you all are trying to put into this contract to go
to youth of color invest into organizations like freedom Inc to come
to come run workshops for students and staffs about racism racism LGBTQ and
gender justice give that money to two who works with the multitude who works
with the most impacted the root of all our fears is in white supremacy the
police stop that you all are always talking
about gun control but want to put them in schools do you really think ER Rose
will build a relationship with students and will help restorative justice we do
not feel safe we have three demands the first one is take hops out of schools
they don’t need need to be involved with anything in schools especially
restorative justice you look color nice pace to feel safe the second one is
putting money into youth of color that means make sure they have a place to eat
and sleep at night the last demand is student a student and family choose what
they want to learn it is very important for black students to learn about the
good that came out of the struggle I hope you all are listening and make
these changes King followed by John we have tired of
being targets we are tired of always having to watch our backs while walking
the streets we’re tired of burying our friends and
family these are the things that we have to go through almost day almost every
day due to police and if we feel this way every day why do you feel as if we
want to feel this way as school youth of color walk around schools every day on
their defense because police make us feel unsafe me being a college student I
see the same harassment that I see in high schools at my own school even me
being at this meeting I am a target because I’m speaking against this fucked
up ass proposal your ad hoc committee has drawn up we are tired of having our
words fabricated and sugar-coated so I’ll say them again so that you hear
them correctly remove cops out of school invest resources in education that
promotes leadership wellness learning and creativity for youth of color build
transformative justice instead of punishing youth and give youth and
families decision-making power if you cannot follow these simple demands then
you need to remove yourself you say that you care about us about the students
when everyone knows this isn’t true just because you have a student up there does
not mean that we’re spoken for because God knows what goes on when we aren’t
around around to be able to watch him in the crowd we the youth of color who are
impacted are telling you to take police out of school who spark fear in us if
you want to know what we feel that you should use this three hundred and sixty
thousand dollars for come and take a look at the wall on my right and at this
point there is no way that you can say you do not have choices when we have
pinned them up on the walls in front of you thank you thank you John
followed by Cynthia my name is John vane and I’m a given X
organizer for your make if you already truly represent the message school
district then you are supposed to be accountable to the community and I am a
part of that community you are accountable to me it’s such a shame that
y’all think that the cops should be in our scores it’s such a shame your world
rather invest 306 two thousand dollars in two cops and our students it’s such a
shame that young and black and more people have been consistently showing up
to his meetings for over a year and a half and yet nothing we have said is
being taken seriously we won’t stop fighting until all voices are heard we
will continue to come here month after month and to tell your autumn vest and
students and not the police and if you’re still choosing Norris you’re
nothing but someone unacceptable useless recess cowards you all really think
you’re doing a great job but what you’re actually doing is upholding white
supremacy you see the data and hear the stories of black and brown of needing
more resources but yet you continue to spend our money on cops that do not six
thousand dollars can transform someone’s life I believe that having constant
schools won’t make schools safer because school is about education not
incarcerating students of color the money itself can do so much for students
of color such as free bus passes that will last for the whole entire school
year that way they’ll have a way of transportation of getting to places
scholarships that way it can help them when they go into college and last but
not least you’ve advocates of color to local students in a cultural specific
way that’s really our one so now go do your job correctly
and if you won’t did not suggest you all to step down from your position against
students of color deserve the money more than being harassed by cops in schools
we demand to rate the contract between MMSD and I’m kidding
to invest appearances done thousand to students of color and third last ones
the family have community offered school safety and you are if you are continue
to ignore us I promise you orders we were shot shit down son
Cynthia followed by mate out um the next speakers name is Michael I want you to
speak her name correctly please can you please say her name correctly please and
thank you because I’m not gonna take my turn to you sir name correctly and I’m
looking at you and you straight directly in your eyes are waiting for you to sign
him correctly say it please and thank you first of all rude as fuck anyways this
meeting starts at 6 p.m. but you are four minutes late yes I did keep track
honestly on tire coming here and I’m tired of seeing all your faces yes okay
um ah you are now listening to our demands when we’re the community in the
students three hundred sixty thousand dollars is a lot of money y’all and you
can do so much things with that that will benefit the students in the schools
but yeah y’all chose to invest in two more cups why don’t like I mean do y’all
not know math like we do may take all weight all cups away from school and not
add them y’all inspire twice of our a journey and we know what’s right and how
City looks like better than y’all but yeah we’re the one who’s down here
looking at our oppressors and letting y’all make the decision that’s fucked up
here is something that they’re triggers me to those day oh well real quick
police station this in the school I’ll be community control now that’s a nice
control shit the fuck Danny no community control convulsions that Dean we want
your all to invest the three hundred sixty dollars into your colors help
those who want to study abroad or couldn’t because of not having the money
for it help get every student free healthy lunch help pay for drugs add
help upgrade the water fountains in the bathroom in a cosmic associates and
nastiest fuck everything that will benefit the students I don’t give a damn
y’all say some oh we will have coffee school but not I’ll have them in your
your form now that kind of stupid shit is that at the end of the day there’s no
cops and more harmless if y’all came to listen to the community especially the
students may honor as well get give up on your seat and go home drink some tea
will show y’all what to do we want our community control to decide what to do
if there’s any violence between students we know what’s best for us and how
safety looks like so if so we don’t want y’all to those y’all those who are
sitting out there for 90 students no more to tell us why what safety looks
like and you see I can be at home doing homework right now watching some kdrama
all shit mic mentor over there can be
celebrating his birthday today but yeah we chose to come here to fight for our
students and fight for community and we push everything that is also according
our lives outside just to come here and see y’all white people ask bullshit
faces reading men no cops in school invested money into the students of
color and computer control discipline my name is Mike Hall I’ve been here so many
times and I don’t understand why didn’t you get my name right I’m a youth
organizer at freedom Inc I have been to these meetings for too long and nothing
has changed I’ve been reading through these recommendation that you all go and
write people grow down for us and it’s just bullshit these recommendations
don’t mention anything that we we have been demanding you all say that y’all
listen to the community but we’re and when from what I see in here it’s
nonsense because what you are doing is silencing people of color all y’all been
doing this whole time is treating white people with dignity and respect but just disrespecting us people of
color it clearly shows us that our education is now portent too you all you
all really don’t deserve this position if you don’t listen to the people
instead of wasting $360,000 on police put this money in the hands of the
people I have seen that my people struggle with transportation and being
able to of being able to afford lunch so help us out by taking this money and
using it to help low-income communities by making sure their basic needs are met
every kid has the right to have free transportation the right to have food in
their stomachs we aren’t rich like privileged white people who have allowed
money to pay for both school supplies and school needs
and we don’t have enough to pay for home bills and basic needs we want counselors
instead of cops we don’t need cops in our schools if
they all they do is push us out we want counselors of color who will bring us
back up when we are struggling and need a hand to stand back up create Safe
Schools through positive safety and discipline measures we demand that you
all invest resources in education that promote leadership wrongness learning
and creativity for youth of color use conflict salute with resolution that
leads to transformation for young people create opportunity for students families
and communities to have power to make real decisions about school thank you
Selena followed by ash Tiana my name is Alina yang and I’m the youth
organizer I pretty much two years ago I was no longer given a free bus pass at
school according to the district my family made enough money to pay for my
school meals and bus passes but my family was barely making it my parents
were like working all the time and my oldest brother doing other member
in my family who was able to drive was also working and going to college during
that time I was an eighth grader I went to school on the west side and lived on
the south side the only way for me to go to school and get home was for my
parents and my brother to transport me because again the school wouldn’t give
me a bus pass this proved to be very difficult my family its work schedule
always conflicted with my school schedule there were many times when
school was over and I will have to sit outside in the cold for long periods of
time waiting this is why you all need to stop paying for cops
to be in our schools and you said three hundred sixty thousand dollars on
students as a school member if you really care about us invest in us not
the cops improve the school or improve our
schools put air conditioners in our schools we suffer in the heat during
summer fix our bathrooms there are nine of gender neutral bathrooms for our
queer trans and non-jew non-binary people fix our lockers give all students
free plus premises you putting cops in our school does not fix anything there
are not resourceful but are harmful to black and brown students so we demand
the complete complete remover of police and schools invest resources in
education that promotes leadership wellness learning and creativity for
youth of color give community community control over school safety students
families in community needs decision-making power in our schools
those transformative justice models instead of punishing youth thank you Asiana followed by ho ho and
you’re going to have to correct my pronunciation on that h u h o ua so a
fourteen-year-old student was tackled down handcuffed and tased by a school
cop for defending ourselves against a bully instead of helping her and
protecting her at the police heard the pollute the police broke a 12 year old
student with this 12 year olds arm with that had a disability after he was
trying to leave the classroom instead of supporting him they hurt him they didn’t
care that he had a disability another student was struck 18 times with the
metal bat a bet for not turning in his cellphone the second student was the
only the student was badly bruised and bleeding a 17 year old student was
punched in the face by school cop for having weed did the student actually
have the weed on know there are just a few these are just a few stories of
police harming kids in schools and this is what we don’t want them there so
y’all need to one take the cost out of our schools to invest and then invest in
us instead of giving police money to hurt us three let us say let us say
where our safety looks like my name is mrs. Reese I am the parent
excuse me I am the parent of until I say Kincaid I’m taking the rest of her time
ma’am thank you with dpi for children my son has an IEP
they have been found I want to I’ll say guilty of the fact of violating two out
of three with children with IEP s I don’t care if my son have activities
outside of school when he’s in school it is school we are not going to bring his
activities from outside the school into schools and think that you are going to
punish him as if you are the police y’all know what time it is they’ve been
they are pushing our children out they are pushing African American children
out sending them to the library to do to do school and they’re at 5th grade level
and they’re their seniors and they’re juniors this is unacceptable and I just
want y’all to know I found the lawsuit against this MMSD School District okay because they have violated my rights my
son is in a little bit of issues right now with the law but it ain’t got a damn
thing to do with what they did to him last year at that school okay so I ain’t
going nowhere Cheatham I’m waiting to release the takes that I have of the
conversations but Swain Harlan died I’m gonna well I’m still right here
that’s my baby this shit happened almost last year the next speaker will be sure Shari
Barnsley after yourself hi my name is hua I’m a mother of a child who has a
learning disability I’m here today to tell you why my child is not safe in
schools who employ cops as an educational resource I’m going to share
a couple of stories in May 2009 at the CAD at the academy for learning marShon
picked a 15 year old special needs student was beat by school police
officer for not tucking in his shirt at school a dress code and policy required
the student was confronted in the hallway by the officer and school staff
after walking away the officer slammed him against the lockers pinned him on
the floor and broke his nose in August 2015 in latonia Elementary School the
ACLU filed a federal lawsuit on a behalf of two elementary school children with
disabilities 8 in 9 years old who were handcuffed and traumatized by Kenton
County sheriff’s deputy for behaviors that were manifested by their
disabilities the handcuffs did not fit on their children’s wrist so they
replaced on a children’s biceps in a very painful position in May 2017 that
the Gabe Allen elementary while the school principal choked him with her
elbow Dallas ISD police tased and handcuffed a seven-year-old yo so Lopez
a special needs student with ADHD in a mood disorder after Dallas ISD police
violently responded to the call that Yoshio was banging his head against the
wall he was taken to the Dallas Behavioral Healthcare for close to a
week without his mother’s permission in October 2017 in Eagle Ridge Phoenix a
ten-year-old immigrant student at a neighboring school district was
assaulted by a police officer hired through the Phoenix Police Department
the student was autistic and had an individualized education plan
he suffered several injuries including a dislocated shoulder he was handcuffed
and isolated at the schools calm down room these are just some of the many
horrific stories that reduct mented but what about those that weren’t
what about those who are non-verbal who will protect these children you can you
can move cuffs from schools so that children can learn without fear you can
create a policy that holds people accountable for police for you for holds
people accountable for using police to harm children because we all know that
cops will walk away with murder give the youth and families decision
decision-making power around their education and growth instead of police
invest in education that promotes leadership wellness learning and
creativity for youth of color and instead of punishment build
transformative justice thank you Thank You chair sherry followed by nyesha hi
my name is Sheri Barnsley I’m the admin clerk senior at Oh Keith middle school
and I would like to share with you some information about the Code Red drill
held at O’Keefe and Marquette on October 17th I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the
articles written by the reporters from the capital times in the Wisconsin State
Journal about this specific code read drill I’d like to set the record
straight on a key component that was missing in
those articles that is we were told by central office administration to have
this drill unannounced what bothers me about this is that this crucial fact was
not an either of the articles published which would lead me to believe the
information provided to the reporters from the district was either misquoted
or lacking in some truth yes the Code Red drill was unannounced you know why
it was unannounced we were specifically told by the chief of school operations
that firing code red drills should be unannounced to staff and students I have
to say it took me by surprise but in looking at Board of Education your
policy 41:47 under fire weather in school safety drills it specifically
says these drills should be without prior warning
we followed board policy one of the articles stated though not list it in
district policy guide that its guidance to school is that students staff and
families should be notified prior to a CodeRed drill taking place the other
article stated recommendations tell administrators to provide district
recommendations tell administrators to provide prior notice to student and
families but the district needs to be more clear about the practices with
school administrators it said the district has been working on policies
since last year’s passage of act 143 which impart change state laws relating
to school safety yet none of this information is included in board policy
41 47 which you the board last updated on June 25th 2018 and still states that
these drills should be without prior warning and you wonder why there’s
confusion we followed the instructions given to us by the chief of school
operations and Board of Education policy I feel that someone from central office
administration should reach out to the newspapers to correct this
misinformation so that the community knows where the decision came from to
hold this drill unannounced I also ask that central office administration sent
out something to our staff and parents indicating that we did hold this drill
according to Board of Ed policy information and information provided to
us by the chief of school operations our staff and families need to know the
district’s supports us in what we did I need to know this too thank you thank
you now Yuja followed by Jessica William COO psychology at Utah hiker menchaca
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kala what I can only show you please finish up thank you ok all right MA
right Buki since I’m apparently doing work for
the school district right now because I’m interpreting I’ll make sure I charge
you okay alright I’ll email you later am alright Berkey
alright so hello to all school board members and everyone here today my name
is miny mo next time make sure you say that
correctly I am a community member of Madison Wisconsin for over 20 years I
have children that were in previously attend high school in the Madison
district as a mother in an advocate working with the Hmong community have
seen how police had been involved in schools the outcome of police’s schools
has affected the way our children do and behave in schools
I believe that police presence in schools has nothing to do with safety
but to police more and more of our students of
especially black students and putting many of our students into the
school-to-prison pipeline for over a year and a half now I have seen and
heard from many families and youth that they do not want $360,000 so you put
into having ero in schools we want the $360,000 to be put into better reaps
core resources such as more people of color counselors social workers teachers
black monk my curriculum school bus passes healthy lunch air-conditioned
school better a new desk and many more that students need in order to be
successful I am concerned about what you all as school board members have been
doing on behalf of all these youth that came come out to testify in opposition
ter OHS in schools I’m concerned because I have read through the report the
recommendations and none of the things that the youth said was even mentioned
this tells me that you all have not been doing your research in job this tells me
that you are so heartless and only care about your white people white privilege
this tells me that you are not even trying to listen this tells me that you
don’t care at all about the safety of students this tells me that you all
should step down from your position because you are only bringing harm to
our people lastly I care about world at $360,000 goals because I am a taxpayer
and I think that the money should be invested into our children students of
color because there are leaders today and will be our future leaders if you
all care like I how I care please invest the money into students and not the
police not police in schools Jessica Williams followed by hope so first of
all I want to give a shout out to my coworker money–i
y’all don’t listen to the community anyway so I even talked to you in
English I love that so my name is Jessica Williams and I am
a gender justice advocate at freedom Inc and of course a strong promoter of
supporter of our know pops in Schools campaign I work with adult black women
and many of them have had negative interactions with police and schools as
youth and now their children are starting to have those same negative
interactions I do I do support and advocacy for black women but
I spend hours every day brainstorming and trying to figure out how to resolve
the issues that the kids are having in schools so there are so many other
things that you could be doing with that money besides having cops children have
so many needs I can barely help their mothers because
we’re trying to figure out how to save their kids from all of all of the things
that’s going wrong in the schools so it’s really not clear to me why after
listening to everything that people have been saying to you for two years it’s so
hard for you all to recommend having cops removed from schools I went to a
school that didn’t have police we turned out fine security guards came in they
didn’t stop fights they never prevented anything they barely broke anything up
by the time they got got there things had already stopped by themselves the
same thing happens in schools today with cops like they don’t actually prevent
anything so I did want to share with you all that last week in our staff meeting
we looked over your recommendations at that point in time I didn’t know that
those were your recommendations I thought that Bianca and Joan made up a
list of recommendations for us to just kind of get an idea of what fit within
our demands and what didn’t I don’t think anyone in our staff knew that
these were real we thought it was something pulled off line it was a joke
right so we read over all of your demands we ranked them on a scale of 1
to 5 of how they fit into our demands and what the community is asking for you
had a possible 80 points and you got 21 that’s a 26 percent which is an F for
fail so I’m going to talk to you about a
couple of these recommendations that you’ve made recommendation number four
says that you wanted I think recommendation number four said
that you wanted the school district to write a transparent process for filing
complaints against the police in schools we’ve seen countless videos in her
countless stories of police officers on the streets murdering beating and
assaulting black people and we didn’t get no damn justice for that I don’t
know why you think that the school district is going to write a policy
that’s going to have accountability of police in schools it’s not going to
happen that’s all of y’all’s brains up there like you should understand how
power works and if we can’t do anything by police that have been murdering
people that we generally ain’t gonna do anything to police in schools that are
beating kids number five and six recommendations number five and six said
that you wanted to grant MMSD the right to remove officers from the schools and
you want to grant them the right to veto to veto a police officers we are
demanding that you veto them now we’re not waiting on a recommendation we want
them veto right now you have the power to do that and that’s what we’re asking
for thank you okay so today I’m going to name as many incidents as I can to show
you that having police in schools is heinous keep in mind that these are
these are school resource officers assaulting black and brown youth and
these are only a fraction of incidents that have occurred between 2010 and 22
twelve-year-old boys with stun stun gun minor assaults resulted in resource
officer murdering fourteen-year-old latin ex boy 20 year old black man
murdered outside his school dance because he was having car trouble 15
year-old boy killed by officers one wearing plain Street clothing 17 year
old student placed and medically induced coma after police failed to call
paramedics instead handcuffing him handcuffing the unconscious student
police officer was caught on camera praying before punching the student
police beat seventeen-year-old queer girl and knocked her brother’s teeth out
for trying to defend her 15 year old student left with two bone fractures
after student officer beats him studio was struck with metal nightstick by
school officer when student asked for his phone to be returned 10th grade girl
was assaulted by three resource officers in school to get in school to give up
her cell phone she was suspended and fined student was suspended after being
assaulted by resource officer resulting in broken shell officer assaulted
multiple students resulting in many hospital visits thirteen-year-old girl
was put into chokehold by school resource officer until he couldn’t he
could barely breathe and had blurry vision student was assaulted put into a
chokehold many times and body slammed on camera by resource officer in school
their 10 year old girl was beaten by resource officer in front of his in
front of his mother in school office 11 year old 11 year old students wrist was
broken by resource officer violently handcuffing him his parents were not
notified that he had been handcuffed 14 year old girl was choked and slammed to
the ground by multiple school officers 14 year old boy was slammed to the
ground while his brother was being handcuffed 14 year old black girl was
attacked and another black girl was arrested for taping and attempting to
de-escalate the situation I hope that by now you’re sick to your stomach because
there’s a lot more 16 year-old boy was struck in the head twice for drinking
water in the hallway without a pat call pass students standing near a school
fight was assaulted student was assaulted by us resource officer while
another watched resulting in injuries to his face and ribs
15 year-old girl was body slammed and dragged out of camera view
officer then forced to move schools officer used excessive force to on 16
year old student leaving him bloodied and unconscious 14 year old student
verbally assaulted before being physically assaulted resulting in two
broken teeth various bruises and lacerations to his face and neck with
all these incidents no change has been made to protect black and brown bodies
you can protected these youth by listening to our demands
remove cops from schools invest resources in education that promotes
leadership wellness learning and creativity for youth of color build
transformative justice instead of foolish finish up give youth and
families decision-making power I can’t see the time because he is in the way
thank you Savan followed by marker my name is Savannah home I am a
Cambodian American genocide survivor I shared enough of my personal stories and
the youth here shared enough of their stories over and over again and not
being listened to last week we participate in dignity in
school weeks the week of action today we are ending it strong here the themes
counselor not cops today I want to share stories of youth around the country
who’s been treated less than a human beand by the ero the unjustice that the
ER our practice every day with students of color november 13th 2013 assault at
since when high priest George County Maryland a school police officer was
recorded by school security camera removing his gun belt placing his weapon
on the floor taking off his bulletproof vest and kneeling down to pray to before
punching a 17 year old students in the face for a ledgering processing
marijuana it was later revealed the student did not have marijuana may 2014
assault at Highland alternatives in Albany Georgia a civilian video reveals
a school police officer assaulted a 15 year old student the video showed the
students walking into a hallway when the police officer tackled the student into
a wall and then body slammed at him into the ground
then the school police officer unleashed a barrage of punches to his face and
tassel the officer restrained the student by kneeling on his knee and
lakes and handcuffed him as a result the student suffered to bone fracture these
stories tells you that the ER o are not to be trusted
even though we can see it with our own eyes and still we don’t see it well we
have technology to prove it there are cameras out there as you can see on the wall we can use
three hundred and sixty thousand dollars for so many great things these are from
people from our communities we can use it such as mindfulness and emotional
intelligent class real society don’t practice mindfulness because we are so
busy doing if we have classes such as this we can teach our student how to
correct regulate their emotions and how to problem-solve we need to be connected
as human beings and when we don’t get our basic needs met we are not the best
person that we can be I’m asking you remove cop from school invest resources
in education that promotes leadership wellness learning creativity for youth
of colors build transformative justice instead of punishing youth give youth
and family decision-making power I can’t see how much time I have love what I
want you all to know is that you will work all human being and you’re all
sitting up there you all have feelings we all hurt all the students out there
they’re what they’re facing every single day is the fear they have to watch over
their shoulders and this fear will not go away it’s in our bodies and each one
of you feel that when you have that fear your body trigger you and once that body
trigger you’re down and you know what when you’re down you do some stupid
things you know you’re I’m sorry the time did run out you probably didn’t see
it I would appreciate you finishing up what I’m saying yes what I’m saying when
as human being one we don’t get our basic needs met we cannot be the best
person that we can be demastes mine mine curve qualified Caleb all y’all right
here in the way so y’all need to scooch it over so oh no y’all have some
whoppers okay so hey some so me all your phone I’ve been seeing y’all some y’all
out there yawning and stuff but this is some serious shit you know at first when I got here to
Madison about a year after they has the youth had started coming to the ad hoc
meetings I was like oh my gosh these youth they’re not respecting their
elders they’re they’re cursing and stuff oh my gosh this is horrible but then I
sat there and saw how y’all disrespected the meeting after meeting pronouncing
the same two three people’s name wrong leg knees white supremacists come up in
here and be like we gotta respect them watching while one of our youth was
getting hit right here being like but they look like a 21 year old to me
so I don’t really give a fuck if y’all filled or suspected cuz that’s their
right they’ve been getting disrespectful for almost two years now and if you’re
uncomfortable then maybe you need to they’re doing it so that you can think
twice about what y’all are doing up there so that’s what that’s how it was
when I first got here I thought if we shared some statistics with y’all if we
shared some heartwarming stories you know if we just came up here and we’re
respectful y’all would do the logical next steps police kill people police
harm us instead every single recommendation every single action they
take you have been rooted in white supremacy so made me think about what
we’re actually up against what I thought at first
were actually up against today when I was taking out garbage I was in my car
and this white man comes up to me like my front driver’s side doors open he
comes up to me and approaches me like he’s about to get in the car with me
he’s like can I ask you a question I said no thank you and I started driving
off and then he starts cussing at me chasing me in the car so I mean I don’t
call the police on white people but I mean I would love for y’all to come and
collect y’all white people when y’all like a fool so I called the police after
I explained the incident the dispatcher was like so you said it was a black man
I didn’t say shit about race at first this is what we’re up against everything
y’all do is rooted in white supremacy and anti blackness so we really can’t
trust y’all to make decisions about the lives of these students because this is
some serious shit we don’t need people who are sitting up here checking their
phones yawning and everything else and who have sat and looked at the
recommendations are saying yes that looks good because this is some serious
shit I’ve come to the conclusion that y’all needs to step down cuz we ain’t
getting nowhere with Sean step down and I canvassed with my leaders I do civic
engagement the people at the doors on the south side have come to the same
conclusion y’all needs to step down because this is trifling and clearly
y’all don’t think that this is serious so like I said just stop down y’all
playing these white liberal politics when they’re sit when this shit is
serious the demands of the youth please finish up I had 40 extra seconds I saw
it married early I’m three already extra seconds I reset it I know after you
reset it I have 40 extra seconds I’m a grown-ass woman I can read the numbers so the minute these youth have been
saying you can talk slower and talk with a slower cadence I don’t give a fuck I’m
gonna finish my statement so the demands that they have been
saying completely remove police from schools and best resources and education
that promotes leadership wellness learning and creativity for youth
through color that doesn’t mean writing black excellence at the top of some
bullshit as planned because before we can be excellent we
need to have our needs met give community control over school
safety this means students families and community need decision-making power
within our schools build transformative justice models instead of punishing
youth that means y’all be acting a fool sometimes too uh sometimes y’all need to
go to restorative justice circle – so that’s my statement thank you followed
by Jean hello so my name is Kayla and I’m queer and I’m mom let me say that
again my name is Caleb I’m queer and I’m long
and I’m an organizer for the mink and I’m proud of my two identities and let
me teach you a little bit about my history since we don’t learn in school I
love being wrong and when you look at Mon clothes you can see the resiliency
in my people ass all around my neck for when the Chinese try to sell us and say
slaves French coins that dangle from our sorry
French cranes from when the French tried to colonize us and coded language in our
stitches because everyone tried to strip us of our tongue my people were able to
survive years of slavery and war and genocide and assimilation and we were
able to keep culture and language alive it saddened me it saddens me that when
we were forced to leave our homeland and comes to the United States 45 years and
our language and our culture is dying rapidly how proud you all must be to be
the country to break my people and today I turn 25 years old and I chose to be here today because I
believe in the freedom of my people and when you’re investing in police you’re
supporting the United States bombing my country for nine years when you’re
investing in police you’re supporting the genocide of my people when you’re
somewhere you’re investing in police you’re okay with these kids of colors
forgetting the own history and being targeted and when you’re investing in
police you’re no different from those from the colonizing Europeans who killed
many of people around the world zhan followed by Bianca my parents did
not cross an ocean for someone mirai to mispronounce my name man I Becky my like
a mistake when you make a mistake because apparently you all think that
young people make countless mistakes and that they should be there should be
consequences for right you just made a mistake actually you made multiple
mistakes and when the young people address you and ask you to correct it
you ignored us how proud you must be to be white you must do a lot crocodile
tears soo I am finally back I miss you know I’ve been gone for a month and I
missed the last months poor meeting I was sad about it but I think what’s even
more sad and disappointing is that we’re here and we’re still talking about the
same thing right and while I was away I IA I had this chance to really just sit
and observe and breathe what a privilege that is I mean white people do that
every single day and I saw and heard a lot of things one I heard about ice
coming into town ice actually detained one of my acquaintances I heard about
the calves in our case we’re watching it where I was and I also heard about the
incidents at the high schools and I thought what could possibly be done what
is needed here and an earlier I heard you know when you all began your meeting
you talked about how every school should be a thriving school how the fuck are
you gonna have a thriving school if you’re locking up students how and in you Gloria wherever you went
and whoever knows Gloria can pass this message on to her how the hell are you
gonna stand there and talk about ice and all this shit but you are here
supporting the locking up the locking up of young people here and then I’m pretty
sure there’s a lot of survivors out there a lot of women especially a lot of
white women who are probably like oh my god the Cavanaugh case oh my god oh my
goodness we need to believe in survivors we need to listen to them or let me tell
you something there’s countless survivors here police officers they’ve
assaulted many of these folks that they’ve arrested Oh
does anybody recall there was also an incident at East High School where a
girl was assaulted and there were police officers there and did they do anything
no keep looking Mary I’m right here I’m looking at the clock but yes I know you
got that and inews this car earlier there’s somebody up here really talking
about how there’s this lack of meaningful adults and student
relationship please finish it if you really want meaningful relationships
then maybe you need to stop investing money in the police and actually invest
that money in students and if you are continuously saying we don’t got no
resources for our teachers and there’s all this layoffs and all the shit and
invest that money in that thank you please finish up Bianca you’re next
followed by Mary I mean I’m sorry I pronounce your name
correct incorrectly Mariah barky Mariah Mariah Mariah Mariah next time when we
come here you need to respect us and next time we come here there should be a
push to actually get the police officers out
okay because again I want to reiterate what maca really said dad you all keep
saying that our young people are acting a fool but here’s the thing you guys
support will be going into recess George Wallace who say segregation now
segregation tomorrow segregation forever thought that he would be on the right
side of history I’m sure over old fathers who refused to let the Little
Rock Nine into their school thought that he would be on the right side of history
I’m sure Hillary Clinton who called black and brown youth super-predators
said that thought that she would be on the right side of history
I’m sure goddamn Donald Trump think that he gonna be on the right side of history
and I guarantee you they are not and you neither will you because of a freedom
Inc rights our movement history we will make sure all of your names are listed
has people who supported police harming black and brown youth and that is how
history will remember you and I hope that none of y’all decide to run for
office again because I guarantee you 95% in this room ain’t gonna vote for you
again what side of history do you want to be on do you want to be on the side
of morality and justice or white supremacy right now you you looking
towards the side of white supremacy so keep that up if you want to because we
got something for you and I don’t want to hear nothing about strategic
frameworks at black excellence strategically figure out how to take the
police out of schools strategically figure out how to invest money into
these kids instead of investing it into the police
i strategically figure out how to shift power so the people who are impacted by
police violence figure that shit out and then we can have a conversation oh I got
timeless all right

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