Board of Education Meeting, 8-20-19

don’t think you’re getting shot I’m
going to enter into executive session for the purpose of our attorneys or
counsel on student matters and there’s no Maddox as well I need a promotion five for you
and a second Krista thank you and Garrett and we’re number five
suffice it welcome back one nation under God like to say
great thank you good evening this is our annual public hearing on our
district-wide code of conduct both the hearing and McCoy’s conduct itself our
legal requirements the code of conduct the actual document is linked to the to
this presentation within bore Doc’s as well as being will be posted on our
website tomorrow morning so as I mentioned previously our district
provide a code of conduct as it is written who meets the legal requirements
and out by the Commissioner of Education for New York State this document is in a
multi-year transition process if you’ve been on the board for a few years you
know that we’ve talked about trying to shift this to more restorative practice
as a transformational sort of shift that can’t just be done by rewriting a
document so we’re making sure that we’re taking a multi-year approach to it so
you can see that this code looks very similar to years past as we work through
the bishops the purpose of the code of conduct it is intended to be a set of
policies that outline the expectation for anyone who sets foot on campus or
attends any sort of district sponsored event the student handbooks if you have
students as you all do and the school you know that students still either
digitally or in hand receive a a student handbook those are still very much
operational this is instead more global in terms of the district-wide picture so
I’d let just like to remind everyone there’s nothing new in this code of
conduct it’s just a collection of four policies that are already approved that
are already on the books that meet the legal requirements as outlined by the
Commission so as we have in years past analysis set
forth in the regulation there would be a public comment period and you can we
welcome your feedback you can you saw by the accessing the school to porn by
emailing myself again this presentation is in poor docks or this will be posted
on edible because mine be okay so at this time community any comments if
you’ve had a chance to review it detect gem about one more question so it’ll be
on our website tomorrow for how long I think there’s a follow-up yes thank you
hear that so if the way that we’ve purchased in the past is that we posted
the morning after the public earring community has an opportunity to comment
we come back at the next board meeting review any of that feedback that
community members might have if there is a significant change that is proposed we
would do it at that point and ask for approval at the next board meeting
whatever coop did there’s a link for some sort of comment online as well yes
yes so the Google formal taking Eva a place where you can type in and any sort
of feedback that you have but the are you asking about the code of conduct
itself yes it’s also like there anyway so we move on to administrator remarks which I continued back all marked up do
anything I just have two comments it’s evening the first is in regards to
professional learning that’s a place of summer I’d like to thank all the
educators who attended the numerous sessions that we held they range from a
foundational support that we need for the implementation of our k5 our new k5
math curriculum yeah book talk our project based teaching we worked
extensively on our digital competencies at each building we have an upcoming
word word planning session just to name a few so these opportunities were all
result of ongoing committee work or liaison feedback and hopefully we’ll
provide additional tools for our educators to take into the 2019-20
school year and my last comment just is welcome to dr. baylow you know on behalf
of Victor and Brent really the entire district administrative team we welcome
you were so thrilled you’re here just 20 days she’s already established we’ve
already established yourself as a collaborative leader who’s open to input
and feedback and like to learn about the community and what we do here while
still having a clear vision for moving forward so we all look forward to the
center of your vision thank you dr. Paige wait thank you so
just the first note of thanks six or seven week and I want to thank
the border communities with a really wonderful transition I’ve had an
opportunity meet with all of our administrators a number of new
administrators that are joining the team everyone has been incredibly supportive
I also just want to publicly thank my personal team paradise to me Christine
culture or their wonderful supports it has been a busy summer with a number
of new instructional hires as long as well as administrative hires so we’re
looking forward to Monday to the Tuesdays teacher thank you
good evening I’m going to limit my comments because of the opportunity of
items on agenda just quick update regard to the
Director of Facilities position the sentiment we held screenreader news and
we’ll be presenting three candidates to go forward to committee before
presenting candidates support of that we hope to appoint the position that is
September 24th meeting at very Starkey as you can see outside the fields are
starting to fund once there are still a number of treatments that need to go
into place in order to satisfy these requirements so you’ll see you know
those things start to go in with them the next few weeks and we’re going to
hope that the table to be done complete as students return back to school
actually no more I’m sorry this morning we have a Finance Committee meeting to
review the courrier assessments and tax rates as a result relates to the
adoption of the tax warning tonight such thing you
first first I want to say to the entire human research community and also to the
board it is an honor to be who deserves your superintendent and most important
European board I’m very excited to work with my boss to my left you can gather
my military is truly my boss so she’s been fantastic the executive team is
sitting at the table here of some happy that we’re all together because I have
an outstanding executive team and know that the next three year three days
actually I’m gonna be working with our administrative team I see mr. Trigorin
out there and bruised amberlynn is out there we have a administrative retreat
coming up over the next three days to work together as a team so we were
looking forward to that one and thank you also for welcome you and
everybody to the district and I want to thank some of the teachers because
they’ve been working very hard when you are in summer under dr. Cash’s
leadership with several initiatives so thank you to just for welcoming me
throughout this process and also for working in doing
the students so for my remarks just wanted to buy an
update that we had a work session last night and our retreat and in the work
session was reported so for anyone who wants to go back in few hours of that
was it was on our goal setting took a 2019 2020 school year and we covered a
lot of ground and presentation the goals for the year well the district
and the board and I just wanted to say thank you again to the community because
foreign-born schools and even partially for the district’s goals we really dug
into the survey that was done this past school year the school year and were
able to pull from that to help guide us with solutions for the next year so we
discussed him you know probably doing that again and found it to be quite
helpful and the other just update is that in
October but we are going to start planning so in October 24 through 26 the
New York State School Boards Association has its nearly convention it’s its 100th
year anniversary that’s up in Rochester and this year so far Scott and I are
attending for anyone else desire
because I sell a long time information tell the district so that’s
it so students yeah you know move on to presentations for
the initial discussion and we have one item up for this evening and it’s the
discussion regarding apply for public comment so this I come up it was one of
the things in the survey it’s come up at different times throughout the year you
know that sometimes enough time currently our policy states there’s a
two minute time limit to allow public to come up to the podium and address the
board with comments and you know we thought it might be time to just revisit
that and see if we’re we’re still good with that two minutes if we want to
extend the length of time on it districts to all kinds of things have
done some have no time limit and I actually
watch them go to one in the morning others you know are on average around
that 3-minute mark so I opened before to wrestle in Chelsea’s for comments and
discussion on humans has always been tight but I would
like to do my suggestion is they double it before if anybody since then actually
tries to talk non-stop for four minutes top of anything so hopefully that will
get most people the opportunity to say what they need to say feel like the card
and get their stake them out without bogging down the night I just want to
add for clarification also public the reason we’re having the discussion also
is because it is a policy so it currently stands as our governing ruling
as to what we do in order to change that we have to have a discussion with they
have to go to policy committee for review on language learners we check it
over changes we made back to the board for you know to review it and then a
vote officially changing that policy so it’s not just as easy as okay great
tonight or next media exchange we have to go over that process but first we
have the discussions you can get there so sorry just to clarify so thank you
sir I would say I think I think it’s
reasonable and responsible for us as a board for all the people who were at the
meeting watching the meetings to try to expect a little bit of people to be
concise prepare their thoughts beforehand I would say my time on the
board and being at the meetings usually the people who ran over the two minutes
it wasn’t I didn’t find I didn’t get the impression that it was because they had
more than two minutes worth of material it was because they had kind of thought
through and I know it’s difficult to get up and speak in public and to have to be
you know I thought well I’m not expecting everyone to be incredibly
precise but I think four minutes in my estimation would be I could I don’t mind
extending it giving a little more time but I think four minutes especially when
we get to some issues when something comes up that’s kind of a hot button if
we have even you know 15 or 20 people we’re going well over an hour getting
comments on one particular issue and I think that
so I wouldn’t have a problem extending it but I think minutes starts I think
people will fill the time more than I think the standard should be try to get
be as quick as concise as you can be as opposed to so you’re not keeping it at –
I know I would I could either see two minutes and then potentially given
people a second opportunity to come back if they have two minutes and but usually
it’s two minutes and once you have one cracker microphone you’re done for the
night whereas we could say – but then you go
back to the line give someone else the opportunity or other people to speak and
then you have a second opportunity order expense – two and a half or even three I mean I personally think two minutes is
enough time to make one or two or possibly three points of view think
about them ahead of time I agree with what Eric said about you know I think
four minutes is too long I’d be willing to go to three I’d rather leave it at
two but I’m certainly willing to go to three and everybody thinks they should
be extent oh my same things Eric I’m gonna extend it I
would consider no more experience people should come to the podium and be
concise with applause so if there’s a consideration with the Desai’s on I
would be conservative I think three minutes is a good amount
of time but I do like what they’re excited about being able to come back up
because people do get nervous and maybe they forget some of the point they want
to make and they would like to come back up and just worry that it’s a it could
get contentious if the conversation is going a certain way and maybe somebody
you know wants to come out and you know say I have another couple minutes it’s
sweet I would hope that it wouldn’t and I’ll be me make the conversation keep
going or get too intense or something like that so I traveled more on the side
of just getting the three minutes and maybe that second you know time coming
up could be something we could look at in the future or is that something we
have to decide on change the policy we should define what the change would be two minutes per topic because sometimes
one person has many things and one can take 30 seconds another potato 2 minutes
I know but then who’s in charge of deciding which topic when it’s changed
how many seconds that was discussed I mean that’s too much I think and I think
if we’re gonna extend it 3 minutes there’s there’s no second shot I mean 3
minutes is a lot of time but I mean it’s it’s enough time to make a few points
the bigger boys are topping them that that is you know a circulation isn’t
that comes back up again we’re talking 60 minutes you know it could be very
easy one out I just think you just need to know it down to a specific time
timeframe consider having that quotation from a
battle became yeah I don’t know about of that to three minutes portions either to
one or two minutes it’s something along about that we did want to go to person
when I know I had stood up before is on the list up between sat back down that
side like I should have said it that way and maybe put something out that we ask
people not to simply get over to reiterate what they’ve already said that
might try to kind of curtail people just getting up and having another bracket so what’s just hearing up whatever can
my thought is it so it’s it’s a I don’t know what to call it slippery stuff I
guess so yes there are times that we’ve had
people who have come up again and repeated themselves or you know or have
come up again because they’ve had additional things to discuss and two
minutes wasn’t enough you know there is also the argument to be made that you
know we don’t have so a board meeting it’s difficult because it’s our meeting
for us to come to get business done that we have to we have to officially vote on
stuff and we allow the public to come and offer commentary and their thoughts
on things going on in the district if there are questions as we have we commit
now that we do answer them if you find after that period is closed you know the
concern is we have is we don’t know you’ve had the other side to all of it
is we also want to make sure our community knows that we are hearing them
and that we are giving them space to be heard
time to be heard and not everyone is thoughtful and in terms of getting up
there and addressing it I mean for us it can be intimidating so
I feel I can imagine um so yes I do think you know at the very least three
minutes would be something to improve on we can see how that works out through
the course of the year yes it’s a huge step just a change in policy but it’s
not that complicated because I definitely want the community
to know that we are trying to maintain order as well as allow space you know so
as long as let’s say we change it to three minutes we live out the year and
it worked then okay it worked and if we’re still finding pockets of kind of
roadblocks and others maybe not being as effective as you would like then because
you know we don’t want to have a buildup of frustration from community members
that are not feeling her don’t have time to speak and be more yelling
happen has happened so really wanna believe me exactly people that
frustration ZUP its segments it had to say it’s done so I mean I guess perhaps
then you know enjoy a kind of six three minutes he’d be a way to go and you’re
saying was there an opportunity I just I I think if someone comes up because they
have additional things to comment on that it wasn’t a new from something
they’ve said previously not rehash Inge I don’t know I haven’t just one issue
how do people sit down again you know not coming had an opportunity they have
something to say well I think the problem with that is that it’s it could
become a chance for the person to stand up again to refute something that
someone else said in their comment that they don’t agree with each other and
that’s not what public practice for and we have seen that just by yelling across
the hood what it’s worrying on each other so I just think okay you know if
we’re going to expensive to money then that’s you you know you have more time I
think it’s important to keep in mind to this is nothing one method you know people feel that any more than
if they have more than three minutes worth of information rather than two
minutes worth of information I understand that putting it out in public
sort of gets more of a reaction or you know sort of sometimes these things need
to be said and published but other people can find where everything but I
understand that but if it’s a more information that needs to get out there
that maybe it’s more for reading an email or some other communication I
think we actually you reminded me we have we have done that we have said you
know please email us whatever else that people have proposed letters very
thoughtfully of what they are trying to convey so that’s a good point we can
always say please email us further okay so any other thoughts on so three
minutes is kind of where we think we’re moving toward are you at least explore
as well which design the parts together there’s two times when people get a
chance to speak so it’s halfway through the meeting
right so the pathway through part completely coming up next is right
before our action items so we started doing that last year because we found
that you know it’s our responsibility to discuss and develop from the action
items but what would happen is public comment is at the end and people like
you know I wish you had considered this or wish you whatever and now it’s done
so we thought you know what let’s include a opportunity for community
members to speak and share their thoughts on things we’re going to vote
on specific just to that and really get through minute sizing for that would be
fair rate and then anything additional later that’s separate that’s so we can
be amazing brilliant yeah sorry so get up to speed twice a
coach speed yes in our context yes all right put on different topics right
because the first one would be specific to attraction items and the second would
be on any other matter that they want to share yeah okay so then if I can ask doctor gosh to
pull up that policy and I don’t know when you guys start it early missed
September 3:10 so it’s the afternoon before a board game okay so perhaps I
mean it really it’s not that much it’s just thank you very much and so now we
move on to public remarks so if anyone has anything that they want to comment
on that is specific to any of the action items listed in Section X on today’s
agenda for today you have two minutes to share that please address the board and there take ok step then we move on to
section number one is approve over 2019-20 tax warrant but I mentioned
earlier that the Finance Committee met this morning to review the text foreign
tax warrant being the board’s direction to tax collectors to begin issuing tax
bills to the residents but in stating that this morning to discuss the things
that are affecting the tax bills for 1920 as we all recall during the budget
process Algonquin created an increase in the
tenth tenth which the board then adopted attacks lovely to four point zero six
percent however as we know rarely will the homeowners see a increase in the
technical of exactly four point six percent through the many many variables
that factored into the calculation one of which is an increase in assessment so
we learned from the town of South East successors that homes in South East have
increased in their value on average by five percent five percent of an average
so some by more than five some less than five
each homeowners bill is going to there but because of that increase in the
assessed values it has an inverse relationship in the tax rates so I
included the presentation that was provided to the Finance Committee this
morning you’ll see that the increase in tax rates really across the board or
were nominal on for example in the southeast homeowners will see it
increasing the tax rate by just one point three percent Patterson just one
point one percent Carmel just one point one percent that doesn’t necessarily
mean the homeowners tax bill will go up by by those amounts it’s just the tax
rate so our Fighting’s pretty again that this morning to review that and our
we weren’t to the Board of Education or promotion first in a second
Crysta thank you I need a motion or comments I don’t believe this is a roll call but
it’s required that each of the board members sign off on this and this has
been provided to each of the talents again to recommend us around okay so no
questions are coming I also want to mention that it’s such a
complicated process so I included it in that presentation a bunch of links to
the other State Department of tax and finance that kind of simplifies the
process so if you have a moment if you want to take a look at it there’s a lot
of useful information in those lives thank you we move on now to deaf so
community member Tim Wallach generously offered to assist in the repair of the
tennis courts that took place of summer and you offered $1,000 to go towards
repair so I think mr. Tim Wallach for his generous donation of district second please stop and Eric thank you
any questions or comments so after this meeting they send a thank you note which
also acts for tax purposes letting the mountains donation nice I think the task force with nice
they’ve changed up the u.s. open area number three disposal of district
property a cafeteria equipment the transportation vehicles and to see
technology equipment yes these disposals are in accordance with for that policy
fifty to fifty are being recommended by each of the different departments for
disposal cafeteria had been most of this equipment was actually secondhand from
Garden Street and so close that building we relocated a lot of that equipment and
announced out of date three buses are being recommended for disposal number
two forty eight to thirty one they range in age from 11 to 18 years
and that’s part of again our clique number of Technology devices mostly
desktop computers that are aging out and are not no longer supported by the
latest version of Windows and are being recommended for disposal events of
Caravan thank you any questions or comments I
just have a quick question so it’s three buses through this time plus we need at
three buses and there’s the one bus going into lemon law yeah should we we
look at the fleet replacement plan or do you think the numbers that were
replacing we’re going to reflect yeah so we typically don’t know how many buses
are going to go out of commission we anticipate that it’ll be somewhere
around what are you know what we’ve been
replacing our buses our requests or proposition number two it’s not always
exactly you present that during the budget process that some years will
disclose more than we did in some years we’ll dispose of less than we take in
but our fleet age has remained pretty consistent
each year about a hundred hundred vehicles I want to say it was maybe two
years ago we disposed of 13 vehicles eight that happens Paul we have a
transportation program study one of the recommendations in the study exaction
for us to reduce our fleet in size because we were holding on the vehicle
essentially typically do well beyond what would be an ordinary useful life we
did that even miss fares but what we learned through the study is those older
buses require more repairs just to keep them running so the recommendation is
actually to let those older vehicles expires not to replace them as we often
have so our our expectation is that our fleet is actually can go down in size
and is there a way to donate right Jim do
you mind responding on our laptops how we dispose of them safely and make sure
that they’re white what what’s the exact question how do you dispose of them is
there a way to donate them to kids immediate or I mean what happens to them
they really get to a point where they have no useful value for us and then
when we we can cannibalize them to some extent to take parts that we can use to
fix the ones that we have when we get to the point where they are decommissioned
and not used anymore they generally don’t aren’t really useful to be donated
out um and we don’t have a method by which we you know a for you know any
place to be able to give them to it if it’s say okay well it might be useful
for another year for a child to be able to use it somewhere to be able to do
that I’d be open to finding other ways to repurpose them but we do have them
disposed of they’re clean you know the hard drives are wiped clean and
everything in terms of sanitize of any information but in terms of additional
useful life beyond what they’ve been used here we we try to find other places
we do reach out for organizations that are willing to take them but generally
when when they leave here and I think John could probably agree that they
really aren’t very useful once there but once once we’ve said nope they’re you
know we’re we’re disposing of these we do have a few now that are getting into
the rotation that might have some useful life I would be open to any suggestions
if there are places where we could donate them beyond that to you know to
give them you know some other news beyond just Brewster
to say that these devices are no longer supported by the latest version of
Windows is that well or if you’re talking specific the devices those other
devices they are no longer useful they won’t be supported with the newest
operating system but when you’re talking about the Chromebooks those do and their
useful life so even the some of these newer two-in-ones
I think they’re gonna be running out as of 2023 that it will no longer the
operating system will no longer be supported now I’ve had some of those
around in my own house that they’ve just run into so many problems while it’s
it’s it’s hard to say oh well it still looks really nice
unfortunately the Chrome the there’s advances so quickly that it does make it
a little more challenging to give away but if you know there was a place where
we could find some place to give them to even say hey you could use these for
another year they’re not work they’ve you know they kind of beyond our four
year rotation but but I haven’t found that yet so I’d be happy to look for
that or if you have suggestions of some place where where they could be put to
use we would certainly be open to that okay we’re going to actually remember
for disposal of district property and like tonight acquisition of property
vehicle number three to seven exchange yes so this vehicle is actually only
four years old however it has experienced numerous
breakdowns all related to the introduction the vehicle is under
warranty so we didn’t pay for any repairs because it’s under warranty
however Leonard bus sales recognized that this issue was not being remedied
through their repairs and they’ve actually offered to replace the vehicle
at no cost to the district and that wasn’t an easy convincing Mary Smith and
our transportation department did a phenomenal job of negotiating that
exchange so I want to acknowledge Mary Smith for diligent
and that I’d recommend the board that we exchange that vehicle and began no cost any questions or comments all of us a favor motion passes 6-0
approval of 2000 Motion, sorry let’s do that again just
to make sure so emotion Eric in the second fun thank you sorry frugal of 2019 2020 federal state free
and reduced-price to me that’s an order for the district to participate in the
freedom reduced price meal program the district was following guidelines for
discrimination practices eligibility requirements record retention and
hearing procedures for appeals and this is an annual requirement which years
ends with the board questions or comments so Victor we have been an
increase this year the number of students who are all fighting for this
yes 15 students above above the prior year which represents in total about 36%
of our enrollment last year I think it was about 34%
and I apologize the memo that was attached to this resolution had a typo
in the number however the numbers reported in the actual resolution were
accurate so the total number is 1062 students as we all know enrollment
fluctuates so too so too does the number of students eligible for free and
reduced lunch at this point in time it represents an increase in typical of
districts in our area percentage for or I’m not sure what percentages other
districts have again in Brewster it’s been you know it’s been certainly been
rising this year it increased by just 10% the federal government establishes
the rates you know the thresholds eligibility requirements and that’s a
national threshold so is not a Brewster remember it’s not even a New York number
it’s a national number so the federal government establishes that thresholds
for which households would qualify for free or reduced lunch but I’m thinking I
can’t be doing the district and if that’s you know typical obviously
you know wealthier districts would probably have a lower number of free
reduced eligible families do you notice I’m sorry general is in a certain
specific a certain percentage kind of automatic yes and actually a few years
ago I want to say it was in spring of 2018 we made a presentation in a brawl
and Kathy Hancock presented a change in the USDA guidelines which automatically
qualifies families for free and reduced lunch if they’re receiving any other
form of government assistance whereas in the past families would have to
proactively fill out an application the federal government change that so that
an application they’re automatically employed and as soon as that happened
it was two years ago as soon as that happened the number of freedom reduced
eligible families in creation of Brewster but also a media in the
surrounding districts you know pulling up the presentation
from April 24th 2018 which it’s an important I believe that was discussed
in the I just say for the 1718 school year according to this presentation
there were 794 students that were directly certified 922 students free
lunch and 101 introduced so you know what actually then there’s a point on
the bottom 78% of students in 1718 78 percent of students who are free reduced
eligible qualifying through the direct certification method meaning that those
numbers running out into the district regardless of whether or not a family
filled out the application of federal government automatically said these
these students are eligible for free and reduced lunch
it’s like Silas but that we’re doing right so think you look like I don’t I’m
sorry Victor what you’re having I apologize to ask you more details and
numbers but so you know last year’s team the big scores yes I can pull that up in every reduced weight yes yeah I have
a job so in 1819 that increased it increased
by 71 students from the from the prior year so there’s an increase in 71
students from the prior year going into 1819 and now there’s an increase of just
15 students going into actually number 6 approval of 2019-20 district-wide
emergency response plans yes our school health and emergency preparedness
committee met to review the district-wide safety plan as well as the
building level safety plans building level safety plans are restricted
information are not for public consumption however the district line
plan is it’s a requirement that the group onboard education before the start
of the school year it’s closer to our website and available for viewing it’s
being recommended for the board’s approval this evening one one change
that disappointed that the district is a change to our lockdown procedures which
we’re still discussing internally however the lockdown procedures will now
take effect for next year that when one building gets locked down all buildings
get lockdown and planning our first girl with the assistance of the Sheriff’s
Department I believe in Crysta any questions or comments last
year I know we had met with a number of presenters on automated systems for
improvements to the procedures is that Nico – and implementing that is any of
that right yes that’s a new system mr. Lords is here and I’m going to ask him
to have to speak to that system so right now what we have in place we actually
did a number of tests just today is that there’s three different ways that you
can initiate a lockdown one is a lockdown button at each of the greeter
desks in each of the buildings well each of the four schools and then the
district office from informacast mobile that we have right now administrators
and a number of office staff everybody that would be around in the front of the
building have access to be able to initiate the
lockdown from their phones we’re looking to expand that for next year the other
way to initiate it is from any of the Cisco phones that you put in a code
based on this building that you’re in and what that automatically does is it
locks down it puts on an alert over our radio system it then alerts 911 and the
sheriff immediately so they know that there’s a threat in CV Starr elementary
intermediate school then it also sends out a PA announcement oh throughout the
entire district that all that the vol buildings are on lockdown because of a
threat at CB star Elementary it sends out text notifications it sends out
email notifications just to staff and in the building and then it also locks the
doors automatically except to first responders which are any of the the
sheriffs we will have Bella block they call them Knox boxes at each of the
buildings that they’ll be able to open and they’ll have cards that we’ll be
able to get them in so they can get in but nobody else should there be a threat
inside the building and also somebody else outside the the idea then
and go in so that’s the automation as it is right now oh the message also goes
out over all of the phones and both an audio and a text message so which we’ve
just installed new desk phones in all of the classrooms for added security for
both the messaging annals the capabilities that teachers have to be
able to initiate or a lockdown as well as the bonus of being able to have
improved communication with parents before this happens the October 4th
community that we have is a practice drill we are having communications
internally with the chef with the tech committee we will be those make things
better so we will go back and we’ll have tabletop discussions so that we can make
sure that whatever we’re doing we’re doing the right thing or for you to
improve anymore and we do have an added complexity here in Brewster that many
other districts don’t have because we have so many buildings in close
proximity so it just takes a lot to configure all of that and so you know in
terms of tweaking and making sure that it’s fine-tuned for any of the staff
here who have been part of you know getting these alerts on their phones and
everything these tests have been ongoing because we really want to make sure that
when anybody picks up a phone or you know does it pushes that button to make
that alert that all the messages get to where they need to be and everything so
it’s been we still have even after today probably a couple more tests to do so
Thanks one other question I told some write-ups
New York State and other policies throughout the areas and they mentioned
one which was a competitive threat assessment team which is an organization
within the school usually made up of law enforcement
looks like ecologist administration that when that threat comes in such as a
social media read somebody found something on the back the laws they’re
the ones that go through the policy they review whether it’s we do sure
and each of the buildings there is a team we always go by the credo of never
think alone to make sure that when they’re a threat comes in administrator
meets with the SRO meets with whatever clinical staff happens to be there
whether or school counselor to say you know what are we what are all the
factors that we have and then what are and go through protocols and then one of
the steps that we need to take to make sure we’re proactive and support the
student just that we subscribe to Co certain BOCES
it’s a safety concern and they allow us to attend training you know as part of
that poster of one which is a threat assessment team training it’s over the
past two or three years a few times throughout the year we’ve sent staff
members to BOCES to receive that assessment training that they can come
back and turn key to each of the other buildings I believe we’ve always said
the least member of the secondaries from the secondary school and a elementary
school to go back and then turn we mess okay same young also favor now the second approval of memorandum of
understanding with the UK regarding Welfare Fund yes this simply clarifies
the welfare fund contributions and at least on contractual year July 1st to
June 30th and not the welfare funds plan year which is September 1st August 31st carry questions or comments on this
state gun motion process six arrow number eight
approval of health services contract for the 2017-18 school year yes this is a
reimbursement to a school district that provides health services to residents
who attend private schools with so many reason it’s 1718 it’s just one that fell
through the cracks and unfortunately this happens I did reach out to our
attorneys about statutes of limitations we forgot to health services contract so
even if they were to come back you know several years later the district will
still be obligated to this public school any other questions
see men also favor motion passes 6-0 number 9 approval of instructional
services contracts for a popcorn country based waking you Mount Pleasant cottage
school who have SDC Bedford Central School District an empty box rentals for
this these are contracts for our special needs students who replace
out-of-district contracts by our attorneys are being recommended
for pretty buttons Scott and Glen questions or comments seeing an alligator
Sara Nimr tank award of purchase contracts
for instructional athletic and studio supplies for sent to competitive bids
thus each year we participate in program and data services from the purchase of
instructional supplies results of any possible to the district attachment of
course in the district the city 226,000 that was finalized Carrie Eric thank you
questions or comments sing none all in favor reduction process six arrow number
11 approval of restore Central School District’s annual professional learning
plan for 2019 2020 yes thank you I’ll take that one as we have in years past
we submit our annual professional learning plan for board approval this
plan was retracted largely when input from our professional ongoing basis
throughout the year and then in June we have a day-long retreat but where we
take into account state mandates of changing learning standards the New York
State professional learning standards and our district higher priorities we
also ask staff to give their input throughout the year through various
surveys and other means of feedback so we submit this planning for your
approval and it is also a New York State Education Department in River Park please christeta Glenn thank you
questions or comments seeing none all those in favor
motion passes 6-0 number twelve approval multi-tiered
system of support NTFS plans for 2019 2020 yes thank you
the MT SS plan outlines our academic and social/emotional supports for students
across grades K through 12 as students demonstrate a need we aim to provide a
more targeted and intensive support in a really systemic manner so this document
outlines the philosophy the possible intervention resides here category and
common documentation that we use throughout the system
so as we didn’t you in Prior recent this document for your pool thank you Carrie
Scott thank you questions or comments so any major
changes or differences not this year last year was a major overhaul this year
we feel like we’re in a good place and cruising along with it although they’re
always always adjustments say none all those in favor motion
passes six zero number 13 approval of signed
stipulation of settlement I’ll take this one this was discussed by our attorneys
and executive sessions being recommended second please Krista and Kerry thank you
Russians are comments disgusting report to the approval of mentor coach
employment agreement with Teresa cherry okay I’m taking this one so the district
as you’re aware has a good fortune of having mystery scenarios an interim
principal last year or any transitionary period see so we’re fortunate to have
Miss cherry back to provide some mentoring to a new administrative team
in CV Starr a lot of both mr. Keith balance or assistant principal and miss
Maggie Carrie and Scott thinking questions or
comments any projection on how many hours is that 20 days in the contract 20 be evaluated
at that point staying on six-zero fifteen approval agreements with
tutoring agencies creative tutoring Inc strategic learning key to learning shop
yes thank you so there are students throughout the year that are in need of
temporary instruction convenience due to a medical issue or a disciplinary issue
so the process is that VTA members by contractors have the right of first
refusal they have the opportunity to to tutor students if no VTA member is
available then they go out to a third party to provide that instruction so
these were three companies that we have used in the past and comfortable with
please also note that we have internal processes in place to make sure that the
tutoring is approved by the appropriate administrators they have a final
approval of a man in the district office and we make sure we track them and have
multiple ways to check to make sure that when the villain comes in that the
tutoring itself was approved in that word of everything everything matters
a motion a second please carry Glenn thank you
questions or comments motion passes six serum you guys number sixteen approval
of agreements a school resource officers and to be special control officer s
these are our annual agreements with Popham County
for school resource on service new to the 2019-20 school year who love for
school resource officers one huge building in addition we will have one
special patrol officer relocated to this high school whose previously in thank
you questions or comments so thank you this
is agreement on its July through June yes so we are paying July and August
when the school is in session when the Astros are not here in to see me kind of
explain how that so I learned that the county approach the school districts and
explain that the enemy cannot absorb the two months salary over the summer ulti
SROs you know while the s-sorry I’m sorry they couldn’t absorb the the
salary over the summer at work couldn’t absorb the salary over the summer
because an assignment didn’t exist but yes or I was oversight and they request
that the school districts pick up the extra two months of the summer in lieu
of paying for health insurance and full disclosure I was not involved in those
conversations on the had a very difficult time explaining exactly what
this conversation for but I can certainly reach out to the county better
explain your questions or comments singing
almost a favor the motion passes 60 number 17 your Google up and away with
VTA for a 1.0 map specialist instructional support services sure so
this mo outlines responsibilities for our k5 math specialist with was approved
in the 2019 2020 budget so the idea of the specialist will be that this
individual will be providing support the teachers and the k5 level as they
implement the new mathematics curriculum but also you know once we get past that
initial hurdle work on pedagogy and best practices when it comes to mathematics
instruction at the elementary level so the specialists will provide some
professional learning and really will be a resource to teachers at both of the
elementary schools so I’d like to thank the VTA for partnering and with us
and they approved or ready to submit for your approval and it also doesn’t think
that they came five math task force to identify the need for such a position
last year and of course to the board community for supporting stop and
Kristen any questions or comments president what question is this then
sort of a temper or not tempering for this year but if it’s for the purposes
of sort of getting everybody up to speed on the same
you about curriculum once that’s done is this not going to be meeting anymore is
there a vision for a different use for this person so this is I think maybe a
long-term conversation and I’m about sort of the role of coaches and
districts we’ve spoken extensively through our different committees and
passports and about the need to provide instructional support to our to our
teacher one of our will support our home that is their provider ongoing and job
embedded professional professional learning and support so if we be my
dream this position will continue and I think definitely the k5 level where many
of our teachers are not mathematic content specialists right this is a this
would be a good investment but what we have to course see how this shakes out
with all the priorities thank you actually also in several districts I’ve
been in throughout my prior experiences they’ve had math coaches and language
arts coaches Katie that are
teachers that are well seasoned teachers that have other teachers that you have
the lessons of something equipment for to consider moving forward as been
highly effective and job embedded instruction and east java vetted PT is
truly the best research-based teachers professional development for teachers
and it is extremely it you get the right person in the position that is extremely
valuable for growth of all the teachers and the effectiveness in the classroom
for students is just something I can’t accept if I could actually take this
opportunity then to talk about how we have any bits of everything all
technology specialists which was a k-12 position who provided that ongoing
support that we know currently right now I’m entering their two of not being
funded that better in terms of being able to push push motion that was a just
for thought against it and that’s that is already included the budget so it’s
already part of it this tradition is arriving yes see ya always a favorite and motion
passes okay move on to our agenda we put
highlights of the quarter notes that we have four new instructional hires it has
certainly been busy July and August in the science department in high school so
we’re pleased to welcome Daniel Carlton and Robert daily to risk of high school
additionally with mr. Flores retirements in the middle school that can be a very
challenging position fulfill and we’re pleased to welcome glint on the area as
part of the staff as well as middle school along with Andriano well
and then finally just want to make of our two administrative appointments this
evening we’re delighted to welcome Lauren Cole
the new assistant principal Brewster High School will be in tomorrow I want
to certainly acknowledge dr. gosh for all the work and help and support and
helping to facilitate what I thought was a healthy enriched process along with
his former high school she had played a committee voices who shared their
various perspectives in the candy my father as well as miss Kennedy with
our assistant director people personal services that will work in concert with
her specifically with our secretaries it’s incredible to stop there and to see
that we did replace mr. hora you teach 30 something years in the district as
soon as great a little personal I’m so happy to see that we’re taking that
position wait on somebody okay passing it was in favor and we now
move on to remarks more than March were affected after this portion the summary
of email communications to the board so after the section but that us to share
with the community exchanges that popular emails a map command
we wouldn’t identify who specifically sent what but we would categorize you
know talking about but we do get some really doing something so be able to
share that we thought that was important and also you know some of the emails we
get to have content in there that are for us to consider and the decisions
that you make so there weren’t any this time sorry but are there any other
remarks I would just say something just to add to the addition of that summary
the purpose of doing this is because if we’re getting inquiries or comments from
one member of the public and providing some sort of response to them it’s
really a response that applies to everyone so you know it’s just a way of
summarizing what comes in and what went out you know so everyone receives the
benefit of that information just one person do something stop
Bacchus is not much else to update on okay and so we can move on to public
remarks and the questions are not sure when I have a thought that you might
future our future agendas switch public remarks and how that these person
remarks and then second my thinking is that we do help
remarks first then we close that portion we can go right into answering any
questions that we wouldn’t do anyway if you can but they were just kind of
people don’t they’re on their board remarks it would be like it would allow
and then try to come in I think we just helped with the flow because we do our
stuff and then they do not going to come back to us and or you know then again we
have our remarks people something they want to say about it but I don’t know
thoughts I’m just switching that for today well John to public remarks
2-minute limit for tonight so and please address that word state your name
welcome you could come up thank you
I am Connie Hussey and I would just like to say as worth discussing the beginning
of the school year I didn’t get many years and I’ve seen egao just gets
better and better and better so I’m thinking you know smooth you know I’m
from what I’ve seen I’m not seeing too many glitches so I’m just guessing that
this one is gonna be another hey okay great beginning I believe it / – okay
close the comment portion any other comments
remarks questions you know to education and okay yes so Dermot we actually also
have even for our agendas now – just before we officially close the meeting
to have an update officially on upcoming meetings so just kind of a reminder to
the public it ourselves as to what’s happening and we have our opening day
our convocation happening on September 3rd and then first official day of
schools September 4th and then our next we’ll be September 10 so I just need a
motion to put Terry and one thank you all there we are adjourned
6-0 thank you

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